Hello! 12-16-20

Hello all, Kayla here. Longtime readers know that I help Mary out with the technical side of the blog. Mary is safe and healthy, but very busy. We are working on getting her user set up with her new email address and are running into some funny business along the way.

Never fear, she will be back soon! Meanwhile, Mary is taking a well-deserved break. Go ahead and leave her some encouragement in the comments below.

99 thoughts on “Hello! 12-16-20

  1. Mary, Missouri

    Mary you need a break, I ❤️ reading your posts but we all need some down time occasionally. So glad it’s not health problems, but take a break and just “be still”. Happy Holidays!

  2. Lynn Handberg

    Hi Mary, glad to hear all is well. Please take your much-needed break and know we miss you but also understand everyone needs a breather!!! I look forward to your return on your terms!!! Be still and know the Lord will care for you.

  3. Joyce from NY

    Glad to hear Mary is well and busy. Been wondering about her and Jo. Computer problems can drive you crazy!! Hope to see you soon Mary!

  4. Jeanne

    We all miss you and miss hearing about Jo. I pray she is making some progress. Your last blog looked so inviting with the fireplace going and the back of your hubby’s head and dog and cat companions. Do have a wonderful break from the frustrations that your blog and the change of addresses causes. We will look forward to your next one, no matter when it comes. In the meantime, take time to enjoy the beauty and the reason for the Christmas season. I pray your hands are able to provide the music for your church services without a lot of pain. Be still and relax. Hugs to both you and Jo

  5. Beth Laverty

    You deserve a break for all the things you do. Thinking of you and hope you will be back soon well rested!

  6. Mary

    Mary I’ve missed you but glad to know it’s the computer and not you glad to know you are well be still and hear from you soon

  7. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, you should know that computers are wonderful IF they are working right!! And the computer technician is your very best friend!! We just don’t need to know all that tech stuff as if we ever would need it, we couldn’t remember it or it had all changed. Years ago the word was when a new computer system was being installed, it was probably obsolete by the time we got it going good……. So, we just keep doing what we are good at and let the techs do their job. Plus, it is better to just let them at the thing before we screw it up more by trying to fix it?? It used to be when we would get the wires confused on the big copiers if we unpluged them for a bit and then plugged it in again and it wouldn’t work, we called the repairman. We didn’t know what we were doing, but it was just clearing the circuits. Works on the TV now.
    So, Mary, enjoy Christmas. Play with the dogs. Hug the chickens and goats. And get ready for the snow storms.
    I was making EASY table runners and something happened to the sewing machine. It is in the emergency room right now and hope to have it back on Friday. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MY MACHINE!! Of course, they want to sell me a new machine……..
    Just make notes on everything you want to write. We’ll wait. Patience is a virtue.
    Betty in Rapid City

  8. susie Q

    Wondering if you have snow yet? It is that time of year…… in the mean time enjoy the Christmas songs both while doing chores and at church.

  9. Carol at Pin Oak Quiltery

    Hi, Mary, take as good care of yourself as you are of Jo. I just know you are going to make her a very happy pup before too long.
    This is a good time of year to indulge in some off time when you can grab it, because the holiday season has a way of eating up time, even with Covid.
    God bless, be still.

  10. Kimberly Lusin

    Hi Mary, Hope you get your technical issues resolved soon! I miss your blog and have been wondering about you and Jo. I hope everything is going well and that you are finding some peace and joy during this very different holiday season. My 89 year old mom with dementia lives with me and my husband and it will just be the three of us this year. No kids or grandkids. It’s breaking my heart, but I know everyone is going through this. We’ve decorated as usual and will be making cookies next week, and I’m planning on making a pork roast for our Christmas dinner. Trying to be as normal as possible.Also, I don’t know what I’d do without my quilting! Thank you again for your blog especially during these times. Be well and happy, my friend. God bless!

  11. Ellie

    Oh Mary we all miss you but the frustration of the blog is just too much ! Enjoy a few days off knowing we miss you but understand your need to get things fixed. We miss hearing about Jo and all the animals. Be still . It will all work out and in a hundred years it won’t matter a wit!

  12. Rita in Iowa

    It is such a joy to hear from you and the happenings that surround you. You share so much of yourself and the beautiful people who also share their thoughts and projects whatever they may be. It such a pleasure to have this during this unforgettable 2020 year.
    Be safe and still everyone and Happy Holidays. Here’s to a better 2012.

