GUILTY! 5-19-2020

I just couldn’t work on any more old projects that were on my list! I have two more finishes to show but today I started The Old Farmhouse. Connie made this original and I’ve had it hanging by the cutting table for 5 years now just waiting to make it. Today I started!

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Here’s my start – it felt good to work on something new!

Here are my two finishes –

The string quilt – strictly a utilitarian quilt.

The backing was a piece of printed Osnaburg that I bought at a garage sale. I washed this quilt when I finished binding it and the backing faded badly.

My goal is to sew up all those precut squares, etc. I found this box of 1-1/2″ squares, sewed them up and then found about 10,000 more!!!!! Argh!?!!! Never mind. This was just mindless sewing. I’m moving on.

More Dirty Dozen projects:

Brenda in SC has these wonderful parrots –

Jo in Wyoming leaves comments now and then – this is her Loretta.

Gloria asked if I’d ever seen this bronze statue located in a funeral home in Utah – it’s wonderful!

Diane in OH watches a program every nite at 6 pm on PBS featuring Nick Schifrin. In the background is an Aunt Amy’s Bullseye quilt – we think. It looks like our pattern right down to the size of the two borders. Does anybody else know anything about this quilt in the background?

Our friend Donna O. is mourning her big wonderful cat named Henry who crossed the bridge yesterday. Our sympathies, Donna.

Jessica – we haven’t heard the results of your pet scan – it’s ok if you’d like this remain private. I just don’t have any other way to touch base with you.

Remember Beth’s son who lives in an assisted living facility – he has a brain tumor and then he had a stroke? Here’s his address – he likes to receive cards!

Jeff Laverty

The Gardens at Orangeville

200 Berwick Rd.

Orangeville, PA. 17859

And now I have a question – I have been so tempted by the fun clothes shown as ads on Facebook. I have ordered several things – my credit card has been charged and I have never received what I ordered. Am I just SOL? Do I just chalk it up to bad judgement and move on?

Boy, the days fly by and in North Iowa we are hoping for a change in weather – our last nice day was Friday and ever since then it’s been windy, cold and rainy. Enough already!

Be still, Everybody!

88 thoughts on “GUILTY! 5-19-2020

  1. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Re: China—I try not to order from China so I read everything carefully to avoid it. Two times Amazon did not list that the items came from China. One said it was from Oregon, but came from China. One said a gnome was handmade, but was not. Done with Amazon! I hope you get your money back!
    I, too, love the string and little block quilts. Have you ever made a selvage quilt? I have saved a big bag of them, but am not sure what to do next.
    The Aunt Amy’s Bullseye quilt is on every time Nick Schifrin is on from his home. I would love to know how he got it.
    Lots of rain here.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – I emailed Nick Schifrin and asked about the quilt but have not gotten a reply. A reader made me a tote bag entirely from selvages but I have never saved any.

      1. Jan from SW Iowa

        Oh, please, post if you receive an answer from Mr.Schrifin and where he got your quilt! He must use it because each night it’s in a different place on the sofa or folded differently.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jan from SW Iowa – I will definitely let you know if I hear from him! I hope I do!

  2. Jan from TN

    Hi Mary! Regarding your questions about ordering clothes on FB. First of all, whatever you ordered is likely coming directly from China to you & will take a LONG time. Second of all, the quality may be extremely poor & the fit not what you’d expect. I collected money from one of my quilt groups to order adorable quilt-related t-shirts for our small group. Oy! They took forever, they didn’t all come together, & they were extra crappy fabric — not cotton, more like a poly that a nightgown might be made from. One of the t-shirts came 2 months after the rest. None of us like they way the fit and only lady in the group kept & wears hers. The rest of us either donated them or threw them away. Money lost!
    My daughter order me for my birthday a couple of years ago some cute sneakers I saw on FB that appeared to be strip-pieced in rainbow-like colors. I sent her a pic of them & they eventually arrived at my house about 3 weeks after my bday. She ordered my size but they are probably an inch or more too long at the toe. They are just painted stripes on the shoe and they came to me directly from China! Grr. I’ve worn them once or twice to my guild meetings but I always feel like I have clown feet when I where them since they’re so long! I’m sorry she wasted her money. She offered to return them & I said no, you’ll probably never see your money returned. I’ll wear them now & then. Ha! So those are my tips for you! Good luck! Let me know what happens with your order. You might be lucky but I’d call it a crapshoot. 😕

  3. Paula Philpot

    Would you please ask Karla T to let you know the Weave Quilt pattern that she used. I love this and I looked online and there are many but I don’t see one like hers. Would love to make . Paula in KY

  4. Sharon Geiger

    I love the Old Farmhouse quilt! I sure do hope you get what you ordered.

