Hazel Continued….

Hazel is a terrier and full of energy.  When Rick isn’t home, Telly not only tolerates Hazel, she even plays with her but when Dad is around, her loyalty is only to him and she has nothing to do with Hazel.  But…we’ll get there in time.

Hazel sleeps in a crate through the night and naps in a little playpen during the day.  Yesterday I didn’t let her sleep as much as I should so today we’ll try a different approach.  It’s a learning game for all of us.  Here are some more pics of Hazel – I’m burning up my phone and IPad taking pictures because I don’t want to forget this puppy stage.

Napping in her pink buttercup bowl.

Meeting JB

Aunt Becky

No stick is too big!

Dressed up for company

I quilted some yesterday and hope to bind today.  She naps, remember.

46 thoughts on “Hazel Continued….

  1. Kathy

    Such cute pictures. Love all the stages and they grow so quickly so keep on sending them out to for us to see, please!

  2. Katie Hayse

    Lucky she is still a baby! 😊 I am babysitting my daughter’s dog, a Yorkie mix, and have two dogs following me everywhere I go! Interesting.

  3. Rainie Broad

    Cute pics. I just noticed the throws you have in the center of your chairs. What a great idea. Love your blog. I saved some of your chicken pictures…they always make me smile. Unfortunately we sometimes share the same hairdos.

  4. Janet

    LOL JB is NOT impressed with Hazel at all. Great Picture, yes, please don’t hesitate to post any of your animal (and of course quilting) pictures. Hazel is quite photogenic.

  5. Diane

    Your new Hazel made me laugh out loud many times as I looked at her pictures–thank you:) She is just precious. Good idea to take many pictures:) Enjoy every minute.

  6. Pam

    OMG she is so darn cute. Is she part Westie? I had 3 Westies and they are amazing dogs. Enjoy her and good for you documenting everything because this puppy time flies by!

  7. pam forsling

    Oh my..love Hazel and her name! Someone else commented on your chair cover. Did you purchase it or make it? Love love your site. Thanks!

  8. Diana Stanfill

    I love the quilt hanging on her playpen. She is so precious. The pictures are just adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cynthia Arneson

    I was a little behind in reading your blog and now I’m caught up…you know…life gets in the way and I get too busy to sit down and do the fun stuff! I LOVE Hazel! She is adorable…enjoy every moment! She’ll make you laugh all day long I’m sure. 🙂

  10. Karen L Chaudoin

    She is adorable. I like the buttercup napping bowl. Could use one for myself!

  11. Marian

    Love, love Hazel! Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with your antics in Iowa! Love ALL your animals and am wondering how barn kitty is doing? Nice quilts all around but then you would expect that! Ha!

  12. Susan Sundermeyer

    The expression on both Hazel’s and JB’s faces are just priceless. You should frame that photo!

  13. Judy

    I am SOOOOOO Ecxited for U! Puppy FUN is the BEST!!! And FUN for us as you post pics! Bring em on!!!
    Wish we were closer…I would bring my WHITE fun babes to come play! Hugs from TX!

  14. Claudia Voorhees

    What a cutie !! and I love her name !
    Two of my friends have recently gotten puppies. LOL… back to the baby times for all 3 of you. They are so cute when they are babies. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  15. Ginny Jackson

    You and I are going through the same thing. I an 8 week old Shetland Sheepdog last Friday. Scamp has a playpen set up by my bed at night with a piddle pad in it. Since I’m paralyzed below my chest this makes it easy for me to put him in it to do his business. He sleeps with me and where I have toys and a lidded bowl of food and water to give him after he wakes up from his nap. It sure a lot like taking care of a baby and I too am taking photos and enjoying this time of his life.

  16. Lisa

    I’m laughing out loud! Have shown my hubby each of Hazel’s updates as they came in. He was particularly tickled at the look on Hazel’s face when she was introduced to JB! He thought JB wasn’t going to like her until I set him straight by informing him of the number of cats & boarded dogs & goats & chickens……. He figures JB will come around & Hazel will be boss #1, but that “oh Lord, here’s another one” expression is priceless! Hazel appears to be saying, “if you’ll hold still for just a bit more, I think I can jump high enough to reach those whiskery things”!

    Looking forward to more on Hazel.

    Betcha didn’t know how addicted we were to your “baby” posts!!

    Lovin’ it in Louisiana where the grass is now green, some of the oaks are leafing out in my favorite lime green color & the others are blooming hence my bronchitis from the tree pollen, the azaleas have bloomed and spring has most definitely sprung. Figure we’ve got another week of pollen all over the vehicles & then I can relax & enjoy the outdoors!

  17. Kaye

    Oh my goodness! She is so adorable! Mary, I am so happy for you! I wish I lived closer so I could come
    snuggle her. You do know you can never post too many pictures, ever! I just love keeping up with what is going on with you, quilting, dogs, cats, goats & chickens!
    I look forward to your post so much and check the weather at night to see how cold it will be at Rick & Mary’s farm. We can’t wait to hear how you acquired her! Best wishes to you all!

  18. Cathy

    I must say JB looks less than thrilled. Ha! Hazel is an absolute doll. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  19. Jan Smith

    Hazel is s adorable. It is going to be fun watching her grow, and hearing of her escapades!

  20. Paula (Texas)

    I think when Hazel meets JB, it’s more like “Oh, my gosh! What is that?!”

  21. Carol T

    Please tell us how Hazel entered your lives! She is just a picture…..what breed is she? Is she like those you saw at that dog show?…….I’m v happy for you, Mary.

  22. Carolyn barnett

    In a world of trials and tribulations, God blesses us by giving us puppies to laugh at and cuddle! Hazel is just adorable! I adore puppy breath even better than the smell of bacon cooking on the stove!!! I l;ways believe than we should have one good chuckle every day and Hazel will fill your days for sure! Carolyn Barnett, Southern California

  23. Martha Engstler

    Looks like JB is thinking I am top animal in this house, we’ll see how it goes when Hazel gets bigger.

  24. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hazel is so cute! And I love the photo with JB: both their expressions are priceless, well done for catching that moment!

  25. Dianne

    L O V E. my sister has a little YorkiePoo and we love her to pieces. Hazel will bring you so much joy.

  26. Donna from Oz

    Congratulations! She’s more than adorable. Our first dog was both a terrier and a terror. But he grew out of that phase. I miss Sparky very much. He was with his forever home for 15 1/2 years. You will have so many happy times together!

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