  13. Debbie Miller

    So glad to know you and yours are fine-it’s just “technical issues”. May you have a blessed Christmas and take care while you get a breather from blogging but know we all will be glad when you’re back up and typing!

  14. LuAnn Dekker

    Mary, I think about you often and what a great job you do with the computer. I can sympathize with you. When the iPad goes wonky, I call one of the kids. Both IT people. They run things through so fast, it makes my makes my head spin.
    Have a Merry Christmas. Keep safe as we enter a new year.
    God bless you and your family. 🎄❤️

  15. Angie from Baltimore

    Mary, take a well deserved break!!! We will miss your stories and updates on JO but we can wait. If you don’t take care of you we would feel horrible besides after I read how busy you are a take an honorary nap for you.
    Stay safe and healthy and Merry Christmas to you and yours

  16. Meredith

    Miss reading your wonderful stories and seeing all the eye candy! Can’t imagine in this hectic season that you are completely still, but we will patiently wait to hear from you soon.

  17. Jan P

    Hi Mary,
    So glad to hear you are ok! I look for your email everyday and always enjoy it tremendously – no matter what the topic/topics! We all understand needing a break, especially with computer issues and the challenges with Jo, and winter, also. So, take your time. We’ll all be here waiting for your latest news! Give all the critters hugs for me! Jan P.

  18. Rhoda

    Mary take care of you.
    Remember the Peace part in this time of Advent.
    Christmas is coming with all the Joy for this time of the church year and this time at the age we are. Listen and you will know what should happen next. The Plan will unfold for you.
    Do the things you want to do!!!
    We readers are always here.

  19. Suzanne Golden

    Mary, enjoy your break. Enjoy you time with your fur family and also your hubby. Have a very safe holiday season.

  20. Suzanne Golden

    Mary, enjoy your break. Enjoy you time with your fur family and also your hubby. Have a very safe holiday season. Enjoy the games.

  21. Anne

    Take Care Mary, and enjoy a bit of down time from that goofy technology. Am looking forward to seeing Jo wag her tail one of these days, and thinking good thoughts for both of you.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  22. Sandra Goddard

    Glad to here you are good. I was beginning to worry because we haven’t had a post. Take care and rest up. Thank you Kayla for letting us know.

  23. Diane in Maryland

    Kayla and Mary,
    Merry Christmas to both of you! Sending wishes for a Happy New Year to you and everyone who reads the blog! Thank you for the wonderful year round quilt shows! We all love to see the beautiful quilts that you and your readers make. Stay well everyone!

  24. Theresa

    Hi Mary,
    Sorry for your troubles. Be still and sew.
    Thank you Kayla for your support; much appreciated.
    Merry Christmas to you both.

  25. Donna Sproston

    You deserve a break! So put your feet up and just chill out. I have been doing a lot of quilting small things for gifts, but I am quarantined until the 27th so I am just chilling too. I will savie the gifts until I can give them to my friends in person, post vaccine, perhaps Christmas in July. We are pretty certain we were not exposed because we were masked and distanced but our local health department advised we quarantine just to be safe. I have been on a health kick since my successful cancer surgery in June, and on my mile walk every morning, I reward two poor farm dogs with dog biscuits. They are looking less neglected and greet me with tails wagging. Merry Christmas!

  26. Jeanine

    So glad to hear you are doing okay. Computers can try our patience. I am not “techy” at all. I have missed your blog, and wondered if it was computer issues again. Thanks to Kayla for her expertise. Enjoy your free time, and enjoy the Season. Jesus is the reason for the Season. Merry Christmas!

  27. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Kayla, thank you for the update (and for your ‘tech-support’ of Mary!). Mary, enjoy your blog vacation, stay healthy and enjoy the festive season with Rick and the Country Threads cavalcade of cute critters!
    We all need a little down-time now and then, and now is a good time!
    Festive greetings and best wishes to everyone,

  28. Kay Crandall

    Miss you, dear Mary, I figured you were having technical problems. This is a good time to take a break and wind down, enjoy some books, maybe baking?, care for your precious animals, work on something fun, take care of you. We’ll all be here when you are ready.

  29. Jean

    Mary I really really REALLY miss you! I’m am wondering about Jo and praying for a positive recovery. I can’t wait till she runs to you and wags her tail. Enjoy your break but do come back soon!

