Meet The Count!

You know how much Connie loves Halloween and her newest project is The Count which measures 8” x 18”.  Such a cute size and small enough to fit almost anywhere, don’t you think?

The Count pattern is $5.00 and a SASE to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

And Frank will be available, too, until Halloween.  Also $5.00 and a SASE.

Fall Gameboard is still available and will soon be made again as Christmas Gameboard.  Pattern is $5.00 and SASE.

I’d better quit while I’m ahead – new pictures to come next post!

6 thoughts on “Meet The Count!

  1. Patricia

    Oh Connie, you have done it to me again. I have the Easter bunny and Frank, now I need the Count. My birthday is Halloween!

  2. Anonymous

    I would appreciate if you could post a picture of the fall gameboard. So glad you are still posting. Would sure miss reading this blog. A highlight of my morning. Thank you for taking the time to keep it going.

  3. Sharon B.

    Frank AND Count are handsome little devils! 🙂
    I appreciate all of your efforts to keep this blog going….I wish I could help!

  4. Joyce from NY

    Love Frank, will be sending you a check for him. Thanks for hanging in there Mary.

  5. Susie Q

    Very cute…… and my grand would love them…. alas today I know I will not get them made before she starts high school….. so am going to pass…. but sure cute….

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