It’s been a tough summer. 

I appreciate the kind and considerate comments and emails.  I do not appreciate those that have not been so kind and considerate.  I miss many of you and some of you I do not miss at all. In fact I wish you would unsubscribe.  If I could “unfriend” you, I would.  I have read and reread my post many times and do not see any place where I have asked for anyone’s opinion.  Many of these nasty comments were deleted or came to me directly as emails.  I wonder if this is a social media phenomenon or is it just me?

I’m willing to give it one more try. 

Do you own our cookbook with Charlene on the cover?  We lost her last week.  She’s buried in the hay ground.

One of our quilts from Sew Charming is on the cover of Martingale’s 2018 calendar along with an antique quilt belonging to Julie Hendersen.  Here’s Connie with the quilt, the calendar and the book.

I have some new fabric I want to play with and I think this might be what I’ll do with it.

Here’s me with my friend Gayle who has MS.  I use our church’s handicap van to take her out to eat once a week – last night we had Chinese which was a nice change of pace.

Laura’s funeral was very sad as you might expect.  Diane Hansen, also a past Country Threads emplyoyee, made the casket flower spray using flowers from Laura’s own backyard garden.  It was beautiful and very personal.  At the end of the graveside service we all joined hands in circles around Laura and sang the doxology, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”, which I guess is a Boehnke family tradition.

This is what I’m working on – Bonnie Hunter’s Mountain Majesties with an old fat quarter pack from about 20 years ago, more on this later.

I’d like to put my hurt feelings behind me. You don’t know the whole story and never will.  

238 thoughts on “It’s been a tough summer. 

  1. Nicole Hanson

    I am sorry for you and the terrible summer that you have had to endure. I am angry at people who have no sensitivity and compassion. Blessing upon you and continue to persevere!
    Nicole in Arizona

  2. Jane R

    I have missed your wonderful post and I am so sorry to hear that some people feel the need to make cruel remarks. I wish to believe and know you do also that good always wins. A big hug to you.

  3. Deborah K.

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this – I hope I wasn’t one contributing to your sadness. I love your posts and love your designs and miss you so much at the shows. It is not the same although I hope you are enjoying your creativeness with no pressure for books and designs! I love your stories about the animals both farm and domestic. Bless you.

  4. Evelyn Haupert

    I am so sorry there are folks out there with nothing good to say and cause hurt feelings. There are so many times I want to send my opinions out, but I know better so I don’t. Please don’t stop blogging and sharing. I and hundreds of others appreciate you Thanks!

  5. Robin Rauk

    Mary, I don’t know what is going on, and I am very sorry if people are being an ass to you.
    I miss reading about your farm adventures every day. I hope things are going better for you soon!
    Libby the barker sends you kiss’s.
    you are an inspiration to me with all you do for animals!!
    take care friend!

  6. Pam Wakeman

    Mary, I’m so sorry for all the difficulties you’ve had to face this summer. I admire your caring nature that comes through your posts. Shame on the people who feel it’s O.K. to criticize others….

  7. Vickie Devore

    First, I have missed your emails much and have said prayers for you. Your emails have been and are interesting to me as a quilter, lover of flowers, thrift shops, etc. Anything you want to share is appreciated; and private information is no problem here. Country Threads is fantastic. I like the mountain pattern and may go give it a try today. Hope your life is smoothing out; will keep praying for this for you. Love you and was thrilled to get your post today! Vickie Devore, Indiana

  8. VA Mann

    It seems to be a trying summer for everyone. So sorry to hear about Charlene. I’ve always enjoy hearing and seeing the antics/news of your fur babies especially the goats. I’m not sure why people have to make negative comments buts it’s everywhere on different Facebook groups I belong to including quilting sites. It’s unbelievable how people can post so much negative/uncalled for remarks. I believe we are here to uplift one’s spirit not bring them down. I never realized there are so many unpleasant people out there ..a majority of them we won’t ever meet! So sorry that you were on the receiving end of the unpleasantness. Please though continue with your posts/pictures. It always is uplifting to see ‘what’s going on at your place’. Prayers go out to Laura’s family and friends. Sending you special prayers and hugs. Va

  9. Gaile Schriber

    I had too read your email twice. People r so cruel and I am sorry you were attack by people. Although
    I do not know you personally I feel like I have known u for along time. I will be praying for you. I hope these people have moved on. Please take care of yourself . Gaile Schriber

  10. Jean Elliott

    Glad to see this post. Not happy with the negative/bad messages you received. Don’t understand how people think they have the right to be nasty to others. I hope they are ashamed but if they have the capacity to know they were wrong they wouldn’t have been nasty in the first place.
    So shocking about Laura. Thank you for sharing the information about her services.

  11. Pam

    Mary, I’m kicking myself now for not sending an encouraging note. It seemed like you had your plate full so I just prayed and thought about you instead. I’m truly sorry there are such nasty people in the world and they will be judged. Just want you to know you are a blessing to so many of us and hope that you are well in every way.

    Kindest regards.

  12. MartyCae

    I am so sorry to hear about Charlene. I do have the cookbook and enjoy the picture on the front. And such a nice picture of you and your friend going out for Chinese.
    You bring such joy to others with all your stories. I want to take this time to thank you.
    God bless you!

  13. Susan Fiorito

    Mary you have had a miserable summer, oh my. I am praying that you will be able to find joy in upcoming months. It is a social media phenomenon with the rude and hateful comments. These people live to make someone else miserable like themselves. Hang in there kiddo. I’ve missed you.

    Kindest Regards,

  14. Nancy

    I am sorry that people are mean. Thank you for always brightening my day. Thank you for sharing the information about the services for Laura. Boy oh boy, this is one tough summer.

  15. Donna Sproston

    I think there are blog trolls out there who try to be as horrid as possible. Your posts are honest and from the heart, just reminding us that life has its ups and downs. Time for some ups for you. Love the calendar quilt. Country Threads and JJ Stitches started my quilting efforts.

  16. Diane

    Oh, Mary. Soooo sorry to hear of all the sadness you’ve had this summer. Please know that you have been missed and are a big part of many of our lives. I am sad about Charlene. While I love all of the stories of all of your animals, I think the goats are my favorite. If you need a change of scenery, I think Country Living is having their Country Living Fair in Columbus in September. Squeak would love to meet Millie’s mom:) Take care.

  17. Pamela

    It breaks my heart to hear you have been hurt so much. I refrained from advice as I’ve not walked a block in your shoes. Know that I am behind you 100% and enjoy your chicken scratch. Keep doing what you are doing my lovely lady. Be blessed & you are a joy to me!

  18. Helen G

    Mary I am so sorry for your losses this summer. I know it has been difficult and why someone would want to add to your pain is beyond me! You have a true giving spirit which can be seen in all you do for others… music gift and your time doing for them. God bless you and I pray you will put the bad behind you and let your happy memories bring you comfort.
    Your new blocks are beautiful! Surprised you’ve had time to sew. Best wishes for a brighter day!

  19. Sue

    I’m so sorry for your awful hurtful summer. People can be very mean. Just know I’m part of the bench support you have with you. It’s been an awful summer in so many ways.

    I love your posts and feel a bit of home whenever I read one. Please please don’t quit.

  20. Kathy Hanson

    Dear Mary,
    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your goat, the animals all have a part of our hearts and when they die just a little of our hearts go with them. I always look forward to your blogs and miss them when you aren’t able to send them. I have said prayers for you and always keep you in my thoughts. Wishing you better days ahead.

  21. Polly Perkins

    I do not have the cookbook but wish I did. Charlene was a great goat and I know you will miss her a lot.

  22. Sandi

    Hi Mary,
    Sending hugs your way!
    I love love love Sew Charming and have made three split square runners and one of the little churn dash quilts (so cute!). Thanks to your inspiration, I’ve quilted them all “Mary’s way” Looks like the hourglass quilt will have to be next!

  23. Dorothy Sheldrake

    You have no idea how much joy you bring to others with your blog. Sometimes I’m laughing and other times I’m crying with you. I feel sorry for those who are so insensitive. The miss out on joy and blessings.
    Please keep on keeping on and blessings so many.
    I’m praying you will find a bit of joy in each day. Sometimes it’s hard and we really have to look for it.
    Love you dear. I feel we are friends and we are, just have never met face to face. Hope to someday.

  24. Paula

    Mary, so sorry to hear about your troubles. I have sorely missed your blog. It is such a bright spot in my day to read about all the things you and your animals do. And all the wonderful and kind things you do for so many in your community. Ignore the unsolicited comments and keep going forward! You have many friends out there that love you!

  25. Diane Boes

    Hi Mary. I have never sent you a comment, but I look forward to all of your antics. I hope that you can look past all of the hurtful and negative comments. Thank you for always sharing so much of your personal life with us. I am wrapping my arms around you from a distance. I continue to pray for your strength and comfort during this difficult summer. Looking forward to seeing more of quilting and country adventures. Please don’t give up on all of the people that truly appreciate all you do and share.

  26. Mary

    I am so sorry you’ve had so many challenges and sadness this summer. I have missed your posts and thought of you each time I read emails. Thank you for sharing about Laura – I so enjoyed her view of the quilts shown in the Meredith magazines. I was amazed that she could make so many pieces. Please take care of you and try to ignore those who criticize.