  30. Sharyn Resvick

    Enjoy a little needed Christmas break. Looking forward to hearing from you in 2021.

  31. Mary Howland

    Glad all is well. Hope you can sit a spell, drink some hot cocoa, and eat a few cookies and perhaps read a few chapters in a good book.

  32. Teresa

    Hi Mary,

    Hope you’re able to enjoy this time and get ready for the holiday next week.

    I’ve been soaking up every last bit of above freezing temperatures by being busy outside. Today got a dump truck load of wood shavings for the pony dry lots. We make two small mounds with it so they can get out of the mud and snow, and also to encourage them to pee in those shavings instead of in the sheds! It’s a dusty job, even outside, glad it’s finally done.

    I subscribe to the Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler box and one arrived today that I’m just thrilled with the contents! I secretly enjoy all the notions far more then the fabrics or patterns and I had decided I was going to cancel in December but now I’m torn!

    I was inspired by your Swedish Death Cleaning and I’ve been doing a bit of clearing out myself. I have been very happy with the money I’ve gotten from selling items on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve cleared out a few furniture pieces, and things left behind by my kids that still have a lot of life in them. It feels good to lighten up the house.

    I’m still decorating for the holiday and really looking forward to having my kids home for Christmas. Next week we’ll be busy baking and eating! The time always goes too quickly and they’re off again to live their lives. One starts graduate school in January so that will be a big experience for her.

    Many blessings to you and Rick!

  33. Tanya T. in Houston

    Merry Christmas to all of you! We know that Mary is truly one of Santa’s main elves so it is no wonder that she is busy. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay WARM!

  34. Susan

    Mary, thinking about you and sending good vibes and well wishes. Come back whenever you’re ready, we all love you!

  35. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Hi, Mary. I was glad to hear you are ok. We have had a dreary, biting cold day here. I am looking forward to staying indoors all day tomorrow. I think we will bake thumbprint cookies.
    Hugs to you and yours. I hope Jo is coming around. 🥰

  36. Kathy in western NY

    Well winter weather finally hit here in NY state. But back to 40 on Saturday. We won’t feel the brunt of this storm like areas south of us but I am hearing salt trucks go by the house so roads must be nasty. So glad I am inside safe and have sewing to work on tomorrow. Making an I Spy quilt with my scraps for a 4 year old having upcoming heart surgery for a lady at my church so other things got dropped to work on this and to pray over as I sew. You stay well Mary and take care of your furry family there as we will always be here waiting to hear again from you. Jo dearly needs you consistently each day and that’s surely priority to someone with a heart as big as yours. Merry Christmas.

  37. Diane and Squeak

    Kayla, thanks for the update. I was hoping everything was ok. Mary, you’ve had a lot with Mama and the puppies and now Jo and allll of the other things you do. Take a good break—sleep, rest, read some Fannie Flagg😃😃, and renew. We will be fine until you are ready to return. Be still.

  38. Pattie Weber

    Glad to hear you are well, was missing you. Hopefully you are seeing some small improvement with Jo. I’m sure we are all thinking of her. Merry Christmas.

  39. Becki

    Hi Mary. So enjoy your blog but knows that you need to take care of YOU. Will look forward to how Jo is doing. Merry Christmas 🎄

  40. the other Angie

    Like everyone else, I am so glad to hear you are healthy and busy! I hope some of that is fun stuff. You must be working on Christmas music, too. I have really been missing your presence in my days, but I also totally understand. Taking a periodic technology break should be mandatory! Enjoy your days, your family – including the 4-legged ones – and the season. We will all be right here – waiting to hear from you, and, when we do, like all good friends, we will pick up where we left off and carry on!

    Have a happy, healthy, peaceful Christmas!!

  41. Maureen

    As much as all of us enjoy reading your blog, we think this is a good time for a break. You have certainly earned one! As you so often say, “Be still.” So take some time to do that and just enjoy doing other things that nurture you. We’ll be here!
    Have a blessed Christmas 🎄!

