Jasper and Comment Update

From Kayla…

Thank you for your prayers! Jasper came home Friday morning after we took him to the ER Tuesday afternoon and is a totally changed baby. It is scary how fast they get sick but the good thing is they turn a corner quick too!

Thank you for your patience in working out the comments. It is especially challenging because Mary and I can both see comments just fine, and many readers can too.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you are viewing the blog on the most updated browser available. If there is an update to run for your browser, please do. (Your browser is whatever you use to view the site… Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Clear your cache and cookies to make sure you are viewing the most current version of the blog. Here is a tutorial that covers each web browser.

I will continue to do some sleuthing. If you have a moment, could you tell us about your comment status in the form below? Thanks for your help!

44 thoughts on “Jasper and Comment Update

  1. Mary

    So thankful he is well, sweet baby! Don’t worry about the minor things, worry about and tend to your family!

  2. Brenda in SC

    So good to see Jasper is feeling so much better. Thank you for all the work you do here on Mary’s blog, it is much appreciated.

  3. Diane Bauer

    I’ve been seeing comments just fine using Safari on my iPhone and Chrome on my laptop. The only issue I’ve had is that I don’t get notified if there are further comments on my comment (and yes, I click the checkbox for those updates every time). That hasn’t been functional for quite some time—minor issue!!!
    Thank you both do much for continuing to address the issues!!! This blog and this community would be sorely missed if it disappeared!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane Bauer – I see you’ve gone back to your embroidery – does that take lots and lots of thread? What kind of machine do you have?

  4. Diane in Maryland

    Kayla, Jasper is a precious little boy! Many, many prayers being said for Jasper and a big thank-you to you for helping Mary and keeping all of us in touch. I can see the comments fine after your fixin’ each time.

  5. Angie from Baltimore

    How adorable!!! What a happy baby. So glad he is home. Take a deep breath and take a moment for yourself you deserve it.
    Just glad he is ok

  6. Bonnie McKee

    I see comments dated 3/5.
    Prayers for Jasper and praises that he is back home!🙏🏼🥰
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  7. Sherry Whalen

    I don’t see any other comments on this post as of 9:50am, I have refreshed and I went out of the email and came back in to click on the post, still nothing. That means there are no other comments or they aren’t posting in “real time’ maybe? Because if I go to yesterday’s post, I can see comments….35 comments in fact. Sherry

    1. Sherry Whalen

      I came back a few times tonight to see if the comments became visible to me. It is now 11:20pm, and the comments are now visible on this post. Sherry

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Kayla and Mary, I am wondering if the blog program is for some reason posting comments in batches. Last night and this morning I couldn’t see my 11:25pm post, until I looked just now at around 10:15am. I think some are seeing some of the comments but perhaps not in ‘real time’, but rather when a batch posts. So if someone gets the email notification, opens it at say 9am, and there are no comments so they comment and don’t see their post….but then someone opens the email at 10am and there ARE comments because the batch posted, they don’t know that if they read the email at 9am they wouldn’t have seen any comments – does that make sense?? That might explain why you are getting mixed responses. Yesterday I would have said that comments aren’t posting, but since I have been posting and checking several times through out the day, this has been my experience. I don’t expect to see this post until later today. Sherry

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sherry Whalen – I agree with you – it’s very possible that’s what’s happening.

  8. Margie from Ohio

    So glad Jasper is better. I see the comments. Hope you can get some rest.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beth Laverty – can you give me an update on Jeff? Send to my email if you like. maryehazel2020.com

  9. Wanda

    Except for an interlude of a long day, I’ve seen no comments for about 10 days – 2 weeks.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Jasper is a cutie!!! I’m so glad he is better.

    If it helps, I’m on an iPad and it automatically updates. My dil just cleared it of almost everything about a month ago. I’m not getting comments…starting about a week ago.
    I’m in no hurry to see everyone’s, I miss em, but can wait.
    Good luck, I know this makes Mary a little crazy, but let her know not to stress m this, too, shall pass.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – YES! This does make me more than a little crazy – the comments are everything to this blog and I hate that they are not appearing.

  11. Charlotte Shira

    Fantastic news about Jasper!! He is so cute!!
    I just cleared my cookies and cache on Chrome. Hope that works.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    So cute to see Jasper’s smiling face and thankful he is home safe and sound.
    Be well and glad all is better for them.

  13. NancyTD

    Glad Jasper is home. Looks happy. I receive the comments. Thanks for all you do for the blog, Kayla.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, no comments when l look first time, 12 to 24 hours later they are there. But Jasper is better!Got KFC trouble here (cant find the cat!)she is a master at hiding, but eating and using dirt box, so wiĺl continue to search the bedroom!hope all is well with you,best wishes from sandy

  15. Amy M

    So good to see Jasper is better!! It is so hard on young babies not being in their own bed etc especially when they don’t feel well!

    This is the first post that I don’t see any comments and I am viewing on Saturday at 6:35pm. I get the email and then hit view all comments. My default browser is Safari since I am on my iPad right now. But I just read the last few days postings on the same iPad, same browser. So that is very odd unless something was changed for this post as a test on your end.

  16. Margaret in North Texas

    I looked earlier and no comments—three hours later they were there. On your later blog same as before no comments. Gonna have my son clean everything up . I’m not frustrated tho so Mary you don’t need to be either!!

  17. Brenda Jeffers

    So glad to hear Jasper is doing better. I have been able to and can still see the comments.

  18. Moe Baly

    Kayla, I’m glad to see a happy baby. best wishes to you and your family, and thank you for helping Mary with this blog, we all love it so much!.

    I cleared my history on my iPad per the directions in your link, and yes, now I can see comments.

  19. Holly

    Mary we are out here. I did post that due to a stingy fabric problem I was going for a 4th bullseye layer. Cutting the circles down to the 3rd and final round had me squeamish. So unless I hear otherwise, I am proceeding with #4.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Holly – I think that’s a great idea! Can’t wait to see it!

  20. Sally J.

    Little Jasper is just the cutest!! So happy and thankful he is doing better and home with his family.
    Getting comments ok….thanks Kayla for all your help.

  21. Sally J.

    So thankful little Jasper is home with his family and improving. Thanks Kayla for all that you do to keep this blog running!!

  22. Anonymous

    I can see the comments. It is the best part of everyday to see the blog from Mary.

  23. Connee

    I can see the comments. It is the best part of everyday to see the blog from Mary. So sorry some can’t read the comments.

  24. Janice Brown

    Didn’t see my posting I did about 30 minutes ago . . . it’ll show up.

  25. Julie D.

    So happy to see little Jasper feeling better! Such a cute little guy! I’m on track this month with my Dirty Dozen project! Will send it in today! Onto another project!!! I love Connie’s quilt! That looks rather tricky to put together. I am able to read your comments.

  26. Sharon Bennett

    So good to see a smiley, happy baby! 🙂 Glad he is feeling better!

  27. Kathy Hanson

    So glad to see that Jasper is doing well now – yes, they sure do get sick fast! What fun to see his happy face!

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