  27. Carolyn Rhea

    Hi, Mary, I have been enjoying your posts and hearing about your pets. I too am sorry for the events you have had lately and for the loss of your friend, Laura. I enjoyed her quilts in the magazines. I hope you can get everything worked out that will make you happy. Please keep posting, I really enjoy it. Take care!

  28. Marian

    I was so happy to get your post today. Sorry to hear about the negative people who choose not to bring joy like you do. You have so many talents and we are the recipient. Please take care of yourself, blessings to you today and always.

  29. Maureen


    It is NOT you. Too many people have nothing better to do than make nasty remarks. It is too bad that you can’t just block them. I know some bloggers don’t allow a comment to post automatically.

    I am sorry for your losses this summer, whether it is a beloved friend or a very darling goat. I hope that in the days ahead your memories will ease your pain.

    So nice to see the photo of you and Gayle. What a special friend you are to her!

  30. Debbie Miller

    I am so sorry that people feel the need to express their cruel feelings just because they are using the internet. People seem to be more vicious and say things they would never say face to face. I have seen this happen on other blogs that I read and in personal emails that I have received.
    From reading and loving your blog, you seem to have such an upbeat and happy personality and really care for your friends, animals and the pursuit of quilting! I always look forward to seeing your latest adventures and projects!
    Keep smiling and know that “they” don’t matter!

  31. Bobbie Woodruff

    Mary, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. She was so young. Prayers for her family. I’m also sorry for the loss of your sweet goat. I guess I’m like you when you get a pet and bring it home it is your child forever. I would never get rid of one of my fur babies. I love each of them as I love my kids.
    I love the fabric you are using for the Bonnie Hunter quilt, it will be beautiful when done.
    I’m working on a quilt and skirt for a baby bed. It’s for my first great grandchild which is a boy. I’m so thrilled. I have 3 granddaughters so this is new for me.Makiah my granddaughter picked Cars fabric and I’m winging the patterns for everything which I’m not very good at.
    I wish for you a better August than the earlier summer. I’ll pray for you to find happiness in this coming month.
    I love your blog. I love reading about your fur babies. All the pets that gets a loving place to stay when there parents are gone for a few days. You are a find hearted and loving person.
    Have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.

  32. sandy

    You are such a lovely & caring lady….I enjoy your blog so much & have missed your stories.
    I do not understand how people can be so cruel…
    I am so sorry that you have had a summer filled with such sadness…

  33. Kristine

    Mary – I’ve missed your little bits of wisdom and farm life stories these past few weeks. I’m sorry people have to be so rude and have directed their nastiness your way; ignore them. Your cookbook with Charlene on the cover is one of my favorites – I’m sorry she’s passed. I’ve shared some of your goat stories in the past – my niece and her husband have started their little farm with horses, cats, dogs and fainting goats; the goats bring much humor and they are so fun to watch tearing around the yard. You have a kind heart and a beautiful spirit – thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  34. Diana North

    I’m sorry this has been such a difficult summer. Also sorry that people have been so heartless. I’ve never commented before but I really enjoy your post and look forward to them. Looking forward to future post. Take care!

  35. Shirley

    Mary, I am so saddened to see how cruel people can be. Without a doubt you have had a very stressful and sad summer. I do pray that you will be strong and not let the “little” people get you down. I look forward to your posts and do so enjoy them. Take care.

  36. Claudia

    So sorry for all the rude comments. My Mother taught me if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything. You have been through a lot recently and have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  37. Carol T

    Please know that we love you and your posts….I personally never read these things but I just love your way of saying things, explaining things and showing glimpses of your full life…please try to put those meanies far away from your joy! Take care of yourself, Mary and do whatever works best for you and yours.

  38. Chris H

    I’m so very sorry that you have had such a tough summer. It is beyond difficult to lose friends, family and beloved pets. Try to ignore unkind people. I think they must be very unhappy in themselves and
    somehow think that by criticizing someone else it will build them up. You are a delightful soul and I so enjoy your blog. Hugs to you💜

  39. Ann Gupton

    Support you, love you…never give up
    the faith in humanity…love your posts…❤️

  40. Mary

    Mary, I’m so sorry for all the challenges you’ve faced this summer. For every unkind comment you’ve received, please know that there are many more people who are praying for you. I so enjoy your posts; I look forward to each one. Thank you for sharing your life stories and talents with us. You’ve truly blessed many lives and touched many hearts. Sending hugs and prayers your way!

  41. Janice

    Sorry you lost one of your 4-legged family members. People who don’t love animals will never understand how much it hurts.
    I was sorry to hear about Laura. No matter the fabrics used in American Patchwork’s quilts, I always liked Laura’s color choices so much better.
    Remember, there is no cure for stupid, so don’t let them get you down.

  42. Cathie Braman

    I am so sorry for the bad emails you got during your travails. It is bad enough going through
    bad times, but even worse when others think they know more than you. Please know you are
    in my thoughts and prayers.
    And I hope you can see through to the sunshine soon. Really sorry about Charlene. But what a
    great place for you to visit her…….
    Sending hugs,

  43. Leta

    Mary,, thank you for all the wonderful stories. Thought you had been to busy with summer to post, please don’t stop! I hope everything is better with the dogs. Have a great day!

  44. Melody Lenart

    Dear Mary, So sorry for any rude comments that have been made. Just don’t understand why anyone would do this. I have always enjoyed your blog and admired your spirit. So loving and kind to all including your pets and farm animals. Please keep on posting as I would really miss your news.

  45. Mandy Meierotto

    Oh no Mary! So sorry for your loss of Charlene. Our pets become almost like children to us. I miss seeing you at your shop (you were the first to welcome me to Iowa when I first moved here, I’ll never forget your friendliness) and our time in dog training classes. We had the 2 papillons in class with you. May the rest of your year be a joyful one! We all will miss Laura, what a tragic loss!

  46. Becky

    Don’t let the haters get you down. No one who knows you could ever doubt your love for people or animals! (you could block the comments on your blog so they wouldn’t be able to be a hater).

    So sorry you’ve lost Charlene when you’re having a tough summer. Hugs.

  47. Janet

    Mary, I’m sorry for the loss of Charlene. I love your posts, in fact, if it see one in my inbox, I always stop to read it right away, and sometimes read it several times. I love the animal pictures and stories, and I love the quilt pictures, information and what your current projects are. As a quilter and animal lover, I feel we have many things in common. I know you have a very kind heart and unfortunately some people are happy making others miserable if they do not take the same path or make the same decisions that they would in life. Please know that the overwhelming majority of people are good and support you in your decisions. When you closed the store, I was sad, but I certainly understand that things change and with your posts it keeps a small part of Country Threads alive. I don’t know what I enjoyed more about coming to your store, the fabric, your staff or the animals. I have learned things from you and have seen compassion and kindness in your posts. Please don’t lose your sense of humor or your ability to share, your posts are like visiting with a long time friend. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  48. Linda L

    I’m so sorry about Charlene’s death, it is so hard to lose our animals. And the challenges you’ve been having with your dogs, it’s heartbreaking. Even more so when some people feel the need to weigh in on your situation without knowing all the factors. It looks like you have a lot of support in your readers, myself included. I hope things go your way soon.

  49. Holly Woodyatt

    Connie, I am so sorry that people are being mean and evil. I wish you could “unfriend” them too. Several years ago we had a dog that would attack our other dog for no reason, altho my husband always said, she has a reason but it is a dog thing. We had to separate them when this happened altho no blood was drawn, it was just noise. I guess some dogs get more aggress
    ive. My point is it left me on edge when I saw it coming. I know how you feel. I would love to know what you decided to do, will you ever tell us? I know you love all your dogs and I pray you find an answer.

    1. sandra

      I was so happy to read your blog today.I have missed the news of your animals,your quilts,and the farm.You
      You have a wonderful zest for life .Don’t let anyone steal your joy.Keep writing.You are adding pleasure to the day for many of us.I send a warm hug and prayers.

  50. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, no one ever has the RIGHT to send you nasty comments or e-mails. This has happened to you more than once and it needs to stop! I am sorry for the loss of your friend, Laura. May the spirit of her life and friendship always be strong in your life. Thank you for sharing Charlene with us too. I pray that GOD will send peacefulness your way today to ease your hurt and pain. There are MANY of us who LOVE ❤️ you, Mary!

  51. Judie

    Hi, don’t know what all is happenimg in your world but some days are apparently worse than others. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate that you take the time to share. I’m a farm woman too so here is a great big hug and a heavy duty poop slinger for your joyful use to repurpose those nasties.

  52. Carolyn

    Mary, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend, your animals who are like family members and the awful storm experience. You just don’t know how much it has meant for you to share your animals and friends with us! AND your wonderful creations! Sure wish I could give you a big hug in person but please know that there are so many more of us out here that are entirely with you than the few who voice their unhappiness through negative messages. Please ignore any negativity, your blog and life examples are such a positive force!

  53. Debbie grisanti

    I’m so sorry for the many things you have been dealing with. And for the unkind people you have had to deal with. I hope I’m not one of them, I wish you only the best and blessings to get through this.

  54. Linda

    I am sorry that you are having a trying summer. I have missed your post everyday. I am sorry to hear about Charlene. I love to hear about your animals. I know you will miss Laura. Take care.