  5. Jean

    Mary I really really like your string quilt! Contact your credit card company. They WILL refund your $65. It has happened to me.

  6. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Hi Mary,
    If your card is through your bank, they should be able to assist you. If a regular credit card company I would see what their dispute policy is. LOVING the Farmhouse pattern!

  7. Moe Baly

    Hi mary, love your post, will be interesting to see about that quilt! If you ordered thru Facebook most of those things come from China. You should have tracking info. I ordered masks for at work, they wont be here for 3 months it turns out. I ordered pump hand soap, thats about a month or more. However if you’t get tracking info, then call your cc company.

    Also, I work for a mail order company, all packages we shipped in April went no where. The post office didnt even scan the packages. Our customers think we didnt ship anything because the tracking numbers says the package is still in our building. Its been a nightmare. So the pandemic may have something to do with the delay too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Moe Baly – what? The post office has the packages sitting in their building??? If they didn’t scan the package what happened to it? Yikes! How can they do that? I know I will never do this again but we have no place to shop except Target and Walmart – ugh. And I haven’t driven to Mason a City since last March- I am so sick of this!!!

      1. Moe Baly

        The packages were not scanned all of April, then on May 6, we started to see packages scanned. From the scans I have figured out that the packages sat in a warehouse. We have one person at work who is tracking hundreds of packages everyday now, we do not normally do this. She has noticed all packages going to Canada have reached their destination, but packages going overseas, most are still in the USA, the last scan stating that the package was at OHare Intl Airport. Also what has happened is that some countries are not allowing packages so they are sending those packages back to us. At least the post office is allowing a refund for postage but then that’s another paperwork nightmare for me.

        The jokes on us, we went into work when we really should not have, to ship packages and then they just sat at the post office. We are only tracking the intl packages, most people are patient and understand the situation, but there are a few who a livid and blame us for the delay.

        Yes, this has happened before too….The post office stock piling packages…..usually after a big event in the US or severe weather…the post office doesn’t tell us, we find out by tracking packages., usually weeks later….and it’s normally First In Last Out.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Moe Baly – I’d be so disgusted with the USPS and any other carrier who is sitting on packages. Must be a terrible nightmare for you – I’m so sorry.

  8. Rhoda Ebersole

    Love the farmhouse quilt. And always like string quilts.
    So glad to read this online shopping info. I have rarely had good luck with online buying. Sizes are???? I bought two pair of sandals recently made in Korea and took forever to get here and then the sole is like a board – does not bend and squeaked every time I took a step. They were sent back yesterday and I hope to see the money refunded eventually. I can’t imagine anyone wearing these shoes.

    Sending good thoughts your way and peace to all the readers.

  9. Nikki M

    Depending on where orders are shipped from can take 3-4 weeks & right now even my Amazon orders seem to take forever, but yes notify credit card company & if have versification email from company go back to customer service & file complaint. Also if see ad again write a bad review every time. Google company & see if review sight & do so. Notify facebook also. If none of that works…SOL! Sorry.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – all good ideas! I will try maybe – it might be easier to let the $65 go and learn my lesson the hard way.

  10. elizabeth a hinze

    Love the string quilt and the Old Farmhouse (that would be a great sew along: )

  11. Vickie

    Oh, my gosh! I love the farm house quilt and definitely should make one! The mini squares. That is the mindless task I’ve been looking for for a long time — sometimes I want to sew — don’t want to start something and just want some truly mindless sewing — Your setting makes it all worthwhile!! Not to mention your string quilt which I’ve wanted to do -=- oh may gosh — so much to do my versions of and hopefully we’ll get some warm weather soon for outside gardening/yard work! * * * The funeral home statue — that is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!! Love it so much!! * * * You have made my day!! Thank you — now back to my work work. Love you, stay safe and HAPPY!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie – I feel the same way about mindless sewing! Sometimes I want to watch tv closely and I can still sew squares together – love it!!

