I am so bummed!

And I was on such a roll, wasn’t I? My iPhone and iPad are not meeting in the “cloud” like they are supposed to meaning I cannot send you any pictures. Maybe I was meant to take a break. I will make a trip to the Verizon store tomorrow to get help.
Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

6 thoughts on “I am so bummed!

  1. Connie

    I don’t have either so no help here…. but just wanted to encourage you to get it fixed so we can continue to get your photos and hear all your ‘adventures’ there in Iowa!!! Thoroughly enjoy them all!

  2. brenda a

    Did you ever think that maybe you can’t burn the candle at both ends? I’m worn out just trying to keep up with you and all of your activities. Making quilts, making kits (and I assume figuring out how much fabric for each size), taking in strays, attending outside events, and on and on. I was rather proud of myself making the 48″ table topper in three days and I didn’t stop to shingle the roof or plant the garden!

  3. LMK

    gee, i would think people would give you a break and wait until after the holidays for their red and white quilt kits, can’t help but think they are too busy now to sew, plus that would give them something to look forward to in the new year. going to the cookie walk tomorrow in stacyville, been watching the paper, thought i missed it, they have good cookies there, i’ve been to 2 other walks, these are the best ones, reasonable price too. have a good weekend. tomorrow it will be 6 yrs since my mother passed away.

  4. Marilyn Hooton

    You do such a wonderful job in all you do maybe God is telling you to take a breath … you are amazing

    1. Marci Hamel

      I hope you are keeping a “Dog/Kitten/Goat diary. It will would make your grandchildren (or someone else’s grandchildren) wonderful bedtime stores (if you publish it). ha ha

      I love all the pictures and your escapades and am tired just reading about your days & nights). We are cold here in Modesto, California but no snow here.

      Marty Taylor is still not doing too well.

      Marci Hamel

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