  42. Sandi McGuire

    Hi Mary,
    Please get some much needed rest from your wonderful blog. I am so glad that you are getting help with all the computer “stuff”. I enjoy it sooooo much so I will be looking forward to your return.
    Hope Jo is doing well too.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  43. Kathy Niemann

    Merry, merry, Mary. Hope you are hanging out with unconditional love from dogs (goats, cats and chickens too)

  44. Carol Garner

    Hello Mary, technology has a great side and then there is the frustrating side for folks like you and me. I always say if it works, I work, if it doesn’t work, I don’t. I am so thankful you have someone to help you jump through all the hoops and whistles to keep us abreast of the happenings around you, your family, farm, DD, and neck of the woods. I love reading your blog and the cute antics your animals do. Makes my day much brighter. Enjoy your break from posting, you certainly deserve it. Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from cold and snowy southern Illinois.

  45. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hello Mary, We understand that we all need a break at some point in our lives. Right now we are getting heavy snow. This morning the storm started with sleet, snow, ice and now back to snow. this was a good day to start making cookies for Christmas. In 3 days our only grandchild, a wonderful gal will be graduating from James Madison College. It will be done virtual.We were able to give her a wonderful party when she graduated from high school. I am sorry her father, our son, won’t be able to see this as he passed several months before her HS graduation. All these students have missed so much by doing classes virtual and now no gatherings for graduation. We will have her and boyfriend and will make plans for some sort of party when it is safe healthwise as we are 80+. I loved your quilt Magnolia Bay Gazette and knew I had the book but took me a half day to locate as it was in the tub with 2 other UFO’s.
    Stay safe and I enjoy the updates on Jo. Merry Christmas.
    Carolyn b from the Shenandoah Valley VA

  46. Jan from TN

    Miss you Mary! Miss hearing about Jo. Your favorite saying the past few months has been “be still”. That is exactly what you need to do. You do so much & I’ll never understand HOW you do it! You are amazing! So, take a well-deserved break for as long as you need. As you can see from all the comments above, we’ll be waiting to hear from you when you’re ready.
    Sending you virtual hugs & lots of love. Stay safe & be still.

  47. Paula Philpot

    Good to hear everything is ok, I was beginning to get worried with no posts. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and you do deserve a break. Hope Jo is well also and getting friendlier. Paula in KY

  48. Sheila in WI

    Thanks for the update, Kayla.
    Enjoy a well deserved break from the blog writing, Mary. Best wishes and prayers for a meaningful Christmas.

  49. Sandie

    Glad to hear you’re ok! Miss reading your blog but this is a good time for you to take a rest from it and enjoy the Christmas season. Merry Christmas!!

  50. Caryn In Eastern WA

    Yes Mary, I’m glad you are taking a well-deserved break. Recharge your “batteries”
    Wishing you and Rick a blessed, peaceful Christmas. Be still.

    Thank you, Kayla for the update.

  51. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Take a much deserved break, with Christmas coming, hope you are able to kick back a little. We are here for you and hope to hear from you soon. Isn’t it amazing what we go through with the computers, but just think of what it was like before them.

  52. Sharon Ludwig

    Dear Mary, BE STILL! We miss you but will be happy to hear from you later.
    Merry Christmas and Hopes for a Better New Year.
    Sharon L.

  53. Deb E

    Merry Christmas, Mary! Hopefully you are taking some time to REST & enjoy the holiday preparations a bit & not just handling problems! I truly enjoy your blog so, so much and just wanted to say thank you for all your posts! Makes my day!

  54. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Just make sure you and Rick are safe and stay healthy during this crazy time. We all love you and you put yourself out for us, now BE STILL and we look forward to your return, whenever. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  55. Cathie

    Hi, Mary! Hope you and all are safe and warm. Have a MErry Christmas and we will look
    Forward to hearing from you soon.

  56. Pat Smith

    Thanks Kayla, and have a good break, Mary. I’ve been missing the activities in Iowa on the farm but know you need a break. Technology problems are the worst. Come back after a break because we miss you.

  57. Steffi Smith

    Hello Mary,
    Many blessings, much joy always! Hope you are enjoying your break! Merry Christmas! Stay safe!

  58. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, we know you miss us as much as we miss you, and we MISS you a lot. Thanks to Kayla for the update on the computer issues.
    You will have a lot to catch us up on when the world is lined up again. They are giving Covid vaccines in our community, so the light is starting to come on. Thank the Lord.
    I hope Jo is making progress, I was wondering about the anxiety medicine today, I hope it helps her.
    Rub her ears for me.

