Last Night’s Post, 12-18-23

I loved all those pictures last night and so did you! Here’s just a few pics and a short post.

Sandy from New Zealand helped her granddaughters Luna and Stella make this absolutely perfect gingerbread house!

Sharon in the Pacific Northwest is proud to show her green grass, the result of all that rain. I am so jealous.

And I spied this small piece of drawn work on my desk.

A Christmas panel on the longarm

Look at this guy!! He came today from Karen in FL. He’s felted wool formed around a pencil. I’m in love with those eyes.

The next four are from Vicki in Seattle

I’m peeking out the window at all that greenery

From Hazel and me – we’re practicing until we get a good one!!! Haha!

That’s all from …… the blog about nothing!!!!

86 thoughts on “Last Night’s Post, 12-18-23

  1. Judy

    I am also catching up with the blog. 3 family surgeries this month so I am a little behind. Everyone is doing fine. The video did not come through very well but I heard enough of the beginning to know that you are an excellent pianist and that I like the sound of your piano. I already knew that you were an excellent pianist because of the places that you talk about playing. Family is coming the 27th then I can get back to sewing/quilting. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    Mary I’m catching up on reading your blog; really enjoyed your piano music with Hazel by your side. She’s adorable! It was nice to “meet” Stella and Luna, very pretty little girls. I have a cd of piano music by Elton John; it is very relaxing to listen to but I would like one from Mary Etherington ! You play beautifully! I’ll be working the holidays so will wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for talking the time for blogging.

  3. Susan K in Texas

    Love the piano playing with Hazel. Too bad she doesn’t know she’s supposed to sing along. My sister, Mary, plays piano. There are several pieces that we always enjoyed hearing her practice.
    The girls with their gingerbread house are just precious. I’m sure Sandy had the best times with them.
    Vicki in Seattle I love your quilts and decorating. Very festive.
    And the goat pencil is so cute.
    Merry Christmas! We’ve got to wait til Christmas evening for my Iowa family to come in and then it won’t be til Friday and Saturday that we have our Christmas celebrations with all three sons.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – so everybody will be home? Won’t you have so much fun!! I’m working with Hazel on another song and Becky will be here Christmas Eve so she can help – she’s the singer, not me.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        One and a half days with all three boys. Iowa son is bringing his 3 sons (5 mos, 2 and 3 year old), wife, and 3 dogs. They will be staying almost a week – yay! I’m sure Magnus and Klaus can’t wait for the dogs to get here. 😉 My priest son will be here for a day and a half. And third son lives local but just started a new job so has very limited time off.
        I can’t wait to have them all together!
        I look forward to another video. Maybe Hazel wants to play the music instead of singing. 😊

          1. Susan K in Texas

            Yes! Sally the heeler/rat terrier mix and two doxies, one a puppy that’s less than a year old.

  4. Lynn

    Thanks for sharing your posts through out the year, always a delight! I wish I could play the piano like you, I took lessons a child, but I never really caught on. I did play the flute in school, but at least I can say that quilting is the best. Merry Christmas!

  5. Jan Hebert

    I loved the video, Mary! You play so well. I’ve always wished that I had learned piano! I bet Hazel will catch on really quick! The Christmas quilts are so nice – all of them! And I’ve loved seeing everyone’s trees decorated. Merry Christmas from Massachusetts! Jan in MA

  6. Sibyl

    Mary, if you put out a CD, I definitely want one!! Love to listen to piano! Good job Hazel!
    Thanks for your work of posting.

  7. Sharon F

    Sandy’s granddaughters are beautiful little girls! Just adorable. The ginger bread house is cute too. All the Christmas quilts are lovely and even music today. Thanks to Mary and all the contributors for the blog.