  55. Judy

    I’m so sorry you had to endure the cruel people out there.
    You have a beautiful soul.

  56. Terry J

    Dear Mary, I am sorry to hear of your pain from cruel comments and the loss of a beloved pet member of your family. Those of us with big hearts and who are always giving to others, seem to get hurt. You are important to all of us and we feel your pain. Please give the hurt feelings to the Lord and let him handle them. Hugs and blessings to you.

  57. Marie M

    You are such an inspiration to so many and I love reading your posts, which are like a letter from a friend. I have been so sorry to hear of all the hard things you have had to deal with this summer. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. May you feel peace in your heart, and remember how much you are loved by me and so many others who truly consider you a dear friend.

  58. Paula Hagg

    I can’t imagine someone being that rude and uncaring. I love reading what you’ve got to say and hearing about you way of life and love of animals and quilting. I’m sorry you are going through tough times right now. I’m sending good thoughts and wishes your way. 🙂💝

  59. Angie

    I join with others in expressing my sadness at the rudeness and inconsideration that some have and those are the ones most likely to feel free to express their unwanted opinions. I have never met you, but I do think I know your heart – you have shared so generously on this blog about your love and caring and respect for others – those with 2 legs and those with 4! I hope you know that most of us could relate in some way to your very difficult situation and we had the concern and respect for you to know that you would get through this time elegantly and with consideration for the best outcome for all involved. It is not for us to judge – it is your heart, your life.

  60. Lisa Chaplin from Washington state

    Mary, I am so sorry for all the hurts and troubles you’ve had this summer, including any nasty posts you’ve received here. I so enjoy your blog, all the quilts, family, friends, animals and farm pictures. Please don’t stop, I know that’s selfish on my part, but I’ve missed your posts lately. I understand your comments on social media, I had to leave Facebook several months ago, I just couldn’t take it any longer. Rather than unfriending people, I realized that the only thing about FB that I could change was myself…so no more FB for me. It’s been a blessing! I also know I’ll miss Laura’s quilts in the magazine, she always had such interesting colorways. She was so young! P.S. On a happier note, I LOVE the blouse you have on the picture with your friend Gayle! It’s beautiful. And I have a wonderful book for you to read: A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, I just finished it.

  61. Carol Garverick

    I am sorry you have had negativity about your posts. I have noticed that this has been a trend this summer. I just hate that people cannot say something nice or not say anything at all. I love to hear from you and see what all the animals are up to. I also want to see what you are sewing. Please continue!

  62. Teresa Allison

    I had the pleasure of talking to you at the Country Living Fair a few years ago. Your booth was alway so nice and very inspiring! Sorry for your troubles, in the world of social media too many people have forgotten that there are lines a casual aquatance doesn’t need to cross. We are surrounded by folks who seem to think they have all the answers to someone else’s problems, and can’t fix their own. Anyway hang in there and enjoy some beauty in every day.

  63. Minnie Homans

    Oh, Mary, i am so glad you are back. I missed you so much. Your posts just make my day. So sorry some people are so mean. Just know that there are many more people out there that love than don’t. I visited your shop many years ago with a bus trip from South Holland, Il Moe Baley was one of our quilters on that trip. I made your wear warm clothes quilt after that trip. It still brings fond memories every Christmas when I bring it out. I leave it out all winter. So sorry that you had to go through this time, but you are stronger for it. Keep the communication coming. Your quilting friend, Min

  64. Patsy

    Thank you for deciding to blog again. I’ve missed your Midwestern life and animals that help to keep me in touch with my Mom’s Marshalltown, Iowa roots. I still have relatives there. I regret that some people can be so thoughtless and uncaring.

  65. Karen

    So sorry for how rough your summer has been. Not sure why people feel it’s okay to tell you what to do, only you can make that decision. Hope things get better for you. Take care.

  66. Martha

    Dear Mary ~~
    It’s interesting that you’re working on a Bonnie Hunter quilt as you experience unkind blog comments. Bonnie speaks quite openly about this happening to her on her facebook page.
    She’s able to block those folks and swiftly does so.

    I love the little charm quilt ~~ might get me back to doing some quilting.

    May blessings of peace fill you and surround you!!

  67. Claudia Sheets

    Some people have nothing better to do than be nasty and negative! I choose not to associate with them! Their lose!
    I happen to love your blog and you! You need to call me and come spend a day!!!!😊No nasty people allowed here! We have a rule. BE NICE OR GO HOME!
    Miss you!

  68. Deb D

    thoughts and prays for your loss of your dear friend I love reading your post sorry you hear from cruel people . look forward to all your post hope for brighter days and keep your chin up .

  69. Jeanne H

    Dearest Mary, I am so sorry that you’ve had those negative comments. Please know that there a lot of us who enjoy your blog, and sympathize with you when bad things happen. I’m hoping that you found a way to resolve the problem with Roxy and Hazel, as hard as it must have been.

    Best – Jeanne

  70. Brenda archambault

    Mary, if I lived closer I’d be there to give you a big hug and we could cry on each other’s shoulders. I’ve never known anyone to be so generous and kind hearted as you. Your concern for people and animals is far reaching and those who care share your joys and sorrows. I just buried my 55-year-old son after a 6- month bout of cancer. We did share his plight a month or more ago and you sent me some very kind words. May god bless you and all of his living creatures, big and small, human and animal. There’s a special place reserved for you when the time comes, and I hope to be one of those on the welcoming committee.

    1. Carol

      I’m so sorry to read about your son, I cannot imagine your pain. I hope you find peace, I’m not sure how that happens but still, I hope you do. God bless.

  71. Marie

    Mary, Why do the Negative Nellie’s in life come out in full force when someone else is going through struggles and difficult times? Unless they know the whole story and have walked in your moccasins for two weeks (Indian proverb) they have no right to comment and should keep quiet. May I share my life Bible verse with you: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me – Philippians 4:13. This verse has serve me well through many adversities in life. Prayers are with you and may God richly bless you for all you do for so very many. Thank you.

  72. Anna Singleton

    Sending hugs and prayers for you. Do not let the comments of nasty people get to you. Keep doing what you are doing, I promise you there are many more of us the love and support you than those who don’t. Keep trusting in God and he will get you through this.

  73. Rose Mikulski

    So sad that the negative remarks always seem to outweigh the many kind and positive remarks your blog generates from the many, many friends you have in blogland. Stay strong and remember us. Also I am so sad to hear about Charlene who I know loved those cheese balls I brought her. I still remember you telling me you were coming home when it was dark and you could hear Charlene crunching on the cheese balls which were left from earlier in the day. I’m glad I have my photos of her. Big hugs!

  74. Janice Shock

    Sorry if this is a repeat, computers.

    Sorry for the losses you’ve had recently, not just you, people are becoming meaner as their world shrinks with the large egos they have. Continue to soar with the eagles and don’t worry about the buzzards (won’t even dignify them with turkey). God is good will continue to hold you close. Blessings to you and please, I like all your posts.

  75. Kathy

    I have 28 emails waiting in my inbox but when I saw yours this afternoon I went to it first. Those who love animals and truly do humanly care about people are all I wish to surround myself with anymore. There is so much hated and bitter comments and accusations coming out everywhere we turn this year that it has made me reflect on who and what I want to do. Changes happen but this new acceptable way of life is not right. People should not be as nasty as they are. I am glad you called them out on being bad! They are heartless souls. You keep taking friends out to lunch, you keep sewing your sweet heart out and share the love you have with those who appreciate it. We enjoy your blog posts of how your day is going and please don’t stop. I can only wish to be half as great a person as you are.

  76. Ann Roth

    I love your blog and all the animals and I am so sorry that there are so many unfeeling people that they
    have to hurt others for their own satisfaction. It seems that this is the times we live it and I guess we
    have to hear it, but we don’t have to accept it or take it to heart. You do so much good for this world and please don”t stop sharing with all of us. I have been infatuated with Country Threads for so long, and somewhere in my sewing room are old copies of the Goat Gazzette and you published a picture of my two kitties sleeping in my bird baths. Both are gone now and my heart misses them so much. I know your heart is broken over Charlene. I am so sorry.

  77. Dorie Esquivel

    So sorry you aren’t being allowed to grieve after you have lost so much. When you feel ready to let us know about the farm happenings, plants, weather and neighbors, I look forward to it. Blessings. Stay strong.

  78. Sandy Kolarik

    You are such a loving and giving person and I wish I had a friend like you. You truly have had a lot on your plate lately and I was worried for you. I did not know Laura except through the quilt magazine but know she was a very talented lady and way to young to leave us. Please stay strong and ignore the people who feel they need to give their opinions to the rest of us. There are many more of us who appreciate all your wonderful stories and pictures of your quilts. Love you.

  79. Gloria

    Look closely at your mountain majesty quilt. There are ups and there are downs. Just like life. You are a wonderful giving woman who sends out only positivity. We love that you so generously share with us. Tuck those sad feelings of this year away and be open to much happier times ahead. We are praying along with you and know life will refresh your generous happy spirit. God bless you.

    1. Carol

      Great analogy….and so true. We have to let the ups carry us through the downs.

  80. Kathy

    mary, do not let mean people affect your life. god knows you are good and have a good heart. there are all kinds of people who love you. keep you head held up high.