  59. Terri Mulinix

    we miss you. Hope all is well. If we don’t hear from you till after Christmas, have a Merry one. BE STILL

  60. Noeleen Taylor

    Dear Mary, as it is nearing Christmas you deserve some time to yourself. Just been loking at Quilt mania’s Autumn 2014 Issue.3 of yor quilts! I just love the Country colours and the traditional log cbin blocks. It’s also amazing watching the story of that poor dog. What patience you show us. Thank you for your newsy letters, as we get ito summer I’ll ease back on thequilting until our winter comes and spend the time in the garden. Happy Christmas to you and Connie.Noel. in N.Z>

  61. Gloria B.

    A tech free time – you deserve the peace. Hope you’re enjoying some stillness with your “closest thing to heaven” furry friends, some “gotta have it” fabric and a “can’t put down” book.

  62. Saundra Handy

    Mary, I’m glad you’re taking a well deserved break. I know it’s a lot to do just normal things in this not so normal times and I don’t know how you get so much done. You’re a pretty amazing lady. Hope you have a very Peace full Christmas.

  63. Rosie Westerhold

    Glad to know you are missing because of technology issues, not because there is anything seriously wrong. Be still, stay safe and healthy. We will be waiting whenever you return.

  64. Deb

    Enjoy the stillness that the holidays can bring—especially this year. Stitch a little, bake some cookies, pet your sweet animals, read a good book, and have quiet conversations with Rick. We’ll all still be here for you when you decide to write again. Merry Christmas!

  65. Nikki M in Tx

    Be Still…..
    All will be well… I am a believer that things happen for a reason… you would not take a break so a situation was created so you had to, take Mary time.. breathe.. Be Still.

    You & your blog are appreciated but the blog doesn’t have to consume you. Thank you for all you do for your readers. Do for Mary, Mary & Rick, let others take care of you.
    Remember 2020 will be concluded soon & 2021 will be a new beginning.

    Be sure to scan the sky the night of December 21, that bright spot in the sky that hasn’t been seen in 800 years, could it be the referenced star?…
    Enjoy the season, rest, Be Still, we are here for you.

    Feet up, book in hand to read, quilt on lap..beer in hand..you know what to do.

  66. Anonymous

    Thank you Kayla for all your help!!

    Mary, Hope You, Rick & all your furry family have a wonderful Holiday!

    thinking of you,

  67. Maureen M

    Mary, although I miss reading your blog I am happy you are OK and enjoy your time off. Merry Christmas to you and Rick!

  68. Janet of MN

    Kayla, Thank you for stepping in and giving us an update. We needed it.
    Mary, You sure are popular, you can tell with the number of posts wishing you well. Everyone else gets a two week vacation every year, why not you? While resting, read “Harris and Me” by Gary Paulsen. You will love it. Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless you.
    By the way, it’s the middle of December and southern Minnesota still is having great weather. No heavy jackets, no boots, no gloves, no snow, no below zero weather. How lucky we are – for now.

  69. Diann Smith

    I have many quilt blogs that I MUST read but yours is #1 especially stories of all your animals and the ones you rescue and how much you help. Then there are the quilts……..YEP to those too. I just hope you are back soon doing what you do. I wish you happy holidays also. I’m in a state where everyone is told to stay in the house and go nowhere and pretty much that’s been it for us except the need for food/supplies. Thanks for all you do from someone who’s been more in than out since MARCH……..you are missed!

  70. Lorraine McGeough

    Glad to hear you are taking a break and that you are doing well. I do miss the daily notes from you but I think you really need some quiet time to relax and do something just for yourself.
    Take care and be safe and healthy. Happy holiday season to you.

  71. Nancy TD

    Thank you Kayla for the update and your support. Miss Mary. Glad it is just technical issues and not health. You need a break. Iam taking a break from quilting and doing some cleaning and a trip to Goodwill.
    Thanks for doing the Dirty Dozen. My family will have some special gifts for Christmas. Will not get together but, thankful everyone is healthy.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. A big hug to Mary for all you do for us. Be still.

  72. Sally J.

    Thanks Kayla for the update. Enjoy the time off and rest and refresh. Missing the blog!!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Peace and be still.

  73. Carla Francis

    Enjoy a much deserved break and know we will be waiting to hear from you soon! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe!

  74. Jan Frank-de Ois

    We are the least of your worries! Just take care of your hubbie and yourself. Have a Merry Christmas!

  75. Donni Benson

    Hope your husband is up & around again soon!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both!

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