Happy Birthday, Hazel! 1-11-2021

Hazel is 4 years old today and what a four years it has been! It’s been simply wonderful most of the time and frustrating other times – like when she is so obsessed with the ball that she can’t think of another thing! She wants to play ball constantly yet isn’t interested in going outside unless I’m going, too. She has 7 acres to explore but would rather sleep in her bed than go outside when I’m sewing, working, cleaning house or reading. Our most serene moments are when I lay back in the recliner and she lays between my legs!

We went on one of the walking loops just now – we have virtually no snow and our temps are going to be in the high 30’s this week.

Here’s a couple of baby pictures.

We shared a yogurt for lunch instead of birthday cake.

Last night on Masterpiece the program All Creatures Great and Small started with a new cast and it was wonderful – I am already looking forward to next Sunday night at 8:00.

Here are the Dirty Dozen or other completed projects:

My chickens are going crazy – I’m getting around a dozen eggs a day and that’s just too many for us to use even if I do bake eggs for the dogs!

These are the best eggs! Dark yellow yolks and whites that sit up tall in the frying pan – I should be eating two every morning! And organic eggs bring a big price in the store, I’ve noticed – but I’m not in this to sell eggs. I just love my chickens!

I’m working with this Noah’s Ark fabric – I’ve had half a yard for years and years and now I’m going to do something with it!!!

Both Connie and I will have finishes to show you tomorrow so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday, Hazel Jane! We will grow old together!

89 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Hazel! 1-11-2021

  1. Dorothy Weibel

    Hazel is a beautiful dog. Enjoy the fine weather as you will be plummeted with snow soon. I live on Cape Cod and last years we only got a few inches which was plenty for us. Nothing yet this season, hopefully it will continue this way. Happy New YeaR MAry and to you family.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    Oh, Happy Birthday, dear Hazel Jane!! What a wonderful dog she is and, of course she only wants to go out when you do as she is All Yours!!! Great for the two of you to grow old together!!!!
    Love all the great quilt finishes! All so beautiful!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you and Connie have been doing!!

  3. Paula S.

    Happy birthday Hazel! I love terriers and she’s such a cutie! Enjoy your day and yes Mary, you two will grow old together.

  4. Mandy Stewart

    Happy Birthday Hazel Jane. Your twin lives with one of my friends. Her name is Keeley and she’s as adventurous as you are.

    1. Peggy S

      I thought I had Hazel’s twin living behind me. Her name is Shelby. 😂 🐶. They sure are little cuties!!
      Peggy S

  5. Ruthie

    Happy Birthday Hazel ! Your so cute! Love the doll clothes, actually all showen were great and fun to look at. Forgot about that show on Masterpiece will watch it.

  6. Marcia Petree

    Hazel is a cutie!
    Would your reader share the pattern source for the darling doll clothes?

  7. Sue Smith

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hazel. You are one adorable dog. Love that little spot on your nose, your clean, gleaming white fur, and your turned-up tail. I can’t believe you are 4 already!!

    Rhonda…your pillows are SEW special. Wow. And those doll clothes are exquisite.

    Love your post today, Mary. Just what I needed.

    Sue In Oregon

  8. Nancy TD

    Happy Birthday to Hazel. Some special girl received some nice clothes for her doll. Lucky her. The finishes were all great today’. Enjoy seeing everyone’s completed projects. Be safe and have a great day!

  9. Marian Stever

    Oh, Hazel, I just want to hug you, if you would let me! Happy Birthday! Looks like your mama is making your day special! I love your post today, Mary. The pictures are so clear and beautiful. Love all those little dresses/outfits. So talented. I just finished the “free” pattern you posted last week. Love it. Thank you! The sun is shining in Rochester, MN, and this has to be a much better week in the neighborhood.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marian Steven + don’t forget to send me a picture of your quilt!

  10. Deb H

    Happy birthday to Hazel!!! Didn’t you just love the bull scene, the calf ring born and the horse who shakes hands on Masterpiece. I will be glued to this show. I loved the books and I love the Countryside! And of course there has to be. Golden in a starring role!

    Finished an apron for my d-i-l and now working on zippered bags for her sister. Then I am going to rip tape on moving boxes to find friend’s grandmother’s blocks to work on quilt top…..a real UFO! Ironing today, too, pillowcases and Tim’s handkerchiefs.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb H – yes, of course there had to be a golden in there! Ha! Yes, I loved the show and the scenery is breathtaking. I have all the books, too, and am thrilled that this series has been remade!

  11. Launa

    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Hazel Jane! Yogurt is great for us and our pets!
    Enjoyed seeing the pretty doll clothes! I used to sew two outfits a month for my two oldest Grand’s and another for their friend. There is a new American Girl doll out now!
    So many nice finishes shown today! Thanks for posting Mary!
    Chilly 🥶 7o up here this morning. 19o @noon…no new snow! Sun has popped out!

  12. Pattie Weber

    Happy birthday Hazel! What a cutie.
    So how do you do baked eggs and why do you bake them for the dogs? Just curious.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with a half yard of busy fabric.