  81. Ann Barlament

    (((((HUGS))))). Laura will be greatly missed by family, friends and the Quilting community. What a wonderful tradition the Boehnke family has, circling around the grave and Praising God.

    I do not have a cookbook, but Charlene like all your fur kids have special places in the heart. I’m sorry for all your heartache.

    Keeping you tucked safely into my thoughts and prayers!!!

  82. Synthia Noble

    First I want to tell you that I LOVE that red ruffly top you are wearing in the photo with your friend. You look so pretty!!!
    I don’t know what to tell you about mean-spirited people who think they know everything. They creep out everywhere (perhaps from under rocks???) all too often. It’s difficult to ignore them and/or not be hurt by their talk and behavior. It’s not too different from the bullying that children do. However, they are not everybody. They are not loving, giving, and talented like you. Try to remember to focus on those of us who admire you and love you even though we’ve never met.

  83. Denise

    I hope you are able to continue on with this blog. I always look forward to your posts.


    Oh, wow, it’s been such a hard summer for you; I don’t want to know what people said, but it’s not you, it’s this whole social media thing where people say and do things they would never say or do in person. If I had the cookbook, I’d send you my copy. So sorry you lost Charlene. It’s obvious how much your animal friends/family mean to you.

    Thank you for sharing about Laura’s memorial service. That must have been lovely and heart-rending all at once. My sympathy.

    Your mountain majesty blocks are great! I want to make that quilt someday, too!

    I’m doing my first sew along with Pat Sloan, Grandma’s Kitchen. It was the name that drew me in. So many memories flooding back as I read others’ remembrances and search my stash for fabrics that tell my story of my three grandma’s that I knew.


  85. Mary Ann Platt

    You are an amazing lady. I admire your dedication to so many causes. I share many of these same interests. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you will continue to share your interesting passions.

  86. Cathy Davis

    So hard to ignore the negative when accompanied by bad behavior. I was thrilled to see you in my inbox today ❤ Hopefully all love we send you makes up for the nasty of others. Let your light shine Mary! YOU make a difference in so many lives!

  87. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Thank you for having the courage to continue with your blog: I am one of many who love it, and would miss it sorely if you stopped. Shame on those who have treated you with no respect, and who are unable to appreciate the privilege of being able to share part of your life. That your openess is met by some with cowardly abuse appalls me.
    Thank you for sharing the details of Laura’s service: that must have been a sad day for all concerned.
    I don’t have your cook book, but I do have pictures of Charlene in my old copies of the Goat Gazette. How old was she?
    The Mountain Majesties is looking good: I have some of the same fabrics in my stash (which says something about my stash!) curious to see where you are going with it.
    Kind regards,

  88. Luci

    Hi Mary, Thank you for coming back and writing again. Your summer, as much as you have shared, has been a really tough one for you, and it is shameful that people have chosen to be harsh or cruel with their words. I love your pictures, animals, flowers, music, Iowa information, friends, quilts, etc., etc. I look forward to getting your emails and would really miss seeing what you are doing and what you are making. If you can, know that there are sooooo many more of us cheering for you than chastising you, and please stick with us. All good thoughts and big hugs to you.

  89. Sharon Ernst

    Mary — Please know that there are many, many, many people who care about you. I was so pleased to see you in my email – because I’ve had you in my thoughts & prayers. I look forward to every post you do! You are a kind, loving and very giving human being. If I was there, I’d give you a hug! I hope this helps your day get a little better! 🙏🏻

  90. Suzanne

    I just want to say that although I don’t comment much i do appreciate your posts. I am very sorry for the pain you are going through. I hope that you will lean on God and he will guide you through this. I have said many orayers for you and i hope that this will be of some comfort to you.
    Please continue the posts and know that there are many of us out here in this heartless world that appreciate all that you do.THANK YOU!!!!!!🙏👍

  91. Katie Hayse

    How awful that people are giving you grief! What business is it of theirs what you do! You are open to sharing but that doesn’t mean they have the right to criticize. Shame, shame, shame!
    We just got back from 10 days camping in Yellowstone and surrounding areas with the twins. We had a great time, but I am still in recovery mode! 😊 This may be the last year for a long trip with kids, but we are not totally counting it out yet! Saw lots of animals, but you know there are a lot of buffalo around when you see an animal and everyone says, ” oh, it is just another buffalo.” Some people were even stopping to take pictures of Canadian geese! Boy, they must lead a sheltered life. We have them in our back yard, pooping all over practically everyday. The girls and I did the row by row on the way home. They have some Jr. Rows this year and they got quite enthused by it.
    I hope you don’t quit your blog. I love hearing about your life. Brings back lots of memories of all the fun at camp and other retreats.

  92. ada montessoro

    I’m sorry to hear that you have had an unpleasant summer and that comments on social media have contributed. I appreciate your sharing of your thoughts and activities and this city girl hopes that you will continue. I know it is easy to say, but just ignore the naysayers.

  93. Kristie Michalowski

    I’m sorry for the ugly people. Your blog is always a bright spot to my day. Just keep deleting the uglies ;o)

  94. Lisa W

    What a nice way to spend a fun evening with Gayle! What a blessing to have access to the van at your church. I bet you both look forward to dinner out. I really like the fabric for the Bonnie Hunter quilt, so pretty and cheery. Take good care!

  95. Becky from IA

    Oh Mary…..I’m so sorry for you to have to deal with all this drama! So many people do care about you and really hope for the best. Now to loose Charlene! My heart still breaks for you! Thanks for sharing the information about Laura funeral….I loved about the flowers arrangement made from the flower in her garden.
    I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you take out of your busy life it to write your blog. It is the first thing I look for when I go to my email in the morning so being my selfish self I truly hope that you continue to write your blog. Hugs and prayers.

  96. Mary

    Sorry you have had a rough summer. I have missed your posts, and was wondering how you were doing. I always love hearing about what you are working on, and all of your animals. Better days are surely around the corner! Take care!

  97. Connie Olson

    Hello Mary,
    Why would any one be SO unkind to you? I cannot figure it out. I love your blog, every bit to it and it
    always brightens my day. I love to hear about all your animals, you are one in a million lady and never forget it!! We love you, Mary!

  98. Dee

    Mary, some people have the mistaken idea that, by shoving someone down they raise themselves up. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I am appreciative of your honesty. Life can be hard and complicated. I am sorry things have been difficult for You! It is my prayer that they get better and that you remember how much God loves you, at all times and through all things!

  99. Linda Arganbright

    Hello, Mary, I don’t think you’d remember me but I retired from Cherrywood Fabrics about 4 years ago. I stopped at your quilt shop many times and saw you at lots of quilt shows in the 12 years I was with Cherrywood. You have always been tops in my book!!! You have always been there to help anyone or anything when needed the most. To think that someone would give you a bad time in circumstances that I know have been most difficult for you makes me so mad!! I look forward to your posts and hope that you are not discouraged to the point that you give up your wonderful blog. It is my way of keeping in touch with you and I know many feel the same way. You keep me inspired in my retirement! I hope we all can give back a little something to you now in this tough time.

  100. Nancy

    I am so sorry for all you have been going through. No one walks in our shoes, but us. I do want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I have missed your posts, but I understand. Every time I looked and you weren’t there, I said a prayer for you. Take care of yourself, and know there are many who love you.

  101. Marilyn

    God Bless and hold you close during these tough days – thinking or you and praying this prayer often.

  102. Cindie

    I was so excited to see your blog today and so disappointed to see the opening paragraph. My heart sank when I read it. Your blogs for me have been like reading an on going novel. People are so hurtful at times. I feel badly for what you have had to deal with after sharing so much with us. Thank you for deciding to give it another shot.

    I love the blouse you are wearing in the photo. I do have the cookbook and now it means even more learning that Charlene is gone. You have certainly had some hard times.

    I often think about you when I am working in my backyard. Knowing you through a blog always brings a smile to my face.

    To those with hurtful words, unscribescribe. There is so much negitivity in our word today that there is no room for it in Mary’s blog.

    Take care and God bless –

  103. Nancy England-Poole

    Mary so sorry you have had to endure the negative people of this world. You have such a smile and positive posts on you blog. Your posts connect me with my Iowa and Minnesota roots. Having only you met you once too many years ago. I remember the farm and the shop and love the pictures you send. Some times I just don’t know how you do all the wonderful things you do. Keep doing it your way.

  104. Peggy

    Oh dear Mary!! So sorry to hear of what has been happening for you. It’s been a rough summer so far. Hoping there will be much better days ahead. I’ve been missing your Chicken Scratch & can’t believe there are people out there who write bad things. Please hang in there for the rest of us who absolutely love hearing from you about all the goings on at the farm & what you are up to! Take care my friend. ❤️

  105. Tonya

    Sending you a big hug and comforting prayers. Your emails are something I look forward to reading. Love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories about your animals, your farm, your quilting, your friends and family. You have a giving spirit and a big heart. People don’t have to be mean, but they choose to be. It was good to call them out for their meaness and ugliness. Their hearts and brains are much too tiny. Wishing you only good and happy thoughts.

