Ice Storm, 11-10-20

Memories of the Halloween ice Storm of 1991 have been on our minds all day. This is what we woke up to this morning with 30 degrees and steady rain.

Sure enough our power went out at supper time but was back on in about 2 hours – thank God for those linemen! There is no darkness like being outside when the power goes off and I can’t see one yard light in any direction. Now that’s dark!

Well, now for my big news! The darkness evidently didn’t bother Jo because when I checked on her I found her sleeping upside down in her bed – a first!!! She has always been huddled as tightly as she could curl up with her nose down inside the edge of the bed. This makes me soooooo happy! A dog has to be very relaxed and secure in their surroundings to sleep upside down, exposing their tender underbelly. I am so excited! Some really good news for once!

Here’s today’s Christmas pattern – NOEL.

Remember George, now known as Buddy? Looks pretty comfy, doesn’t he? He is so loved and I love that he is so loved!

Remember this little quilt that somebody said looks like magnets? The measurements I gave were incorrect – thinking too much about Jo?

All pieces are cut 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ and when cut in a positive/negative the block measures 3″ x 8″. I would still like to cut it in scrap – soon.

Hazel just insisted on looking underneath this chair in Jo’s kennel this afternoon so I tipped it over for her – anything for the little diva, right?

We will have a new pattern available in the online store very soon. The title is BE STILL. We are seeing huge outbreaks of the coronavirus all around us. In fact an elderly man from our church died of it this morning and the family is planning a very small, socially distanced service with masks on everyone.

Winter is just starting. We all need to be extra careful. I will miss going to the high school basketball games. There is so much we are all missing, isn’t there?

Be safe, My Friends, and BE STILL.

41 thoughts on “Ice Storm, 11-10-20

  1. Beth T.

    Mary, you are right that we are all going to need to make sacrifices and miss things this winter. I have heard people say that we will need to skip our Thanksgiving gatherings if we want those same loved ones to be here at Christmas, and I know that is true. One of my nieces is an Emergency Department nurse, and has shared stories since the COVID-19 pandemic that have made me cry. Another lifelong friend, an ER nurse, contracted COVID, and has been very sick for over a month. It is hard to tell people that we can’t make exceptions for them and break our social distancing rule, but the virus doesn’t care about exceptions or holidays or how very tired we are of all of this.

  2. Cathy in IN

    Such wonderful news about Jo! Makes my day.
    What a difference a day makes in the weather, right?! We had 80 degrees yesterday & 78 today in southern Indiana but rain tonight that will bring cooler weather. But it’s November so it should be getting colder.
    Can’t wait to hear all the updates on sweet Jo. She is getting what she so desperately needs, love tender care & security.

  3. Kim J LeMere

    I have family in Iowa not far from you and they are truly frightened by the numbers, they continue to stay still and at home. I hope this continues. I’m sorry that one of your parishioners has passed away, how sad for his family and friends.
    I really enjoy reading the blog particularly since the lock down, thank you.

  4. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Mary, I am delighted to hear Jo appears to be relaxing. What great news!
    It sounds like winter arrived with a vengeance in northern Iowa. We had wind and rain. I guess our lovely, warm fall days are done.
    Take Care/Be Safe

  5. Paula in Texas

    Such wonderful news about Jo. She will soon know that she has found “love” in your home!
    Stay warm and safe.

  6. Sue in Oregon

    Brrr That ice looks cold. We had our first hard freeze night before last. It took down quite a few things I was still enjoying. Oh, well. Winter is here even though the calendar says it is still fall.
    Covid is on the rise here as well. We read the count in the morning and each day there are more. We got our super flu shots on Monday. They were out of it for a long time. Can’t wait for the Covid vaccine to be developed.
    Good news about Jo. I always love it when dogs sleep on their backs with their paws up. So cute.
    Wear your mask and stay well.

  7. Barbara Vest

    So happy for you and Jo! You must give her a sense of security and safety, not to mention your sincere kindness.. it’s working!!!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Boy, those ice pictures are pretty, pretty scary if you have to walk on it. Be extra careful.
    The Diva is delightful. She always makes me smile.
    It sounds like Jo is making great progress. Wonderful news. I’m sure it is the result of love and care from a great person.
    Covid has hit us hard too, for a small city, 50,000 people, we had almost 700 cases reported on Sunday. The opportunity to catch it goes up tremendously every day. Last summer I could see my kids and have lunch outside. Now with winter, the chance to see them is few and far. I’m going to make an effort to make Thanksgivings and Christmas festive for the two of us, well… plus Loretta. Ya never know. I am thankful we are all healthy.

