It’s Friday!

Mia went home today and Bentley and Gus arrived for the weekend.  Hope came for the afternoon only.  

And Faye just wants Dad to get home!

With all these dogs to entertain I thought it was a good time to get the porch ready for winter, both inside and outside.  I just hate to think how long it’s going to be until I can sit out here again and read.

We store our firewood in the porch during the winter.

  This is the porch before the covers are put on.
 These are the vinyl covers that we had made and they’re very easy to put on.  I can do it by myself.

We put the firewood into the porch from the outside and when we build the fire we don’t have to go outside or let the cold air into the house because it’s all enclosed and we enter the screened porch from our living room.

Remember the wild gray cat in my garage upstairs?  This is as close as I can get to it and I think it’s deaf.  It doesn’t hear me coming until I stomp my feet so it feels a vibration.  Just look at those eyes!

Someone asked about Ernie Joe Mauer – here he is, surfing the kitchen island!  When he jumps on my lap, I feel like I’m holding a 3 year old child!  He is huge!

If I told you everything I did this past week, you’d think I was bragging – ha!  I’m ready for a day of fun so tomorrow I’m going to a quilt retreat at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch in Stewartville, MN.  Rick will get home tonite so he’ll be here to dog sit and I will go sew for the day with friends. 

And you can tell by looking at Emma that winter is on its way – just look at that thick coat!

14 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. MartyCae

    Thanks for the pictures of Ernie Joe Mauer. He is so handsome!
    My you have been busy this week! You deserve a retreat!

  2. Mary Says Sew!


    Where did you get those wonderful vinyl window covers for your screened porch? We’d like to get something like that for our porch.

  3. Louise

    Have a great time on your little have earned it. I always enjoy your update on the
    fur kids…

  4. Lori Gust (olund)

    Enjoy your pedal to the metal day tomorrow and you get to see what everybody else is doing….have fun….

  5. Holly

    I really enjoyed the pictures today! I don’t know who that first dog is, but he/she sure is a cutie. The vinyl porch covers are a great idea. We used to have to take the screens down in the fall and put them up in the spring and they weighed a ton. What a great winter use for your porch. The wild cat has beautiful eyes. She might have had a whopper of an ear infection that left her deaf, poor thing. It’s a good thing she has someplace safe to be for the winter. Ironwood Springs is such a great time–this is my first fall in years that I’m not going. It’s just too far to drive on my own–I’m not so good at solo long distance driving. You’re sure to have a wonderful time!

  6. Rose Mikulski

    It just seem like yesterday that the goat coat report was that Spring was coming, don’t like the Winter goat coat report as much. I hope barn kitty will get friendly soon. Faye’s face is priceless. Have fun at your retreat, enjoy doing some fun sewing.

  7. Carol

    Poor little deaf kitty, I hope he/she will soon trust you enough to let you give some up close love! I could use a kitty with claws (my rescue kitty came sans front claws) as some mice decided to move into my walls thus week! Ick!

  8. Martha Engstler

    Your pictures are wonderful and so sharp. I love orange kitties you your is a beauty. Your deaf kitty is lucky to have you. I hope also it will learn to trust you soon. Winter is a hard time.

  9. VA Mann

    Have fun on your retreat. You certainly deserve it. Love seeing all those furry babies..especially the updates on your newest addition..grey kitty in the garage!

  10. Ann Barlament

    Your window covers are great….wouldn’t mind heating if I just had to head out to the porch, instead of searching under a pile of snow.

    Hope you had fun at your quilting retreat – always fun to be surrounded by others with like passions.

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