Gypsy Wife, Week 8

It was Monday night, 9 pm, when I finally remembered Gypsy Wife!  So I was glad to see that the blocks were easy ones to make.  I studied her block on page 18 and just could not come up with a fabric combo that resembled hers.  She has such a flair for combining odd fabrics!  Honestly if I closed my eyes and picked fabrics, I would have just as much chance of making a block like hers.  So my blocks are predictable and boring compared to the original.  Do you ever want to make your quilt a second time after you have the original to guide you?  I do — all the time!

So here are my Puss in the Corner blocks.

My cactus named Pearl bloomed today.


16 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 8

  1. Launa

    Naturally, I love the checkered black and white print with the scattered Dandylion seeds on the green background best. Pearl is gorgeous in bloom. Such great pictures.

  2. Nancy T

    Those are some busy blocks and I like them! Why, Pearl is just gorgeous what type of cacti is she and how big is that bloom? Mary, I’ve never seen anybody grow stuff quite like you do. Love it and thanks

  3. SheilaS

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your last two blocks! They are colorful and interesting. You do not need to make a block like the original- just make blocks that look like “like you”! 🙂 AND it looks like you are doing a fine job!!!

  4. Kristie

    Really silly question but…I have recently started a succulent garden from the inspiration from your photos… I was wondering if all the lovely flowers come on only “prickly” cacti or do some come on the “nicer” cacti? thanks

  5. mary jane

    When I talk about you to my friends and family I refer to you as Mary E.. seems almost everyday you are part of our conversation and lives..Thank you so much Mary..yours is a blog I look forward to opening full of critters, plants, quilts and everyday life..we enjoy it ….

  6. Connie Olson

    That flower is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I just love your pictures and comments. Keep it up!!

  7. Judy

    You are over thinking these Gypsy blocks. The two Puss In The Corner blocks are wonderful and perfect in every way. Great fabric choices. Keep going I am loving all of your blocks and eager to see them together. And the cactus flower is pretty awesome also!

  8. Marilyn H

    The details of the bloom just blow my mind!!…..really pretty against the rock wall.

  9. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I love your blocks this week, especially the green and black and white one! I think I have a bit of that dandelion fabric somewhere (maybe I bought it from you!). I used a similar acid green in one of my own Puss in the Corner blocks. I have decided to make a group photo of my blocks so far when I have ten of them complete: next week!
    I think Pearl is fabulous, she looks like an Echinopsis multiplex to me, they usually have spines, but some, like Pearl, don’t, or maybe they are yet to come!

    Kind regards Fiona.

  10. Carol

    Beauty abounds on your estate! I like the block that is unsashed, if you’d like to know! But….it probably needs to be seen with others and the background before really knowing! What’s your background…any ideas? Did I miss the post where you decided? I remember the black and white stripe someone chose…

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