  12. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Loretta kind of looks like Telly; both beautiful dogs.
    I love your new project. The utility quilts are wonderful, my favorite kind.
    I am making a baby girl quilt, using lots of 30’s reproduction fabrics. I do not really enjoy this Disappearing Four-Patch pattern, but it will be a feast for the eyes when finished.
    Lots of rain a half-hour west of Peoria IL, very gloomy.

    1. Marlene T in upstate NY

      Love Connie’s farmhouse quilt. I have a collection of strips and a Bonnie Hunter book; excellent way to use up all the leftovers from bindings and borders. Can’t wait to start that project.
      I buy clothes and shoes from Amazon. They have a thing called Wardrobe – you order the clothes & shoes and they send them with a return mailer. You only keep and pay for the things you want and return the rest. Free shipping to return. I have gotten Clarks clogs and J. Crew T shirts that are a plain design very reasonable. I tried to find normal shirts last summer and could only find see through or holy arm styles, can’t stand those designs, I’d rather keep my fat arms to myself. Found what I wanted on good old Amazon.
      I love PayPal. I ordered a sewing foot from some company in Texas and it didn’t fit my machine after the guy said it would. I mailed it right back and he never sent me a refund. I found the phone # for PayPal and they credited me the same day and told me they go after the seller and debit their account. Takes care of them quickly. Definitely contact your credit card and pitch a fit.
      Everyone hang in there, I’m planting some flower baskets this afternoon; and swiss chard and lettuce in my new primitive planting table my husband built for our lower deck. Love it, finally getting some decent weather in the Hudson Valley.

  13. PennyC Maryland

    Love the farmhouse quilt, can’t wait to see it finished. Connie’s is lovely! I have ordered several pairs of shoes with vintages sewing machines on them off of Facebook. They took almost 3 months to get here! But they are great quality and comfortable, worth the wait! Hopefully your clothes will show up.

  14. Sue in Oregon

    The missing photos came in overnight. I like your faded backing. Looks utilitarian, like you said. Do you ever use the color catcher sheets that Shout puts out? They last ages, as you can reuse them. You can tell how well they are catching color by the look of them when they come out with the quilt.
    The green parrot looks just like the one my son had for awhile. I babysat her for a week while he was gone. He told me to put her outside on her perch and spray her gently with the hose. She Loved it. Raised her wings and turned…just like having a real shower. Such fun.
    The finishes are wonderful, as usual. Love that braided one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – and you were lucky enough to parrot- sit? I am fascinated by parrots but will have to settle for my parakeets, Sherman and Timmy! Yes, I’ve used color catchers and they do a great job!!

  15. MartyCae Klein

    I ordered 3 tote bags off Facebook. Received two of the three. They were cute and well made but like your readers say – never again! Love the pictures of Telly and Hazel that you have been posting lately. Such expressions!

  16. Jill

    Please contact the Better Business Bureau in your area. They are able to follow up with the clothing provider as well as keeping/posting your complaint so others my beware as well.

  17. Diane in Maryland

    Love your “utilitarian” string quilt. Your fabrics and colors always look so perfect together! Doesn’t look utilitarian to me! It is fun to start something new. Will enjoy watching your progress on the Farmhouse. There are things I miss about being quarantined at home, especially miss my friends, but I have been having a good time getting a lot of sewing projects done. To me, it has actually been nice to have a little more uninterrupted time to sew.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    Great eye candy pictures and wonderful animals to admire.
    I have been retooling my whole lifestyle habits of buying which gladly I never did buy on line clothes as since retiring I tend to wear the same basic styles to church and meetings…cardigans from Target, tee shirt style tops and pants as I don’t go on big vacations. We have the camper to take our dogs. Course as more brick and mortar shops close like Penney’s and Sears, I will think of LL Bean, Blair – where my mom shopped before passing – and I might even sew some tops if I am in over winter, so thinking ahead. I have to be flexible moving forward but I avoid on line shopping and thankfully have quilt shops all within half hour driving time so can support them.
    Thanks for posting Jeff’s address as mail is very important to feel connected.
    We are having blue skies sunny days (70’s and 80 on Memorial Day) so very much welcomed from all we have been though.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – thanks for thinking about Jeff and sending a card! We have no place to shop in North Iowa – I would have to drive to Mpls or Des Moines and I’m not going to do that. Maybe when things open up?

