Happy Halloween, Part 2! 10-31-22

Here is second part of Julie’s quilt show.

What did you think? The last two pictures are compliments of my friends Donna and Shirley.

This post was worth waiting for, wasn’t it?

69 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Part 2! 10-31-22

  1. Bonnie in SE CT

    Those quilts are great!

    The nearest discount fabric store is closing so I will do the same thing! Shop in my stash…should last me the rest of my life!

  2. Donna Sproston

    Another amazing proficient quilter! I am in awe! Looking forward to November15th.. Cover quilt is my favorite but the others are treasures too!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Sproston – I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with your red and white fabric!

  3. Diane in Colorado

    I’m amazed!! Julie has chosen a lovely variety of patterns and has knocked it out of the park as far as I’m concerned!!

  4. Linda from Georgia

    Wow! I really need to get busy. Chairman of the quilt guild’s Christmas Fair booth so after next week I plan to make up for lost time. Just in time for the sew along. Going to see my grandchildren in costume tonight. They are 8, 4 and 9 months. Enjoy your Halloween!

  5. Susan in PA

    Wow. That is quite a quilt show. Maybe Julie should come and work on my stash. I have more fabric than I could ever use in this life. I’m a scrap quilter and I cut everything small so not a dent in the stash even after many quilts. Her quilts are lovely.

  6. Holly in Two Harbors

    Julie’s pink, tan and black squares quilt is fabulous! They’re all fabulous! I love the modern look and the colors. And done in a week with just her stash? Zowie! Fantastic!

  7. Mary

    I’m sorry I asked. I obviously didn’t see a prior post. I didn’t mean in any way to ask a dumb question or upset you. Have a good day.

  8. Li

    Bravo Julie. I like the way you chose to border the card trick. This is a great accomplishment.

  9. Tina in Oregon

    A quilt a week for 25 weeks! (I went back and counted them). Sometimes it would be nice not to have other distractions so you could just sew all day long. Sigh…. Great job!
    On another note, I used my new plant hauler yesterday and it’s wonderful! Talk about a back saver! Thanks for the tip Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tina – I used mine today, too – it’s one of the best pieces of equipment I own.

    2. Julie B from CF

      Thanks. I have 4 grandchildren who live 2 1/2 hrs away from me. I make several trips to watch their school activities…sometimes 3-4 times a week.

      I did a quilt a week for the whole year…total of 57 quilts made. I didn’t send pics of all of them.

  10. Sandi

    Each and every quilt of Julie’s is beautiful! And they are all so different! Thanks to Julie, and you, for sharing.

  11. Nikki in Tx

    Wow… great post for sure!!!
    Loved every quilt shown….gleamed several ideas..now to get productive & do some sewing. Made (sewed) 25 Cop for Kids tops & dropping off at quilter this afternoon.. all simple & some even panels with simple borders added added.. all large lap size. So much I want to do & so little time..lol..
    Thank you for blog posts.. we (readers) don’t tell you often enough how we enjoy & appreciate you & the blog, but please know that we do. Have a great Halloween & hopefully no tricks will be played on you, or treats.

  12. Debbie

    Wow Julie!!!!! What a truly amazing and beautiful accomplishment!!!!!! It must feel so good to have completed so many quilts and to have used up so much fabric that you had! Congrats!!!!!!

  13. Karen

    Wow! What a diverse set of wonderful quilts. I especially liked the muted one with overlapping squares. Seemingly so simple, but such dimension. And all the different colors. A very talented quilter! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Bonnie Specchio

    So enjoyed the quilt show! I wonder if she ever gets tired of sewing? They are all beautiful

    1. Julie B from CF

      Hi Bonnie..yes, I do get tired of sewing. I usually take the summer off so my mind can get ready for the quilting season.

  15. Candy

    Woooow!!! Such a variety of quilt patterns and colours. Great work, Julie! I also try to quilt mostly from my stash, and I always piece backings from my stash, but I guess I’m a lazy quilter. My finishes are very sporadic, LOL! There’s always a plan being formulated though. That’s half the fun for me! Happy Halloween everyone!

  16. Sharlyn

    So fun to see the colors people put together….it’s a great learning experience, thank you

  17. Char

    WOW! Thanks for the wonderful quilt show 😍😍. Such a wonderful variety and so much inspiration!

  18. Debbie Miller

    WOW! Julie has been a very busy girl! All the quilts are gorgeous but I really like the boxy one with the plaid.

  19. Kris in WI

    Add another WOW to the list! From color to calm, is there anything Julie B. can’t master? Thanks for sharing your work with us.

    Thanks, Mary, for managing to get the quilt show put together!

  20. Pat Cooper

    Julie’s quilt are outstanding. Everyone is beautiful. I could never decide which would be my favorite.
    Her room/closet has to be totally empty by now. Also, does she do her own quilting? If not and she took them somewhere, that person can retire soon…..
    Thanks for posting them all….

  21. Kathy in western NY

    What a great showcase of your talent Julie to make so many eye catching quilts. This was a wonderful post to share with all of us. I save so many scraps that some day I feel overwhelmed with just those alone and I start cutting up more and more to use. Then I look at my stash and say to myself, get busy. But thanks Julie for answering comments and you did answer the question on my mind as I looked at them on who did all the fabulous quilting too. Nice job!

  22. Carol Reents

    What a goal to set for yourself. This is si impressive. I wonder how she will use them all.

  23. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow! So many quilts, so many different patterns. Love them, Julie. Great job:)
    Thanks for another beautiful show, Mary

  24. Donna Jean

    Julie B ….Wonderful quilts!!!
    My favorite was the one that flowed down in gorgeous colors (of Kaffe Fassett?) and reminded me of the magnificent peacock feathered tail

  25. Sherri

    WoW!!! Julie you have made some fabulous quilts! I’m in awe…. I just retired a year ago in May, so I better get busy!
    I’m headed to Chicago for my first visit every with girlfriends, then heading home in a week to start pulling colors out for the Sew-A-Long!

  26. Gail

    Oh my goodness. Love Julie’s quilts. At first I thought what a great idea to use up all that stashed fabric (for retirement) as I have done the same. My problem is that I only hand quilt so NO WAY could I get them all finished. lol. Still love the idea though and may just give it a go – I will just be a “topper” with a hope that I will live long enough to complete them! Pretty sure I would not use up all my stash though.

  27. Dianna

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts.
    I bought a 1/4″ foot and a walking foot yesterday for my new Elna 770. I’ve been ironing Christmas fabrics to cut into kits for future projects.. Trying to reduce my stash 🤞

  28. Jan Hebert

    Truly inspiring Julie! I love them all but the blue Kaffe Fassett is my favorite! Is that just an off-center log cabin pattern? Or was it from a book? I just love it! I didn’t see it mentioned in the comments or on the picture. Jan in MA

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