I’m Giving Up

Since I am not able to upload the cover photo, I’ll simply go on with what I had already planned – a book giveaway! This morning on Stitch This, Martingale’s blog, Jenny reviewed Gail Pan’s new book Changing Seasons, 17 Embroideries to Mix and Match.

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Here is a link to that blog post. …… sorry, no can do.

Embroidered pieces can be swapped off the main quilt for each season. Look at all these cute designs!

Lots of fun! Leave a comment and I’ll give the book away tomorrow. Remember, put something in your name to identify yourself.

I’m getting organized so Reed can draw the July number on Monday.

Earlene Springs made two, yes 2, Uncle Sams.

I added a couple rows to my rug today – that’s going to be my goal – at least two rows a day! More if time allows but always 2!

Diane, Squeak’s mom, made her first quilt – with the help of Squeak!

I’m really having a run of bad luck – I broke a needle on the longarm and Tony, the repair guy, is in Scotland on vacation so Background Music from Countdown to Christmas is waiting on the machine.

For those of you wanting to make a rug but need a frame/loom, I have a source for you.


I will continue to investigate WHY I can’t upload the photo of our cover and if I figure it out, I’ll post it. Thanks for clicking all the ads with nothing from me to read. So frustrating!

149 thoughts on “I’m Giving Up

  1. Judy

    I have not done any hand embroidery still junior high. It would be interesting to try again. I like the pictures.

  2. melinda themm

    I’d love a chance to win this book give-away. It could help recover arm movement from a stroke. Melinda T

    1. Noël from Kentucky

      I will endeavor to do the same as you on the rug, but give myself the goal of one row a day. That way it wont seem so daunting. I can always do a second row once I get started, eh? 🙂 I need to work it into my routine. Perhaps while I am watching the Reds play!

  3. Diane Bauer

    Other than faces on Harvey’s and Uncle Sams, I haven’t done much embroidery in years and years. Maybe it’s time!!

    Looking forward to the Dirty Dozen and getting some projects completed!!

    Diane, Pete’s Mom

  4. Paula Ziegler

    I would love to win this book! Those designs looks so cute! It would be a great birthday gift too! My birthday is Monday July 1st! I will be 60! I cannot believe it! LOL Good luck everyone! Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Thanks Paula Ziegler

    1. Jean

      I am just now trying to learn some sashiko embroidery, so that I have some handwork to take with me when we’re camping, and the man is fishing. I’d love the chance to win! Thank you.
      -Jean ❤

  5. Judy E

    Love the Countdown to Christmas quilt.
    Embroidery book would inspire me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  6. Nicole Hanson

    As a “gypsy”, I love to travel and this is right up my “highway!” If we have a straight SMOOTH road I can get a lot done! This book looks like it has a lot of fun projects in it.
    Thank you for the opportunity and for your blog! Love Connie’s gardens! Hope kitty has found a home. Such a cutie. I love seeing Reed and all the projects he does! Looks like his 30’s repro fabrics is going to be a smash hit!

  7. Mary Kastner

    I would love to have this book. Combining embroidery and quilting is just wonderful and both are constantly happening around here by ME!

    Mary K.

  8. Jane Busby

    Love mixing embroidery and quilting!!! What a fun book!!!
    Jane Busby from Florida

    1. Mary Evans

      I’d love that embroidery book – wow! Very cute projects!
      Mary (Oregon) Evans

  9. Jacque

    Cheers from Texas! Sorry you’re having picture problems – really looking forward to seeing your new book. I’m currently in a block exchange using your Hiding in Plain Sight pattern from Beyond the Battlefield – and then signed up for a BOM of Best of All from the same book. Guess I’m officially an Etherington/Tesene book junkie! Would love to win the embroidery book – even if it isn’t one of yours! (Oh – and I love the red quilt that’s waiting on the longarm repair!)

  10. Vickie Stipe

    Saw the book review and thought the book looked great. I saw some of the quilts in your new book and I know the cover is fantastic. Ok, Reed pick my name out of the jar.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie Stipe – and where did you happen to see the quilts in this new book? I don’t believe those pictures have been released so I’m just curious.

