Home Again, 6-20-21

I’ve tried writing this post several times and something is wrong – I’m trying again and hope it posts.

This is Connie’s pincushion from our class Collage Beginnings. We knew we needed a class to understand Laura Heine’s process and the class taught by Merrie Ford was wonderful!

Here is my pincushion – I’m hoping to finish this week.

We got up this morning to temps in the 60’s – wow, what a difference! It has rained a little bit, too. Looks like a “sewing Sunday” to me!

26 thoughts on “Home Again, 6-20-21

  1. Rosie Westerhold

    My friend, Pat G, was in class with you on Friday. I know she visited with both of you. I got to see part of her creation last night. Sounds like the class was EXCELLENT.

    Having an auction June 26 & June 27 to sell all of my husbands “treasures” that he collected for 50+ years. Lots of “old” stuff. Tell all your friends and neighbors and anyone else who might be interested. Here’s the info:


    Hope you don’t mind my SHAMELESS self-promotion. I thought of you and all the neat containers you have all around your place for plants and things. I just wish I had more TIME to utilize some of the things. If anyone is in or near Lincoln, NE, come take a look at everything if you’re at all interested in primitive things and/or carpentry tools like saws and planers and table saws and miter saws. TONS of tools for every woodworker or “tinkerer” out there.

    Glad you made it home safely. It was SO HOT down there during the quilt show. Hope you got some good BBQ while you were there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – oh, how I’d love to come to your sale – and I’m happy to help you promote it! I can’t imagine how sad this will be for you – all his treasures meant a lot to him, I’m sure, and to see them auctioned off will be hard on you. I’ll be thinking of you!

      1. Rosie Westerhold

        It’s been bittersweet. I have saved a few things, but I can’t possibly keep EVERYTHING!!! He had 2 Quonset huts that were side by side, measuring 28’ wide x 56’ long, with ceilings 12’ +, maybe. And the one building was packed floor to ceiling full of “stuff!” And more stuff above the rafters in each building. And even MORE stuff outside in the yard😱😱😱😱😱!! I have enjoyed looking through everything, and wondering where and why he got this or that. It was just overwhelming to me initially. But, I am happy to let most of the things go live somewhere else. I hope there enjoy doing to their own collections or selling them to someone else down the road. All of these treasures deserve to see the light of day, not stored out of sight somewhere. The weather is supposed to be nice over the weekend, so I’m hoping for a good crowd🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏. And hoping people are willing to part with some of their money, as well. It should be a fun 2 days. Have no idea exactly how it will all go so will be interesting to watch. I haven’t been to an auction in YEARS!! It will be a fun activity for the community and good for the businesses in the area👍👍. So, again, if anyone is interested in old “stuff,” my auction on Saturday and Sunday in Lincoln, NE, is the place to be🙌🙌. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

  2. Kim Jovanelly

    I did her vino bottle pattern in 2019. I framed it and donated it to an auction for a fund raiser. It was a lot of fun to make. It drew one of the highest bids for the evening.

  3. Mary Rhodes

    Love how you did your pincushion! Got one started have to finish it. I took the class in Cincinnati- Stitches long will back. Found out you get small er one besides large one. Hot and muggy here. No rain so far! Lots of rain n bad storms Friday . Where some had no electric and down trees. This morning in 70s. Now 85 degrees feel like 87 in southwest Ohio. Have a restful day!

  4. Heather K

    I love her work too- I took a class she was teaching in Minneapolis about 5 years ago? I have done the dear and elephant and have a Xmas and Halloween one on the list. The one you did is super cute.

  5. Jeanine Waal

    When I saw your pin cushions, I thought they were real pin cushions and I wondered why you had them sitting on the neutral block! They look so real, and you both did a great job. We finally got some rain in Oskaloosa that past two days, and are so grateful for it. We had been watering our garden to try keep it going. We had a total of 1.5″!

  6. Nancy TD

    Love the pincushions. Sounds like you two had a great time.
    Everything is turning brown! Watering the flowers and the garden. Rain is always in the forecast, but always misses us.
    Finishing up the binding on my DD. Another year I completed them ALL! Working on the list for next year.
    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!!!

  7. Deb

    What a lovely pincushion collage! How I envy you your 60’s weather and rain — we are on yet another 100+ day and record breaking drought. I’m worrying a lot about when this drought will finally end — if it does!
    Enjoy your day sewing! I plan on being in the recliner, feet up, and doing some hand quilting on a quilt I’ve been meaning to finish forever. NOW it’s getting finished!

  8. Renee Arnett

    Love your pin cushions!!! It was fun seeing you both at the quilt show! Merrie is also a member of my modern quilt guild and is an excellent teacher. Happy Summer!

  9. Diane Bauer

    Love your pin cushion! I’d like to try a collage one day and that’s the pattern I’ve been eying!

    Sewing Sunday here as well. My daughter-in-law asked me to make a liner for Laurel’s stroller, so that’s the project of the day!

  10. Launa

    Your Pinwheel collage is beautiful, Mary. A friend bought the Rooster pattern, but it may be on her DD list. Love all those backgrounds you selected.
    Second day of club golf tournament so I have time to “putter” in my sewing room,
    Have had two rain shower alerts up here, but was sun is out this 61o morning. We could use the rain. The Aspens are quaking in the stronger breeze now!
    Enjoy your sewing rainy day!

  11. Rosie Westerhold

    LOVE your pincushion. You may have been in the same class with my friend, Pat. Still hot and muggy here in Lincoln, NE. Our cool down is supposed to start tomorrow🙌🙌!!

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I’ve always been fascinated to see these patterns made up so I am glad you had a class in constructing them. Very pretty! Nice to be home again I am sure.

  13. Frances E

    Love your pincushion! Rainy here in eastern NC. Wish we could give some to the West!

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Adorable pincushions. Muggy and close here. I am staying in and sewing, too. Happy Father’s Day to Rick. 🤗

  15. Sandra Goddard

    OMG I love the pincushion. Haven’t been a big fan of her other patterns. I am just to old fashion in my quilting likes I guess. But this pattern I love. Is it a pattern that is available for purchase? I would love to try it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra Goddard – yes! You can purchase the pattern in her website!!!

  16. Diane in Maryland

    The pincushions are so cute! I love them!
    Hazy, Hot, and Humid here. Also a good day to stay inside in air conditioning and sew! 😊

  17. Carrolyn V

    I just love your pincushions! Her sewing notion series is such fun to have hanging around a sewing space! Nice job, ladies!

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