  106. Ellie

    I have been quite concerned about you and the long silence so I was very cited when you showed up in my inbox . Then I started to read your post. On no! How can people be so cruel and rude! You are such a sweet and loving person and it is unbelievable that people would behave this way! I hope you won’t give up blogging because of these horrid people.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Charlene. You have had. So much sorrow this summer with this and then your friend Laura and then your dog problems. You are in all our prayers. I hope you can feel the support of your friends, even though many of us have never met!

  107. Launa

    So enjoy the smiling faces on Chicken Scratch . Loved the quilt shown with the scrappy quarter square triangles and your blocks. Am still working on unpacking my sewing room. Daily life goes on. Past few days we’ve had smoke inversion from Montana’s forest fires. Our four baby Robins flew off Sunday. Have lost count of the different butterflies we have here

  108. Sandie Jagusch

    I am so sorry to hear of Charlene’s passing. I really enjoy reading your postings. I am so sorry people have been cruel to you. I was at your quilt store not too long before it closed and met you. You are a wonderful person.

  109. Brenda C.

    I am so saddened by what has happened to you on the blog. Sending you wishes for peace and sunny days ahead. We can’t let the bad guys win.

  110. Tanya Quilts in CO

    I am so sorry people have been so rude and unkind. It seems to get worse because of technology/social media, but I am a teacher and see kids who are rude at such young ages. I won’t tolerate it in my classroom, but unfortunately that is the only place I can control it…Perhaps, the fall will be a better season that this summer.

  111. Anna M

    So sorry for all you’re going through. I’ve been thinking about you. Please don’t stop writing your blog. I love reading about all of your adventures…animals…quilts…books…everything! That’s the one thing I hate about Facebook, all the negativity. I think you have an awful lot of people out there that care for you. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to let those negative comments bother you too much. You truly don’t deserve them.

  112. Kaye

    So good to hear from you again! I DO have one of those cookbooks that brings Iowa cooking to our VA home. Thanks for reminding me of Bonnie’s Majestic Mts pattern.

    The buzzards may circle over your head, but only you can let them nest in your hair. 🙂

  113. Nancy Hillman

    Mary, I want to let you know how much I look forward to your posts. I so miss Country Threads. Loved going down to your sales (I live in central Minn). Thanks for all your hard work in blogging. I hope everything works out for you. People can be so hard to understand. Keep the faith and know there are those of us that really look forward to your posts.

  114. Jan Smith

    So happy to see you are back blogging. I would sure miss you if you hadn’t! Hope things are well with you. So very sad about Laura Boehnke. I’ve admired her alternate color way quilts in AP&Q for all these years. Much too young. My condolences on your loss of your sweet pet Charlene. Throwing it out there – Autumn will be better!

  115. cjbeck

    Please don’t stop writing!! I love your posts and always look forward to reading them!! I especially appreciate how you share both your ups and your downs! We all experience both! I only visited your shop once but I will never forget it-my husband either!! Thank you for sharing your life and quilting with us!!

  116. Carol

    Mary, I have been reading your posts every time one comes to my email box. I enjoy reading about your good times, your amazing quilting, your beautiful land and your friends. I feel sad to know that while you are having such a trying summer, people feel inclined to torment you. Isn’t our world sad and hateful enough at times without contributing to it?

    You started a kind of prayer chain for the return of my Kitty two years ago. I really appreciated that. She has been ill this past month and I have been feeling kind of low about it. I know you understand. We’re trying the path of least interference and hoping our choices make her better. Our pets are our family, people who don’t have them might not get that, but it’s true. The bigger the family, the greater the losses. I always feel badly for you when one of your little ones (and, with goats, maybe not do little!), passes on. I hope you don’t experience any more loss this year.

    Now, about the mean ugly trolls that get in your way. I believe you can block them. Bonnie Hunter has had to do exactly that, again, recently. Go to her blog, find her email, and ask her how. You’re making her quilt? Maybe she’s making yours! I just emailed her about our guild doing a mystery quilt of hers, and she got back to me very quickly.

    I’ve got a Bonnie Hunter quilt going on myself, Boxy Stars. Reproduction fabrics. Pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

    Your life is well worth recording. We are honored to be allowed a peek through your windows, and into your barn and fields. Please don’t give it up. It’s your story.

  117. Nancy

    What a terrible summer for you! I’m so sorry for your losses! It always saddens me when an animal passes away but I know you understand that circle of life. The loss of Laura is like losing an old friend. Every time I saw a quilt in one of my magazines, I knew that Laura would have a totally different slant on the pattern. I will miss her greatly.
    Don’t listen to the negativity; some people have only had miserable lives and don’t know how to behave. I have always enjoyed your patterns, books, talent and sense of humor. I was just cleaning out my sewing room (to make space for a new long arm Bernina) and decided to part with some fabric and patterns. I came across many Country Threads patterns but could not bear to part with any of them!
    You have to do whatever it is that you have to do, but I thoroughly enjoy you blog and would miss you terribly if you decide to stop.
    Kindest regards,

  118. Penny

    Mary, you are a very kind and giving person. Just ignore the haters and pray for them they are very sad and unhappy people. I always enjoy your blog. You inspire me when I am down. I love telling my husband all about you, he enjoys the stories. Sending you prayers and love.

  119. Judy Bickler

    I am so happy to have news from you again. I look forward to it every day. I feel like you live right around the block. I enjoy celebrating with you and empathizing with you. So good to hear from you…thanks for being you!

  120. Cheryl

    Mary, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for this post, we all, myself included, need to read and not comment. You have family, friends, and your church to advise you when advice is needed. I hope the rest of your summer is more enjoyable. God bless you.

  121. Dixie

    I’m truly shocked that people would have the audacity to post a mean, hurtful message to someone as nice and caring as you are. Really enjoy your posts, and hope to continue to hear from you. Good will always prevail over evil. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way, sweet Mary.

  122. Shelba

    You are loved. As we age, the years have more sadness and loss. I find joy where I look for it and make it happen. You are making good things happen as you always have. Thank you for sharing.
    May The Lord keep you in the hollow of his hand as your soul heals from so much sadness.

  123. Beryl BC

    I, too, like seeing your post today and have been thinking about you. I have two other blogs I check regularly, and I know they have had similar situations where people have been unkind and assume they know more than the writer. I hope things turn around for you. I wish I would have gotten a cookbook; I would guess it’s full of good recipes as well as a great cover. I looked forward to seeing all of your animals when we visited your shop, and I remember you taking my daughter out to see the animals. Know that there are many that are supporting you.

  124. Rebecca

    Mary, you have a kind and loving heart. All of us wouldn’t look forward to your blogs if you didn’t. I like many others has a heart that jumps when I see you have written us a new letter. God knows, leave the ugly people to him.
    Looking through the magazine and not seeing Lauras take on a quilt will be missed so much. It was fun to see what she came up with.
    May your August be relaxing and a time for a little healing.
    God Bless You

  125. Linette Anne Stewart

    You of all people do not deserve anyone’s uncaring comments. I am very sorry someone would treat you like that.

  126. Debbie Archer

    I’m so sorry for the loss of all of your precious friends. Whether two legged or four it isn’t easy.
    Thank you for your blogg. The first time I saw your quilt shop I was in awe. I was visiting my son and his family in Forest City. My son and oldest granddaughter brought me to your shop. I was sad to see your shop was closing and happy at the same time because of the reason. My son saw a quilt hanging on a wall as we came in the door. I bought it and had him pick the fabric for it. I couldn’t wait to get home to Reno so I could start on it. It was the first pieced quilt I’d ever done. That was the first of many.
    I hope things will get better from here out and people will remember to be kinder.

    Debbie Archer

  127. Colleen

    I wrote you a long email 2 blogs ago it was so helpful for me to write the words…..then I did not send it because my words didn’t offer you any “help” for you. I want people to be happy when they see me coming rather than when when I leave.
    You have been really tested it’s so sad to have a good friend die
    To have a cherished animal die is difficult too
    To have chaos let lose within your animal family is hard also

    How to deal with it all ? Lean on friends and family try to relax and know this to will pass
    So sorry 😐 I do feel for you

  128. Janet

    I’ve missed hearing from you. I love your emails- you are a very caring person and glad I got to know you from the store and from your emails.
    Pray that the rest of the summer is happier for you.

  129. Charlotte

    Mary please know I am lifting you in prayer and God’s comfort and protection and strength. You are such a hero to me with your generous and compassionate heart. I am sorry this has been such a summer of heartache and loss. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. xxxxoooo

  130. Linda Cochran

    Big Texas hugs, I pray the rest of the year is better. I am a proud owner of the cook book.
    Hugs, Linda

  131. Janie

    Why do people have to be nasty? Social media can be a mixed blessing, but lately not so much. I had a bad week last week, so I can relate. Keep up the faith. I enjoy your news and pictures.

  132. Saundra Handy

    Mary, I’m so sorry that sometimes people can say such hurtful things. I don’t usually comment on your posts but I always enjoy them. I have never met anyone who loves their pets and other’s like you do. Whatever decisions you’ve made I’m sure you did the best for all concerned. I wish I would have met you many years ago. You are a amazing lady!

  133. Gina

    My prayer for you is that God will bring you peace, understanding and show you how to put this behind you. Words are so powerful. If people would stop and think…..wouldn’t the world be awesome!