  11. Ellie Lively

    I really enjoy embroidery so I’d really like to win this book. Changing the panel would be fun!

  12. Sandra Goddard

    I love to do hand work. Would love to win. And actually those old style canning jars on the cover would be my heart’s desire to have.

  13. Cindy Yoakum

    Love the red quilt on your longarm. Most of my quilts have red as it just draws in my eye. I would love to be the owner of the embroidery book. Love the picture of Squeak…too cute. Cindy from northern Illinois

  14. Diane from WI

    I would love a copy of Gail Pan’s new book. I have done a couple of her patterns. Hand embroidery is so much fun to do. I like seeing the various Uncle Sams; it’s interesting how other people do them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Sue in Oregon

    What I loved about the Martingale post this morning was the way she designed those changeable and seasonal little quilts to always go on the same background. What a great idea. Those are probably in the book too. I love her embroidery designs. It makes my hand hurt to embroider now, but not when I applique. Isn’t that odd. Just different muscles used, I guess.
    Sleep on the photo problem. Maybe it will work tomorrow.

  16. Mary Stivers

    I’d love to have this book. I want to teach my grandchildren embroidery and this has such cute patterns!

  17. Sue in Oregon

    Oh…BTW, Earlene Springs. Your Uncle Sams are wonderful. You really used great fabrics for them.

  18. ChristieB from SE Nebraska

    I LOVE Gail Pan!!! If I don’t win, I will definitely buy it. Thank you so much for being so generous and giving this book away and giving me a chance at winning it!.. Loving the Background Music reds! Bummer that you would have a break down when your repair guy is out of the country – you sound like a farmer who breaks down right when he’s trying to get started planting or harvesting!
    Our guild’s challenge again this year is just like your Dirty Dozen! We did it last year and I got 9 of my unfinished projects done and already have all 6 “finished” so far this year! We display our finished projects in our Quilt Show in September at the Nebraska City Apple Jack Festival. Great incentive to get my projects done! This month’s project only took me 12 years to finish! Ha! Thanks again! HUGS… and stitches

  19. Jeanie Stufflebeam from sw Illinois

    I love the embroidery book designs, Mary; they are so very country and whimsical. Thanks for this opportunity.

  20. Brenda archambault

    The new give-away book looks like a project to make for my (almost -new) great granddaughter who will be a year old in October. Finally got the ok from the doc to fly east, wearing compression hose, so I will finally meet her. Love doing embroidery and redwork is a lot of fun.

  21. Mary

    What an interesting book. I look the idea of switching out so you get a new saying or picture whenever the mood strikes. Yes, I’d love to win a copy of the book. Thanks!

  22. Maureen Fry

    I would love to have a copy of this book! I love to read your blog. I’m getting ready to start teaching my granddaughter to see and quilt. So exciting!

  23. Donna Koch

    I love Gail Pan’s embroidery designs! I am currently stitching one of her samplers for a wedding gift. The new book look fun!

  24. Linette Stewart

    Such a cute book!! Martingale’s blog also had a video link for 3 different ways to attach the small stitched pieces. 😊

  25. Eileen Emerson

    That sounds so interesting that the finished “quilt-ed embroideries” can be swapped out!

    I love that idea but am not sure how it could be done on a quilted backdrop. I enjoy the rhythm of the needle and have enjoyed it for many years. With embroidery, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, beading and even embroidery embellishments done the ‘Sue Spargo’ way that I recently started.

  26. Lynn Haines

    I love Gail Pan’s work, especially her block of the month quilts. Lynn Ellen

  27. Sandra Corrigan

    This looks like a fun book to own. I did a lot of red work. I love red and white quilts.Thanks for your emails.They never fail to brighten my day.

  28. Sandy Allen

    Oh, the embroidery book looks like fun! I think it would be great in my cubical at work!

  29. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I saw this on the Martingale post this morning and thought, how cute the projects are. Fingers crossed, I might win!