  8. Rickie

    Your video with Hazel was a wonderful way to wake up this morning. I never can get too many pictures of Hazel. I love to see everyones Christmas trees, too. I learned to do drawn work many years ago but I’d forgotten all about it till you showed us some amazing work.
    Thank you for all the happy moments you’ve provided for us all year. Happy Holidays everyone.
    Rickie in Las Vegas, NV

  9. Wendy T.

    Oh Mary that was beautiful! And Hazel finally cooperated. Thanks again for the blog about nothing – it is the one I look forward to every day. So much beauty and creativity shared by all. Love it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  10. C Willms

    Your piano concert was beautiful! You share good books to read. Would you ever share your favorite piano books you use when you play for Church? Merry Christmas!

      1. C Willms

        Piano solo music please. Our church organ moans and makes noises when it shouldn’t, so I can’t trust it. It is not beautiful!

  11. Jane

    Your piano playing is beautiful and Hazel is a good girl. Thanks for putting a smile on my day. You are so talented.
    My day is loading the pickup to head to Arizona . Taking lots of hand sewing and binding in case there is any spare time.

  12. Lynn

    Can’t wait until Hazel learns to sing. Until then I will enjoy your beautiful piano music.
    Love all the quilts today and the girls with their Gingerbread House.

  13. Vicki in Seattle

    Sandy, your granddaughters are so precious!
    What fun you must have had making the Gingerbread House!
    Mary, you and Hazel will be on the concert tour soon. Watch out Taylor Swift!!! Thank you for sharing your love of Hazel and piano music with us.
    “Merry Christmas,” to all!

  14. Jeanine in Iowa

    I also loved your playing this morning. Piano music is my favorite for easy listening. Years ago our daughter had a beagle, and whenever she played the piano, she would get her legs up on a chair, raise her head, and just sing (howl) while she played. It was so funny. Sometimes she would have to tell Molly to sing, and she always did. I enjoyed all the pictures this morning. Your blog is the best there is! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it, and Merry Christmas to you and all our blog readers.

  15. Moe in NE IL

    Hi Mary, your piano piece was lovely. Thank you for sharing. Vicky, I love your quilts, I want to make one like you have on your table with the red poinsettia. Karen, the goat pencil is perfect! How adorable. I think I have some pieces of drawn work, I’ll have to iron them. Had no idea what they were called. Always enjoy everything on your blog Mary. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  16. Joy in NW Iowa

    Good job Hazel! And Mary, I would love to have a tape or a video of you playing so I could listen to that while I am sewing! So beautiful!
    Love all the pictures! All the quilts are so beautiful and the houses so festive!
    I need to get started on grocery shopping for when Ryan and family come on Friday. They are here for breakfast each morning and lunch most days. We usually go to Culver’s in SF for lunch one day. I’m planning an egg bake for one morning, cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning, baked French toast one day, and the rest scrambled eggs and oatmeal. And fruit always! The ages are 14, 13,11,7, and 1 1/2. They are good healthy eaters! So fun to feed them because no one is picky.
    I have to organize my sewing room!! It is a disaster! Yikes! Better get started!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I shopped some yesterday for Christmas but it’s just Tom, Becky, Rick and me so not very much prep

  17. Brenda Ks

    The gingerbread house is wonderful and such proud little girls. I just loved all the Christmas quilts. Red and Green are my favorite Christmas colors.
    Thank you Mary for the beautiful music this morning. Ron is always amazed at Hazel and loves seeing her.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in Ks – I’m hoping Hazel will learn to “sing” with me so there will be more music coming up. I’m also hoping to play a carol on the old pump organ. Becky and I are going to work with her on Christmas Eve.

  18. Beverly Custer

    I so enjoy the photos you post, and the things you write about—just regular every day things…so refreshing!
    Have a great holiday week…I’m still playing catch-up!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beverly – and that’s why it’s called the blog about nothing. Nothing very dramatic or earth shattering, just regular everyday things.

  19. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the girls with the gingerbread house. Such fun to make these with kids – though the first time I did so, the roof kept sliding off. Laugh. Beautiful quilts. Happy piano playing. Hazel did well staying there the entire time. I love the little goat pencil. What a novel idea! After seeing all your quilted panels, I finally bought my first Christmas panel – a montage of red trucks in different Christmas settings. That will be a next year project.

