Meet Blanche, 9-22-21

I am a sucker for lost dog stories! A friend posted about a dog her friend brought home from a hunting trip. The dog kept showing up at their camp sight every night when they were hunting in Nebraska. The guy, Mark, couldn’t just drive away and leave her there so he brought her back to North Iowa although he already has three golden retrievers and lives in a small town with a small fenced yard. The dog is a deerhound, staghound, Irish wolfhound – something very big and very loving. Who knows? Here she is! Meet Blanche!

Mark brought her to the farm today and I believe it will work out. Telly and Hazel are fine with her, she cares nothing about the cats or chickens, won’t go into the barn, but also won’t come into the house. I have put a dog bed outside for her and it’s breaking my heart to leave her outside because it’s getting colder. But I can’t pick her up and drag her into the house!

The Bengal cat named Siri came back tonight for a two week visit in the quilt shop. No problem there. She hangs out on the top shelf just out of my reach.

I spent all afternoon outside cleaning up houseplants and succulents before I move them back into the house. Each one was sprayed with malathion to kill any bugs that may have made a home in the plant during the summer.

And now Little Red! I had no idea I wanted a cute little ride but I saw a small black pickup last summer that I admired and recently mentioned to my friend, Bob. He found one in Albert Lea, MN, about 40 miles away. These little pickups were made in 2003, 2004, and 2005 only before Chevy discontinued making them because they weren’t as popular as they had hoped. The Chevy SuperSportRoadster, SSR, is a hardtop convertible. With the push of a button the hard top collapses into the bed of the truck! It’s amazing! Little Red might be 17 years old but has only 14,000 miles on it. And not a scratch or a chip on it anywhere!

Here it is in the showroom as a convertible.

If you’re really interested in the SSR, go online and learn more – I had no idea! I just saw a cute little pickup! As it turns out, that cute little pickup can almost do tricks!

The next time I take the hardtop down, I’ll take pictures.

So that’s a lot that’s happened in my life lately. And I am exhausted so goodnight, All!

42 thoughts on “Meet Blanche, 9-22-21

  1. Dee Winter

    Blanche is a beauty. Maybe she will warm up to you and want to move inside with the colder weather. Or maybe she would prefer a dog house/room in the old quilt shop to be happy. Yeah, I’d keep her. Love your new ride.

  2. Nicole Hanson

    Congratulations on Lil’ Red! She is adorable! My husband always wanted one but it was not to be. Enjoy “The Ride”!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Blanche looks like a very nice, expensive dog. Has she been checked for a chip ID? I bet somebody is looking for her? Or maybe she was a pandemic dog somebody dumped when they were tired of her? She looks like she is well groomed? Not a lot of cockle burrs, etc? She does make for a nice variety on your farm.

    What a cute little PU. I’m driving a 2004 Chevy Impala with 198,500 miles and just love it. It runs like a dream and gets at least 32 mph on the highway, except I don’t drive on the highways any more. Makes the world safer?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – we’re going to the vet ASAP to check her for a chip – if she IS chipped, I’ll bet her family is frantic! She IS very well groomed. I hope she wasn’t dumped.

  4. Diane Bauer

    A convertible pick-up—I think you’ve got a keeper there!!! And only 14K miles? I’m envious!! My 2009 Honda Pilot has 181K miles on it. Still running well, but I’m thinking it may be time for something with a few less miles.

    Blanche is one lucky pup to have found her way to you!! I’ll be surprised to hear there’s no microchip. Sounds like she’s settling in. She may move inside with you as she gets more comfortable and it gets cooler. It was 36 here this morning. Pretty sure it was a hundred just last week!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane Bauer – I am so anxious to see if Blanche is chipped – if she is, her family must be frantic! My friends in Elizabeth, CO raise Staghounds.

      1. Diane Bauer

        I’m so glad we have that technology these days. Mine are both chipped but I hope I never have to find out how well that works!!

  5. Lynn

    I would say an Irish Wolfhound. She is either a young dog or well taken care of by the looks of her teeth. Be sure to check for a chip.
    Love Little Red. Will the dogs get a ride? We have a model A convertible and the dogs love their rides.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn – since Little Red only has two seats it will have to be one dog at a time but yes, eventually they’ll all get a ride. I agree she looks like an Irish wolfhound or a staghound – friends in Colorado raise staghounds that are in demand for hunting coyotes!

  6. Joyce from NY

    Just love the red convertible pick up, pretty snazzy!! Blanche is a beautiful dog, looks like a keeper!

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    You are adorable in that red PU.
    Blanche is a beauty, I’m sure she will settle in and become best buddies with Hazel and Telly.

    I’m still hoping your fall trip includes Wyoming in your plan. Could I bribe you with a piece of cherry pie and some wonderful coffee? You could stop in Colorado to see Diane, then mosie up to Rapid City and visit Betty.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – well, now that Blanche is here my trip is cancelled completely…..or until I know she’s settled in. Would just love to visit all of you – put Launa in Idaho in that list, too. And I’d never say no to cherry pie and coffee.