    Are there people out there who win frequently? My mother is one of those. If she ever comes home from the seniors’ bingo games, or the casino, or a picnic with prizes and has not won, watch out world! She wins 90% of the time, so when she doesn’t she feels very abused! Holy moly, I have actually won two things in my life, so I remember both. And they were pretty nice “prizes”… lap quilts both! I went to a quilt club meeting as a guest one year in March, took a chance on a quilt (they raffled a donated quilt every month!) and I won it! The next month, I joined the group and took a chance…and won again! Oh my, it caused quite a stir, from “Who does she think she is, waltzing in and winning like that?” to…”I’ve been coming here and buying tickets for 18 years and never won!”

    I didn’t buy tickets for a year after that! I wasn’t sure I’d get out of there alive if I won a third lap quilt!

    1. Janice Hebert

      Your comment made me laugh reading it this morning. Too funny but I agree! You may have been in trouble if you had won a third time! Jan in MA

  30. Debbie Bowmer

    I love Gail Pan’s designs and would love to have a copy of this book. Looks delightful. I want to get to work on a rug when I get home. I’m still in Oelwein. Thanks so much. Debbie Bowmer

  31. Barb Onnen

    Gail Pan’s Changing Seasons book looks like lots of fun with both of my loves – embroidery and quilting.
    Thanks, Mary for offering this book to us.

  32. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Please add my name in the pot for the book giveaway; I love it!! I am super interested in the rug making too; puts me in mind of the braided rugs that I grew up with at our house and my grandmothers house in New England. ❤️

  33. Cindy LaFriniere

    I have done several Gail Pan designs, love to embroider and quilt!

  34. Janet Drennan

    I would love to win the new Gail Pan book. Lots of fun projects to stitch. Thanks

  35. Sandi

    I saw the Gail Pan book on the Martingale site this morning too! It looks so cute. Thanks for the giveaway. Hugs,

  36. Sue Jacobson

    Would love the book. Really like that style of embroidery!
    Have so enjoyed all the recent garden photos! My gardens are just 2-3 years old so only a few things blossomed. Winter took out all my cone flowers. Boohoo!! So I am looking for a hardy variety of bloomers to try.

  37. Pat Mosley

    Looks like a great take along project. Would love to have a new one to do in those waiting rooms. So much more fun than trying to read some old magazines. And you actually have something when you are finished with the project. Blessings from Texas.

  38. Jan B. from TN

    Saw the pics from this book on Martingale’s blog this am. I read it every day as I do yours. Love her ideas for switching out the small quilts each season on the patchwork background. Looks very interesting! I picked up hand embroidery a year or so ago tho I must admit the adorable (small) project I’ve been working on & off since then is still a UFO. Ugh! Not a hard piece — snowmen that are too cute — but I just can’t prioritize everything I’m working on or doing elsewhere as #1 on the list! Wish it was possible but UFOs are more than just quilts, right?!
    Had no idea you needed to call a serviceman when you broke a needle on a longarm! That sucks! So sorry for you! Also a shame your having trouble uploading your new book cover cuz I’m sure I’m not along in saying “can’t wait to see it”!! Hope you have a great weekend!
    By the way, I was able to close 5 ads today! Yay!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan B from TN – the needle that broke bent something inside so the timing is now off. A normal broken needle is not usually a problem.

  39. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I like to embroider and this book will be very nice to have. Wouldn’t be fun if Reed drew my name? Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. LaNan Eldridge

    They are very cute embroideries. I like to do that kind of embroidery as well as wool and machine embroidery so I don’t have very many dull moments !!!!

  41. Sheila S

    Ball Jars on the Cover! I LOVED that! I remember when I was a little girl and going to my “up North” gma’s and exploring her pantry and also her cellar, rows and rows of Ball canned vegtables, fruit, chicken and venison lining the shelves. Gma was the hardest working person that I have ever known. She also taught me to sew and embroider. Your book reminds me of so many sweet memories of yesteryear. Thank you for doing that and the chance to win.

  42. Caryn Goulden

    Gail’s embroideries are adorable. I could use a new handwork project!
    Love the Background Music quilt. I may be inspired to start another red/cream quilt.
    Sorry there is a problem with sending the cover picture. One good thing is that I’ve clicked a lot of ads while coming back to see if the cover is there!