    Rub her ears for me.

  9. Deb H

    Mary, I drove up to Country Threads in that storm! I think I was your last customer; your schools were closing early. The next day, the banker fron Coulter who worked with me st the State Bank of Dumont, arrived saying they were with out heat and electricity. I think his family stayed with his in-laws for a month.

    What we quilters won’t do for a fix……..!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb H – oh my gosh! It was terrible, wasn’t it? Hope you were able to shop before we closed and since it was Halloween, Connie was getting ready for kids. She dressed me up as a witch and when I left her house it was raining steadily. Not a good memory for me.

  10. Betty from Canada

    I bet Jo looked outside and said to herself “I’m sure glad I am in where it is warm and cozy with someone who takes good care of me.

  11. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Yes, Covid has taken over. I have it from my husband’s work. His employer decided to hide the fact that one guy was positive. Of course my husband and this guy worked together closely. I was so careful and it didn’t matter at all. My husband got Covid too but not bad. Just a lot of symptoms. I however, had a fever for 10 days two days of 104, very tired and headaches now a cough has started in my chest. I have never had any breathing problems. This is the 14th day since I was exposed.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Prayers are being said for you! How awful that the employer did not notify everyone! The work place should have been shut down immediately and disinfected! Has he not heard of “contact tracing”? I read that Melatonin can be helpful. Don’t know if this is true or not, and don’t understand why it would be, but perhaps you could ask your doctor what he thinks. Prayers that you are well very soon.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – we are all so sorry to hear you have COVID – your husband’s employer should be ashamed! He didn’t do anybody any favors, did he? Please keep us updated about how you’re feeling! Dang virus!

    3. Susan K in Texas

      Use a warm air vaporizer to break up chest congestion. And lots of rest. I’m sorry your husband’s employer was so inconsiderate of his employees. I hope you feel better soon with no aftereffects.

  12. Rita in Iowa

    Mary your doing such a great job with Jo.

    I too will miss being at my Grandson’s birthday as it just not safe to travel. I hope people understand that we all have to do our part and at least wear mask. Such a simple thing and yet some people just don’t get it. Stay safe.

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    BIG step for Jo. She is beginning to trust. Oh what that poor baby must have endured. I only wish you a mild winter and more positive steps for Jo.
    Great job Mary.
    Numbers are rising here in Baltimore as well. Please wear masks and limit your exposures.

  14. Rhoda Ebersole

    Our Nevada Governor asked last night that we all stay In as much as possible for the next two weeks!!! So many new cases daily and hospitals are getting too full. And that we wear masks all the time if/when we do go out. It is an easy helpful preventative.
    Stay safe everyone.
    So thankful I have quilting as my hobby.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Great news on Jo! How is she around Hazel? Frightened or Defending herself?
    I always fear a rescue dog has been used to fight other dogs so I was cautious till I knew their reactions.
    We found out here in NY back In April how fast this virus spread so masks have been mandated early on and now it’s like second nature whenever we are in contact with anyone to wear one. Our GD has it now as do her friends who were all together so it does pass easily which is why I chose not to attend church in person or go to any social sewing gatherings. I want to live through this winter so I won’t hide my reasons to declining invitations. I lost an older friend ( who stayed in faithfully) to it from contact with her grandson who lives with her. He was attending rallies. The family did not do a funeral for fear of spreading it so I will visit her grave. It’s all so sad cause with each age group it seems their symptoms become worse.
    Thank you to our Veterans who have served in the face of so much diversity and allow me to have the freedoms I am grateful for in our country.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – kids just don’t realize how quickly this virus spreads, do they? Getting together with their friends should stop immediately – harsh but necessary in my opinion. Just heard on the news that a spike is expected after college kids go home for Thanksgiving – I hope not. I’m playing for a very small funeral for an elderly man in our church who just died of Covid. Very sad.