  13. Cynthia Arneson

    Happy Birthday to Hazel! She is one of the cutest dogs around! I love the dresses that were made for an American Girl doll, such perfect outfits made with love!

  14. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Happy Birthday, Hazel , my Mom had a wire haired terrier when I was born. Our family of dogs are all beagles.

    Mary, could you please share how far apart your quilting is on the little table mat from about a week ago. Our is it the width of your pressure foot?

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Happy Birthday cute Hazel! I can’t believe you are four already.
    I loved all the DD finishes. Both my granddaughters received American Girl baby dolls for their second Christmas. I made them lovely clothes, quilts, and knitted booties; those dolls were always naked. 😂
    Take Care/Stay Warm.

  16. Ginny and Arlo

    I remember baby Hazel and baby Arlo playing and exploring the farm together. They were so cute, Hazel a white live wire pup and Arlo a black laid back pup. they were as different as black and white, so much fun to watch them play. Arlo is like Hazel, if I go out he goes too. He is too big to sleep on my lap but he makes sure he is snuggled next to me at bedtime.
    Happy Birthday 4 year old Hazel, Arlo and I love you.

  17. deborah Grisanti

    Happy birthday Hazel!!! You’re a little cutie, hope mama pampers you today!!!!!

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, happy birthday Hazel! We have All creatures great and small here in new Zealand, also the series done 40 years ago is on too, lthink that is closer to the stories in the books.My dog bella is enjoying herself at my son Andrews house while l head up to the Waikato tomorrow for 2 weeks. Take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  19. Marilyn Miller

    Happy 4th birthday, Hazel Jane. Are you aware you won the lottery when Mary found you?!? You’re a darling girl and I’m happy that you have such a loving home and companions♥️

  20. Beverly from SW Ohio

    HaPpY Birthday Hazel such a sweet, adorable girl. I’d want to carry her around all day if she was mine. You have some great pics of her, and the puppy pics of her, well that’s just too cute! She’ll be a great lap dog for the game tonight, GO BUCKS!!

  21. the other Angie

    Happy Birthday, Hazel!!! And I loved seeing Hazel’s baby pictures, but how can that have been 4 years ago?! Goodness. I just know you have lots of great adventures ahead!

  22. Diana in Des Moines

    Happy birthday, Hazel!!

    I get eggs from a friend with chickens. Tomorrow I’m making egg muffin sandwiches to freeze. My daughter in law drops off my grandson every day; they will eat them. Farm eggs are the best!!

  23. Donna

    Happy birthday, Hazel!!! I too have started to watch “All Creatures Great and Small” I think it’s going to be another grand series. Being a farm girl the calving process brought back many times in the barn. Good memories.

  24. Annie

    Hope Hazel had a good BD. Do you have a food pantry nearby? Bet they would take the extra eggs in a heartbeat! So many in need right now.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Annie – I would need to be inspected and jump thru lots of hoops – isn’t that a shame?

  25. Joan West

    Cinders from MN – loved your Minnesota quilt pillow cover. Did you have a pattern/kit ?? I am a MN native & would love to recreate your project.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Joan, Joann fabrics has a line of about 6 different fabrics for each state. May want to check that out also.

    2. Marj in Western Wisconsin

      I plan to take a Wisconsin map and trace the outline onto muslin and then use a lot of my smaller scraps to fill it in.

    3. Rhonda in Iowa

      Last spring Missouri Star Quilt Co. had a “State Map Applique Pillow Project” on the Missouri Star Blog. All the states were available reversed so ready to applique. I printed out those I was interested in but got no further than that. Could be a Dirty Dozen for the next go-around! If you google what I have in “XXX” above, you should find it.

    4. Rhonda in Iowa

      Joan, All states are available reversed at MSQC, look for State Map Pillow Project.

    5. Cinders

      It was from a kit, I will see about just a pattern this used 2020 My Minnesota Fabrics. I am driving to New Ulm today to purchase a charm pack to make more! Contact Fabrics Plus in Marshall as they have pattern/instructions but no charm packs; Sewing Seeds has charm packs tho.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Cinders – thank you so much for following up on these blog comments regarding your pattern! It takes all of us to be helpful!

  26. Sheila in WI

    Happy birthday, Hazel! Love the pictures of you when you were a pup!
    Love all the finishes today too. And those doll clothes… absolutely beautiful! The girl sho received them will have lots of fun with them.

  27. Lorraine McGeough

    Happy Birthday Hazel!! She is a real cutie. I love the doll clothes that someone made. The little girl looks so happy to receive such a wonderful gift. Doll clothes are so well made.

  28. Mary Evans

    Mary and Hazel, Hello Mary and Happy Birthday to Hazel. Love her name!
    My computer broke down and I haven’t been getting emails, and so am glad to be back.

    I loved the projects you posted. Most especially the embroidery of the little rabbits. Any idea what that pattern is?

    1. Rhonda in Iowa

      Mary Evans – The bunnies are a sashiko pattern that I ordered online. It comes printed on the fabric. I checked and you will see it if you search for sashiko rabbits or bunnies. Very simple to do!