  43. Debbie G

    I am looking for something for my 90 year old mom to make for me. She still enjoys embroidery. I don’t want her to stop. I just need to have something stitched by her. Thanks for the chance!!

  44. Marie Fibelstad

    Can’t wait to get my book on Rag Rugs and try doing one.
    The stitching pictures look so cute in the give away book.
    Marie Fibelstad, Storm Lake, IA

  45. Claudia Voorhees

    Love hand embroidery ! .. Hope to get to doing much more of it…….
    Love that new book.

  46. Judy J

    I am getting back into embroidery after several years of not doing much. It looks like a cute book. Thank you for the chance to win. Judy, North Texas

  47. Diane from TN

    Would love to win the book. Love all of your posts and pictures. Hope you figure out why sone things just don’t work. Gotta love technology.

  48. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…thanks for all your inspiration and patience too! There is so much that I enjoy on your blog. The various gardens and Home tour, Uncle Sams, red quilt (waiting), border on the scrappy bullseye and ALL the varied bullseye. Reed’s quilt is 🐝Utiful! He is quite the talented young man. Seeing the kitty cats that are always curious. Rugs too. I do like embroidery and the concept in Changing Seasons book. I have a couple embroidery quilts (one with teacups and the other a redwork calendar with a thirties look. So this does appeal to me. I also like reading the comments and identifying either the state or country with a name. Until next time from Texas…

  49. Joyce

    I love to do embroidery & all of Gail Pan Designs. Thank you for the chance to win this book. Love reading your blog.

  50. Dixie Howard

    Love Gail Pan’s designs and appreciate the opportunity to win her book! Love your blog and all the effort you put into it.

  51. Debra Miller

    Sorry you didn’t get your new book cover picture to post but loved the pictures you did post as always! I have been seeing so much embroidery lately and would really like to try it again on these really cute small projects. We had severe thunder and lightning storms last night and were without power for almost 12 hours. We need rain and there wasn’t much with the storm. Really missed sewing though!

  52. Linda Taylor

    I really like Gail Pan designs and I love to do embroidery! Thanks so much for the giveaway and the chance.
    Linda Taylor

  53. Marsha Ransom

    I’m always looking for handwork to do while traveling! We RV travel & I quilt but the miles on the road in the pickup when I can’t use my machine provide lots of opportunity to do small hand projects. These swappable embroideries are darling!

  54. Judi Leventhal

    I absolutely LOVE Gail Pan’s designs. So very cute. Also, Mary, I have a book for you to read, Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain. And to Reed…your log cabin is a blue ribbon winner in my book.

  55. Nancy Turner

    Love doing embroidery! It has been a long time since I have done a project.

  56. Charlotte Buchanan

    Would love this book! I embroidery while I’m watching tv at night! Love my handwork!

  57. Nikki M in Tx

    Thank you for a chance to win the book.
    Just talked to the vet, Ms Maci has kept two feedings down now, so stopped her IV. If all goes well tonight will be discharged in morning. I can’t wait to get my baby home! The house seems so empty without that tiny ball of fur.
    Love the red & white quilt, so striking.
    In a string block exchange with a group & adding a Spider Web quilt to my ever growing list of UFO’s…this is in addition to the Dirty Dozen.
    Hopefully in morning when you sit down with cup of coffee the computer will behave & allow you to post the photo. Have found that if I shut down the computer & walk away that when I return & reboot it seems to be more cooperative.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – hope you get her home tomorrow- that 3-1/2 lbs. fills your house, doesn’t it? And it’s empty when she’s gone.

  58. Bette Berlo

    I learned to embroider very early in life and have enjoyed it very much. I’d love to win the book in your give-away, so be sure to let me know when I win! I enjoy reading your blog post every day – It makes me feel as though I’m one of your good friends.

  59. Beth T. in Oregon

    I’ve been thinking about this book and getting started back on hand work. I stopped when our kittens were little and would “help” me with all my stitches…and the thread…and loved to hide my supplies. I figure now that they are big it is time for me to show them who is boss. (Hah! As if there is any doubt about that.) The patterns in this book are darling and would be a fun way to get back in the swing of things. Thanks for your generosity.

