Jo Report, 11-16-20

I don’t have any earth shattering news about Jo. She spends time in the dog bed in the kennel and under the shelves when she feels threatened. Today I visited with a shelter employee in Nebraska who is very familiar with abused dogs. I think I’m doing everything correctly where Jo is concerned but he did mention something that concerns me. If Jo doesn’t warm up to me it might be because I remind her of her abuser – this person might have been a woman, our voices might be similar, our physical build, actions, smell – it could be anything. Most of the weekend she laid under the shelves where I couldn’t even see her. I’m going to have Rick start going in to talk to her – maybe she will react to him differently.

My friend Les sent some treats and this toy for Jo but of course Hazel needed to “test” it first and she approved! Ha! There isn’t a toy made she doesn’t love! Thank you, Les!

Today I started taking down the fall quilts so I can put up the Christmas quilts. Last year I was recovering from knee replacement surgery so there was no tree, quilts or decorations of any kind. I put up the white lights above the windows and this quilt, Flying Swallows, went up over the table.

I have two red work pillow shams and as I laid one on the table I happened to turn the other one over and found this label which I have never noticed before.

I’m assuming this means Cherokee, Iowa but look at the date – 1885-90! Oh my gosh! I feel like I should put it away for safety’s sake but I would really like to enjoy it. Does anyone reading this know of a Mrs. R.C. Pelton?

Here are the Dirty Dozen quilts:

On Friday evening I started a book on my Kindle called No Exit by Taylor Adams. I did not read the synopsis of the story first, I just opened it and started reading. I read the entire weekend and finished it Sunday night. I have not read a book this fast in years and years and maybe never. It was a nail biter for sure. I don’t think I’ll say any more about it except that it kept me reading nonstop.

Have I forgotten anything?

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  1. Chris Mejer

    We adopted an abused dog last New Year’s Eve. He reacted very well to me and my husband but whenever my husband raises his voice ( or cusses) he cowers and comes to me for comfort . So sad to think
    what our Bailey has been through … hang in there with Jo ❤️.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Chris Mejer – thank you for that observation – I suspect Jo has suffered in much the same way.

  2. Jessica in Florida

    Oh, Mary. I’m hoping and praying that Jo warms up to Rick. I can’t imagine what that sweet girl has been through, but I can tell you I wouldn’t mind throttling the monster(s) that caused it. I love the table topper…I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to display it! Can’t wait to see more pics of your Christmas decorating. Sending love and prayers.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    It seemed Jo was making progress, but she looks so sad today. I hope Rick can help. Time will help too.

    My word, that Miss Hazel has the brightest eyes. She puts a smile on me showing her front or back!!!
    What a discovery on your pillow shams, and they are in such beautiful shape. I’ve never thought of using them on a table, great idea.
    The DD’s today are a ton of work. Love em.

    Rub her ears for me.

  4. Charlotte Shira

    Poor Jo! I hope Rick can get through to her. Your Hazel is so cute! Love your quilt and table topper. That is awesome that she put a label on it. Hope someone knows her. Love the DDs too. I’m still slowly working on mine!

    1. Jeanne H

      Yep, that’s her: same address and everything. If she was 59 in 1940, she’d have been born about 1881, and a young girl if the sham was made 1885-1890, but it seems too well done for a child to have made. So either the dating of it is wrong, or it was given to her or perhaps she bought it.

      Isn’t genealogy fun? : )

      Mary, the way Jo reacted when you were dressed up for church, does make it seem that her abuser was female. Poor thing.

  5. Linda in So Cal

    Great idea to see how she reacts to Rick. I adopted an abused parrot that apparently was beaten by a man with dark hair & beard. She went nuts when she saw men. We were great buddies & I eventually found her a new home with a widow. Have you tried introducing Hazel, telly or Ivy? Maybe another dog in the picture will help. Pat yourself on the back you are doing a great job as frustrating as it may be.

    1. Lynn H.

      I am sorry to hear about the parrot abuse!!! Who in their right mind abuses a pet bird…or any pet. So many sick people in the world!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in So Cal – Telly and Hazel have met Jo but she just lays huddled in her bed

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in So Cal – sorry – Jo doesn’t react to them nor to Ivy. And since she doesn’t get up nobody in interested in poor Jo.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Can you read what was written below “Cherokee?” I was thinking that in 1885 she might have been 90 years old, or maybe not. I have a quilt my great grandmother made for my mother. She signed it “Grandmother Sieser, Age 70, December 25, 1929.” It is a wonderful puzzle to cherish. Maybe you can find her on the census?