      1. Kathy in western Ny

        My card went in the mail today to Jeff and great idea to keep his address next to my card box to send one regularly. I do like going to the store to stock up on cards which is something I look forward to when it’s “safer” to linger. Rather do that than buy clothes! Ha!

  19. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love to start something new too! As far as using up all my precuts, I’m currently using my rectangles in a Stacked Coins quilt top, it’s eating up loads of rectangles, I might be able to get the box lid back on the bin when I finish, I swear it’s hard to make any sizable dent in my stash… and, I have a big basket of scraps too small to reshelve waiting beside my die cutter for cutting into usable sizes, it’s a vicious circle! 😂 Your Farmhouse is beautiful!

  20. Brenda in SC

    Absolutely adore the old farmhouse. Yours is coming along nicely, Mary. The strip quilt looks like something this beginner could actually do! And I love the faded backing, it looks great; like it belongs on THAT quilt.
    Karla, your weave quilt is beautiful and Charlotte, I just love your bag!
    Thanks everyone that commented on Charlie the macaw and Congo my African grey….
    Mary, I have ordered several things from China and it seems like it takes 2 or 3 months to get here, and you really have to check sizing. Only a thing or two have I been so disappointed that I cut it up and used as dust rags, HAHAHA.
    Loretta is adorable!
    It is raining to beat the drum here in SC and more is expected to come in at 9 a.m. this morning all the way through the rest of the week. Our poor yard boy is supposed to cut grass sometime, but I am afraid it won’t be until Monday at the soonest before he can. Y’all stay well and still.

  21. Leslie

    I too ordered things from Rotita. Got the items, card charged, returned everything with all proper documentation, and never got credit. Got the bank involved, and eventually got the credit. Be a pest. Get on the phone, emails, etc. squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  22. Beth Laverty

    Mary, thank you for posting Jeff’s address. You are right, he loves to get cards. Especially now as he can’t even leave his room. The nurses read mail to him when it arrives and then he tells me about it. We talk to him every evening at 7pm. It is so hard not to be able to see him ….. hopefully this will end soon but we certainly don’t want to put him in danger!

    We have just had a couple of decent weather days so I have been able to get out and do some yard work. The mower guys came yesterday and everything looks so good. I guess days and days of rain isn’t all bad… LOL

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Hi Beth, You are going to have a nice long conversation with Jeff when he tells you about all the cards he receives!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Diane in MD – oh, thank you for jumping on board the card sending – it’s such a tiny little thing that we each can do but think what a HUGE impact it will make on Jeff knowing we all a knowledge him. I put his address on my desk so I’ll remember to keep it up – maybe once a month or so?

  23. Gloria from CC

    Brenda in Iowa – here’s more information on the statue. The bronze “Come Unto Me” statue graces the entry of the Spilsbury Mortuary in Saint George, Utah. Jerry Anderson is the artist and sculptor. The statue was unveiled in December 2000. The statue is a testament to life after death (being young again and healthy) which brings hope and peace to all.
    Love all the quilts and pet pictures. I’m in Wisconsin right now and the weather yesterday was wonderful. I planted annuals and 41 perennial plants. I was exhausted last night. Of course Angel was by my side helping me.😁

  24. Kathy

    When you order from something on Facebook it takes a little longer to get it, I have always recieved what I ordered

  25. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,
    Your string quilt is beautiful, I even love the back. I also love all the animals pictures you get sent to you. Our weather is still wet and cool. Hard to mow grass when the mower sinks in the lawn. Not to great looking either. I don’t plant a garden but my grandson made me some cedar boxes, so I have tomato’s and peppers. Tomorrow I’m getting Walla Walla sweet onions. I’m really excited to see if my non-green thumb will get something later.
    Is the Bullseye quilt pattern still available? I think it was $10. I would like to order it if it is.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – yes to the Bullseye quilt pattern – making a frayed edge bullseye quilt is addicting – I’d love to start another one!!