      1. Kathy in NY

        I so agree with you Mary. Kids and even adults just don’t get it we cannot be out doing our usual gatherings right now. I miss all I use to do too! This spreads so fast and doesn’t care who you are. These next few weeks are critical again for all to hunker down – I feel so sorry for the stressed out health care workers working long hours.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kathy in NY – one of our high schools in the state had a big Halloween party which caused a huge spike at their school and they actually had to forfeit the state tournament game – which they likely would have won. It’s a hard lesson to learn, I guess.

  16. Lorraine McGeough

    So glad Jo is feeling a little more comfortable and coming out of her shell. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel for her.
    Love to read your comments and see some beautiful quilts every morning when I get on the computer. I enjoy my first cup of coffee while I enjoy your daily notes. Thank You

  17. Gwen

    I am so glad Jo is feeling better already. You are working a miracle with her. I had a moment of nostalgia when you mentioned high school basketball. Iowa girl’s basketball is near and dear to my heart. Iowa had girl’s basketball way before other states had any sports for girls. Playing it was my favorite part of high school growing up in Nora Springs. Now girls have a lot more sports to play. I would have played baseball and volleyball too if we would have had them then.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gwen – 6 on 6 girls basketball was the greatest fun of all times, in my opinion! Those trips to Des Moines for the state tournament (as spectators) is one of my fondest memories. Going to “the barn” was an image of my high school years. Thanks for the memories!

  18. Nancy TD

    Thank you for all your loving care to Jo. She is beginning to come around.
    Our governor in MN. has some new restrictions too. Thanksgiving should be limited to 10 people gatherings, restaurants and bars closing at 10 pm, ands of course masks. We all need to work together.
    Stay home and be safe. I still have plenty of fabric to keep me busy. The DD’s have made me sew a lot of quilts that I might not have gotten to. Thanks to you and Connie for your great idea.
    Thanks to all the veterans and active military for serving.

  19. Sheila in WI

    So happy to read about Jo and her total relaxation while sleeping. I would take that as a sign that what you are doing is working. Keep up the love and patience. Seems like that’s a good combination for animals and people.

  20. Pat Smith

    That’s such a great sign that Jo was sleeping with her feet in the air. Shows a much higher level of trust than at the beginning. I always say 35 degrees and rain is the worst Vermont has to offer, but I’m wrong. It’s really 30 degrees and freezing rain! I’m so sorry about what is happening with Covid, especially the increased suffering and deaths. Our church with all retirees isn’t having services still, and I don’t think it will until there is a vaccine. My husband’s barber told him that his church started having services, 50 people got Covid including him, and 6 people died. We stay home except for masked trips to the grocery store.

  21. Susan K in Texas

    We’re having more cases of covid around here too. Parents are allowing homecoming and football watching parties. So selfish and inconsiderate. My husband and I are mostly staying in. We go out for necessities and social distance visits wearing masks.
    That ice storm is something. We haven’t had a bad ice storm in years but when they happen they shut down our area.
    I’m so glad Jo is starting to feel more comfortable. Slow and easy will win her over. Hazel is a goofball in that chair. Of course she gets what she wants as she’s too cute to resist.
    I’m sending you pictures of my husband’s latest yard project. He’s been laying a flagstone path in the backyard. He’s going to drive me nuts when he can’t go outside due to bad weather!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan K in Texas – oh, how I love your flagstone walk! Like I said, it’s not a good idea in North Iowa with ice and snow so I will admire from afar!

  22. Marsha, Ocean View, DE

    Hello Mary and all blog followers, I’m not sure I have ever left a message before but have read CSCT blog for a long time. The small State of Delaware, where I live, has had mandatory COVID-19 rules and mask wearing since the on set of the pandemic. Living in the beach vacation area of the State became quite a challenge with increased case rises. Fortunately, most out-of-state vacationers followed the State rules.
    I am into Genealogy and have had 3 Family tree members pass of COVID-19, very sad stories. Mary, I fell in love with your “magnets” quilt, I also sew many Quilts of Valor and thought that pattern would work for a QOV quilt. Thanks for telling the correction on measurements as I just could not get the measurements to work. I had a container of 2.5” RWB strips so made up your block idea using those strips. Block is way bigger, but still looks awesome. Only have 6 +/- completed block done as of yesterday. Sorry my message is long, today’s blog really hit home with me in so many ways I could have written more:-))
    Please do wear a mask and keep safe. Thanks if you read to the end!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marsha, Ocean View, DE – of course I read to the end – I read every single comment! I’m so sorry for the losses in your family – rules in our state should be stricter – I think a mask mandate should be implemented ASAP! So sorry about the wrong magnet measurements – it would be a good use of 2-1/2” strips! Send me a picture when you’re done!

