March Madness, 3-21-24

And it started with a big upset – Number 3 Kentucky is out! Holy Smokes!!! Ivy is spending the night while her family is in Minneapolis and Sam just texted that it’s snowing heavily there.

I’m trying to bind that pink quilt while I watch the games but I end up mostly watching. So many of you told me you enjoyed meeting Marsha. I’ve asked another reader if she’d like to go next and let us know some details about her life – we know each other by name but I’m always interested in hearing more. I have always said this: EVERYBODY’S GOT A STORY.

I have the nicest readers who send me stuff.

Sunflower sent this.
Rhoda sent the Caitlin article and Marian sent the Be Still card.

And then there’s this box – sent anonymously.

I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry! Look what’s inside – 41 Dresden Plate blocks!!!!!!!!!

I bound the Flower Garden piece tonight and am tickled to be done!!!

Binding is a challenge.

And now I have 41 blocks staring at me. I see why this was sent anonymously – the sender was unsure how the gift would be received. So true. Sigh.

Reader photos

Becky sang a song on YouTube tonight and I’m going to try to post it here. I may not be successful but here goes.

Try clicking on this link and let me know if it works. If not I’ll get help and try again tomorrow.

90 thoughts on “March Madness, 3-21-24

  1. Constance Miles

    I don’t have the blocks seen together yet, but do I need to place darker blocks at the top? Any comments appreciated.

  2. Vicki in Seattle

    Great job, Becky!! Thanks for sharing, Mary!
    I’m watching the Drake/ WSU game now. Quite a day of Basketball!

  3. Rosie Westerhold

    It worked🙌🙌!! One of my most favorite songs. Played this song by Iz (deceased artist from Hawaii) at my late husband’s funeral. LOVE Becky’s rendition.

  4. Bonny

    Very nice audio… thanks for sharing. 4 years ago today I adopted a rescue dog, a 6 yr old Jack Russell mix, who has been the best buddy! He’s a gentle little guy with my mother, a snuggle bug in my recliner and a rabbit chaser in the garden. He’s been my only dog! Your blog reinforces the benefits of a pet! And inspires me in quilting,! 👍

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – there is NOTHING like the love of a dog!! Can you send me a picture of him? Send to my email.

  5. Brenda in Georgia

    It totally works! I really enjoyed listening to her and found a couple of others to watch as well. How lovely! I so admire musicians. I wish I had had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument when I was young. I sang a little in church choir and chorus in high school.

  6. Sharon G.

    Mary – What a Wonderful World. Thank you for sharing Becky’s video. I followed it with some of Josh Turner’s music. 🎶
    Thank you for your blog.
    Take care everyone.

  7. Tanya T. in Houston

    It worked! Just beautiful song and singer! You are a lucky woman to have such a talented sister!

    Rain here most of the day, but we watched that Kentucky loss, too, tonight. What a stunner! Lots of broken brackets already I suspect!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those Dresden plates…just don’t throw them at the wall! Ha!

  8. Annette Austin

    Loved Becky singing Wonderful World. Thank you Mary for giving us Becky’s utube.

  9. Diane in Colorado

    You two are so talented!! Loved Becky’s recording! Thank you for sharing it!

    Oh, my! And what will you do with the Dresden blocks??? I’m certain you will create something beautiful!!

  10. Jeanne in Co.

    Just beautiful, Becky. Now if I could just figure out how to save it so I could listen to it whenever I wanted a reminder of “what a Wonderful World” we live in. It was perfect. How about singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, another of my favorites.
    Expecting more rain and snow here in Co. this weekend. Our hyacinths, daffodils and narcissus are all budding already. Guess we’ll have to get out the tarps and cover them so the don’t get frost bitten.
    Loved the quilt called “Mary’s Fault.” It looked so light and springlike. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. It’s a keeper for sure.
    Happy Spring, everyone. Jeanne in Co.