  60. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Ugh, longarms that need to go to the “hospital” must be awful!! I’m so glad my longarm usually only needs to be timed once a year…I used to do it myself, but my eyesight isn’t good enough, so hubby does the timing for me. I would hate to have to have a tech do the timing for me!! The embroidery book looks fabulous. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan the Farm Quilter – I’m going to ask Rick to look over Tony’s shoulder when he comes so that I don’t have to wait the next time.

  61. Sharon Cervenka

    Wow! So many fun possibilities with this book!
    Thanks for the little sneak peek. Appreciate the chance to win!
    Sharon from Oswego, Illinois

  62. Carolyn Glover

    Looks like a great book. I love doing embroidery work. One of the first think I did was cross stitch and red work. I have six quilt blocks completed, but can’t find the other six unfinished blocks to finish the quilt.

    I got the squares and floss at Lee Wards when they had a store in Columbus, Ohio.

  63. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Looks like Reed is going to have so many talents, how great if he can peek over Tony’s shoulder. Love the Uncle Sams. Give aways are a good way to see how many of us are following your blog. That’s all I look for when I open my computer.

  64. Beryl Hoff

    I saw the cover for your book!! It looks like one I may have to ad to my collection!
    I would love to have the embroidery patterns. I hope to get back into it when I move to Minnesota!! I will be in my own apartment again and, I am sure, will have time. I did some redwork dish towels last year and sold them. It was fun to do it again, I learned many years ago. I love the snowman one pictured…snowmen are a downfall. I could leave them up all year! Thanks, Beryl
    I have loved the garden tours, WOW! We are finally nice a green here. The few flowers I have planted are doing well. I think some rabbits have eaten a pansy that I was given May Day and a couple of the Johnny Jump ups have lost some flowers also…they are usually pretty safe.
    Thanks for all the work you do with this blog, it is greatly appreciated!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beryl Hoff- you’re moving to Minnesota? Where? When? Are you getting a job? Oh my goodness, I had not heard this news!

  65. Karen Jones

    I would love to win the embroidery book. I need some handwork to keep me busy while traveling back and forth from the mountains, and while DH is watching tv at night.
    I am so enjoying reading your blog.
    Karen Jones

  66. Susan from Rockwell

    Mary I just saw your new book cover on Facebook. It looks wonderful! You are the busiest lady I know!
    Thank you for the chance to win the new Gail Pan book, I have been wanting to try embroidery again…it has been many years….

  67. Tina W

    Don’t know where it went but I saw the new book cover too! Love the quilt in the snow! It reminded me of some note cards I bought at your store with pictures of antique pin cushions photographed in the snow. I hated to use the last one!
    I’m really looking forward to July first and the first number picked to get started on the dirty dozen.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the embroidery book by Gail Pan.
    Tina in Oregon

  68. Debra

    I want to get back into doing embroidery. This would be a great way to begin again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Jennie Cruzan

    Would love to win Gail Pan’s new book. Hand work is very relaxing to do. Jennie Cruzan

  70. Margaret Jessen

    Thanks for offering another give away!! The Uncle Sams were very special. Love the red quilt on the long arm.

  71. Jo in Wyoming

    Boy Mary, your having quite the day. Remember, “When life hands you lemons…stick em in your bra!”
    APQS has a good tutorial on timing. If Rick watches that first, he will have a much better understanding of what Tony is talking about.
    My lilacs are just now blooming and the perfume is intoxicating, I would love to share. When I open the kitchen window…oh, glorious.
    One more thing, “when you get to the end of your rope…tie a knot and make a swing”😉
    Tomorrow will be better.

  72. Jennie Cruzan

    would love to win Gail Pans book. thanks for a chance. Jennie Cruzan from Texas

  73. Doris G

    I splice to win this book! Thank you for your blog and I usually read it twice a day so I can close more ads!

  74. Brenda Jeffers

    Gail was recently in Iowa. Glad she was able to visit our wonderful state. I love her designs

  75. Eileen Maher

    Love embroidery, just finished an applique embroidered quilt by Natalie bird.
    Eileen in Spain.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Eileen Maher – Spain! Thank you for being a blog reader, Eileen!