  134. terri mulinix

    Please don’t let the negative people if the world tell you how to run your life. I so enjoy your posts. You will find it easier if you just delete any post you think are negative and keep being your bright sunny self. Life’s been hard for you this summer and some people like to kick people while there down. Life’s just to short to listen to those people. God will guild you they all of this. Go sew something. It will make you feel better. I so look forward to your post as I’m sure a lot of people do. God bless Terri

  135. Paula

    Mary, So glad to see you back. So sorry for all the stress and disappointment of the summer. I love your blog and check it each day. I love the thought of flowers from her garden for the casket and being made by a friend. So nice of you to take your friend to lunch each week. I can feel the hurt in your writing and sorry some people act as they do. I don’t know why these people just don’t stop reading blogs rather than cause sadness for that person. Paula in KY

  136. Jeri Niksich

    Mary I agree with everyone that have commented today, please try to ignore and forget the spiteful remarks from the ugly spirited people out there. I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost our oldest granddaughter July 25th. She lost her 2nd battle against Leukaemia. She would have been 21 this Sat. August 5th.

  137. Martha Engstler

    Dear Mary, You can tell by the many affirmative blogs how much you are loved and appreciated by so many of your followers/. I hope I have never said anything that might have come across as negative. Your year has had so many losses including garden, friends and pets. You are in my nightly prayers and I pray God will hold you in his arms through these troubled times. Always look for your blog first thing. Thank you for your time and wonderful pictures. Sent with love.

  138. Kim Anderson

    Mary, I love reading about life on your farm, and your quilting projects….please continue. So sorry that some people are so negative and spiteful. Keep smiling!

  139. Mary S McCarron

    Its been a while since your last post Have kept you in my thoughts and prayers Please keep posting despite the negativity you’ve encountered Your posts have kept me motivated with my own sewing and gardening Its so interesting to see your pets your projects and your plants

  140. Kate

    Mary, I am so sorry you have had so much to deal with this Summer and I am really sorry you had to deal with some mean people. My prayer for you is that you will find peace and joy once again. There will be a rainbow behind this cloud.

  141. Carol Berry

    There are so many of us who love to read your blog! You’re missed when you’re away.

  142. Beth T.

    Mary, I have been thinking that this summer has been filled with so much heartache for you, as you’ve dealt with Hazel and Roxanne, and then losing Laura. Then today I read that you lost Charlene as well. I am so sorry.
    To then hear that instead of drawing strength from the online community, you’ve found criticism and rebuke breaks my heart. I hope that I haven’t said anything that sounded judgmental. Please know that I am filled with compassion for the heartbreaking situation in which you find yourself. I know you’ll make a good choice for both of these sweet dogs, even if doing so is very hard on you.
    I hope that reading so many messages of love and support lifts you up as you make your way through this grueling summer.

  143. Louise K.

    I am so sorry you were the target of hurtful comments. You’d think people would graduate from Junior High already, but I guess not.
    You’ve had a tough few months, from what I gather on your blog, and people should show you kindness and understanding.
    Yes, please put this behind you. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your quilts and your life…most of us really like to read your blog and are inspired by you.
    By the way, I really love your fabric choices on Delectable Mountains! I have one almost finished of black and rust/orange shirts, which I really want to get done in time for Halloween. (THIS Halloween!)

  144. Bobbie Knight


    Please know that you are in my thoughts, all good ones, and that your posts have been missed this summer. Take care!


  145. Jan

    Hi Mary! I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with rude people who are supposedly adults. I find as I get older that I simply cannot tolerate rude (ie., stupid) people. You know who your true friends & supporters are & we love hearing about your life on the farm — the good things & the not so good things! Hugs from TN!
    Also, I was shocked to hear of Laura’s passing. I was fortunate to meet her once at Quilt Market in MN a few years ago when I still had my quilt shop in IL. She was a real sweetheart. I’ve always loved seeing her “alternate colorway” opinion in the American P&Q magazine. She will be missed by many! Prayers for her family in this really tough time.
    You will get past this thru the help of your supporters. Please don’t consider giving up your blog. Too many of us will miss it. Just delete any comments you don’t like & move on as best you can!
    Love & hugs to you………………….

  146. Gayle Lacey

    You of all people, Mary, should NEVER receive any hurtful emails. In fact, no one should! This social media fad has exposed all of the nastiness that has previously been kept hidden. But now, FB comments, blog comments, and messages mask their senders identity. People sending out criticism and malicious comments, which evidently you received, are now ‘anonymous ‘ faces, and they feel they have a green light to hurt others with no sense of respect or decency. I’m so sorry you had to endure this in light of everything that’s been going on with you. I love your blog! I’m an animal lover and feel your sorrow when unfortunate things happen to your furry kids. Don’t let the bad guys (gals) beat you!

  147. Sue

    I am upset for you for the nasty comments some people have sent you.I hope you can ignore them and keep posting .Kind regards Sue.

  148. Susan

    Please don’t read those negative comments, you are such a kind, giving considerate person. There are tons of us out here who love you and think so highly of you and Connie!

  149. Eva Shimamura

    I am so sorry Mary. I have been following you for a long time but never comment. You are the most loving and caring person. Shame on those mean spirited people. I so much enjoy your picures and daily activities. Please don’t stop. Take care Mary.

  150. Nancy Wines

    I am so sorry you have received ugly comments. My mom taught me if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. You and your neighbors have suffered many trials and sorrows this summer and I feel certain you have all done the best you could and you have to need to tell any of us anymore than you want to share. I have enjoyed immensely your posts and sharing about all the animals and your sweet family and neighbor young man that helps you. And your quilting adventures are great. Please don’t stop. You bring sunshine to me and others with your posts
    Hugs from rainy Florida!

  151. Sara Reynolds

    I was so glad to see your blog today. I have been checking every day for it. I have missed it. I hope things start to get better for you. So sorry about Charlene. I will be looking forward to your next post.

  152. Wendy

    I always look forward to hearing about your farm yard animals, happenings around your home and town. It’s shocking that people feel it’s okay to make nasty comments. It seems to be a problem on social media. I hope you’ll continue to write.

  153. Noeleen Taylor

    Dear Mary, I’m so sorry you’ve been hurt. Losing pets is no different to losing family. Keep up the lovely information and newsy home chat. I for one love it.
    I’m making a quilt for a friend with cancer. It’s blue and white,with a little lemon to add a sparkle. When we trained together to become State School Dental Nurses, we roomed together in a hostel. She loves blue so Pat Sloan’s Solstice quilt pattern, and my blue stash of scraps where already in the pipeline ’cause I wanted to learn how well my Brother machine works. It seems like a real God thing to have so much done already. Now just the dreaded fearsome quilting to go. I love the idea of doing straight lines that you gave us. So that’s what I’m going into my den to do so I can post it off.
    I miss living in the country and you help fill my heart with the ups and downs of country living but, I do feel for those who have lost their living and crops in the storms. How will they manage to get by?

  154. Katherine Shute

    I always enjoy your posts or blogs and don’t know nor understand why people make mean it ugly remarks.

    Please keep coming. I like keeping up with Hazel. With all the farm work you have to do, I don’t know where you find time to quilt.

    Thank you.

  155. Norma

    Oh my goodness, Mary! You put so much heart in all you do!Thank you for all you share. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with unhappy, unkind people. Keep being yourself and know that you a re appreciated.

  156. Theresa nielsen

    I love the photo of the quilt, I have been going through fabrics new and old lately. Such fun to look into the past. I was sorry to hear about Laura. I love your blog.

  157. patti leal

    mary, i’m sending giant quilti hugs your way. i’m sure there is a form of rainbow bridge for goats also and you will see charlene again. hugs, hugs, hugs, patti in florida

  158. Trudy Locke

    I am so sorry you are having a bad time with people. Where do they get off judging others. Each of us has a cross to bear and it is only made heavier by those who are negative. Keep your chin up and things will work out as the Lord has ordained. Keep looking “up”!

  159. Sharon Geiger

    Mary, you cannot please everyone and I’m sorry that you had some very mean and hurtful comments from people. I just adore your blog and I love hearing about your daily life on the farm. Keep it up! You touch so many lives in such a positive way! God bless you! PS congrats on getting your quilt displayed in another publication!

  160. Janet

    Mary, I think of you often ,you are an amazing woman and I Thank you for being the the caring person you are .

  161. Paula (Texas)

    If I could take away all the hurtful comments and e-mails for you, I would gladly. I love hearing about your plants, animals, and activities. Yes, I would like to know how the dog situation is going, but I do realize it’s none of my business if it is too hurtful for you to write about. I still have my rescued kitten situation. My oldest cat absolutely hates the little one and goes after her every chance she gets. Breaks my heart, but I guess I need to find her another home.

  162. Beverly

    I sure hope you don’t give up on your blog. It is generous of you to share your quilting skills, thoughts and farm life antics with us and I among many appreciate it. You handle the haters well, nuf said. Wishing you a peaceful rest of the year.

  163. Lee

    Mary, hang in there ….this too will pass. Please don’t let these people get you down. People write things online that they would never have the nerve to say to your face.
    Thanks for being my favorite blogger. You make lots of people smile on a rainy day. Lee

  164. Marie J.

    Mary! Please don’t let some bad apples spoil the whole basket! I’m like a lot of others who don’t usually comment, but tears came to my eyes reading all the warm wishes and happy thoughts being sent your way! Please hang in there, I love thinking I have a wonderful friend in Iowa who loves life, animals, quilting, friends and family as much as me here in southern California!!

