I Am So Tired!

What a title, huh? It was 80 degrees and extremely windy here today. I started clearing the garden about 1:00 and by the time Reed arrived, I was on my last shred of energy.

Remember this scene?

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Look at all those vines! And look at all these pumpkins and gourds!

Well, all those vines had to be pulled! And since it was a beautiful day I put my whole mind and body into the job.

Two giant piles of vines!

Reed brought his chickens over on Monday. Here are Edna, Eunice and Elvis(the rooster).

Since he wants the same three chickens back next spring and I have matching hens, we painted the back spur on his hens. We will have to reapply the nail polish when it starts to wear off.

I held the hen and he painted.

This morning was spent in the kitchen – I don’t give up easily so I started a batch of pepper jelly again.

I’d hate to admit how long I boiled the first batch but when the jelly held in the times of a fork I considered it done. That advice came from a reader who said her mother followed that rule and it worked! Those first five jars of jelly don’t even wiggle! I want to open one to see if it’s as hard as a rock. It just might be!

The next batch I did something different and didn’t boil it so long but it has not set up yet to my liking. I am too stubborn to give up!

I know I promised to talk about the Christmas project but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Tonight at choir practice I parked in a handicapped space – I felt pretty handicapped and it was all I could do to walk from the parking lot into the church!

Until tomorrow……

24 thoughts on “I Am So Tired!

  1. Patty

    You are quite a gal!
    Rest now. Who knows what you have waiting for tomorrow!
    God Bless,

  2. Dee Winter

    My mom has Alzheimer’s so she can’t go out by herself at the home. So since it was so nice, I skipped the yard work and went to town to take her out for a walk. She was so happy. The yard work will wait, the kid is on board to help me later. But it’s a good feeling to get it done.

  3. Katie

    🤗Such beauty in your lil space of the World,love the Pumpkins..Katie in Gilbert, Az.🌵

  4. jan VanDeWalle

    Why don’t you just mow the vines or work them into the ground by spring they will have turned into compost and less work for you and Reed. Might not look as neat and tidy but gets the job done. and snow will cover it up later. Farmers here just work all the vines into the ground in the fall. Acres and acres of pumpkin seeds are being harvested around St Paul, Ore right now, the ground up pumpkins go right back out on the ground.
    enjoy this blog and all your pictures

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan VanDeWalle – well, that sure would be easier! Do they use pesticides the next season to control any bugs that may have caused problems the previous year? Volunteer pumpkins the next year? I am not doing this again! I can live without the pumpkins instead of pulling vines. I am showing this to Rick – 2019 will bring a much smaller pumpkin patch and no vines to pull – thank you!

  5. Rita Mulvey

    Farmers here do the same as Jan VanDeWalle said they plow or till the vines into the soil. I don’t know if that may create problems with the soil harboring insects and diseases for next years crop, pulling the vines in that case is a better idea. They are dealing with acres of vines so I guess pulling isn’t an option for them.
    Be careful Mary don’t overdo.
    I hope the red on the chickens doesn’t attract the attention of the other hens. If you get some blu kote either spray or bottle applicator you can mark the chicken without attracting the other chickens. It does stay on quiet awhile .
    Rest easy and I hope you had a good night sleep.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita – I’m adopting the “no pull” method from now on! And if that doesn’t work, I won’t be planting so many pumpkins ever again! That was brutal. And where do I get blueKate

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita – fat fingers! Blue Kote, I meant – auto correct – ugh.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        The computer tech took the auto correct off my computer and I love it.. It could never spell what I wasn’t sure of, so I’ve got a dictionary by the computer. Now I can type just like the typewriter and the computer isn’t stopping to spell check while a bunch of stuff I’ve typed just gets dropped.

      2. Rita Mulvey

        It is available at most farm supply stores or you could order it online. Most places that have feed and animal supplies. It works wonders for many things minor cuts and abrasions, I treated one of our dogs who picked up ring worm with it we used it on the cows, chickens and even my cousin Peter. I use it to treat and deter pecking by the chickens. It has an antiseptic and antifungal property.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Rita Mulvey – Thank you – I need something like that all the time!

          1. Rita Mulvey

            Your welcome it is a great product. I use it on my rooster after a hawk attack he healed nicely with no infection. Blu-kote will more than likely be in the section with the horse supplies. I believe you can order it on Amazon too and from Murray McMurray Hatchery.
            Blu-Kote Dr. Naylor’s fast drying antiseptic for wound dressing for horses and dogs. Effective against bacteria, common fungus infections and ringworm. It also is effective on athletes foot.
            My suggestion is to wear old clothes and gloves because of any overspray.


    Mary it is still in the 80;s here in KY for a couple more weeks. I wonder if we are going to skip fall. Paula in KY

  7. Kathy

    We are getting warm weather in western NY – woke up to 70 degrees and an orange sky! It was breathtaking. And next week it’s suppose to be in 70’s so good weather to hang out some quilts on my Amish clothesline. Take it easy today Mary as we think we still are as ambitious as when we were younger but our bodies tell us different so we need to listen before we hurt ourselves or need 3 days to recover from one exhausting day. Reed is such a help around the farm. Love reading about your days. You are our friend all over the US!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – after reading the comments this morning, I will not do this again! It’s either till the vines into the soil or not plant pumpkins ever again. I am going to write this reminder on my 2019 calendar.

  8. Joy

    I’m thinking us girls think our bodies are still young and then we try to do what we did 20-30 years ago in one day and poof!

    I have a garden thing that happened this year. I have a smal areas I had my zucchini’s planted in last year. It’s such a nice area for just four plants. So, I planted them there again. It does not work
    to repeat zucchini where you had it last year. They produce a lot of acid in the soil and I think pests come too. They each gave me one zucchini and then died overnight! Still learning …..

    Connie, you are so fortunate to have Reed. He sure is a wonderful blessing! He reminds me of my Michigan grands with the chickens and love for the farming and loving to hang out with grandma.

    Love the quilt show pictures!

  9. Cathy Platzer

    If you could take the time and not fall asleep, soaking in Epson Salt does help my over worked muscles. I try for at least 20 minutes and know it works. But I usually don’t do it as often as I should.
    I truly love and miss you and the farm. Love reading your posts.

  10. MartyCae

    Whew – I am tired for you just reading this post. But the pumpkins are so beautiful. Fall has my favorite colors. Hope you are not too sore today.

  11. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I am amazed at your ability to just keep working so hard!! One of those days would have me done in for 2-3. But I do like the idea of plowing the vines!!!

  12. Diane in Ohio temporarily in NC

    I’m a little late, but please don’t do too much, Mary. We all worry about you. A nice hot bath sometimes helps those poor tired muscles. Love the nail polish on the chicks and of course, Hazel looks on charge. Rest up🛌🛌

  13. Kathy Hanson

    My goodness, Mary, you are a whirlwind. Do take a few days to relax and enjoy your lovely area. Maybe you and Reed can just enjoy each other and your pumpkins!! What a lot of work you do! Love seeing all that you are doing but worry about you getting some rest. What a good ida to put the nail polish on Reed’s chickens – very clever. I’d better get my order ready for your beautiful pattern!!

  14. Linda

    Mary, this is not at all on topic I called my animal shelter to see if they were needing more pillows. No, they don’t use them. They don’t want to be washing them. I have no clue what they use. I have lots of quilt scraps-batt trimmings. Do you have a user of dog/cat pillows that would like some. I would be happy to sew and deliver to a close location. I consider Garner close to Estherville.😊.

    I’m still missing the shop and the farm. Always a fun place.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – I just don’t have an answer. Guess you could go online and look around?

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