  11. Sandi

    Becky’s singing was beautiful! I love the song. The Dresden Plate blocks are wonderful! Hugs,

  12. Patricia

    Oh your sister has a lovely voice. I really enjoyed her video. Oh boy, I wonder who the villain might be that sent you the the Dresden plate blocks. So l’n not as into the March madness as you. I love to hear a Cinderella story and if I can figure out when and what channel to watch I’ll catch a few. I hear S Carolina iOS one to beat along with U Conn. Enjoy the madness.
    Pat in Md.

  13. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Hi Mary..
    It has been a long time since I have replied to your blog, but believe me, I have read them all! My highlight of the evening. Becky’s video was have a very musical family.

    My sister was here from Arizona. She stayed with me for 5 weeks. Her daughter passed away unexpectedly on Jan 23. We are patiently (right!) waiting for the autopsy report, as we do not know the cause of her passing. She was single and lived in Des Moines…she was not responding to my sister’s calls and texts, so the Des Moines police did a well check. They found her in her bed..very peacefully died in her sleep. She was 45, my only niece. She was the youngest of the 4 cousins. Needless to say, we were busy dealing with cleaning out her house, meeting with the attorney and getting the estate into sister is a nurse and worked labor and delivery for several years. She says it sure is easy to be born, but it takes a lot to die. All the legal schmegal is crazy. We are co-administrators for her estate. I did not have any time to sew while she was here, but am starting to get back into a routine.

    My niece had a cat..Luna..a darling tuxedo kitty. She stayed at our house while my sister was here..and took charge of my sewing room. It is very sunny and she loved sleeping in my chair, basking in the sunlight. Luna loved to wrestle with my hand…I have the scratches to prove her victory. My sister flew home with Luna in a carrier..she flew great..not a sound. We were concerned about how Luna and Eva (the pit bull) would get along…let me tell you who runs the house!!! My sister inherited Eva last June when their 45 year old ‘surrogate’ son died of pneumonia. He was living with my sister and her husband while waiting for a kidney transplant. My sister had 2 Gordon Setters that were 13 years old..they both crossed over the rainbow bridge last year. We had 2 other family deaths last year..enough is enough!

    We have a girls’ trip planned for a week in April. There will be 4 of us going to Florida. We have been going to Sanibel Island, Fl for the past 20 years, but have not gone since 2019 due to Covid and hurricane wiped out most of the businesses and resorts on the island, but they are rebuilding. We will be on Anna Maria Island this year, but are planning to drive to Sanibel for a day and support the local businesses that are open.

    Thanks your nightly posts…something to look forward to every day. Love your pictures and stories!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie – I am sitting here with my mouth open! How can one family have had so many tragedies in such a short time. What in the world happened to that young woman??? I have tried very hard to make my dying easy for all concerned. Your poor sister!! Oh, and then there’s Luna! I am so sorry, Julie. Yes, enough already.

  14. Martha W in WY

    Becky has a beautiful voice and wonderful guitar playing. I enjoyed reading all about Marsha. She and I have a lot in common. I chuckled when I saw the photo of your binding “helpers.” My, my the beautiful Dresden plates. I will be waiting on pins and needles to see what you creat with those. An FYI- you can do a reverse address lookup online and find out who probably sent them. But, that takes the fun out of the surprise gift.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Oh, funny me! That’s your address Mary! What can I say…it’s time for bed!

