Little Maple Leaf, 9-23-23

Six little blocks make a sweet little quilt. Sashing is cut 1” wide. Quilted with intentional crooked lines – so fun!!

Please feel free to print this out to lay by your machine.

Reader photos

Love this picture!

This is what Connie uses to hang up all those little quilts in her stairwell. And here’s her sewing area which I didn’t show you the other day.

My strawberry harvest continues

And I end here – you’re all familiar with this little snafu. It never fails.

44 thoughts on “Little Maple Leaf, 9-23-23

  1. Peggy S

    Don’t ya’ hate it when that happens?? If you wanted it to meet at the corner it wouldn’t for sure. Darn it anyways!!

  2. Gloria B - northern IL

    With 2 great machines in Connie’s sewing room do you two ever sew together there?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – nope, we have never sewed together. And remember that I don’t leave here for hardly anything. Recluses don’t go sew with others. Smile.

  3. Launa

    Why does that border happens to us? 😉🤓🤬. Was cold early. Tonight a Black Bear showed up not too far from our place where friends live. More have been going to homes @ night down in Salmon, Idaho! Guess they sense an early winter? Cooling off to 36o again!

  4. Launa

    Why does that border happens to us? 😉🤓🤬. Was cold early. Tonight a Black Bear showed up not too far from our place where friends live. More have been going to homes @ night down in Salmon, Idaho! Guess they sense an early winter?

  5. Carol

    Do you know where to find the stichery
    tape or the brand name? I have searched the Internet and can’t find it?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – I entered double sided stitchery tape and Connie’s came right up. Go online. There are many kinds.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    If you haven’t stitched the binding…simply unstitch the seam, cut about 2” off at the same angle , restitch, finger press, and your binding seam will be about 2” before the corner. Binding is my favorite part of the quilt.
    Connie’s area is nice..tidy, but nice.
    Whenever I’m feeling down, I get the Oh, Susannah book read it and I feel better. I’ve had a lot of down days lately. Thank you for the blog about nothing.

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      Take care of yourself. I think it took a lot for you to say you have had a lot of down days lately. Fabric therapy (ironing, cutting, sewing, quilting, binding) is truly a “therapy” for me. And binding is the most soothing of all. May you be able to feel rejuvenated in whatever ways work best. Hugs to you.

      1. Connie R.

        Jo, Sorry you’re having some bad days recently. You seem to be someone who does so much for others. Your work with the ladies at the jail must be rewarding but also hard at times. Vicki is right, take care of yourself. I always look forward to your blog comments as you feel like a friend through this blog. Take care.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – and that’s just what I did – didn’t you see I finished binding and all? I’m going to email you.

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you Mary for the leaf pattern. This will be a fun little fall quilt. Today we are getting some wind and much needed rain from Ophalia. we have owned our property for 44 years and have a creek that runs through and never has it ever dried up. The creek has been dry for almost 2 months. There is not even mud in the creek bed just dried dirt. I am thankful right now that we do not have any cattle. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – yes, I’m thankful you don’t have any cattle – extreme weather is everywhere. Now I hope you don’t get flooded.

  8. Martha W in WY

    The Maple Leaf little quilt is cute. I love Alice’s pumpkin quilt. I’ll have to look into that double sided stitchery tape. My husband hates putting holes in the walls.

    1. Alice in SW OH

      Martha, I pieced this little quilt in 2002 but never quilted it. I moved into a much smaller home 5 yrs ago & started going through UFO ‘s recently & decided to quilt it! It’s a Thimbleberries pattern & fabric. I was a pretty new quilter in ’02 & working full time.

  9. Charlotte S in northern California

    Thank you for the cute maple leaf pattern. The quilts are beautiful. I love Connie’s big sewing room with all the windows. I have the Bernina QE 440 too. It’s been going strong for 18 years!

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, a busy day for me, 2 loads of washing sheets , duvets and towels after Bella shot off after a cat last night in the rain, through the bushes and ended up tangled the neighbour’s shrubs! My son had together torches with Grant next door and find her tangled up,then cut lead to get her free, she rushed straight home, jumped on the bed, mud everywhere, so bath for the dog and clean sheets for me! Took some time to recover from all the drama! I now know how you feel when Hazel gets up to mischief!
    Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Sweet little quilt indeed and I love how others sent in their maple leaf blocks and quilts too. It’s always inspiring what everyone shares the sewing they are doing.
    Thinking of Jo in Wyoming and hoping today is a better day. Her sons pal, Josh Allen, is playing hopefully if no heavy rain today postpones the game. We are going to a pumpkin and apple farm after church to get cider and fried cakes, watch families on hay rides and do corn mazes. It’s that time of year and how I missed it when the pandemic had so many entertaining events shut down. I got some cute pumpkins yesterday a young family was selling so glad to support them and I got a good idea from them for seeing if hubby will till up a rectangle spot for me next year in an area out back for me to plant some. Then I could take them to some folks in vets home and nursing homes. So I guess I would just save the seeds from gutting these or do I toss the whole pumpkins on this plot of land and hope something sprouts next year?

      1. Kathy in NY

        Thanks Mary, I threw some rotted pumpkins last year ( we got warm in October which made them turn to mush) out in the woods for the animals and we did get one pumpkin from a vine that grew over summer.

