Let’s Review

I’ve had several questions about the current patterns so we will review. I’m watching the National Championship and I think I can write this post at the same time.

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Winter – $10

Snowman – $10

Valentines – $5

Frosty Itty Bitty – $3

These patterns are available now for a limited time. Connie is in charge of filling orders until I can walk out to the shop again. By that time she’ll be heading to Florida for the month of February and I should be on the mend. We worked that out well, didn’t we?

I will be starting PT tomorrow and I know it will be hard. I also know it’s absolutely necessary. I hope by the end of this week I can get out to my sewing room and start sorting some fabrics for a project in the new Sisterhood book. Can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine! Things are not looking good for my #9 Dirty Dozen. Am I allowed a pass?

Thanks for all the get well wishes!

30 thoughts on “Let’s Review

  1. Sandy

    Thank you for having the envelope for the winter mitten up the other way so reader from down Under( Australia and New Zealand ) can read it easier! All the best for a speedy recovery Mary, sandy

  2. Diane in WI

    Think ahead to spring and how good it will be to have knees that work. I know PT is hard but so well worth it. Thinking of spring, I bought a small pot of mini purple iris today at the grocery store. My dining room table is half covered with plants. My amaryllis is huge; I waiting for the blossoms. As others have said skip #9. Half of my original list is missing. I inadvertently used the other side to write out a message for someone. There are too many projects I want to do. Kathleen Tracy of Country Lane Quilts is doing a mystery quilt until June. Buttermilk Basin has also started another one. Keep getting better. Hazel will help you.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Work on whichever project trips your fancy. Work on something you enjoy and it is a pleasure to do. Just because you started something you aren’t wanting to do now isn’t a big deal. If you never finish a project you don’t like, the quilt police aren’t going to take you away!
    All along I’ve thought you went into Garner for therapy, but no, you probably go to Mason City. In the meantime, about 2 weeks from now, you will be doing so good with your recovery so you just have to endure it for now. Grin and bear it — or cuss, whatever works best.
    Yes, Jeopardy! The greatest is absolutely wonderful. They couldn’t have picked 3 finer gentle men. This probably has to be great fun for Alex and helping him cope with his cancer.
    You will get better fast, especially since you know what to expect.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman- yes, I DO go to Athletico in a Garner for therapy. Had my first appointment this morning and now I’m sitting with an ice pack. I’m really tired this time compared to last time.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        You might not realize it, but you haven’t recovered your strength completely from the first surgery. You are entitled. Rest is good, too.

  4. Launa

    Too much SNOW up here in northern Idaho! Skip #9 and get busy pulling fabrics for a new project! That’s a great reward for going thru PT! Sometimes selecting fabric is the best part for me. I saw a preview of Kim Diehl’s new book, SIMPLE PATCHWORK …looks wonderful with some runners and pillows, too! Great for LSU’s win.
    Plan to watch Jeopardy!

  5. Mrs. Goodneedle

    You’re allowed a pass for sure; but, for future numbers you should know that you don’t need to go to such drastic measures to gain that pass! Prayers continue for your healing and for patience with the PT.

  6. Ellie

    Glad you have such a positive attitude! Having the goal of getting to your sewing room is a good motivation! Yes you can skip #9! You have lots going on .

  7. Barbara Ramey (six bags in Seattle)

    I am so glad you and Connie are doing so well! Please tell me one more time what you require in order to purchase the large and small Snowmen. I know the price but envelope size, address sticker or self addressed and postage. These are just too cute!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara Ramey – just send the money and an address label – we will handle the rest – and thank you!

  8. Frances

    Give yourself permission to skip #9! You’ve got enough stress right now.
    Put all your efforts into recovery, and keep watching those games.

  9. Sandy in Indiana

    So happy that you are doing so well….will be thinking about you today at PT and sending HUGS

  10. Kathy Hanson

    Of course you can skip #9!! You certainly haven’t had any time to do much sewing with all that has been going on! You will get it done sometime! Hope that your PT goes well, I know that it is very hard but will be so good in the long run! Just think about how wonderful it will be to not have all the pain this summer when you want to be outside doing things! Hazel will be happy to have you through the frisbee for her again.
    Keep getting stronger and know that so many of us love you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily!!

  11. Debra Miller

    Glad both you and Connie are doing well. I know PT will be hard but I remember when I had my knees replaced, I knew if I didn’t do the therapy, the only one to suffer the consequences would be me. I knew that the “Tigers” would be winning, just a question of which ones! I was pulling for the Clemson Tigers as I live about 15 miles from their campus here in SC.

  12. Diane and Squeak In Central Ohio

    Yes, you can skip # 9. You have had lots going on in your life so we’ll give you a pass—LOL. I haven’t even started my #9 yet, either. My husband needs meds for his nerve pain from football, breaking his neck, 2 fusion/laminectomies on his back etc etc. But, because of over prescribing by doctors and overuse of opioids by some people, he is having trouble getting even Maloxocam and Gabapentin. Lots of Baby Boomers are in the same boat. His Dr. told him he’d have to be drug tested if he increased his meds, and that he had 85 year old grandmothers who were being drug tested because they needed pain meds for nerve pain. Ugh.
    We think most of Ohio is rooting for LSU, too. Hope they win. Hang in there, Mary, you’ll do fine in PT.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – thanks for giving me permission to drop out this month! Smile

  13. Sandy Kolarik

    I’m so happy you’re doing well, all the pt will get you strong for summer. Watch out everyone Mary will be running circles around us. A bum knee hardly kept you down can’t wait to see what happens when you’re 100%.

  14. Susan K

    I know when spring comes you will be glad you had your knees done now. But physical therapy is never fun and yet is so necessary for a good recovery. Thanks for keeping us updated. And speedy recovery!

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m glad you have the games to watch…good timing for recovery. I’m not big on the games, but the Jeopardy! tournament is fantastic. A double dose of Jeopardy.
    You have permission to change, skip, revise, redraw your #9. If your not in the mood to continue a project it won’t always turn out great. When I see a quilt that’s kinda pitiful, I think she wasn’t in the mood to finish it!
    Sewing rooms are good medicine, like quilts, there magic. I hope you can get to yours soon.

  16. Caryn Goulden

    Glad you are doing well and have a positive attitude about PT. Stay strong! Praying for you, and Connie too.

  17. Jan from SW Iowa

    I’m going to check with my physical therapist for my knee replacements about my pain level then. 14 years later, it’s not part of my memories. (Opiods were probably a bit more liberal then?) Take care!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from SW Iowa – my doctor won’t even prescribe an opioid pan killer!!!! Just ibuprofen, Tylenol and gabapentin

  18. Kim J LeMere

    Isn’t the game exciting to watch? the teams seem well matched and were rooting for LSU. I will say a prayer that the therapy goes well on your first day.

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