  7. patti leal

    Remember what we tell people when we gift a quilt. USE IT. she is probably looking down and is happy that you are using her work and enjoying it. isn’t that why we do what we do? i think we all need cheering up with the covid and this crazy year. enjoy it. more prayers for you and jo and all the rest of your brood, including rick. patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – oh, what a lovely thought! Yes, I will put these shams to use and enjoy them! I think I will go back to my own favorite quilts and add a simple label – I never do it either!

  8. Diane Bauer

    I just want to sit on the floor and invite Jo into my lap. Poor girl. I’m sure she has stories to tell. Be patient. She needs to learn to trust again. Trust yourself. You are providing the space where she can do that.

  9. Donna di Natale

    According to Ancestry, Mrs. R.C. Pelton of Cherokee, Iowa was Ella, Mrs. Rufus C. Pelton. She was 39 in 1920 so that would make her birth year 1882. Perhaps the sham belonged to her mother and was passed on to her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna di Natalie – yes! I think it actually says “made by her grandmother”! I think that’s it!!

  10. Jeri Niksich

    Poor Jo reminds me of our Lukie dog. I rescued him literally off the streets. When I got home with him I called our local Lost Pet Hotline and also called the newspaper for a found Ad. When my husband and son came home that evening it was very obvious that Lukie had been severely abused by his previous owner ( had to have been a male) poor Lukie was petrified! He also had bad Heartworms. I called and cancelled all my ads the next day. No way was I letting this person have Lukie back. It took a couple of months for him to relax around the males in our family but it all worked out great for us and him. We had our Lukie dog for 11 years before cancer took him this year but I know we were blessed to have him and I think he felt blessed to have us too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeri – I LOVED your story about Luke! I wouldn’t have given him back either – poor thing! I think I’m going to bring Jo into the house after I’ve vacuumed so that doesn’t scare her. Patience is the key here which is very hard for me but best for Jo.

  11. Paula in Texas

    The Christmas quilt and redwork are so pretty. What a Blessing to have recovered from your surgery, and to be able to “put out” Christmas. I was in the attic today looking for decor, I am so Blessed to be able to navigate the attic pull – down stairs. Continue the great work and the great patience with JO. So glad to know she is playing with the toys. Continue to love her from across the room.

  12. Sharon Lowy

    I would frame those pillow shams. They are gorgeous! You should love and enjoy them because they are treasures.

    Sweet Jo will come around I hope and pray.

  13. Midge H.

    Keep up the good work with Jo… been there ,helped an abused pup….slow and steady is the away to go

  14. Frances E.

    I love the swallows quilt. Do you have the pattern for that? I’m wondering what would happen if you took Jo into your house. I’m assuming the other dogs would be there, and maybe that would be too her. But, maybe the company would be reassuring to her. I know you said she had diarrhea, but if she’s over that, maybe it would work. Maybe if she saw that the world she’s living in now has two humans and three dogs and you are going about your life. She has her bed and her toys. It might be worth a try. Best wishes!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Frances E – I think I should bring her into the house, too. The only problem is that she won’t stand up and walk so I’ll have to carry her. And yes, the Flying Swallows will be in the online store very soon. Thanks!

  15. Viv

    We adopted a senior chiweenie almost three years ago. The story we were told was that his person had passed away and one of her grandchildren had taken him in. During this time he was mistreated. I have thought he was not only abused but broken hearted too. For about a month I wondered if we had made a mistake but then he started getting better. It was almost six months before his tail wagged all of the time. We assumed a man had hurt him because he would not let my husband near him. Now I think my husband is his favorite person – every time he sits down Coco jumps up to lay in his lap. He is the sweetest little dog now! I hope Jo finds comfort in your care and home.

  16. Carla

    Everyone had such good things to say in the comments. I’d keep the redwork on display as well. My mom has done our genealogy. It is fun to learn all that history. I’ll also say, the DD quilts are fabulous. The crow is very appealing to me.

  17. MG

    When Brenda adopted Franklin, he was scared to death of men-any and all men. Even Stan. After Brenda got remarried, Franklin eventually took to liking Ron, who is quiet and soft spoken-like Rick. Frank would lay next to Ron in the evenings and Franklin would fall asleep with his head on Ron’s legs. I think Rick might be the ticket here, or at least worth trying for while.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      MG – I agree – Rick needs to go into the building several times a day and just talk to her. I also think I should carry her into the house and give her a bed like she uses in the kennel and just let her listen to us living in the house. Bathroom issue would mean she would have to sleep in the kennel u til she lets me take her outside to potty. I’ve never even seen her stand up and walk in my presence! Poor Franklin – I’m glad he accepted Ron!