  15. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Update on fires. This evening we have 16 active fires in 4 counties. No school again for these counties due to fires and schools being used for people being evacuated. We were fortunate that we only lost our power twice for several hours. there are still 1000 people with no power. Ten homes were lost and 1 firefighter was critical hurt. Winds today 5 -10 MPH. Some different. Old timers say they have never seen fires like this and we have been in the valley for 40 years and never seen any like this happening. We live between two mountain ranges, Blue Ridge mts and the Appalachian mts. The valley is 25 miles wide where we live in the valley. We are expecting another freeze this evening and some rain coming in on Friday evening. I thought of you today as I had to pick up sticks, 55 gallons bucket. This was in back of my shed that the neighbors trees blew over all these sticks. Did not lawn mower going over these sticks and branches. Of course I am the only one that could pick them up. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – yes, of course, you’re the only one who could pick up all those sticks. We do not hear about these fires on the news – what upheaval in your area! Kids not in school, no power, people hurt – hopefully you’ll get some rain to put the fires out. There’s snow north of us but we are still so very dry. If I were there I know how to pick up sticks and would have been happy to help. Gosh, keep me updated, please

    2. San

      Hi Carolyn. I wonder if we’re getting some of your smoke. It’s been really bad since last Sunday when I left the house for work. One of the Tennessee Valley Authority workers explained to me that they were doing a controlled burn, but there was also a wildfire on a nearby mountain not far from where I live. It was contained at the time of his explanation. Of course this concerns me greatly, as I’ve not been able to get take care of the leaves in my yard for awhile now. However, with the amount of trees here, it could happen anywhere. Please take care of yourself and keep us updated.

      San / Murphy, N.C.

  16. Dee from Shell Rock

    The music was great! Thank you for sharing. A little after midnight it started sleeting in Shell Rock. I’d put my car in the shed, I’m so glad I did. It’s covering the ground. I grocery shopped for a few things today and so i am home. Be safe

  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for posting ghe photo of the sausage dog and puppy l have made for Luna,s 4th. Birthday 🎂, working on the purple rapunzel dress for her as the first one l made sheds gold sparkle all over the carpet!
    I enjoyed Beckys song and guitar playing. Lucky you,All those dresden plate blocks! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  18. Jean

    What a wonderful world! Yep listened to Becky sing. Just lovely. Same goes for the wonderful people who think of others. Such as those who send you gifts. Wow.

  19. Claudia Sheets

    Great job Becky!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks mary for sharing! One of my favorite songs! Let there be peace on earth is number one!(hint hint!)😊❤️

    1. Kristen Ault

      Becky, thank you for the lullaby last night. It is, indeed, A Wonderful World. Is there a “Becky Sings” request line? I’d also love to hear Let There be Peace on Earth.
      And thanks again to Mary for posting everyone’s pix of their interests. pets, projects, and quilts. Cute and colorful as usual. Kris

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kristen – I will pass that on to Becky – it’s one of my favorite songs, too!

  20. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, I hope you pass along all our praise to Becky. I loved the video! Well, speaking of March Madness, our Dayton Flyers made a liar out of me last night. I went to a 7 PM church meeting telling everyone that they had lost their game only to find out on the 11 PM news with 7 minutes to go and down by 17 points, THEY WON! They get Arizona next. 🙏

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – well, yours is a typical March Madness story, isn’t it? The upsets are fun but distressing to me.

  21. Sandra Goddard

    The box of dresden blocks are a gift from the heart in my opinion. The sender knows you will put your heart into the final product. Can’t wait to see.

  22. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the “dog” panel…… I have a similar one and can’t quite decide what I want to do with it.

    I love sending cards to people — such a small simple gesture that brightens someone’s day. :-).

  23. Diane, Squeak,& Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, Thanks for posting Becky singing and playing. What a beautiful rendition of a favorite sing😍. I love that dog panel. Any ideas if it is still available? The Dresden blocks—hmmmm. Sometimes you don’t want another project to worry about! Could you sell them or gift them? Maybe someone on the blog would love them? I love the quilts and photos today. The little dresses hanging up are adorable. OSU women play at noon. Go Bucks! Squeak says hi to Millie. Squeaky is a “ helper”, too!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane, those crocheted dresses are what I look at in my sewing room and laundry room. I don’t crochet but bought these at a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser. Were they doilies or potholders? The larger red crocheted dress was made for me as a child (70 yrs ago!) by a lady my parents met on vacation in the Thousands Islands. When my mom gave it to me for safe keeping, I loved hearing that story.
      Snow is coming tonight for us and probably the most accumulative than what we got all winter in just one night! Ha! We’ll take the moisture to help us this summer though.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kathy – I think I have your address – I’m going to send you my little crocheted dresses for your clothesline. They’ll probably eventually go to the landfill if I don’t.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Thanks Mary, I’d love to add some of yours for the clothesline. I am honored!

