Meet Chew-E!





Chew-e arrived yesterday and as you can see, he’s grown a lot. I haven’t seen him be still since he got here except for one short nap. I’m hoping he calms down in the days to come when he realizes he can go outside running any time he chooses. He helped Lori this morning at the cutting table -ha!
I’m working on Charm School for March as well a new pattern. Saw something on Pinterest that really inspired me, too. Hope there are many ballgames this weekend to watch while I sew!

11 thoughts on “Meet Chew-E!

  1. Rose Mikulski

    I’m in love (again). I don’t think I would be a good dog boarder, maybe a dog hoarder since I would have a hard time seeing them go. We have four dogs which is the maximum we’re allow to have in our town. I’m busy working on my UFO and looking forward to sewing this weekend. Go Peyton and the Broncos!!!

  2. Billie

    Chew-E is just adorable!! We have had a Golden Retriever in the past as well as a Chocolate Lab and a Miniature Schnauzer, but Chew-E looks very lovable and fun. I plan on taking part in the 2014 Quilt, I was going to do 2013 one but I lost MOM in Feb. and it took awhile to get back in the quilting mood. I remember you, Mary, from your visit to Stitching Sisters and your presentation and trunk show!! I’m good friends with Pat Brewer and Gloria F. of Chetek. I have 12 UFOs, too, to take part in that. LOL. Billie

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