  76. Cheri P

    Embroidery would be so much fun!! A gr5camping past time here in Alberta Canada!

  77. Kate Schloemer

    Would love a chance to win the book. I embroider when visiting a Dr office or just something quick to keep my hands busy.
    Love the 4th of July guys.

  78. Mary Ann

    I do not have any of Gail’s books but have enjoyed seeing the beautiful work. Would love to get back into embroidery again. BTW I saw the new book cover on a later post. Looking forward to seeing more.

  79. Barbara Wegner

    Well, I have several quilts with embroidered blocks, and my favorite is the red work I did while traveling in Sweden for the first time, in 2000. It is an Alphabet Sun Bonnet Sue! It was an easy project that only needed red floss & working on one block at a time, it was a small project to carry & so much fun because of the themes for each letter were unique. I have embroidered for years & it is one of my favorite things to do.

    I do not need another book, that is for sure. But why not, I would like to win this one!
    I love reading about your activities!
    Barb (Donna Ondler’s sister)

  80. Sherry Whalen

    Don’t you just love/hate computers some days? I’ve had to put my computer in a ‘time out’ once in a while. Kasson (and MANY other areas) were inundated with rain before dawn on Friday. I’ve heard that we got 7.5 inches in a pretty short amount of time and people’s sump pumps couldn’t keep up. Our house was okay, but our two kids who live in town both have 2-4 inches of water in their lower levels, so our day plan for yesterday was altered to include clean up! Mantorville had Stagecoach days planned for today and tomorrow, it had to be cancelled. I saw some photos of Mantorville dam and park – I think it was the highest I have ever seen it! Thank goodness it happened while no one was there and nothing was set up. Now the water is heading down the Zumbro to the Mississippi, causing other people trouble.

    Reed, I would love it if you would pick my name out of that bowl!! What a cute book – thank you for the chance to win!

  81. Sarah J

    I sure can relate on your long arm issues, mine is the tension. Loose threads on the bottom.🧐 I’ve tried just about everything, so frustrating. Hubby and I worked in the yard yesterday making raised flower beds. Whew it was hot here in Arkansas. Love you blog, you inspire me with all you do!
    I’d love a chance to win the book.

  82. Linda in North Carolina

    I might be to late to add my name for the book giveaway as Im just reading this morning.
    It looks so interesting. Love the rug. Have the book and DVD just need to get a frame made.

  83. Jill

    Love the book give-a-way!
    Enjoy your blog even with computer issues! I think you do a great job!
    Happy Quilting!

  84. Susan

    Would love this book! Love the cover of your new book, too! Very inspirational. I love everything you do. I think I’m going to get started on a rug. I’ll be sending money for the book and DVD on Monday. Been out of town for a week. I’m understanding correctly that all you need is an address label to mail it back to me, right? Thanks!

  85. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    I hope I’m not too late to put my name in for the book. Thanks for posting Squeak with my 1st rug:)
    Busy, busy with anniv. activities, but clicked lots of ads in the two posts with no pics. It’s going to be 90 plus in Central Ohio today. Some of the family members are going to the Columbus Zoo. We got to feed the giraffes there last year; it was amazing.

  86. Becky Turner

    Hi Lady… I check your blog every morning with a cup of tea. I feel your pain on the posting of pictures and the in and outs of keeping everything current on a daily blog… I feel it but don’t share it cause I read them and don’t write them…
    Hope I am a winner for this book!

  87. Sue Hoover

    Got to see your beautiful new book! Wow! Gail Pan’s new book looks fabulous too. I love embroidering. Looking forward to the drawing July 1 for the Dirty Dozen. My list is waiting …. Lol

  88. Janice Hebert

    Would love to win Gail’s book! Raining here this morning with some rumbles in the distance. I’m house sitting in Scituate with a beach a few steps away but this is a good day to do some sewing on my “new to me” vintage 301a Singer sewing machine! Jan in MA

      1. Janice Hebert

        It IS fun Mary! After playing a little I drove to a new shop and bought fabric, some is what I consider Civil War prints. Love the colors. I’m not used to sewing anywhere but home but I’m here until the 4th so I’m going to see what I can get done. Jan in MA

  89. Betsy

    I have not done a stitcher in years! All your projects are wonderful and patriotic.

