Jenny Rose

You know how I like to scour the junk shops and I love to buy items with roses on them for Jenny. She is home on vacation from Louisville, KY.

3 thoughts on “Jenny Rose

  1. Ann Barlament

    Jenny can have the Rose items….but if the bright tablecloth goes missing….that caught my eye!!! LOL

  2. Carol from Florida

    Nice place to live…….Louisville. That’s my hometown although I now live in Florida. Louisville is a great place to live except for the allergies. Enjoy.

  3. Launa

    The Trip Around the World topper is indeed a colorful blend of fabrics; good job!!
    The larger pitcher looks like the same pattern of my grandma’s sugar bowl. It had a special place in her kitchen when I was growing up and we used it daily. I treasure it and only use it on special occasions. Jenny is one lucky young lady!

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