Hot At the Fair, 7-26-23

I’m going to wear the coolest outfit I can find and that would be a loose dress with just bra and panties underneath! If it’s 90+ outside it will be hotter in that old building. Here’s a view from yesterday’s RAGBRAI route.

Reader quilts

From Roberta, a quilt made by members to hang in the fellowship hall:

I’ve saved some of the card fronts you’ve sent me and hung them up to enjoy them. You all know my interests well!

What is it about having a husband in your house 24/7? It’s such a mess and I can’t even clean it because I have an audience of one. Of course you know I don’t like to clean anyway but this is getting almost too much to live with. Yesterday Athletico recommended an additional 4 weeks of therapy – ugh.

Last week Rick’s great niece, Ryanne, stopped for a visit on her way home to Kansas City. She works as a stylist at a high end salon in KC and was telling us about a customer who had extensions put in to the tune of $1200! The customer gave Ryanne a $100 tip! I’m in the wrong business for sure – ha! She wondered if I’d teach her to sew some weekend and I said yes so I hope that happens.

I’ll be spending time at Verizon tomorrow because my phone wouldn’t even charge last night and I know why – a clump of dirt fell into my apron pocket with the phone when I was cleaning out a clogged gutter. I could have damaged the charging port just digging dirt out with a pin.

We had our first sweet corn of the season last night and honestly I’m not sure if there’s anything more delicious! Iowa sweet corn!

Angie – I have briefly searched for Zach and JB pictures and found nothing but I will not forget your wish. I can’t even find my copy at the moment and it’s framed and in this house somewhere.

Rose gave this toy to Hazel and as it zooms over the floor when turned on Hazel chases it and attacks it. I have to hide it between playtimes.

Books available for immediate mailing
This is the best fly trap I’ve ever used!

I leave you with a smile to start your day.

49 thoughts on “Hot At the Fair, 7-26-23

  1. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the reader quilts. The detail of the quilt in the fellowship hall is amazing. I had to smile at the Uffda as I often heard a version of that as a child – Oofda. I hope Ryanne does take the time to learn to sew some simple things. One of my daughters-in-law wanted to learn to sew simple things: hem pants, make pillow covers, and such. We made it through the hem pants, but I could tell sewing wasn’t her thing. I am glad for my “habit” of sewing/quilting. I have made so many clothes over the years, as well as quilts. Lots of Halloween costumes, too. Great funny at the end.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    Thye are pouring concrete this morning for the new pool across the street. So many workers lining the street, it will be a madhouse when the bikers get here. Have already seen 3 pre-ride trucks come in with bikers equipment – tents, bags, etc.
    A couple of food trucks are coming in so maybe I won’t have to fix dinner tonight, ha!
    Making new curtains for my kitchen so have plenty to keep me occupied during the heat.
    Hot air balloons flew over yesterday morning. The kids were so excited, I forgot to take pictures!

    Des Moines is the place to be today! Stay cool everyone, and drink lots of water.

  3. Jan Shaffer

    Maybe you should get a Roomba vacuum for Hazel. Dog toy and housecleaning aid all in one!

  4. Diane in Colorado

    So many beautiful finishes!

    I get it with having a husband (or anyone, really) around full-time. It is hard to find true quiet time when there is another person there, particularly one you are providing care for at some level. I have had a steady stream of company since late June and I have enjoyed the visits, but I’m also pretty depleated.

  5. Sheila


    Thank you for another great blog!! I truly enjoy reading about life on the farm. I couldn’t get over the number of bicyclists in that picture. Just amazing.
    Enjoy the fair and stay cool. Hydrate!!

    Sheila in MA

  6. Sue in Oregon

    So many great scrap quilts today. I can see myself making all of them . lol I sure do have a lot of scraps.
    I cannot believe the mass of people and bicycles cruising along the highway. Just amazing!
    That Border Collie photo reminds me of our Tippy in his prime. He was a most special dog.
    And, last….I Need one of those fly traps. Where did you get it? I wonder if Amazon has them??
    Have a great time at the fair and don’t forget to take your sippy jug of water.

  7. Sue in Oregon (again)

    Oh, yes….I read the joke to my husband and we both got a good laugh.

  8. Launa

    Great Race photo and a brief morning laugh to share as well as the reader quilts. Am 1/2 Norwegian so appreciated seeing close-ups of that quilt!

