Hard Work Doesn’t Cover Today, 7-18-23

Today was goat pen cleaning day and Josh and his mom Sarah showed up about 10 am. Josh is 16 years old and 6’3” and very strong! Josh’s dad Don stopped by mid morning to lend a hand and by noon it was done. I had the back of the pickup filled with bales of wood shavings so they bedded it for me and then stacked the remaining bales in a little covered shed.

Now this family knows how to work!!! They also told me to call them again if I need help. Wow and thank you, Josh, Sarah and Don! This is a real weight off my shoulders.

When they left I decided to hit the lawn mower and by 6:30 everything was mowed. I had to push on because I am having some trouble with my phone and going to Verizon tomorrow can take hours. I am also going to the printer for a proof on the second edition of Oh, Susannah! I know many of you are waiting to receive your book!

Reader photos

Ivy, Jake and Finn Lund
My chickens race to get a little cat food at chore time.
Vicki – this is gorgeous!

Readers are sending me parking photos – two more.

I have no words.

Thank you, Heather! What a classic picture!

Carol spent her day with Don while I worked and tonight we called guacamole dip with chips and beer our supper. I was too tired to fix anything! Then we talked on the porch for several hours. It’s now 11:35, I still have clothes in the dryer and a messy kitchen but I’m heading to bed.

Thanks, Everybody, for contributing to the blog about nothing!

50 thoughts on “Hard Work Doesn’t Cover Today, 7-18-23

  1. Jeanne in Co.

    The three dogs sitting together is soooo cute. They all have the same expression on their faces. How did you ever get them to pose that way? Vicki’s flower garden is absolutely beautiful. And your three helpers this morning were heaven sent. What special friends you have. If everyone helped their neighbors as those three did, how much better this world would be. Three extra sets of hands and a few hours of labor were a gift of love to you. Have a blessed week. Jeanne in Co.

  2. Paula in Texas

    Wow, what a busy day! Good Luck at the Verizon store tomorrow. I started a new Volunteer job.
    Getting up with the alarm is never FUN, but my day of Volunteering was both overwhelming and enjoyable.
    I have day number two tomorrow!

  3. Lindah

    My thoughts exactly, Jeanne in Co. I couldn’t say it any better.
    I’m sure I will be reading through this blog again and again. Such lovely photos and sentiments.
    Blessings, all!, Lindah in northern CA

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, dogs, spaghetti and dad in the lazy boy chair,heaven!Bella sits next to me at dinner time,she enjoys her veges! You have some great friends ,helping in the barn. I had a busy day too, finished a pair of cullottes to waer when l go to Australia In August, put binding on a small quilt and stitched it down, then made the binding for a large quilt, l will sew that on tomorrow. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  5. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary, l just read yesterday’s post, my sister lives in Brisbane Australia, will see her in August, she is ok, gets frustrated not getting the words out, will go to a rehab unit soon, and l guess the people at her retirement village will keep a eye on her husband, he is ok, but behavior has changed with mild dementia. I ,too am interested in the making of Japanese needles, will keep an eye out for the information, bye again every one,sandy


    I had Verizon and went thru hours getting unknowledgeable advice from those people. Also my bill was never the same from month to month. I moved to T Mobile. They always have at least 4 people in their office and no question is stupid to them. They have older customer service workers too which know one wants good advice. My bill is the SAME every month. What a relief!

  7. NancyTD

    Great to have help. The dogs are cute. Beautiful flower garden.
    Enjoying a visit from my Grand daughter and her family this week. The guys are tuning up Grandpa’s Model A and the girls went to Spark the children’s museum. Today they are going to the Mall of America. Us oldies are staying home. I woke up to thunder and now it is raining—something we need so bad. Maybe the rain will soften the ground enough so I can pull weeds in my garden and flower gardens.
    I have to make an appointment when I go to Verizon or else be standing at the door when they open. LOL
    Enjoy your day.

  8. Pauline Speck

    Hi Mary. I loved the photos of the dogs and the garden and all those good things, but the best bit was your evening. Conversation, friends, no fussing over food, and I’m with you: chores can wait…that stuff will still be there when you’ve had a good sleep. Yay!
    Pauline in South Oz

  9. Margaret Holzinger

    Love your blog! After checking the weather,it’s the next thing I read! Thank you!

  10. Ginger S

    Chips and dip for supper!!!!! My kind of meal!!! What nice friends you have to lend a helping hand in the barn. Love your blog!

  11. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: You asked about the baby cardinals; what did they look like. I went to look at them last night and the nest is empty. No sign of either mom or dad cardinal either. It must have been time for them to all fly away. It will certainly make MY life a lot easier since I don’t have to worry about Bailey getting at the nest. I hope, for the birds’ sake, that next year they will choose a safer place to build a nest.