  20. Kelli

    Those happy smiles with the gingerbread house are so precious!! The video of you and Hazel made my day! I’m often alone and it brightened up my morning – thank you!!🥰

  21. MaureenHP

    Loved the video! Writing a “blog about nothing” takes a lot of time, and I want you to know I appreciate it.

  22. Doris Gardner

    Love your playing!! You and Hazel are great!! Thank you for all you do!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  23. Sally J. Mi.

    Loved the little Gingerbread House and the proud faces on Luna and Stella!! Adorable little girls for sure.
    Beautiful piano music and wonderful quilts.
    Joy and Peace to all.

  24. Brenda in Georgia

    I love seeing how people decorate and all the beautiful quilts on display.
    I could watch you and Hazel over and over again. I don’t know whether or not you get the Publix TV ads in your area, but their holiday ads are always so heart felt and cute. The current one features a little dog who could be Hazel’s sibling but not totally white.
    If you can pull it up on your computer somehow you will see what I mean. I think of you and Hazel every time I see it.

    Hope you have wonderful holidays!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I just looked it up and yes, it was wonderful! Another JRT and a cute baby. There are several fabulous Christmas ads – the one avout the dad and little boy who grows up watching his dad sing the same song and dance and the one about the old woman with dementia who goes for a ride with the teenager in the old pickup and begins to remember her life. They are just so nice.

      1. Barbara Moore

        …and the woman who buys her two friends cushions so that they can slide down the hill again in their sleds…one version has them revert to their younger selves. It’s just so joyous.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Barbara – oh,yes – I love that one, too!!! The look on their faces is priceless.

  25. Karen Miller

    I always enjoy reading your blog posts Mary. Your piano piece was beautiful and Hazel was so good to sit there as your assistant. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us; some sad times but most are joyful. I love seeing all the pictures of quilts so lovingly crafted by talented people. I aspire to be as good as most of them one day. Merry Christmas to you and all the readers of the blog. May God’s love fill your hearts and minds.

  26. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    THANK YOU for the wonderful music! You and Hazel were fantastic! Happy holidays to you Mary and thank you for continuing to share your life with us!❤️❤️😂

  27. Sue in Marion, IN

    Beautiful music! And really cute kids! Love looking at everyone’s Christmas quilts and decorating! Yesterday I went back to October and looked at all your posts for the last three months. I love your house, your decorating style, and the pics of you and your readers’ animals and quilts! You ARE appreciated!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – how did you find all the posts in one spot? That’s a lot of reading – wow!

      1. Sue in Marion, IN

        I have an iPad and it presents posts in group of 4-5, the most recent first. At the bottom of the page there are arrows for “older posts “ and “newer posts”. If you click older posts, you get them all in reverse chronological order. Also. Under your email there’s a box that says “archive” and you can click on whatever month and year you want.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sue – I tried it on my IPad and it did work as archives but only one previous post on that link. I wonder if I shouldn’t have tried to save them all as a sort of life journal

  28. Janet in WV

    I loved your video. You play so well and your piano sounds so nice! I gave away my piano probably 10 years ago. A little girl wanted to take lessons and didn’t have money to buy one. I gave her mine because I had lost interest in it. Anyway, during COVID I bought a keyboard and now play almost every day. The keyboard sound is quite different but it brings me joy. And I get to praise God too because nearly all I play are church hymns.
    Merry Christmas to you, your husband and all the animal babies.

  29. Teresa in Indiana

    I loved all the quilts in today’s blog. The decor is wonderful. The music just topped it all off perfectly! Merry Christmas to all!

  30. Carolyn Rector

    Lovely picture of Luna and Stella and their gingerbread house. Brings back memories of my mom baking those. Happy times. Love the video of you playing. Beautiful. What a gift you have. Thanks for all the quilt pictues,too. Merry Christmas to all.
    From Ohio.

  31. Kathy in western NY

    Your music is beautiful to listen to. I think Hazel was contemplating if she could jump down from the bench or not the way she kept looking around. It made me chuckle watching her waiting to see her next move. Love to see everyone’s pictures so thanks for sharing your talents everyone.

