June’s Number

If you’ve been playing the Dirty Dozen game, you obviously know that June is Number 11. You have only that number left if you’ve been playing. Forgot this in the previous post – ugh.

5 thoughts on “June’s Number

  1. Brenda archambault

    It looks like some of us need to play the game Again. It’s so easy to become distracted and never finish the quilts that are in the to-do pile, as so many new ideas come along and distract us. I wanna play again!

  2. Maureen M

    Hi Mary-thanks for doing the dirty dozen over the last 12 months, I finished some projects that have been around for quite sometime.

  3. Judi L.

    Nothing to do with the Dirty Dozen, but I was just wondering if Reed’s Mom has had the baby. I didn’t remember the due date. What a wonderful gift she has given.

  4. Marilyn

    You look great Mary looks like you really enjoyed the visit. Thank you all the pictures.

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