  12. Sue in Marion, IN

    Guacamole and chips is an excellent meal, IMHO!😀. What a blessing to have that help cleaning the goat pens—-so much work. I’m excited that I quit waffling about trying to quilt my bullseye from our sew-along during the pandemic and finally just took it to my longarmer. I chose a panto called swirling ribbons and it looks great! I wanted to hang it in our QHF show that starts tomorrow. We’re hanging ( well, draping) the quilts today. We now put the quilts over the pews at 1st United Methodist church instead of hanging. Easier and faster on us aging guild members, and cheaper than renting a large enough facility to hang them. I’ll send a pic when I can get one!

  13. Kathy Z

    Thanks Mary for the best “nothing blog” I’ve ever read! As much as I love your blog, I also love all the wonderful pictures and responses you get from your blog audience. A match made in heaven!!! Please keep up the exceptional work.

  14. Kathy in western NY

    Vicki’s flower beds are gorgeous. Reminds me of English gardens you would see in magazines. And the dog pictures are priceless!!! You just want to reach out and pet the dogs.
    I so agree with Jeanne that if only others felt landing a hand is just what our land needs and how much better off we would be so feel that kindness spread.
    Your friends are truly a blessing in helping and makes my heart sing to know they offered again. Hard work pays off in character and teaching responsibilities so they have taught good values to their strong son.
    Oh and Mary, I have read your blog for so long I remember when you first tried guacamole! Ha!!

  15. Sue in PA

    I enjoyed today’s pictures very much, especially the three dogs on the dock.
    From my kitchen window I watched a robin build her nest under the eaves in the crook of a downspout a couple weeks ago and have been keeping on eye on her as she incubated her eggs. Today I noticed her fly back to the nest and a couple of little heads bobbed up and I was so excited to see we have babies. I felt like a grandma all over again! Silly, isn’t it? But I love it.
    We have a camera on the back of that house that captures any movement that happens at night. We have a fox that wanders through almost every night and a few deer that like to check out our bird feeder. My son-in-law gives me the best Christmas gifts!

  16. Kelli

    So glad the goat pen is done!!👏 Love the blog – keep pressing on! Guacamole and chips sounds like a tasty dinner! As image, simple is better!

  17. Debbie

    How beautiful the colors of your “flowers” are!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!! You are an amazing woman! You accomplish so much each day!!!! Enjoy today!!! Be well and happy!

  18. Lynn

    Great pictures today.
    Glad you had help at the barn. Very helpful when you have acres to attend. We have 76.
    A great blog about nothing.

      1. Lynn

        Well since the fires of 2017 and 2020 there is not much left. I try to garden, with the help of gardners, about an acre around the house. Damage but still have my garden.. Kids from out of CA come back 1 or 2 times a year to cut grass out 100 feet pass what I garden and along the road out. My husband did alot of tree and brush removal before heart problems. It is a bit much when you hit the late 60’s and 70’s. I say the deer help too. We are dry not your beautiful green.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Lynn – it sounds so different that I can’t really imagine it and 76 acres is a lot! It has gotten much harder for me, too, and I’ve had to change my rules. It used to be nearly perfect but I can’t do it all anymore either. Guess that’s what everybody faces with age.

  19. Liz Schrader

    I just loved everything in your blog today especially the doggies! It is so hot here in Dallas I can hardly stand to go outside but I go to lunch and bridge today😜!

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    I truly understand “tired”. My longarm has been sick, so I’ve done more yard work. As I’ve said, I’m no farmer. That is a ton of work and it hardly makes a dent.
    Guacamole, chips and beer is a fantastic dinner. Last Friday the line dancing group went to “our” bar for dancing, beer or coke, and they serve us dinner…we had biscuits and gravy. We never know what we’re going to get, but it always good and for $3 total, we can’t complain.
    The picture are fun, yes especially the 3 dogs. Many years ago our dog loved to jump in the water. She would throw a ball in the pond, so she could jump in and retrieve it. She was truly a ham.

  21. Gloria Yates

    You have good friends! Love the three dogs pic. I had popcorn for supper last night! Was so tired from shopping for bathroom remodeling, that’s all I could manage.

  22. Beamer's Mom

    A great 4-H family right there offering to help you!!! Good parents turn out great kids.

  23. Betty Klosterman

    There are so many good people out there willing to help others. For your neighbors, it was easy, especially with 3 of them. Work seems easier with a friend? And it made them feel good for helping. Good neighbors.

    Just heard the weather report. Bad smoke from Minneapolis to Des Moines for the weekend. Take a long breath while you can. Supposed to be here, too.

    I’m making a quilt on the diagonal and will never make this pattern again. It completely covers the top of my queen-sized bed with hang over. Only 2 long seams left!!!! It is for Project Warmth. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, we gave away 376 quilts. That is a bunch. Just think of all that batting? When old ladies die, we get all their fabric and we put it to good use. Makes a person feel good. They will get my stash, too, but not yet.

    Take care. The heat is wicked and the smoke is awful. Maybe it will build character?
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – we honestly have not been bothered by the smoke – maybe because we’re in a rural area? I don’t know. Yes, Josh is a good kid raised by good parents and their offer to help again is so appreciated. I cam still do lots of things and will continue but it was so nice to have help! You have done so much for Project Warmth, Betty – I don’t know how you get so much sewing done. I know your work is appreciated!