  26. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love your string quilt , what size is your block? I use a lot of my scraps making 8 inch squares ( same size as my ruler) and donate them to the group that make quilts for the women’s refuge. The macaw and African Grey parrot are beautiful birds.hope everyone is keeping well and safe, best wishes, Sandy

  27. Beryl in Owatonna

    Finally some ads!
    I love the Farm House Quilt, may have to have that one too, for someday! I have so many someday projects!
    I am not looking forward to the 80’s this weekend, but some sunshine will be wonderful!
    My brother and SIL will be down Sunday… checking on the elderly relatives! It will be good to see them.
    Thanks for your taking time to write and post pictures.

  28. Jo in Wyoming

    Well, we have been cursed with millers this week. A few showed up Sunday night, now…unbelievable! Swarms of them. And they are so stupid. In the day they fly away from light, hide and crawl. At night, they fly toward light. I don’t think I have ever seen so many. Massive.
    On the other hand, I love the farm house quilt. I will send for the pattern.
    Our small quilt group met today, first time we’ve been together. We went to an outdoor gazebo in the park. It was lovely, shade, breeze, conversation, and show and tell was exciting.
    Everybody, stay safe and still.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – we aren’t ready for meetings just yet! You can keep all those millers!!! Hugs to Loretta!

  29. Judy A

    Ordering from Facebook – probably not actually Facebook, but advertising on Facebook. Like Zulily – I ordered some very fun rainboots for myself years ago – still love them, and some cool colorful tights and things for my granddaughter. We loved them! In recent years, though, I’ve ordered several tops – some I love, some I hate. Tops – I went by their measurements – I do not wear that big of a size! But they fit. Then I ordered another style – what a no-go! I tried altering the tops, then threw them in the pajama drawer, later tossed them in a give-away bag. Ya just never know. Seems to me, they give their seamstresses a picture of what something should look like when done, and let them have a go at it – without a pattern. I’m just done with them. Unless it’s a name brand item. But hey still take six weeks to get. And their return policy is awful. Beware.

  30. Brenda in Iowa

    I LOVED that bronze statue. I found that picture on FB about 4 years ago and saved it for the next two years until my mom went to heaven at the age of 97 in August 2018. I used that picture to announce her passing to all my FB friends. I believe that is exactly how she would be entering heaven. It was so comforting to me. I never knew where the statue was located so I’m so pleased to now know. Thank you to Gloria for providing that information.

  31. Debbie Miller

    I like your Farmhouse start and the string quilt-even with a faded backing(which I can’t tell) it looks like it would provide a wonderful warm snuggle! It is cool, windy and very rainy here in SC-more rain to come!

  32. Sarah Northern Calif.

    Like others I’ve been enticed by these ads but then I get a sense that something doesn’t ring true. Usually the price. When that happens I go on the internet and ask for reviews of the company. Wow, have I read some horror stories. I am grateful others have taken the time to share their experiences.

    Having said that, a few months ago I was at a guild meeting and a friend walked in wearing a strikingly beautiful coat which she had purchased on that same site. She said she’s heard the horror stories AFTER she’d ordered so she didn’t expect anything and then this coat showed. Maybe they throw out a crumb once in awhile just to keep the buying public off kilter. Who knows, with any luck you’ll get the next crumb.

    I, too, have noticed the quilt behind Mark Schifrin on the PBS Newshour. How funny that so many have noticed it. With any luck we’ll see it again as several of the reporters are working from home.

    Loved the quilts today – string and little squares.

  33. Meta O’Connell

    Mary, is the Old Farmhouse quilt available to purchase? If so, how much? Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Meta O’Connell – yes -Old Farmhouse pattern is $10 and a SASE

  34. Sue in Oregon

    I hit the wrong button and my comment posted. It says Anonymous, but it was me. Ha

  35. Anonymous

    I love The Old Farmhouse and the string quilt. Both are wonderful.
    I have three little blue boxes on my page today. Two are under More dirty dozen projects and one is between that cool parrot and cute Loretta.
    I nearly ordered a beautiful headscarf on FB the other day. I passed it up and now very glad I did. I have ordered a couple of things off of your pages, though, and never had a problem. I especially love LLBean.

