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It’s with a heavy heart that I am desperately looking for a new home for one of my dogs.  Three dogs cannot live peacefully in our home.  Rather than going into detail here, please contact me at marye@ncn.net. I am too sad to talk more about it right now but please know that I love this dog and am praying for a kind person to take her in.

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  1. Ann Barlament

    Mary…. I might have a maybe home. I foud a picture, from a day at the spa. My friend wants to know temperament. I’m sending you a PM.

  2. Carolee

    Mary – I think he would make a great therapy dog. He thinks he should go over to people and lean the side of his head against them to get pats. Because of his incision and bullet fragment (that you can feel) on the other side I quit using his Halti. He can pull me along to go to the person he wants to see.

    1. Jeanie

      Carolee–Have you seen the Alexandra Day books about a Rottie named Carl? They are children’s picture books, but are especially appealing to anyone who has ever loved a Rottie. We chose Carly’s name after enjoying these books. Often times when stopping to visit with someone on our walks, Carly would sit on the person’s foot and lean in. Good luck to both you and Rhett.

  3. Kris Gavin

    Hi Mary — you have been on my heart…. just wanted to let you know that ….
    you will know what to do… a sure sign you have made the right decision is that you have peace about it .. that peace that surpasses all understanding… Phillippians 4:7
    sending you hugs …

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kris – thank you so much – for the fact that you’re thinking about me and for the scripture. I’m working hard to find a solution and then I’ll tell you about it.

  4. Carolee

    A year ago I adopted my first shelter dog. A Rottweiler with a gunshot wound. They sent me home with antibiotics. I thought that would take care of it, but the bullet fragments have caused problems over the last year. He has had surgery twice to remove them. He still has two fragments in his face on the left side. He is the most sweet loving dog. He almost too good. I also have a 12 year old Westie. It was important to me that they get along. He was in a room at the shelter with Pomeranian. So I thought he would be Ok with her. I have saw problems when people have more than one dog. In one case one dog was always making the smaller dogs life miserable. I didn’t want that kind of life for my dog. Since you board dogs I wondered if they always get along. I like having two dogs. They don’t sleep close to each other. Once in a while she snaps at him, but he just ignores her. I make sure to always treat them both the same. They both have to sit for treats. At first he didn’t know about kongs. I would give them each a kong with a treat inside. She would get the treat out of hers, and then always end up taking his too. She is 22 pounds and he 107.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolee – I have had so few problems with dogs boarding but if the owner warned me about any aggression, I kept them in the kennel. I have now cancelled all boarders and won’t take any more – too risky. I feel so sorry for your Rottie – I hope he doesn’t have to have more surgery.

      1. Carolee

        I spent a lot of time wondering how someone could do that to such a wonderful dog. He can’t tell me, so I will probably never know. I decided my job was to make him smile and his tail wag. He wags his tail a lot now. The last surgery was at Iowa State and they said the last two bullet fragments were not causing problems at the present time. I thought if I had a dog of each sex, they might get along better. For years I only had one dog, because I was afraid they might fight. I took care of my neighbors dogs when they were out of town. The dogs had to be kept apart or they fought. I also tried to adopt a Rottweiler puppy, that I didn’t get. I was so disappointed I wanted him so much. It was later killed by another Rottweiler in the home of the people who adopted him. I felt like I had lost him again. I hope you find the right solution for your dogs. I know they are very important to you. My dogs make my life better everyday.

        1. Jeanie

          I loved hearing your rescue story. When my son went to grad school, he could not care for his Rottie, since he would be in an apartment and away long hours. We were Carly’s second family, so she came to live with us at age 4. She had been an “undergrad” dog and was socialized and trained in a totally loving college home. She was so sweet, intelligent, and beautiful; she enriched our lives for six more years.
          Good luck with your Rottie; may you have many lovely years together.

          1. Carolee

            Thank you, they think he is 4 or 5 years old. His name is Rhett. I love Rottweilers. I’m so lucky to find him. I know they have bad reputations, so I have an extra obligation to make sure he doesn’t add to it. He makes friends where ever he goes.

          2. Mary Says Sew!

            Carolee, have you ever considered having Rhett become a therapy dog? Since he makes friends wherever he goes, he might be a good candidate. And with his injuries and recovery, he might help people in distress.

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I hope you can find a kind person who would love and care for your dog as much as you do. Many hugs.

  6. Kate

    When we got our third dog, she was so horrible, we thought we had made a terrible mistake. She chewed up everything even to chewing a hole in our house almost into the house! She destroyed a pool heater my husband had built. She would snarl and bite at us. Grab at our shoes when we were walking. I think she was played with too roughly by children before we got her. I truly thought she was a dead dog walking. But something happened after the first year and a lot of love and attention. She grew into a wonderful dog. Still feisty, but so glad we kept her. Hope you find a home for your precious dog. I’d take it if I lived closer.

  7. Joyce Cook

    Please know this is not a fail…. you’ve literally done everything to make this work. Perhaps a single dog family would be best. You’ve shown unselfishness by making this hard decision. You’re showing more love for this pet than you know ♥️♥️♥️

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce – thank you but it still feels like a bad decision all the way around

  8. Sara Reynolds

    This is so sad for you, Mary. I know how you feel. I will be thinking about you.

  9. Sue

    So sorry, Mary. Wishing you the very best solution for your situation. Take care of yourself. We don’t get any younger, unfortunately.

  10. Ginny Jackson

    It takes a strong woman to put the needs of others in front of the feelings of themselves. I hope you find a solution that comforts both you and the dog.

  11. Janice McColm

    I am so sorry! I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. Praying for your comfort!

  12. Diane

    So sorry for you and Rick. This cannot be easy. Blessings to you. Diane in Central Ohio

  13. Diane Mc

    This is so sad for you and Rick. My heart is hoping someone lovely will take her. Bless you and all of you pets. Diane

  14. Judy Holcomb

    Dog behaviorist can really help. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    God bless

  15. Lynn

    Until you get this sorted out, can the dogs take turns living in the kennel area off the old quilt shop to keep the peace? So sorry you have to make such a hard decision.

  16. Becky from IA

    Oh Mary….my heart brakes for you. Praying for you during this very difficult time! I’m sure that you will find a prefect home for your dog.

  17. Cindie

    Praying for you Mary. There is no doubt as to how much you love your animals.

  18. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Mary, sorry to hear that you have had to make such a difficult decision, I know how much you love all your dogs. I am sure you will find a good home for her. Wishing you strength in this difficult time. Good luck.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    I am so sorry that you have to make such a difficult decision – thoughts and prayers are with you!

  20. Jean Elliott

    I sent this post to a friend in Waterloo who recently lost one of their dogs. They live on an average so there’s lots of land and they love dogs. Don’t know if they are thinking of getting another one though.

  21. Pam Wakeman

    So sorry, Mary. Hope all works out well and that the new home is close by so you can visit.

  22. Diana

    Prayers for you Mary. I’m sure you’ve been agonizing over this and we don;’t envy your position. If I didn’t work all day, and have 2 siamese cats, I would be in the running!

  23. Angie Rowland

    I am so sorry that tis is the conclusion you have to make and I am sure it was NOT an easy one to make. I will say a prayer that someone that will love her as much as you comes forward.

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