  24. Janice Brown

    Mary, How kind and generous of Josh, Sarah and Don to clean the goat pen for you. God bless them.

  25. Charlotte S in northern California

    Great pictures today!! Great helpers too! It’s nice to check another chore or 2 off your list. My Verizon store is right across the freeway from my house and every time I’ve had to go there, they have been so helpful and not too busy! Guacamole and chips….my kind of dinner!! I made sloppy joes last night, so I’m having leftovers tonight.

  26. Dot

    I’m so glad you got the help in cleaning the goat pen.

    I had a big problem with Verizon last year; placed an order, they charged my credit card, but the item was never shipped, and my card was not credited. After 18 phone calls, each ending with a promise to fix it, and three visits to my local Verizon store, I finally looked up on their website the name and address of their Senior VP for Customer Relations (or some such title). I sent her a long letter via USPS with all the details, including a date and time for each call. I got a prompt response from one of her employees, and the refund was issued within two days.

    I’m glad that long black pickup parked the way he did. With the narrow lanes in parking lots, the back end of the pickup, with its extended trailer hitch, would be a real hazard if he lined up the front end with the end of the space. Passing cars can’t even see the trailer hitch.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dot – and you’re so right about the hitch – it’s a hazard for other cars. Loved your persistence with Verizon – well done!

  27. Patty McDonald

    Oh Mary, I love your attitude and work ethic! God bless Josh, Sarah, and Don!! You’ve taught me let go of many things on our place so I can keep on keeping on. My hubby is 79 and had a stroke earlier this year but, as long as I’m strong, I can keep going. This summer I elected to get my total hip replacement that the Dr and my pain has been nagging me for over 2 years. Two weeks before surgery my hubby had another stroke. I continued with surgery on July 11th so recovery is still in the works. Being a country girl (old woman), I made a month of meals before surgery, cleaned house, washed dogs, stocked up on chicken food, and anything I could think of that would need doing in the next month. Therapist says I’m doing super…can’t believe my stamina and strength. I give the glory to God and 47 years of country living. Time has come and we’re moving. We own a simple single story house to move into and will rent out the ‘farm’ with intentions of it selling in the next year. I feel like a bit of a slacker by moving but I’m too overwhelmed by my hubbies strokes. I won’t go into his side effects. Please let us know how Rick is doing with his recovery. I”M INTERESTED!! Love all the funny pictures and especially the dog ones. Especially love the 3 dogs on the boat dock.. Hope this doesn’t sound like a downer post. I didn’t mean it that way. Just nice to tell someone else that is a Christian and has spent a lifetime working hard and being industrious.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty – I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s strokes – I pray Rick doesn’t have a stroke because he’d have to go to the nursing home. This hip replacement has been hard for me and I don’t think I could do it again. Today he started using a cane which is a huge step forward. I, too, just love the Lund dogs on the dock and think it should be enlarged and framed! Having Sister Carol here has been very enjoyable and fun to have somebody to chat with on the porch.! Thanks for being interested!

  28. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    How wonderful to have help with the goat barn, which is definitely too big a job for one person. I loved the picture of the adorable Lund dogs.
    Now that we are home, and the camper is cleaned, it was nice to spend some time at my sewing machine. Even tho I have a small machine for the camper, I have decided to only do knitting and hand sewing projects while traveling.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  29. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Thank goodness for Sarah, Jody, and Don. Those are good people. It is so nice to have a big job finished. I took some flower photos to send to you. The ones in today’s blog are beautiful. And, all the dogs made me smile. Sooo cute😃.
    It is always fun to see your blog. Thank you, Mary. How is Rick?

  30. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the picture with three dogs. Dogs are happy creatures, content with some loving, exploring, and regular eating. My son’s dog has been my nap buddy for years when we visit. She knows when I go to take a nap and takes the stairs with me, jumping onto the bed so she can nap laying against my legs. Special memories there.

    Helpers are so wonderful. I hired our high school yard worker from spring 2022 to put sealer on our cedar siding. He finished today after 9 hours split over two days and saved my husband and myself aches and pains we wanted to avoid. Thank God for people like that. He put on the sealer and we kept moving the scaffolding to keep ahead of him. So, we all stayed busy, but doing things we could comfortably do.

  31. Linda in Michigan

    Mary, if you saw the way I parked at the vet today, you would disown me. Only did it because there were plenty of parking spaces, and I was only there for a few minutes.
    You had chips and dip for supper, and another reader had popcorn. Some nights I’m happy with a bowl of cereal for supper. Yesterday on the Today show, they talked about “Girl Dinners” on Tiktok-they looked just like what you described.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I saw that on Today – girl dinners! They’re the best!

  32. Debra Reber

    So glad you had some good help today! Reading your posts with all that you do wears me out! You are amazing!

  33. Kim

    Makes me happy to see the helpers there with you, and visitors too! It’s been a good Iowa summer so far. The heat is heading to us in Minnesota early next week. I hope everyone stays safe and comfortable as we make our way through next week and into August.

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