Let’s Catch Up

It’s Sunday night and I promised a chick update, didn’t I?  Chicklet seems to be very healthy and extremely active, moving around the pen with Mom and diving underneath her lap whenever cover is needed.  Chicklet isn’t as big as a quarter and doesn’t weigh as much so I’m hoping C. grows fast. C. means Chicklet.  Yes, my free chick from the hatchery was of course a rooster chick and yes, he is all grown up.  Here is Daddio today.

And here are pictures of Mom and Chicklet.Look carefully on the left side – you’ll see chicklet’s head poking up through mom’s feathers.

Can you see that little head poking out?

Thanks to these readers who sent pictures of their 1600 jelly roll quilts.

Every now and then we see signs of a predator at our bird feeder and since we don’t want them any where near the barn and the chickens, we use a live animal trap.  We got our 2nd opossum in two days – it seems they like sunflower seeds.  The critter was relocated, not killed, and we will set the trap again tonite.

From church this morning I went directly to the dog show again.  My little friend Tazor was best in his class and I got to hold his little sister, Jinx.

More wonderful dog pictures coming later this week.  After two days at the dog show, how could I possibly think I don’t want another dog?

30 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up

  1. Donna Sproston

    You need another dog! What a treat for both of you. I have never had a dog, just cats, but I know from visiting the farm that you can never have too many animals. A friend of mine has four Cavalier Spaniels and now a Burbet. Her daughter has a Great Dane puppy that, now table height, that joins the others for dog day care. It is like visiting the zoo and very entertaining.

  2. Brenda archambault

    You sure look like a very happy lady with a dog in your arms. It’s time! And what’s the name of Chicklet’s mom, Tic Tac?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – this is a Parson Jack Russell named Jinx – isn’t she just wonderful?

      1. bernadette

        Jack Russells are very high energy. Beautiful dogs, though. Rescue organizations have lots of wonderful animals that need homes — sometimes purebreds.

  3. Diana W

    It’s always nice to have dogs around, and you know that from boarding, but nicer to have one of your own. Faye would like to know you aren’t alone. We will never get another pet if we wait till we are ready, because we will never be ready and over the loss of our beloved. You’ll know. 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana – your advice is ringing in my head. It’s like waiting to get pregnant until you can afford it, right?

  4. Peggy

    Love the pics of the little chick. . . He/she sure knows where to hide out & keep warm. I can also see a little “Jinx” in your future!! What a doll!!

  5. Marian Stever

    Love all pictures. That little doggie looks good on you!!!!!!
    Keep your musings coming; my “go to” when I check my mail.
    Thank you so much for adding pleasure to our days.

  6. Cynthia Sabinske

    I thought the same thing, you need a new doggie in your life, winter is perfect time to get acquainted being inside more! Love that Terrier!

  7. Martha Engstler

    I agree with Marian Stever. When I open my emails first thing I do is look for your blog. Love your pictures and hearing of your many talents and adventures. I hope so much that baby chick thrives. “It” is sooo cute. Thanks for adding sunshine for so many of your admirers.

  8. Gail Lockington

    Great pics. I’ll forward to family – they love your animal stories too. And we get possums in southern Ontario also!

  9. Beth L.

    What a sweet little Chicklet, though obviously shy. Lots of great work in the 1600 quilts. I was glad you located the possums. They eat lots of ticks I understand and in my part of the work that is important!

  10. Diane

    That Chicklet is adorable. You do look good with Jinx—maybe rescue time? They do rescue us don’t they? I loved seeing the 1600’s. I’m going to make another:) Thanks for sharing–I, too, check you first!!

  11. Lee

    The chicklet is just too cute. Looking forward to watching it grow up. Hey out there….read any good books lately. I read A Man Called Ove and loved it.
    Have a great week everyone…Lee

  12. Sara Reynolds

    Love your little chicklet! My dad raised bantams as a hobby and he went to lots of chicken shows. Both my parents are gone now, and seeing chickens always reminds me of both of them. I loved seeing the pictures of the 1600 quilts also.

  13. Rose Mikulski

    I can just see it in your smile that you love Jinx and you really want a Parson Jack Russell Terrier…that and the pins on your Pinterest Board. You hold them well. And I love the little chickie baby, here’s hoping she’s a girl because you can’t have two roosters can you?

  14. Betty Klosterman

    Yep, I love baby chicks, too. I hark back to the days of my child hood and baby chicks. But, I never knew a hen had a “lap?”

  15. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, what a sweet chikcie. I was laughing because Chicletts was a chewing gum brand. That little pup is so pretty!

  16. Ann Barlament

    Chicklet…what a perfect name for the wee babe.
    Enjoying others 1600 quilts…the jelly roll race.

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