  36. mj

    I ordered, on line, 2 different kinds of elastic (yes for masks ) from 2 different companies on April 19th. Finally got a notice, from both companies on 2 different days, last week, that ‘my orders have been lost”,,, Yes from China… So now it is up to me to go thru the hoops to get it off my credit card too.. I have 2 different cards, one I use for my “everything” and the other just for things I buy on line. Books mainly. So I know what you mean by not getting what one orders, junk when it does. I agree the clothes are so cute and tempting but I am not going there anymore. Anyone know where one can buy 1/8th inch elastic ??
    Stay safe everyone…

    1. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

      MJ, check out Amazon for elastic cord or flat elastic, or just Google for other vendors.

      Just before New York went on “pause”, I went to the local JoAnns’s and bought some 1/2″-wide KNIT elastic because I’d heard that it could be cut in half lengthwise without fraying or running. It can, and DH is happy with his mask, but I am such a frail delicate flower (ha-ha) that I don’t like how it feels on my ears, nor the way my ears look when wearing an ear-loop mask. For comfort, I prefer my tie-on masks, using bias tape for the ties, knotting the ends. Cut them 36″ to 40″ long for women, 42″ long for men.

      On another topic, it’s been 3 months since my last haircut, and my shaggy hair is driving me nuts. Usually I get it cut every 4 weeks! aargh! Hair salons will be in Phase 2 of re-opening, so fingers crossed the infection rate doesn’t rise. I admit to getting aggravated with cheaters not wearing masks in public, or wearing them but leaving their noses uncovered. Dunderheads I try to stay away from.

      Of course, we quilters noticed that quilt on Nick Schiffrin’s sofa! It made me like him even more! : )

    2. Louverna Tomer

      You can order elastic from Neff’s Country Loft in Belpre, Ohio. She is my friend and very reliable. Her phone number is 740/423-1965. She will ship right out. She has both black and white in stock.

      1. Meredith

        That string quilt looks just great! Mindless sewing is exactly what we need right now, isn’t it? Sounds like another new project!

  37. Carolyn Boutilier

    Cold, windy and rainy day here in the Shenandoah Valley VA. Love the farmhouse quilt and your string quilt. Working on a table top applique piece I started in 2007. The design is by Blackbirds from the book Chelsea Boutique.
    Carolyn b


    Love, love, love the quilts! I want to make the house quilt!! To cute!! Do I have this pattern Mary in one of your books??? And who doesn’t love a string quilt with a faded back?? The best kind of quilt. I especially love the quilting with straight lines , just perfect . I understand the thing about your weather, Yesterday, it rained most of the day in “sunny” Southern California! What is the story with that??? Oh, and those parrots, just beautiful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – the Old Farmhouse pattern can be dug up – $10 plus SASE – no photo as usual.


        I am on this tomorrow, can you remind me where I find your mailing info? Carolyn

        1. patti leal

          love all the quilts you shared. great eye candy. i had a friend who used already faded fabrics on the backs of her quilts – said they would fade anyway. i haven’t tried that yet. your string quilt is a riot of color. just love it.
          i’m in the process of trying to return a pair of pants i ordered through amazon. ordered the middle of february, should receive in april. well it came around the first of may – direct from china. they appeared to be well made, linen. when i tried them on, no problem til i got to my butt. they had made that the same size as the legs. fortunately i only have to send to canada. i’ll have my dh take to posst office. i have bad COPD and am on oxygen. i seldom leave the house any more. before covid-19 i would go out to dinner once a week. no more. patti in florida where it was 94 F today

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Patti Leal – oh my! COPD! Stay inside where you’re safe and comfortable! Sounds like you’ve got a great DH to help – I hope I never get sick

        2. patti leal

          oops, my reply to mary didn’t post before i decided to leave this reply. carolyn barnett, mary’s address is always under the picture of she and connie at the top of her blog.
          patti in florida

        3. Jeanine Waal

          At the top left of the page under their picture.

          I, too, love the string quilt. I have made some and it is mindless sewing. Another dreary, drizzly day in southeast Iowa. I think all of us Iowans are ready for some sunshine!!

  39. MaureenHP

    Love the string quilt. I really need to use my bushel of strings and make one.
    You might consider emailing Nick and asking him about the quilt. It would be cool if it ends up being your pattern!