  29. Jo in Wyoming

    Today is Hazel Jane’s big day….congratulations and happy birthday to her.🎉🎊🍾🥰🧁🎂🎂🎂🎂

    I got some glorious news today too, I’ll share it later.

  30. Rita Scott

    Happy Birthday to Hazel. Mary, you and Hazel enjoy your quiet time together. Great projects from everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Gloria from CC

    Happy Birthday Hazel Jane! Hope you had a special day with your mom. You are so adorable and sweet. I showed Angel the pictures of Hazel and told her it was Hazel’s birthday today and she licked my phone! Ha that’s my little Angel!❤️

  32. Margie

    Happy birthday Hazel!! Love the finishes. Can’t wait to see what you make with your Noah’s ark fabric!

  33. Arrowhead Gramma

    Happy Birthday to sweet Hazel. I remember when Hazel came to live with you at the farm, Mary!

  34. Kathy in western NY

    Hazel is your sweet companion. I love terriers for their spunk. Cuddling time I usually have my chihuahua/ rat terrier mix and my cat snuggled on my side and lap. Some day I will hand bind when they don’t wish to hug me. Thanks for letting us be part of Hazels birthday.
    Seems we all love the doll clothes. Which lovely reader made them? Can you tell we would love to see more of them!! Gorgeous clothes and so well made.

  35. Brenda Ks

    Happy Birthday Hazel!!
    And Ron says he still can’t believe you!!
    Just goes to show you it’s all about they are raised!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in Ks – I don’t know about that – I have never had a terrier puppy before Hazel so I probably didn’t have a clue! Hahaha!!!

  36. Katie

    Happy Birthday Hazel🎈🎈
    I had Roxie a wired hair terrier for many years, When I see Hazel on your site, I recall how full of energy
    My Roxie had..
    Like the bunnie pillow that was shared today, maybe a pattern could be shared.
    Thanks, Katie in Gilbert, Az.

    1. Rhonda in Iowa

      Katie – Search for “sashiko bunnies” and you should see it. Mine came printed on the fabric ready to go. Ordered the thread separately so you can do in any color you’d like.

  37. Jan Rhoades

    My (dog) Ava shares a Birthday with Hazel. She is 5 today. She is a Chorkie. 8 lbs .

  38. Marsha in Kansas

    Happy Birthday, Hazel! Hope you and Mary had a wonderful day! How fast they “grow up”! 4 years! Love hearing all about Hazel and seeing her antics. She can make a simple walk memorable. 🙂

  39. Bobbie

    Happy Happy Birthday Hazel 🎂🎉🎈🎈
    I hope you got a real treat for dinner and maybe a new ball to play with.
    Mary she is so cute! Those fur babies just worm into your heart. When she is out looking up the tree she looks like she sees squirrels and wants to get them. My Ginger chases rabbits she almost gets one sometimes.
    The dirty dozens are amazing you ladies do some wonderful work.
    2021 is a new year I hope we can get out and visit our favorite quilt shops, get together for some retreats or just sew with friends.

  40. Cathy in IN

    I cannot believe hat Hazel is 4 already! Where does the time fly off to? She is just the cutest little thing & definitely devoted to you.

    Happy Birthday, Hazel! 🐾💕🎉

  41. Sandy in Indiana

    Happy Birthday Hazel! Such a cutie & I loved seeing her baby pictures!!
    We also loved Masterpiece’s remake of All Creatures and can’t wait for next week…..

    enjoy your week Mary!


  42. Sharon Lowy

    Happy BIRTHDAY to Hazel. She is simply adorable. How I wish I had one just like her.

  43. Judith Ann Jaques

    I had to laugh,— when you said you bake eggs for the dogs, because my sheltie Ava Collette can eat NOTHING chicken.
    When I got her she weighed about 6#.She slept in a portable crate by my bed.I have a bipap breathing machine.
    I was feeding hills chicken and rice food.
    I was wakened by the worst smell. Found out little Ava had passed gas and it was sucked right into my machine.I know gross but now it is funny.
    She is now on lamb and rice doing fine but ANYthing chicken and she will drive you from the room.
    Love my girls but oh boy
    Happy birthday to Hazel. Have a great day. judith

  44. Jan Smith

    How did I miss Hazel’s birthday?! I’m sure it was very happy. Also sure that I’m not the only one whose heart Hazel has stolen. Such a cutie!

  45. Teresa

    Oh my gosh, so many comments to read today! Mary you and Hazel are popular girls! Happy Birthday wishes to Hazel, she’s a darling dog. I was over your way today buying hay. I would have stopped for a couple dozens eggs had I read the blog earlier. I miss farm fresh eggs and the convenience of having eggs at my fingertips for baking.

    Love all the quilts and sewing projects today. Every day is a quilt show on your blog, Mary and I enjoy it very much, thank you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – oh, shoot! I would have been so happy to share some eggs with you! Were you buying small squares? I’m wondering who has hay for sale in my neighborhood.

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