          1. Kathy

            Thanks Dot for the link. I do agree….too many holes for protecting your fingers.

    2. Carol Rife

      You can send those Dresden blocks to me! I love doing handwork. I can appliqué them to a block and put them together for charity quilts. Carol in WA

  24. Susan in AL

    Miss Mary or Miss Sunflower — can you share the details about the dog panel? One of my boys is a veterinarian, and it would be so cute done up as a wall hanging for his office. Usually, the children are as nervous as their pets when they come in! Just so you know — down here in the Deep South, “Miss” has nothing to do with marital status. It’s a title of respect or endearment, and you will hear it everywhere. I’ve been “Miss” for my entire life! Our governor is known as “Miss Kay” more than as Governor Ivey LOL

    Y’all are so sweet to share so many gorgeous projects and pets and everything in-between. It’s a delight to read about all of the goings-on each day!

  25. Donna Jo

    I got Marsha’s card in the mail yesterday. Had to laugh about the anonymous quilt blocks! Hopefully you can do something with them. Your fur babies supervising the binding is priceless! Watched Becky’s video; beautiful voice and love that song. I have that exact same dog panel! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! Looking forward to the Iowa game today!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – my helpers are not welcome but descend on me every night when I want to sew. It’s so annoying. Binding a quilt with them laying on it feels like cement blocks are on top – and it never fails that they show up every time!

  26. NancyTD

    Thanks to Becky for singing and playing the guitar. Beautiful!
    Not sure I would be so happy to see a box of Dresden blocks after you finished the ones you had.
    We had a couple of inches of snow overnight. Now that it is spring we get winter. SE Mn.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NancyTD – my thoughts exactly about the blocks – I’m going to write up the whole story of the flower garden blocks. It wasn’t fun.

  27. Connie R. in Wis.

    Becky’s song was beautiful. Thanks to both of you for sharing. You and your sister definitely use all the talents the Lord has given to you.
    Those Dresden blocks are a treasure. They look vintage. I’m confident you will come up with a beautiful creation. Looking forward to it.
    Some snow this morning but, sounds like the Southern part of our state got a lot more. Poor robins came back too soon.

  28. Diana in Des Moines

    Love the crocheted dresses! I often see them at sales, but shy away. I’ve seen a quilt made out of them – so cute.
    I think we all have some old blocks hanging around, but no idea what to do with them. I have a whole box languishing in a closet. I think I need to look at them to
    see if I can do what you did.
    We are having thundersnow right now! Some spring!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diana, I’m glad you like the crocheted dresses clipped on a curtain rod. I adore seeing them every day as I use to sew doll clothes and I don’t know how to crochet but I am one who hangs our clothes outside on a clothesline.

    2. Susan Sundermeyer

      Diana, I love thunder snow! We haven’t had that for a long time in southern Ohio.

  29. Carolyn in GA

    Worked for me and it was lovely. The pollen count in this part of GA is in the extreme and the highest it has been since sometime in the 1930’s. Atlanta is known as a “city in the forest” and the surrounding towns are the same. LOTS of pine trees and they are blooming to form pinecones. Really bad time for people with allergies. To rain today, that is supposed to help and maybe the yellow pollen on all of the cars will wash off.

