Meeting Penny! 3-25-21

I went to Rochester today to meet Jerry and Kathy’s new baby Corgi named Penny. I think I showed you the picture from the day they picked her up earlier this month.

Here she is today – nobody could have enjoyed meeting her more than I did!!!

Is she cute or what? Becky would say she’s cuter than cute! And she is! Her baby fur is so soft and those little needle teeth are so sharp! Typical puppy – I couldn’t get enough of her. And by the time I see her again, she will have really changed.

Look at that face! Those ears!

Here’s Kathy and a squirmy Penny in the backyard.

Playing is hard work for a puppy! I loved meeting you, Penny!!

Here’s some great quilt photos that came today – thanks, Everybody! Keep sending them – we all love the quilt show!

And my fabric collection called Color Parade is still waiting for me to find the perfect project! Sigh.

It’s been a fun day with the exception of my visit to the mall to look for a dress for Easter. Don’t women my age wear dresses anymore? I don’t want a dress that barely covers my backside! I came home with nothing. Another sigh.

Time for bed!

42 thoughts on “Meeting Penny! 3-25-21

  1. Diane Bauer

    I bought fabric for a new quilt today—got it washed, pressed, and then ran out of energy. Tomorrow I cut!

    Penny is sooooooo cute! Oh, my!!

  2. Deb B

    Mary, what a fun trip – minus the dress shopping that is. I have to tell you that the few times I’ve wanted a dress that was a little more dressy than the average knit pop-it-on in a hurry type, I’ve actually had good luck at bridal shops of all places. Look in the “mother’s” corner and they have lots of “over size 8” dresses that are knee or tea length and very nice.

  3. Joyce from NY

    Penny is adorable and such a nice quilt show. I haven’t shopped for a dress in I don’t know when, good luck Mary!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    I think a new spring dress is just what the soul needs! I hope you keep looking. I’m sure the stores were having a hard time when it was time to order spring attire.
    That puppy is so cute. Well, all puppies are cute. I love them all.
    What a beautiful quilt show today. Thanks to all for sharing.

  5. Charlotte Shira

    Penny is so cute! But like Jo said “All puppies are cute.” Wonderful quilt show today Great job ladies!! Hope to get mine done by the end of the month.

  6. Christina Coats

    Oh I love the picture of the last quilt. Is it appliquéd flowers? I have a quilt called Australian and that says apply flowers on the diagonal. I have found patterns for some flowers but as it needs a huge amount I saw the last quilt and shouted out YES. Any idea where I can find its instructions anyone??

    1. Laura

      I know that panel of flowers and they are printed on the fabric. It was designed by Stephanie Brandenburg of Iowa. She has a studio in Cedar Rapids. Laura

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Today’s quilts were amazing! I loved all of them—inspiring. Penny is precious; I love Corgis. Thanks for posting, Mary.

  8. Sue

    We used to have a little dog named Penny- I remember we had trouble finding a name for her- I was thinking about it one day while making the kid’s beds- I thought, “She’s copper-colored- Penny! We should name her Penny!”

  9. Bea knight

    Hi Mary

    I love your posts. This Penny is the cutest puppy!!! I love love love the picture of you holding her! You look beautiful in your outfit! I also love this woman’s yellow room. The curtain and yellow decor all go so well together!
    I really enjoyed the little quilts that you showed. Those are fun and easy to make!
    Have a blessed weekend! You are such a blessing in my life.
    Bea knight

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bea Knight – I’m so glad you wrote, Bea, because Kathy asked me about those little homemade dog treats made with baby food and we talked about you, the recipe and your dogs through the years! Nice connection!

  10. Diane in Maryland

    What an adorable puppy Penny is! Fun day for you and we enjoyed it too! Loved the quilt show and said WOW when I saw the one with the flowers!
    Good luck dress shopping. Deb had a good suggestion about a bridal shop. I hadn’t thought of that but they often have nice “normal” dresses that aren’t too short or come to your ankles! Why all the clingy fabric too that shows every bump! My daughter haz been ordering clothes from a dept store, tries them on at home and returns the ones she doesn’t like. She says it’s easier. I’m beginning to see her point. Good luck!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in MD – I also saw those solid color thin clingy fabric dresses – every bump and roll will be accentuated! I could never be comfortable or feel good in those dresses. Ugh. My closet yielded a nice gray jacket that I’ll wear with black swishy capri length pants. It’s not what I wanted but will have to do.

      1. Launa

        Good for you Mary! Closet shopping is great and now you have more $ to enjoy on your next fabric outing!
        Penny is a tiny arm full of love!

  11. Nikki M in Tx

    Love all the quilt pictures !! Especially liked seeing Village as that is what I am currently working on, that would be a perfect pattern for your Color Parade fabrics . Starting out to be a beautiful day, hope to get some plants in the ground & general yard cleanup done, and mulch spread. Grass already needs mowing so there is that to do .
    Penny is so Cute! First Corgi puppy I have seen.
    I’m with you Mary, hate dress shopping, feel as if we are forgotten group.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki M – we ARE a forgotten group!!! Makes me feel so dumpy and unattractive. I can’t wait to start mowing again – we are too wet to start the cleanup. And what a good idea for Color Parade!! I think I have the pattern somewhere!

