Hot Sticky Monday

It’s been a quiet week here on the farm so there hasn’t been much to tell you.  I’ve been working on the baby quilt and watching the new season of “House of Cards” which is excellent by the way.  We’ve had a couple of thunderstorms, one which produced a beautiful rainbow.   After an inch of rain, the hydrangeas were so heavy they were on the ground.

Every night before dark I go to the barn to make sure all four “bad hair day chickens” are in the barn where they’re supposed to be.  These 4 girlies are cream colored and there is one especially that just seems disoriented and I find myself watching out for her more than the others.  This is where I found her last night.

Good old Emma, almost an old Mother Hen herself.

22 thoughts on “Hot Sticky Monday

  1. Marie Beers

    What season # are you watching of House of Cards? On Netflix? I thought season 5 wasn’t airing til Jan 2017

  2. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Envy your rain, but not the humidity. Where we live, So. CA, we need rain so bad. Hot and DRY here.
    Love that Emma. The bad hair day girl found a good place to be.
    Trying to catch up with this and that so I can quilt too. There’s just always so many “this and that’s”.

  3. Linda Green

    A www–Emma is so sweet! The bad hair day girl knew exactly where to go.

  4. Rose Mikulski

    Emma is just a magical goat; she’s everywhere and everything sweet in life.

  5. Helen Jane

    Mary, the rainbow is lovely! Enjoy all your farm news etc. Thank you for showing Connie’s sewing area and fabric collections and yours too. Both of you have beautiful plant gardens. Wow! That is some huge garden expansion for even the master gardener. The heat here in Texas is not too plant friendly but I keep trying.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    They had a rainbow like that in Clarion except the whole thing looked like a bubble.

  7. Paula

    We have had alot of rain in KY, nice weekend but supposed to be more rain this week.

  8. Launa

    Heating up again here in the south end of this valley. Cool morning, but 91 this afternoon and a few triples coming mid week. The little granddog was here for a visit while her family shopped. She loves to ride in their truck, but loves it here, too.

    How cute that Emma has been adopted by the “bad hair day chick”….a cozy picture.

    Thought about you when I saw the darling PINCUSHION block pattern free from Splendid Sampler. I’ve selected some fabrics so plan to work on that this evening.

    I’ve done my share of dinner veggies and salad prep tonight and I just heard the chef pop a wine cork so I’m off to check in the kitchen.

    Lucky you with that beautiful rainbow and RAIN. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  9. Martha Engstler

    I wonder how Connie’s garden is coming along. Love your “bad hair day chick’s” roosting place. Sweet Emma.

  10. Brenda archambaukt

    What a beautiful rainbow. And the hydrangeas look like royal subjects bowing their heads as the queen goes by!
    I’m with Launa. We really need some rain. The monsoon is so dry this year and my weather station shows 109 with 1% humidity. Oh darn, have to stay inside and work on my storm at sea wedding quilt in this heat!

  11. Jo Kramer

    Do you know what variety of hydrangeas you have? I was thinking of planting some but didn’t want any fancy kinds. I just wanted a good old fashion one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo – the best old fashioned hydrangeas are Annabelles – dependable and hardy for North Iowa

  12. Ann Barlament

    Twas a sticky and 90+ day here. Had my rehab therapy sessions back-to-back, then took a nap after lunch. I just don’t do well in the humidity.

  13. Cathy

    Such a sweet picture of Emma & her ‘boarder’. Hot here in South Central Indiana too. I really dislike this hot sticky weather. My son-in-law said he didn’t know why we couldn’t have 6 months of spring & 6 months of fall. Not a bad idea!

  14. ANITA Fetzer

    So peaceful looking. Love the quilts on the barn. Animals so content,. You are blessed

  15. K. Gerber

    Love to see what’s new in your little corner! Have felt your joys and your sorrows, too. After growing up with 7 brothers and sisters on a dairy farm, I feel a closeness to you just because of your lifestyle– life in the country– on a farm! Was never able to visit your shop while you were still in business, but seeing the barn quilts on the photo reminded me to ask if they are still available anywhere? They’re so sweet. Love your chickens and goats and all those dogs. You have a lovely succulent collection, too! Have a great day.

  16. Carolyn

    Sweet Emma has that look….Mom, please help her understand I am not a roosting place. What if I need to change positions? What if I have a leg cramp? Hope she doesn’t wet her bed…aka ME. At least Sleepy Britches found a soft,muse cure to sleep. Maybe she thought she was a goat today.

  17. bernadette

    Are those quilts on the building exterior paited? I am thinking they must be or they wouldn’t survive the elements. So pretty. Love the rainbow as well and the hen on top of goat – and she must be enjoying the company. Lots to show, even for,a quiet qeek!

  18. Carol

    Emma and the chicken…reminds me of an illustration from The Bremintown Musicians folk tale! Just need a few more animals stacked up! Where’s a kitty when you need one?!

  19. Diane

    Love those chickens and goats:) Ohio is going to be able to have poultry at the State Fair this year. They couldn’t last year due to disease. I’ll look for some like yours.

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