  9. Kim from Wi

    What a great picture of the bikers, I wonder how many make it all the way? I totally understand about cleaning while someone is under foot, it seems a struggle and it doesn’t seem to last long. I did get my husband to help clean windows this summer, a first in almost 50 years! I hope you take water with you to the fair and do dress cool. Looking forward to some pictures also. Enjoy that Iowa sweet corn, it is some of the best.

  10. Pat Smith

    Seeing the picture of RAGBRAI made me thankful I’m too old to ride in it as I’ve been tempted for years. Those hills and that heat—yikes! That looks like a perfect toy to keep Hazel busy. I’ve never seen a dog so in need of a job. Now that her prime job is over (rats) she needs work. You could never wear her out with retrieving.. You get tired of throwing before she ever gets tired of bringing things back. Yes, I think the suggestion of a Roomba is a great one. Our daughter has one and her cats are terrified of it.

  11. Carol

    I had Indiana sweet corn last night and it was pretty good also. That church quilt was interesting. Have you ever tried a product called Thigh Society. They are to be worn under skirts and dresses to prevent thigh chafing. I wore a dress and a pair to the Indiana State Fair last year and they are great. You should give them a try.

  12. Sue

    Loved the joke. Had to share it with my special gal friends.
    Why are the bikers all walking their bikes and not riding? Other than crowding???

    1. Jeanine in Iowa

      The bikers are going up a hill! Probably out of steam. I could never have done that ride even in my prime.
      Sandy in New Zealand….. great job on your quilts. Enjoyed seeing all the quilts today.

  13. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Still laughing at the joke:) Fits all old men doesn’t it? Question, why is it that we have a tall, elongated toilet in the powder room and one of our male friends can never hit it?
    The church quilt is so interesting. My friend made several quilts and some banners for our church and the new minister won’t allow them. It is sad because they are beautiful and the members always enjoyed them. l think the board should over rule, but….
    My husband is going out a little more, Mary, so there is hope. He is finished with PT at Athletico.
    I love the simplicity and hard work in the other quilts. Sometimes the more simple the pattern, the prettier the quilt:) 91* here today. I also love seeing all those bikers and of course, Hazel at play:)

  14. Joyce from NY

    Quilts are beautiful today! I can’t imagine all that bike riding in hot weather like we are having! More power to them! Loved the joke in the end!

  15. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes loose dirt in a pocket with a cell phone would make it inoperable. It doesn’t take much for that expensive instrument,
    Sorry it is taking Rick another month but he will eventually heal.
    Loved your pics and your joke today.

  16. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, your little old man joke was too funny!🤣 I hope your phone will be ok, they are too touchy. Love the quilts pictures! Hope you have a cool day at the fair, we’re supposed to be about 100 🥵. Again, I hate summer heat!

  17. Teresa in Indiana

    Wonderful reader quilts today! Loved the joke too!🤣🤣🤣 Stay cool!

  18. Linda in Michigan

    A husband in the house 24/7 is the reason I’m considering finding a job this fall! And I’ll be 76 yrs old in a week!!

  19. Barbara

    Thanks for an enjoyable read this morning with a laugh at the end! RAGBRAI seems like fun but do the riders get to ride? It looks so crowded that they are walking!

  20. Anita

    Connie, can you tell us a little more about the dog toy. We have an active little pup that can use all the playtime she can get and it is way too hot here in FL for her to be outside for any length of time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anita – you DO know that I’m not Connie, don’t you? The toy is called a Hover Ball and can be purchased on Amazon

  21. Kathy in western NY

    I hope you enjoyed the fair today and I too would feel so sorry for the animals in this heat.
    Our Buffalo Bills training camp is in one of local college campuses this week so it’s a big deal like your bike race with food venues exploding with foods to feed everyone here visiting and also the locals being bussed to the fields at the college. Plus the area restaurants at night with sightings of the players and their families. So many preparations and add this heat into it for the next few days. We avoided the whole surrounding area driving this morning as I had to pick up a tee shirt quilt from my long armer. I just wanted to get back home to the AC inside.

  22. MaureenHP

    My BIL is somewhere in that RAGBRAI group.
    Roberta’s quilt is really interesting–some talented ladies in that church.
    Enjoy the fair!