  18. Sarah F.

    This is my feeling about the pillow sham-which is fabulous! It looks like it says it was made by her grandmother. I would say her grandmother made it around the time she was born, possibly to start a hope chest for her granddaughter. Ella (Mrs. Rufus Pelton) labeled it later so she or her family would not forget the source of this piece. I would be interested see the whole piece to see the embroidered initials. They could be her parents initials-Ella’s maiden name was Forsythe so the F fits. This also could have been made for her mom. I love genealogy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sarah F – I’ll take some closeup pictures and post them so you can see the embroidery

  19. Lorraine McGeough

    I am so sorry Jo is not responding to any of your attempts. My heart breaks every time I read about her. Her abuse must have been horrific and I hate to think about what she must have gone thru. Hopefully, some day she will break thru the fright and realize you are only there to be her friend and to help her. Prayers for you and Jo.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of the quilts. I love everyone of them. Being a quilter myself, I enjoy the pictures and know how much work goes into each quilt.

  20. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    I will have to “check out” your book. Sounds like a doozy. Hope your pooch comes around. Good idea to have Rick try. You have the best heart, Mary! Also wondering if the Flying Swallows is an available pattern.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon in Oswego, IL – yes, Flying Swallows will be in our online store ASAP.

  21. Margaret in North Texas

    Was wondering what happens if you block off the areas where Jo hides and perhaps that would help her change. It is a process and therefore a question of how long. Love the pieces you have started your holiday decorating with. The DD”s are fab as usual

  22. Nikki M in Tx

    What a treasure you have in that red work!!!
    I am of the school that if you love it, use it, no pleasure is derived from stashing it away. I am sure the maker would want it to be lived & used, I know I would.
    Poor Jo, I truly feel she will come around… as frustrating as it is I just know it will take time & then you will have a loyal follower. Have you tried birding her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – birding her? I can’t even get her to stand up or turn around in her dog bed in my presence. Only when I’m not in the building will she stand , play, walk around, pee or poop. She had a great time last night when she found a roll of paper towels and shredded it! Obviously she’s bored! I know I would be!

  23. Bea knight

    Hi Mary

    So glad you are helping Jo. I am praying for her.
    Could I ask what kind of food do you feed Hazel?

    Thankyou for your blog!
    Bea knight

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bea Knight – she gets Fresh Pet – in a roll found in a refrigerated case at Target, Walmart and some other local stores. She also occasionally gets some Purina One Savor which is dry food and I don’t always approve of dry food but for some reason both my dogs like this brand.

  24. Carolee

    I wonder if she likes children? I was surprised how much my rescue Rottweiler learned from my Westie about daily routines. I kept him in a crate at first with a blanket she slept on. The crate in the living room and I slept on the couch. He loves his crate and goes in it many times a day. The door is left open. I think he feels safe in it. I covered it at first, all but the door. But if Jo won’t walk that is a problem. She could see the other dogs trust you.

  25. Candy

    Mary, do you think Jo would accept being put on a leash? You could carry her out to the yard and just let her sniff and wander with you by her side. Maybe the other dogs would follow along and show some interest in Jo too. Not sure if that would alleviate some boredom, or scare her more. Just a thought … we’re all scratching our heads trying to come with anything to help that poor girl … and you, of course! I’m glad you’re going to use those heirloom pillow shams … you won’t get any enjoyment out of having them in the cupboard, I also love your Flying Swallows quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Candy – just home from the grocery store and I’m going out to the kennel and put Jo on a leash – I’ll let you know!

  26. Kate

    I read No Exit quite a while ago so I had to check it out on Amazon and it was the same one. It is a nail biter right to the end. I may have to read it again. So sad that a poor dog has been treated so badly that she fears everything. Makes you wonder what that person did to her. Hope you gain some trust from her and that she will be adopted by a loving family.

  27. Charlotte

    Mary, I know God put you and Jo together and she will be healed with you. When you wrote that you visited her in your church clothes, and she howled, I think there is a clue there. Her abuser likely was a woman who was “dressed up” in their interactions. You are paying attention and adjusting your approach as you go and all this will bring progress (no church clothes in the kennel!). God bless you both and thank you for sharing. Lifting you, Jo, and Rick in prayer for Jo’s recovery.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte – thank you – in tomorrow’s post I’ll tell you what I learned today and it was startling!

  28. SusanfromKentucky

    Poor Jo! Hope she becomes more comfortable soon.
    And THERE’S the quilt I was talking about! The Flying Swallows one. I did find a pattern online after someone mentioned that name. I love it!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan from Kentucky – if you look for it in our online store, it’s listed alphabetically by Barn Swallows not Flying Swallows.

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