  40. Jenifer Fairchild

    Nora Cora clothing is the worse of the worse clothing you buy from the internet! The clothing is so cute in the adverts, but so cheap once it arrives. My Nora Cora orders always arrive–they take forever–but they are awful; nothing like the pictures. The return (having to be returned to China) policy is too expensive to be feasible.😨

  41. Connie

    I love your string quilt! I made one several years back. Someone brought a dress shirt box of fabric samples to our school garage sale – probably from fabrics in the 1970’s – many were the same pattern, but in different colorways. I just cut them up in different width strips and put them together on 6 1/2 inch telephone book pages. It was wonderful mindless sewing, and that small box made a great sized throw. I used all but about 18 strips. I considered it a “free” quilt, as I used gifted fabric for the backing and binding.

  42. Dee Dee Peterson

    The house quilt….the string quilt….wow you gave some fun eye candy today!
    I am with everyone else….clothes are coming on slow boat from China.
    Didn’t think I would complain but it was hot today! NE Wyoming usually doesn’t get to 90* in May. Oh well, they are talking 46* on Saturday. I will just ride the roller coaster.

  43. Donna O.

    I agree the clothes may be coming from China. I ordered a t-shirt and it never came and never came so I wrote them and said if it’s coming from china, please cancel my order. It eventually arrived but I have yet to wear it. I do see many cute, inexpensive clothes ads on your blog and am tempted to order but if I ever do I’ll confirm they’re made in the usa.
    Thank you Mary for your kind words regarding my sweet Henry. You know I miss him as we’ve been in touch. I like your string cute and even though your backing faded maybe it added character to the front. I like it and I like the new one you’re starting.

  44. Vickie Lemonds

    If you call your credit card company and tell them you’ve been charged for merchandise you’ve never received, they’ll investigate and suspend requiring payment until the query is settled. I’d watch my card though, just in case the “company” you ordered from just wanted your credit info. We’ve never paid for anything we’ve ordered, but didn’t receive.
    I love Loretta! What a little doll!
    Raining cats and dogs here since yesterday w no end in sight til Friday. My tomato plants will be very happy!
    We haven’t been anywhere in 8 weeks and we’ve adapted very well. Groceries and, even the nursery, delivered our flowers and mulch for the yard. It’s gonna be okay, I think!

  45. Louise K.

    You can file a dispute with your credit card company. I’ve done it a few times for double-charging, and it wasn’t complicated.
    I love the Old Farmhouse!

  46. Maryjane

    Oh yes, I have been “stung” several times with ordering things on facebook. They charge your credit card very quickly but never get what your ordered. ALL FROM CHINA!!! You can track things and it’s always sitting in China. No more! Does facebook know what’s going on with these? Not sure how to inform them. Stick with companies you know – Blair, Lands End, are on there sometimes. They must be making lots of money with their scams – silly Americans. I keep hearing these same stories about orders. It really bothers me they have my credit card info. I check my accts. everyday. Can’t be too careful.

  47. Rosalie

    Mary, I have ordered twice from a Facebook ad and never again. In the first case it was s blouse and cardigan and it took about 6 weeks to get them. I think they get made in China after you order and then get sent by slow boat. The second time I ordered a front closure bra and got a back closing bra- I had used PayPal For that and went to them when the company did not want to send me the right item. PayPal ruled against me but I appealed it twice and finally got my money back. I kept telling PayPal that I needed a woman to review the case as she would know what s big difference there is in getting into a front closure vs back closing bra!!

  48. Cheryl

    Be careful of ordering clothes on Facebook. They come from China eventually but have odd fitting to sizes and the fabric is often polyester. You are better off sticking with Eddie Bauer or companies you are familiar with.

    1. Mary Heins

      You’re right Cheryl, I ordered in April and have never received my order as to this day….when requesting status of order, was told it was coming from China. Had I know that, I never would have ordered the items…but they were/are cute!!

  49. Anonymous

    Report your problem with your orders to your credit card company. You will probably get your money back.

  50. Jackie Baumhauer

    Just call your credit card company and give them the info and they will give you a credit.

  51. Jan from SW Iowa

    SO glad Diane in Ohio captured Nick with your quilt in the background! I’ve been admiring it too and wondering who made it for him (maybe by him?).
    It’s the one news show (PBS News Hour) which presents both sides of an issue and no shouting!!

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