      1. Marsha, Ocean View, DE

        Mary, I will be delighted to send you a picture of my QOV quilt inspired by your “magnets” quilt.
        It maybe awhile, but your picture request will keep me working on it! An aside to mask wearing, our local grocery store owner, also a State Senator and opposite party to the Governor – has his grocery store floor marked with one way arrows in each aisle of the store. The check out cashiers lanes are marked for social distancing and plexiglass has been installed and masks are worn by cashiers and store employees. The cases still rise in the State, this COVID-19 is serious and
        non discriminatory WE all need to do our little bit to keep each of us all safe. I look forward to more Jo progress reports, she will come around in her time and your loving care. Take care, be safe, wear a mask and social distance – will take time but we will beat it.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Marsha from DE – our grocery store is the same except they gave up on the arrows – nobody followed them! Even I forgot and I appreciated their diligence so much.

          1. Marsha, Ocean View, DE

            Mary, The downstate beach vacation area is quite a draw for visitors. It was and is truly amazing to see car license plates from States all over the County with no mandatory mask mandates – people get out of their cars, put their masks on head in the grocery store and follow the arrows. Not sure why they follow the arrow rules but it is great, rarely do you see an opposite direction in the aisle. I really thought there would be more protesting the mask mandates and arrows – but that has not developed. At one point our beautiful beaches were even mandated off limits and closed. 2020 has been a totally different way of life, praying 2021 will only go in the better direction – I miss my restaurant outings and sewing bees! Be safe stay well

  23. Alice

    Mary, so happy Jo is feeling more comfortable with you. It just takes time. When I adopted my little guy. I fostered him for a month as I knew he had issues. He had been abused by a kid & I was the 4th person to take him in less than a year. I did get bit a number of times, but I just knew that he would come around, which he did! I knew we had rounded a corner when he started running zoomies through the house! First thing I did was change his name & gave him a fleece blanket. He constantly licked his bed. It took 6 mo for him to finally get rid of his insecurities. Obviously whoever had him never played with him or took him for rides in the car. Unfortunately he’s never gotten used to car rides. But I did get rid of the tiny bed that he curled up in a tiny ball & bought him one that he stretches out in. The tiny bed came with him when I adopted him. I’ve won him over with love, treats, & long walks daily. He knows he’s getting scrambled eggs out when I get the small skillet out! Lol. He’s been a Godsend since my husband just passed, (not from Covid) I’m so happy for the companionship. My neighbors love this little guy as well. Jo’s a very lucky girl! And you’re working wonders with her!! Let’s all stay safe & wear a mask! I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with my son & family. Not a large gathering.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Alice – I read your story again – your poor little guy has had a hard time of it – thank God, he found you! I love zoomies!

  24. Elaine

    Must be so heartwarming for Jo to be surrounded by love. Smart girl that she so quickly recognized the change and is starting to accept the love and relax. Here in Canada Covid is on uptick again but with good leadership and compliance am hoping that we can push it down again. Have only been out once in 8 months for a flu shot and daily for early morning walk. My quilt shopping efforts in past years have paid off and I have lots to play with. Thank you for your kindness and sharing. Stay safe and prayers for all.❤️

  25. Connie R.

    I am glad to hear that Jo is getting more comfortable in her surroundings. You do good work, Mary.

    I wasn’t sure about the magnet quilt when you first posted it but, after seeing it quilted and with binding, I absolutely love it. Hopefully other readers will post their versions and colorways.

    In far Northeastern Wisconsin, we have had a tremendous spike in Covid cases. Rural hospitals here serve such a large area that a surge is cases will overwhelm rapidly. Along with so many other things, I miss going to thrift shops and taking my time to look at everything. Hopefully this pandemic will be behind us soon. As Beth T. wrote, we need to skip the Thanksgiving gatherings so the same loved ones will be here at Christmas.

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