  32. Linda in MI

    Thank you so much for the early morning concert, you play beautifully, I am so jealous! Bobby is right, you are an artist in many ways and with a soul to loves God’s creatures , such a blessing.

    I loved the picture of the two proud little girls and their gingerbread house. Darling names too! Luna and Stella.

    As for Hazel, at least she stayed. I don’t think she was to interested but she stayed! Good baby!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – do you ever watch Pam and Casper – a little dog who “sings” along? That’s what I’m trying to teach Hazel.

  33. Lynette in Orlando

    Lovely video! I could listen to that all day!!!! You play so beautifully and Hazel was such a good girl.

  34. Debbie R.

    I loved the video. Hazel did so good!!! And I love seeing how people use their quilts to decorate with at Christmas. Such fun.

  35. Jean

    Mary and Hazel…THANK YOU for the wonderful musical presentation. SO enjoyed that! As well as this entire Christmas season with the pictures of all the tress and decorations. A true gift! Thank you so much everyone.

  36. Lisa B

    There are so many adorable photos each day! And the piano playing was so relaxing, thank you.

  37. Sharon G.

    Mary – Nice to hear the piano with you at the keyboard with Hazel beside you . Thank you! What a sweetheart Hazel is! You are blessed. And so talented.
    I’m hoping to get some sleep but the wind is howling and it’s raining again!
    All of the photos were great. Love that gingerbread house.
    Merry Christmas to you and everyone who reads the blog about nothing.
    -Sharon G.

  38. Sandy

    You played beautifully Mary, love your cardigan too, l used to be able to knit like that once ! Oops! It was a goat on the pencil! Big hug for Hazel too!

  39. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary, thank you to Deb in Idaho for liking the gingerbread house(it looks haunted!)but the girls had fun eating it with friends, More wonderful quilts today and l love the Llama pencil! Will continue trying to see Hazel singing now, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  40. brendalynne1

    every time i see all this beautiful stitching i truly enjoy their beauty but also lament that i seem to be going backwards in my ability to sew a sew straight seam. really after all these years by a sewing machine. I have had the cataracts, bilat, taken care of and new glasses. <maybe i need to get out those practice sheets from decades ago when mother had be sew on the lines without any thread in the machine.

    Oh woe is me. sorry

  41. Candy

    Hazel’s a lucky girl to be able to share your bench … and such a good girl for staying! You’re a lucky girl too, Mary, to have such a wonderful talent … just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Connie in NV

    Thank you Mary for your blog about nothing. I look forward to reading about what you are doing & seeing the pictures you & your readers share each day. I was hoping Hazel would sing while you played, so keep on with your lofty goals for Hazel. She looks like a wonderful companion.

  43. Susy B.

    Thank you Mary and Hazel for the beautiful piano playing. I’m so glad I checked my emails before going to bed. I will sleep a little better.
    Merry Christmas to you and all the readers of your blog all about nothing. I think it’s quite something.
    Good night, Susy in San Diego, CA.

  44. Jo in Wyoming

    Loved it. The video, pictures and Christmas decor.
    Thank you for the blog about “kindness “

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – hope you had a nice day in town and are feeling better every single day. Kindness matters.

  45. Amy F

    There’s nothing lovelier than listening to piano music! So beautiful! And Hazel is such a good girl practicing with you.

  46. Kim from Wi

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us all, it was lovely to hear and Hazel was a bonus. Love the blog about nothing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosemary – I’m not exactly sure how to put a video on with a nice background, etc. but I will figure it out. I follow Casper and Pam – Casper is a little dog who “sings” along and I want Hazel to do that! I have such lofty goals, don’t I? Ha!

  47. Dianna in Wisconsi

    Love the video!
    I remember when I was young i had a cardboard/plastic little record that was Go tell it the Mountain. I love that song.
    I will watch it again and again,
    Thanks Mary

  48. Deb in Idaho

    Beautiful music . I love love love the gingerbread house. Kids are so cute. Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

  49. Bobby Sutton

    Your piano music was beautiful. You are an artist in many ways. Merry Christmas to all.

    Bobby in Md

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