  30. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Love the pet pictures today! Those binding helpers are a stitch!
    Susan in Alabama, I sent some information to Mary about the dog quilt panel. The quilt shop made kits up and it really was cute!
    Quilts shown today are beautiful. And the doll clothing too. Love the cross stitch too.
    And the sausage dogs, so cute.
    Julie B., take care of yourself and know the readers here are thinking of you and your family.
    Have a nice day with lots of basketball and more basketball 🏀

  31. Deb from Iowa

    Great performance by Becky! Such a beautiful voice and talented guitarist.

  32. Judy Linn

    What a WONDERFULLL to start my day‼️
    Thanks for sharing! Love this💕
    Judy in Texas

  33. Sandra Pierson

    What a great way to start my day with Becky singing!

    Thank you for that Blessing,

  34. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    Becky did a beautiful rendition of her song. She has a beautiful voice, and is a great guitarist! Thanks for sharing it with us. We were happy to see Iowa State men win their game last night. We are enjoying March Madness. I’m sure there will be upsets along the way. It just started a sleet/rain mix here in Oskaloosa. We need the moisture, but hopefully people will be safe out there and slow down. Thanks for your blog and all you do for us. I sent Marsha’s card yesterday. I also enjoyed reading about her life.

  35. Gail in Ohio

    The video came through great – thanks for sharing it! I enjoyed it greatly! ( sing with Sweet Adelines and “play” guitar only for my own misery… just simple chords…)
    Nice quilts, cross-stitch, and other sewing projects – always inspiring.
    I didn’t watch basketball last night – I was all set to watch my favorite show with my feet up and a needle in my hand, but it was pre-empted by the games and I just couldn’t get my head into them. Things have been crazy here since January (helping with a sister with Alzheimer’s who was recently widowed) and my mind needed some comedy! LOL! Maybe tonight I’ll be ready for sports… but always ready to read your blog!

  36. CathyD

    Listened to Becky’s song fist thing this morning . What a beautiful way to start a snowy spring morning in North Central Iowa. Thank you for sharing!

  37. Sharon

    Loved Becky’s song. It is a favorite of mine. Well done, Becky!

    PS: My card to Marsha in in the mail…winging its way to her.

  38. Jan Hebert

    Oh, Julie B, my heart goes out to you and your family. What a rough year you’ve all had. I’m so sorry about your niece. Forty five is way too young. Please let us know what the autopsy reveals, if anything. Jan in MA

    1. Julie B. From CF

      Thanks Jan..I certainly will keep you posted. Time heals…and so does a trip to Florida!

  39. Launa

    So many favorite teams lost! Pretty exciting to view!
    Just a few snowflakes late afternoon yesterday! More expected!

  40. Lois Sturdivant

    Cut the Dresdens into squares!, you could even put sashing between the blocks, someone will love them!

  41. Linda in PA

    I was able to listen to Becky singing “What a wonderful world”. It was beautiful!

  42. Marsha in Michigan

    Nice quilts and other handwork!! Is the mixed blessing of the Dresdans because of all the applique?

    Thank you for sharing Becky’s song. A favorite of mine and she has a lovely voice perfect for that song! 🎶🎶

  43. Pam T.

    Mary –
    The Cats are definitely getting in the way of your progress! LOL
    Thank you, Becky, for the lovely performance. It was uplifting. You have a very nice voice.

  44. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Becky’s song was great! I can only imagine how beautiful it is when both of you entertain together, sharing your combined talent. 👏👏
    Those Dresden Plates are beautiful; I am sure you will find a home for them.
    Marie C, your log cabin quilt is so bright and beautiful-love it!
    Kathy & Mary, I remember those little dresses from my childhood growing up in the ‘50s; everybody’s grandma had them. 😊
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  45. Susan in VA

    I’m late reading this. Marie C. — where did you get the pattern/kit for the “Catcus” cross stitch. I love it and would love to do it for my daughter-in-law!

  46. Kim from Wi

    Thank you, Connie, it was lovely to hear you sing. It is a wonderful world. Such cute little dresses and what a nice way to display them. You get the best mail, 41 more blocks to play with.

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