    2. Betty Klosterman

      Oh, my! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful trip? They would be covering a lot of miles. I have the advantage of “knowing” Mary from all our trips back to Clarion where I was raised. I don’t think she would remember my face, but Frank thought it was a great place to wait with all the animal entertainment.
      My friends just got back from a 3-week camping trip in Colorado and Utah and decided you can’t camp and sight see at the same time. You spend all the time driving.
      Hey, the annual buffalo roundup in Custer State Park is tomorrow. Everybody says the thundering herd and shaking ground is something to experience. They are magnificent animals built for survival. Except you have to be there early, gates open at 6:15 AM as it takes awhile for all the traffic, tour buses, etc to get in and parked — way to early for me. They expect 20,000 people!
      Big weekend with climbing Crazy Horse, Pumpkin festival and LOTS more stuff. I think it is School of Mines homecoming, too.
      Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maryjane – I’m very careful with malathion – no dogs or cats around when I spray the plants.

  8. Dorothy

    I have a retreat friend that had “that little red truck”. She use to drive it from WA to WI/MN every year. She gave it up 2 (?) years ago. That little red truck always made my heart go pit-a-pat. I drive a stick shift 2008 Scion XB. I actually cried at the dealership when they told me they were no longer making them. So this little baby and I are going out together. She has 166K miles on her–I have ???K miles 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dorothy – you and your little Scion have many more miles to go! Little Red makes my heart go pitty pat, too. I don’t have anywhere to go but maybe today I’ll just go for a ride.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Blanche is a beauty. She obviously isn’t skittish so it’s good to check her out for a chip. I did that with the cat that wandered into our house for that reason as he was so personable. I use to drive an orange PT cruiser and people would say “there goes the pumpkin down the road”.

  10. lorraine bujnowski

    Love ❤️Your new little red truck! Enjoy! You look great in it.
    And Blanche, how lucky she is to have found you!

  11. Carrolyn v

    Oh…..don’t know what I am more envious of………..your new dog or your pickup! What an uplifting post!
    You have the biggest heart! And that dog has no idea of his good luck! That pickup is the cat’s meow! It is perfect for you! Can’t wait until I read the blogs about your road trip with Connie in your new RIDE.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carrolyn V – the dog is staying – unless she has a chip and is actually a missing family pet. And of course Little Red is staying – haha! I think I’ll have to go for a drive today – maybe look at some fabric?

  12. Kathy Hanson

    What a fun vehicle! enjoy! Is the dog staying with you indefinitely? What an interesting life you live!!

  13. Susan K in Texas

    That Little Red truck is as cute as can be. And a convertible to boot! I went to a quilters estate sale last weekend and a guy was there buying fabric for his wife. He was driving a Willys Jeep. My dad had one when I was a kid and we’d all pile in it to go to Sonic for corn dogs and root beer. I hadn’t seen one in years – I don’t know who was more excited to talk about it him or me but it made my day. He was a mechanic like my dad and actually owned 5 of them!
    Blanche is a beautiful dog and I hope she settles in enough to come indoors.
    We’re finally getting cooler weather – it’s only in the 80’s and cool in the mornings. That means I have to start cleaning out my plants sometime in the next weeks. We’re waiting for a new grandson in October so I may have less time than I think!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K in Texas – bringing the plants inside is a huge job! My back is sore today from all the lifting!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Yes it is a big job but I always hate to lose a plant! We have our container plants spread all over the backyard. I make My hubby move the largest pots. But moving them all and getting places for them in the greenhouses is a big job. It takes weeks to get everything moved and lots of backaches.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan K – this happens to me every year! The forecast is now for warm weather for another two weeks! And I nearly killed myself getting 95% of them inside!! Ugh

  14. Wonda Myers

    What a cute truck!! Enjoy your RIDE!
    You are so sweet to take in another dog. She looks like a farm dog. My mothers name was Blanch!!! Terrible name.

  15. Dorothy Plovanich

    mary You look so cute in you little red truck! And congrats on Blanche too. She’s beautiful!

  16. Candy

    What a great week for you! I hope Blanche has found her ‘furever’ home with you (no chip!) … lucky dog! Love your new ride … you’re so cute together! Enjoy them both!

  17. Jean

    For Blanch’s sake I hope there is no chip. She has won the doggy lottery by finding you! Can’t wait to hear what’s next with Blanch.

  18. Janice Brown

    Good day Mary, I love your red truck. Looks like it would handle very well on the roads. Will Rick get to drive it ever? Blanche is a beautiful dog, and it is great that is no interest in the cats and chickens.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Brown – Little Red is very fun to drive …. But I don’t have many places to go – haha!! Blanche is going to be a nice dog for us – we love her already.

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