  23. Rita in Iowa

    Mary thanks for the pictures of RAGBRI. Glad it’s them, too Iowa in Iowa but hotter in Texas where my daughter lives. My daughter near Chicago was getting storms and just had her roof replaced from the hail storm in April. They hadn’t got the gutters on yet. She did say she didn’t have to water the garden or put water in the pool, looking at the positive side. She did get a flat tire from a nail she picked up somehow in the driveway.
    Sandy your quilts are wonderful. As are yours Jeanie in South Dakota. What a wonderful banner the church ladies have made.
    Mary thanks for the great joke/story, made me laugh, the way a man thinks!

  24. Donna Sproston

    My husband is so anal that I no longer even try to vacuum. He does it. I do the dusting and clean the bathrooms and the kitchen counter but I leave the rest to him!
    Another good joke! I only subscribed to your Goat Gazette in its final year,but I think you could keep us rolling in the aisles with some of those jokes.
    We escaped to the shores of Lake Superior to avoid the heat, and the lake breezes have been great. I feel for those RAGBRAI riders.

  25. Sue Bowers

    It’s truly amazing to see that many bikers. Some of them are walking up the hill – that would be me. I saw RAGBRAI in Clear Lake several years ago. Two of the bikers got married by the lake. It was fun to see the support vehicles too. Seeing everyone’s quilts is so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Diane in Maryland

    Enjoyed today’s blog! The picture of all those bikers is amazing; Hazel and her toy, the joke and the readers’ quilts!

    I love your quilts, Sandy! I refer to you to granddaughter Ashley as “my friend Sandy in N.Z.”! I will send her an email and tell her to look at this post. Talked to her on Sunday…Monday in N.Z., and she said it was raining and cold. We are in the 90’s and tomorrow and the weekend will be over 100. I will be inside in the A.C.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – Funny! That’s how I refer to blog readers I know well – my friend in……..haha!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Mary you are the Quilt Lady in Iowa when I tell stories to my family of the blog. I love reading the comments and feel like we are all one big group of friends. It’s nice to be able to share our lives about nothing.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan K – yes, we all live lives about nothing really. Just everyday lives that vary little from day to day.

  27. Donna B

    I’ve only posted a few time times but have read your blog for years. Just want to say: YOU MAKE MY DAY!!! Thank you…Also my Mom’s name was Hazel…everyone needs a HAZEL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna B – you’re welcome! My little Hazel is named for my mom Hazel. Yes, everyone needs a Hazel!

  28. Vicki Ibarra

    Jeannie, Your patience (and your stash) for the quilt hanging over the banister/railing must be amazing. To match the color way in each block had to take time.

  29. Sharon Geiger

    That bike ride picture is something else!! Of course, the quilt pictures are wonderful. Loved the joke!

  30. Judy

    Anything more delicious than Iowa sweet corn? Maybe Indiana sweet corn. We pick ours up Saturday. My husband has orders for family and friends totaling 55 dozen. I think 20 dozen will be cut off the cob in my kitchen. Thanks for family helping. They want some for their freezers rather than store bought cans of corn. We were in Alaska several years ago at a lodge near Denali. The family style meal included ears of corn, not fresh corn. After the bowl of corn had been around the table, I told the waiter that he could take the corn. We were from Indiana and it was sweet corn time at home. He said he understood. He was from Iowa 😊. The quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Cathy D

    Mary, my Grands are raising bottle calves. Where did you find the fly trap you pictured? Thanks much in advance. The flies are awful this year!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy D – I bought these fly traps at a farm store like Fleet Farm, Bomgaars, Tractor Supply OR you can order them on Amazon. Yes, the flies are bad – a very bad year.

  32. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This is a wonderful post! Thanks, Mary. The quilts are beautiful and offer lots of inspiration. Loved the joke. 😂

  33. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary, and a special hello to Diane in Maryland! I’m sure we would love to see a photo of Ashley, s wedding, in fact l think it’s an idea for us all to send our wedding photos if Mary thinks it is ok. I have spent time today looking for a couple of singlet tops l wanted to alter , l found the pieces l cut off the hems ,but the 2 tops have gone walkabout! Just as well my head is screwed on! Tha k you for the nice comments about my quilts,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Hi Sandy, I would be happy to send you a picture of Ashley and Adam on their wedding day! Maybe Mary could send me your email address if you ask her to and don’t want to post it on the blog. It was a lovely wedding and so wonderful that his mother, father, and their friends from N.Z. came. His aunt and uncle came from Australia too! Your quilts are lovely!

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