  165. Angie Rowland

    Why don’t people adhere that if you can’t say something nice then keep your trap shut or something like that. You have been under a lot of stuff lately. May the next light in the tunnel is not another train but the sunshine. I do have the cookbook and have tried so many recipes and LOVED everyone I have tried.
    I as well as so many others look forward to your news from the farm as we anticipated the latest goat gazette for several years for me.
    Don’t let some jerks ruin the positive attitude that so many of us can’t wait to read. It certainly makes my day brighter.
    Flowers from her garden brought tears to my eyes. How sweet. Elizabeth Kubler Ross in a speech I said that she loved flowers from a garden over ANY florist arrangement as it is directly from God to the the person rather than sitting for days waiting to be purchased. She would have approved and so do I. Very Sweet.

  166. Caryn Bravos

    Mary, You are a loving and compassionate pet and animal lover. I’m sorry you had to read nasty comments. Please know I’m sending you all good thoughts for healing and strength.

  167. Janet R

    I’m so sorry people have been cruel. I can’t imagine what prompts people to behave in that manner. My sympathies for your losses. Please focus on those of us who support you.

  168. Robin Boggan

    Mary thank you letting us know how things are going. I’m sorry that people have to be so rude! I love your blog and look forward to see what you have been doing. I hope your summer will bring you some sunshine in your heart! Glad you could go have have a nice evening out with your friend.
    Please take care and do a little sewing will help to heal your heart!

  169. Judy

    I absolutely love reading your blog. It is my first choice in my emails each day that you post. I was raised on a small farm in Indiana and reading about your home and animals makes me smile with sweet memories of life in the 50s of my younger years. I always wanted to move back to the country but it didn’t happen. There are so many things in common in our lives….my MIL was a church organist for 30 years, your kind heart and love of animals. And then there are quilts…beautiful and inspiring quilts. Please keep writing your blog and including pictures of a wonderful life.

  170. Kathy Schwartz

    You have so many wonderful comments to read, it will take you forever! People ( who are decent people) do care. I am also sorry about your Charlene. At least she made it to the cover of a cookbook!! The calendar quilt is lovely. Beautiful colors. I also like your “old fat quarters.” It is fun to see some of those older fabrics. How nice of you to take your friend, Gayle, out to eat. I’m sure she enjoys that event. How sad that your friend, Laura is gone. The world cannot afford to lose any organists. There are just not enough anymore. May God grant you peace and assurance during this time.

  171. Katie

    Mary, Please continue to share, I was able to visit your place once, many years back, have always enjoyed your newspapers, sites and all your sharing..I look at pictures my husband took when we visited your wonderful Country life, in Iowa often…
    Thank you, Katie in Gilbert, Az.

  172. Janet Snyder

    Mary, I was so excited to see your EMail. So sorry about Charlene. She was definitely a cover girl goat. I hope you are able to get rid of the trouble makers. Why people enjoy hurting others is beyond me. I love the quilt you are making. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Oh, I forgot to say how exciting to be on the cover of the calendar. Congratulations 🎈🎈🎈

  173. Linda

    Mary, I rarely post, but have to say it is very sad to hear that such a lovely, positive, caring woman can be sent hurtful comments. Rise above the negativity and conquer! You so deserve the very best! Hugs, lady!

  174. Cathy

    I was so glad to see your email today. I always enjoy reading them. My sincere sympathy on the loss of Charlene. They take a piece of our heart with them when they leave us. I was taking one of my cats to the vet today because her breathing was labored & she died on the way. It is never easy to say goodbye to them. I was so sorry to hear about Laura. What a tragedy. I always thought she had the greatest job ever! She will be missed. I hope things turn around for you. It has been an extremely troubling time for you. God bless.

  175. Donna McCormack

    I enjoy your blog so much. It is first thing I read each morn. Your adventures with your animals bring me lots of pleasure and lift me up each day. Sorry you had to endure criticism from bad people. They must be so unhappy. You have lots of good kind friends. So sorry to hear of Laura’s passing. She will be missed.

  176. Deedee

    Mary, I so enjoy reading your posts. I’m so sorry for all that you have been through. Put all that ugly negativity behind you. All I can say is that those ugly mean people who make judgements on things which they know nothing about are truly unhappy with themselves and life. I hope things turn the corner for you in a positive way.

  177. Kate Schloemer

    Mary, I am so sorry for people’s ignorance. I have missed your post these last few weeks. I hope that you will continue to do them.
    I am so sorry for the loss of Charlotte…
    I am also so sorry to hear of Laura’s passing. The Lord has certainly received some wonderful people into heaven lately, as I lost a lifetime friend a couple weeks ago.
    Good bless,

  178. Emily

    Good Morning, Mary;

    I am so sorry that you have had some ugly, unkind comments on your blog. I have been thinking about Laura and her family all week. Thank you for letting us know about her and the funeral. I never met her, but I did know about her quilting talent. I also hate to hear about Charlene. My husband and I own a farm and have cows, chickens, dogs and cats. We are also self-employed and work with people in our businesses. When days are depressing, we go out and spend time with them. They always make us smile when people don’t.
    You are the kind of woman I admire. You pick yourself up, kick the turds aside, and move forward doing good for those you can.
    Thank you for sharing your quilts. I do have your book and plan to make every single one of them!

    My Best,

  179. Caroleen Wyant

    My prayers are with you and wish you happier times in your future. Take care.

  180. Carolyn Van Petten

    There are a lot of unhappy people that find something pleasant in others pain. I am so sorry for your losses and the pain that you are experiencing. You are a wonderful person, let the hurtful go, and find the good and focus on the positive. Life is short–take care, be happy, keep quilting and keep writing, I love reading your emails.

  181. Kim O'Donnell

    I usually don’t post on your emails, but this was so sad I felt compelled to comment. I am very sorry that you have been subjected to negative emails. I hope you continue to send out your blog notes. I for one look forward to them. Sending good vibes your way…

  182. Carol Collier

    I have missed your posts — love your updates on your animals, farm, plants, and quilts!! So happy to see a post from you today. I just picked up a new magazine that had some of Laura’s quilts in it — she will be missed! Thank you so much for sharing your quilts and life with us!!

  183. Gwen

    I have missed reading your posts. I also miss seeing some news from Iowa. I grew up in Iowa and still miss it even though I haven’t lived there for 46 years. So sorry some people have hurt you.

  184. Michelle

    Thinking of you Mary!! Sorry for all that has happened over the past few months!! I love reading about the Farm!!

  185. Cynthia

    I agree with all of the posts! I personally, think you are an angel, and it pains me to read that blogs such as yours, receives such hurtful comments. The negative posters should “walk a mile in your shoes”.

  186. Connie Rademacher

    Even though I have never met you, I feel like I know you and consider you a friend because of your wonderful blog. Your compassion for people and animals is inspiring. How anyone could criticize someone who is so caring and giving is beyond me. Please continue your blog.

  187. Diana Schumacher

    I do have the cookbook and am saddened to hear about Charlene. I pray that your summer improves soon. I am sorry to hear that people are being nasty in their comments to you. I truly believe that if we all treated each other a little bit kinder and with a little more respect this world would be a better place for all of us. Chin up and ignore those nasty comments!!!

  188. Carol in Florida

    So sorry you are getting nasty comments. People can be very thoughtless. So glad you and I don’t live in their head. It must be very sad there. Glad to see you around again. Love reading your blog.

  189. Patricia

    Hi, Mary. First and foremost let me say that I’m sorry for the negative things you’ve been experiencing. It’s sad that some don’t have enough to do or are so miserable that they have to share it…. That said I hope tomorrow is brighter than today and so on..
    I love the material you used in the Mountain quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished product..
    Keep smiling!

  190. Jeanie

    I was so glad to see a new post on your blog, Mary. I have been worried about you, as I know you have been going through some tough times. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  191. Linda Foresta

    Dear Mary,
    You are such a much loved person as I’m sure you can feel by all the wonderful notes sent to you. I love your blog and have missed it so much. It is definitely the first email I open because you are such an inspirational person. You are always giving of yourself – to your church, your family of friends, all the animals, the seniors at the center & and to all of us quilters that are inspired by your works and words.
    I miss hearing about your new little helper (I think it’s Reid?) who loves his time with you & learning about all the animals. And we all are sad with you when you have sadness in your life. You will be in my prayers too!

  192. sue lewis

    Anyone who is an animal lover like you has a special place in my heart. Ignore all those other people, If they dont appreciate someone like you they arent someone you even want to hear from in your comments. A special hug to you from me and my two dogs and a special scratch behind the ears for all your four legged special people.

  193. Sneed

    I’m glad to see that you have gotten through the summer. You have had more than enough loaded onto your shoulders. Altho, not nearly as bad as what you have endured, it has been on the rough side here, too. The heat, of course, has really been a downer and I’m getting to the age that I have no idea why I planted so many shrubs that need trimming and care. We, too, have lost a very near and dear friend this week. He was 92 and did live a very full life, but we’re never quite ready to say “good bye.” I do thank you for posting pictures of your latest works. They are an inspiration for me to get back into my sewing room and get creative again. Wishing you the best and hope your days ahead will be much easier.