  90. Carolyn Rector

    I would love to share Gail Pam’s book with my grandaughter. She’s learning to do embroidery. I reading this morning in southwest Ohio North of Dayton. Hope you get your quilting Logan fixed soon. You sure work fast on your quilts.

  91. CountryThreads Post author

    KathyG from Oak Creek – you had to have seen the book cover on this blog – I have not posted it on Facebook and I don’t think anyone else has either. Too hot in the Midwest today – a good day to stay inside and sew!

  92. Rebecca

    Looks like a fun fun book when cooped up in the house with unforgiving weather!!
    Rebecca, gramsie to 12 grandchildren💚

  93. Deb G in VA

    I love embroidery. What a neat idea to use interchangeable embroidery panels on a quilt background!

  94. Sandra Hicks

    Embroidery reminds me of my mother. She loves to embroider and still continues to do so at age of 88. Would love to share this with her. Good luck to all! I enjoy reading your blog & have introduced it to others.

  95. Alice

    Would love Gail’s book! I learned to do embroidery as a very young girl, taught by my grandma. I still have some of the dresser scarves I embroidered. Have always loved hand work! First quilt I ever made was embroidered squares & made into a baby quilt. This quilt was for my son, who’s 50+ now! Love reading your blog each day! Happy 4th!!

  96. Barbara Forde

    Always great to have a small portable project to tuck in a bag. The blocks in the embroidery book look perfect.

  97. Karen Juergens

    I love Gail Pan’s creative works! Embroidery is so portable and therapeutic!

  98. Diane

    I love the cover of your new book–it is sooo ‘cool’ looking–
    and I bet there is alot of neat “cool’ projects in it too!
    and I would love to put my name in the jar for the embroidery book–
    I do read you every day and keep up with your adventures–and thanks for sharing them with us.
    luv, di

  99. Deborah S

    Time to learn embroidery for when you need to do something creative and you can’t bring your sewing machine!

    Deb S

  100. Karen Hickman

    My comment was like your picture- it never showed up when I posted it!! Just starting embroidery- would love to try the projects in Gail’s new book- thanks for the chance to win the book- love your blog and all the stories you have especially with the animals

  101. Karen

    Thank you for doing a give-away of Gail Pan’s Changing Seasons book.

    Two rows a day on your rag rug sounds like a doable goal.

    The picture of Squeak peeking over the top of the frame is too cute.

  102. Margie Braaksma

    Would love a chance to win a new book. Started embroidery when I was 5 years old in Brownies!
    Margie B

  103. Sue

    Looks like a fun book! I hadn’t seen this one yet. It is on my list… “just in case I don’t win!”

  104. Linda Schluchter

    Goodness, I almost feel bad putting my name in for the book, your comment list is quite long! I’ve made a number of embroidered quilts, I color with pencils then embroidery and they turn out wonderful. I’m not fond of machine embroidery, only hand work will do.

    Who ended up with the beautiful orange kitten? I love, love, love orange cats and if I lived close to you I would have made a bee line to your house to adopt that precious baby. I’m sure you will choose a perfect loving forever home for the baby!

    Thank you for all your interesting tales. Love your blog! Linda

  105. Janine

    I love your Susan Ache quilt! I started cutting mine out when I saw your stack of fabrics in a prior post, but haven’t started putting it together. Now I’ll have to move it up on the list! Thanks for the inspiration.

  106. Ali

    Love the idea of interchanging panels!1 I love the designs!! mumbird3atgmaildotcom

  107. Pam Nichols

    I usually don’t enter any kind of contest, because I never win! However I am a big Gail Pan fan (I like that rhyme). I have every book she has published, except this one. Her embroidery is simple and elegant.
    Thanks for having this book give-away.

  108. Paula Ziegler

    Hi! I wondered who win the “Changing Seasons” book, I think I missed the post for that! 😁. Thanks!

    Paula Ziegler

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