Just a Few Photos

Telly got her summer haircut.

Ryan and Hazel

Some garden flowers

And these are all volunteer flowers.

19 thoughts on “Just a Few Photos

  1. Dee T.

    Those are some beautiful colored flowers. I received a climbing black-eyed susan for mothers day.
    Never saw a climbing one..

  2. Cindie

    Hazel looks so big in Ryan’s arms. Cute picture of the two. Beautiful flowers in your garden.
    Cool and rain here in New Berlin, WI

  3. Janie

    Just think…not too long ago we were talking about snowplowing! Now there’s pretty flowers!

  4. Ann Barlament

    Telly’s curls Re gone and she looks younger!!! I too, like the Lillies!!

  5. Diane

    The flowers are all gorgeous. My neighbor put in a huge new flower bed right outside my sewing room window. I get to enjoy the beautiful flowers, but I don’t have to weed, water, or work. Perfect:) Diane, the black thumb!!!

      1. Diane

        You are so right, Mary!! My husband helped her move several large rocks into it. She was rolling them down the hill!!

  6. Rhonda

    Beautiful flowers – I love to do this around our yard, but this year, I didn’t have lovely flowers to share, only icky stink bugs and gross leaf- footed bugs on my tomatoes!! Yuk!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – the white flowers are on a small hydrangea tree – can’t remember the name however.


    Your flowers are beautiful! I love this time of year when every day brings new blooms!

  8. Becky from IA

    Telly looks so cool and comfortable…she’s all ready for those hot Iowa summer days!!!
    Got my material the other day….thanks so much!

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