  194. Vickie E from Snellville

    It’s been a tough summer for me too. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you and the dogs and farm were doing and that I missed your posts and pictures. I am sorry to hear that you were getting comments that were hurtful and demeaning. Sometimes people can’t help themselves and hurt others with their comments. Sometimes it is inadvertent, sometimes on purpose. I love your blog and love the pictures and stories. I hope you can get past all the hurt and continue for all the good you do and the bright spot you provide in so many lives. May God grant you the peace to continue.

  195. Sarah

    Mary, I hardly ever give comments but I feel so bad for you and the summer you are having. I just want you to know I LOVE your posts about pets, gardening, care center, community of Garner, etc. etc. etc.!! I don’t know why people have to be so mean on social media. It is truly the rotten side of the internet! I prefer to enjoy the positive side where you post such fun farm episodes and pet stories. I believe we are here on earth to love each other even the “difficult” people and finding the way to do that is a struggle to say the least! Thank goodness we have the power to delete their comments! Ha Ha! In our small group from church, we just studied how to forgive others, which doesn’t mean forgetting or erasing the pain they have caused. It is difficult for me but then I remember I receive God’s grace (daily!!!) and shouldn’t I do the same. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others . . .
    Yikes! That has helped me through some difficult family things and I’m just passing on some wisdom I have TRIED to follow. So, delete away, my friend! Keep us informed about Hazel and all the other animals. Good thoughts your way!

  196. Pam

    Mary, keep on doing what you are doing. I look forward to hearing ALL of your news – good, bad, fun, sad….Hope you can forget the ugly things people say – it’s really more about them! Sorry for your woes this summer and hoping for some better times for you and yours.

  197. barbara woods

    some times I think a lot of that mess is spammers out to make trouble, just ignore them , we love your blog

  198. Karen

    I know how much the inconsiderate, thoughtless comments have hurt you. I can also imagine how much courage it’s taking to write and post on the blog again. Going forward I hope everyone will THINK! Is it . . .

  199. Micky

    I am sorry that some people think they can express their thoughts when it can be anonymous. My thoughts are with you and hope there more positive friends out there. Peace Mickye

  200. Micky

    I am sorry that some people think they can express their thoughts when it can be anonymous. My thoughts are with you and hope there more positive friends out there. Peace Micky

  201. Mary

    I am sorry I didn’t actually email my support for you even as I send my support out in my heart.
    I don’t have a dog. I wouldn’t dream of giving advice even if I did have a dog because I don’t have YOUR dogs! I don’t have a dog because I don’t know the first thing about dogs. I have a cat but that is because no one can KNOW about cats. LOL My cat came to her forever home from a shelter. I don’t think her life before was that great.
    I want to share a special story about Laura. Years ago I met Laura in a class (which was over my head but that is another story) and we sat next to each other. Laura was a delight in every way! She actually tried to tell me she had to work on her piecing!! I have lived a quilting life vicariously thru her (it goes like this: I met Laura, and Laura knows everyone, and is an excellent quilter, therefore I know everyone in quilting and am an excellent quilter ;))
    I read your blog because I have a not always pleasant job. Your blog reminds me that there are good people out there. Because the people I come into contact with daily are NOT!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – amen to everything you said and you voiced it perfectly!

  202. Jan Frank-de Ois

    I’m totally mystified why anyone would make such hurtful comments. I’m sorry you have such pain.

  203. Alice Kolman

    Dearest Mary, how could anyone be so unkind. My Grandma Lucy used to say as she wiped your tears, ” now remember this may not be about you sweetheart. It’s a opportunity for them. I have never met you and yet through your and Connies books and your blog I feel we are friends and kindred spirits. I love all you share about your family and animals and projects. You are in my prayers, Mary for healing of your heart and the grief you are experiencing. Don’t you change a hair on your head. With love and hugs, Alice

  204. Danna

    I am so sorry for your sadness. I do want you to know how much I have enjoyed you, your shop and now, your blog. You do so many kind and wonderful things for so many people. Thanks for sharing your quilts and photos of your animals. Keep fighting the good fight and don’t let others spoil that for you. Shame on them. Hope the rest of your summer is brighter.

  205. Diane M

    I was happy to see your blog today although it had such sad stories. I do have your cookbook. I bought it at the Quilt Festival in Rosemont. I remember the shop was handing out caramels made from a recipe in your cookbook. They were delicious. I’m sorry that people can be so cruel. My mom told me that if I couldn’t say something nice, say nothing at all. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be kind. Take heart from all the people responding to your post. Keeping you in my prayers.

  206. Judi L.

    I am so sorry to read that you have some unflattering and not very nice comments. I can’t imagine what makes some people so hateful. I have been a fan of Country Threads patters/books/designs for many many years. I treasure the ones I have. One day I will actually get around to making most of them (at least, that’s the plan)! I was also so very sorry to hear about Laura’s passing. I so enjoyed her “quilt testing” in APQ and seeing her version of the designs. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and her extended family.

  207. Chris Roser

    Mary, I am sorry for your losses and trials this summer. You deserve kindness and understanding. Unfortunately, some people are very unkind and hurtful. Just know that many, many of us care about you and we are blessed by your delightful blogs. Ignore those toxic sourpusses. I pray you are comforted by His loving grace.

  208. Paulette

    My prayers go out to you during an especially difficult time. I am so sorry that people can be so rude, unkind, and hateful. Laura was such a special person and she has been a part f my life through the magazines for longer than I can remember.
    May God lift you up, we don’t know to need to know “the whole story” as He does, God Bless you and your family.

  209. Pam

    Oh, Mary… Such a stream of difficult times for you. Easier to get through one thing at a time but have all of these on top of each other is just so much. Know how much you are loved and appreciated and do your best to ignore, and certainly not dwell on the terribly inappropriate comments. Love that you share your life so openly, the good and the bad and always eagerly await your blog posts.

  210. Jane Lamborn

    I love your posts and especially your quilts and gardens! So sorry to hear of Laura Boehnke passing way too young. Thanks for sharing about her services. Enjoyed her creativity in quilting!
    Dont let negative people get you down. You are a bright spot in many lives! Keep up the great posts! YOU are a blessing!

  211. Rebecca Haines

    Your heart is in the right place and that’s all that matter. I appreciate your posts and blogs, you’ve bright bits of sunshine and yes a little sadness into my life. But you always make my world better.

  212. Nikki Mahaffey

    I am so sorry for the rude/unsolicited/unnecessary /hurtful comments you have endured, please find comfort in knowing there are others of us that that enjoy and look forward to your posts .

  213. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, Always enjoy your posts, and find it sad that people have negative things to say to you. Thank you for posting about Laura’s funeral, she will be greatly missed in the quilting world. Imlove you dog paintings amd the search has to be great fun too. I want to go to Omaha so badly! Been a couple of times but really need to again, especially to see Edyta’s quilts. Did you see them? Have a great August! Love Moe

  214. Bonnie Specchio

    Mary, I’m so sorry for all your troubles this summer. I know that you are a person of great faith and know that will help see you through. May God bless you with happy days and peace of mind!

  215. Nancy Finch

    I cannot believe anyone would leave hateful thoughts of you or for you. You are one of the most caring And honest human being I have ever experienced seeing. There are so few in the world today. My husband and I always tried to come to any quilt show that you and Connie were attending and one of our biggest disappointed was that we never got to visit the farm. My hubby, the Iowa Farm Boy, devoured your newspaper when it came. Please know we care and heal quickly.

  216. Beverly Lockmiller

    I so enjoy your posts. I hope everyone can be kind from now on. Our dogs are our babies for life and we love them no matter what happens. We were close to your place a couple of weeks ago and I thought of you. Hugs

  217. Carolyn

    It is 12:30 AM California time and I have finished reading all 235 comments from all these lovely people who care and love you and I just wanted to say Amen and Amen!!! Mary, I am struck by the frequency noted in the gospels of Jesus loving, teaching, sharing, healing and speaking with “gracious words” and how often the Pharisees tried to trap Him by what He said or did. Remember, as servants of Christ, we will share the Lords suffering in being misunderstood and disliked. And in return, we will forgive and let it go…
    We have hope. You will see Laura again, you will be justified, and you are and always will be loved.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – what an eloquent reply! Thank you! All those lovely people have made me feel so much better that I’m ready to blog again! Thank you for your support!

  218. carol lee popp

    Hello, I just found your blog site. Several years ago you was set up at Ohio Village in Columbus Ohio. My family and I stopped by your booth and I was fascinated by everything in your booth but especially your rag rug loom. I purchased your book “Rugs From Rags”. I brought the book home and read it over and over and dreamed and then put it in with my collection of weaving books. Since that time I am the proud owner of 3 floor looms (one over 100 years old), a triangle loom, square loom, sock loom and am finally working on getting my loom that you had at your booth. I was sorry to find that your web store was closed today when i went searching for you. I was hoping that you maybe had the looms on your site for sale. My dh and I are still talking about building a loom (from your plans in the book) or purchasing a ready made loom. I am so hooked on weaving *S* and my dh just shakes his head and says whatever you want rofl. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you had an effect on people whether you know it or not. Thank you for being at Ohio Village that day and for being kind enough to take time to talk with me even though it was time for you to pack up and leave. God bless you and yours.

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