  12. Mary Cooper

    Before I sew the binding on a quilt I lay the quilt on the floor, place the binding along the edge and move it until there are no seams in the corners. I then clip the binding in place and sew. Works every time.

    Mary in Indiana

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      I should do that, but just want to get it done! If I know I have plenty of binding, I can cut it off like Jo said, and continue on. Binding is my least favorite job of the entire quilt, and I sew it on—-I do not hand stitch.

  13. Margie Ohio

    So fun to see sewing rooms! Each is unique. Thanks for the cute pattern. Hope your week goes well.

  14. Carol Reents

    Interesting seems no Connie’s space to have all three machines set up. I don’t have the space to has multiples set up. I may find a way.

  15. Sharon F

    What a nice airy sewing room Connie has! Love those windows. The little maple leaf quilt is so cute.

  16. Sharon G.

    Mary – That little quilt came together fast! Cute!

    I would love a sewing room with lots of light and windows!

    Strawberries look delicious!

    Take care everyone!

  17. Rhoda Ebersole

    Connie’s sewing space is spectacular of course.
    The Fall colors up in northern Oconto County this weekend are spectacular too.

    Love the Maple Leaf pattern and thank you !!!

  18. Teresa in Indiana

    I love the little maple leaf quilt. I hope to play in my sewing room tomorrow. I’m jealous of Connie’s sewing space. Just beautiful. And I can’t believe you are still getting strawberries! They look juicy and sweet. Yum! I’ve had that binding delima more times than I care to acknowledge. 😄

  19. Karel

    LOVE seeing the fall theme quilts!! FALL is my favorite!! Also enjoyed seeing Connie’s house and her sewing room. So many things to sew and not enough time!! Take care Mary as you do your fall preparations for winter! I am starting to do some of the same.

  20. Sue in Oregon

    Happy Sunday to you Mary and everyone else.
    Thank you for the darling Maple Leaf pattern and also, thank you for posting the tape Connie uses to hang her little quilts. I went in search of it but got confused, so I will try it again.
    Cute readers quilts. Everyone is getting in the fall mood now.
    We have gentle rain today but they are forecasting a big ol’ storm coming at us tonight and tomorrow. Lots of heavy rain, possible flooding plus wind. We really need the rain as we have not had any since mid June. The ground is hard and dry, so downpours are not what is needed. So…we will soon see.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    My niece came Tuesday afternoon and left this morning and we had a wonderful time. AND she went home with a bunch of Christmas and other stuff. She got to see many cousins with 1 on 1 time. Great visit. The trees are turning and it is beautiful even in town.
    Now I’m getting a quilt pinned to take to Project Warmth tomorrow. Not getting much done today, but who cares! We were both tired when we got back from Sturgis yesterday and really slept last night.
    I do like Mary Cooper does, except use top of the queen sized bed which is easier than the floor and I don’t have that much open floor. I lay it out and see how it will lay with the seams missing the corners and it is big enough to go clear around the quilt. And I NEVER finish it by hand. They are not heirloom quilts, just quilts to use.
    Seeing both Connie’s and Mary’s sewing rooms is great. They really hit the spot. We all make do with what we have and are just a bit envious of some others.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City 

  22. Betty Klosterman

    When I click to bring the blog to the screen, I have to click on the END button which takes me to the last of the comments. I then click on the GREEN button marked COMMENTS. Then click on HOME and there are the pictures!!!! At least my computer.
    Betty in Rapid City

  23. Kris in WI

    Ooh, I like the picture of those batik maple leaves. Time to dig into that bottom drawer and put my fall-colored batiks to use.
    Jo is right; Connie’s sewing room is so nice…and so tidy…compared to my corner of the world! I agree that I like putting the binding on a quilt. It means it’s done! I even bind quilts for a friend, and she finishes a lot more than I do. Laying out the binding beforehand works really well…when I remember to do it! Now what I need to do is check to be sure the scrappy binding doesn’t have the same fabric at both ends!
    Mary, your blog about nothing is a real picker upper on those blue days when it is hard to “take care of yourself.” Just the pictures of the strawberries, quilts, and critters are enough to raise one’s spirits. The comments are interesting and bring the world to our door. So sorry about the double laundry load, Sandy, but I laughed out loud, and you know what they say, laughter is good for the soul!
    Thanks everyone and enjoy the fall colors and activities as you plan for the next quilt. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – I, too, loved Sandy’s story about the events leading up to the extra laundry!

  24. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary! Thanks for the maple leaf quilt pattern! And oh yes, I’m very familiar with having the binding seams land at the corners! I much too lazy to test out the placement berfore I start stitching the binding on! Oh well!

  25. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi Mary! I love the little leaf pattern. I think the little squares would make cute coasters.
    I too look for your blog every morning and am disappointed if there isn’t an update but wait patients haha until you write again. It obviously isn’t about nothing!
    Your comment about being a recluse….really? Since when? Some weeks I don’t go many places and find things in the house to eat so I or we don’t have to the grocery store….but that doesn’t mean I’m a recluse! That means I’m just plain too lazy to go to the store. Haha
    We had a nice refreshing rainy few days. Cuts down the fire hazard while farming! No storms! No hail! All is good so far!

  26. Deb C

    I just ordered some stitchers tape. What a great idea… holes in the walls! Love your blog for ideas and quilt shows. And last week I ordered the pieced borders book. I had been thinking about pieced borders so I’ll read the book and give it a try.

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