  12. Lorraine McGeough

    Love, love, love everything!!! That puppy is so adorable. It makes me want to get another fur baby companion but it was so heartbreaking to have our last one put down that I don’t want to go thru that again. Sure do miss our little poodle.
    Especially loved the quilt show. All quilts are so pretty in their own way but especially liked the house quilt. It was adorable.
    I agree with you that they don’t make modest dresses for us ladies anymore. Sorry you couldn’t find something appropriate.
    Your colorful fabrics are so pretty. I am sure you will see a pattern that will work just great for the fabrics. They look so bright and springy.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your newsletters.
    Snowing like crazy here in northern Arizona so I think it is a good day to sew all day 🙂

  13. Kim J LeMere

    Love seeing penny, she is so darn cute. I know what you mean about dress shopping, its hard to find something that covers, doesn’t cling and is cheerful to wear. Glad you found a 2nd choice for Easter. We had major storms come through last night so lots of branches down and clean up today.

  14. Janet Snyder

    Sorry, I have to correct you. I would have enjoyed meeting her more than you. I had a Corgi, my daughter has a Corgi. They are the best little dogs. I wished it was me, not you holding Penny. What a cutie‼️. Beautiful quilts today. Always love seeing what others are making.l

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet Snyder – I will concede that wish to you! She was so sweet and such a typical puppy with all the licking, wiggling and biting!

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Love all these quilts using mini charms. I had to sort and play with my cubbie adding more to it last night. Now to get busy using them, usually make a nine patch with them so now have some more ideas readers have shared. Penny is so darn sweet! My husband would love a corgi but our two rescues plus a cat are enough right now for us. She will bring such joy to their lives. I hear you about the dresses. I even laughed at myself looking like a frump in the ones I brought home to try on. They will go back. The clerk said to me when I asked how I could return them, to bring them back no problem but most don’t and just donate them to goodwill. Now I know why some friends have said they have found more clothes at goodwill than tags on them. I figured people were just cleaning out clothes they hadn’t worn in years but maybe it’s true. I have that green stripe fabric from your colorful stack too. It’s so windy here today I will be blown clear to cape cod coast by noon!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – is your green stripe fabric from 1991, too?

      1. Kathy

        Yup. It’s been in my stash with some bright kiddie bug prints to use someday. I many times coordinate fabrics together like your stash of colorful prints and then tie a selvage around them to store them together. I think pulling colors together from my stash is my favorite thing to do. Had to be a joy to do that once you closed your shop and had your own inventory.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy – Connie knows that my favorite activity is laying out combinations of fabrics – I may never make anything with those fabrics but I love dreaming about what I will do with them – it’s almost more fun than actually doing it! I have fabrics fanned out all over the shop!

  16. Susan K in Texas

    That little Penny is beyond cute! Oh to get to spoil her and snuggle with her!
    So many pretty quilts. I have several of Stephanie Brandenburg’s panels. One day I’ll use them instead of just petting them!
    My sister and I were just talking about dress shopping. An Easter dress used to be such fun – bright and cheery and springy. Now the shops around us are all closing to become online only. Then you have to mess with returning 90% of what you order because of fit, fabric, or not as pictured issues.

  17. Betty Klosterman

    All little animals and kids are so darned cute. That is why God made them that way so somebody would just love them forever — even when they grew up.
    Your fabrics look like Easter eggs.
    And clothing has been designed for the younger set for many years. I just don’t like styles and fabrics which aren’t very becoming. And the length of skirts! It’s not good when the neckline and hemlines meet at the waist. And we shouldn’t be barelegged either or unless it is with shorts and tennis shoes. Even as beautiful as Melania is, she should wear nylons as her legs aren’t pretty.,
    Meanwhile, the quilts are beautiful. They just make our heart sing and I want to make every one of them. And our Project Warmth meets at the church on Monday for work day — the first time since January 2020. And our June quilt show is full steam ahead. It will be a doozy. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty Klosterman – aren’t you excited to be holding your quilt show again? Connie and I are meeting some friends in Kansas City in June for the regional quilt show there and we can’t wait! I need more fabric that is the lighter palette but it means a long road trip. We had planned to go to Omaha to a favorite store and they have also closed to the public now. What to do?

  18. Anonymous

    Awh the Gorgi is beautiful. I had two and they are so majestic and lovely personalities.

  19. Beryl BC

    All the pictures are great, puppy and quilts. I really like the quilt with all the flowers. I also liked seeing another idea for churn dash, as that is on my list.

    I’ve had best luck with dresses ordering from LLBean or Sierra. There is always a risk of not liking it when you don’t try it on.

    Thanks for your regular posts.

  20. Kim

    Penny is so cute! I love the corgi puppy pictures! My son has one and have forgotten how cute they are when little…they have to grow into their ears!

    Always enjoy seeing the quilt show and tell!

    I am glad I have a few dresses and plenty of other clothes in my closet, as the clothes stores haven’t been inspiring me to shop at all!

  21. Jean

    I am so disgusted. I went shopping for my annual Easter outfit today and came home empty handed. I couldn’t even find a skirt that didn’t have a slit up to my navel or so short that my backside would show! What has happened to our clothes?! Sorry to go off but I knew that you Mary would understand.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – YES!!! I do understand!!! And I just hate that I am faced with teenage clothes or old lady clothes – nothing in between.

  22. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Ah, puppies, quilts, and fabrics, oh my! Penny is adorable and the quilts are so different from each other and beautiful. For dresses, I like Steinmart, but they may have gone bankrupt? Ours closed. I found my 50 th anniversary outfit there. Thanks for the fun blog.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane – ours closed here too. I am missing my spring vacation to Myrtle Beach again this year as I use to stock up on outfits from Hamricks.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carmen – I never prewash fabric – the quality of today’s fabrics is excellent and unlikely to cause any problems. I buy only the best 100% cotton fabric from quilt shops – never from a chain store so I have never experienced any problems.

  23. Cinders

    Mary, Do you have a favorite thrift shop nearby? Sometimes that is the best place to shop! I found a lovely jacket today at a thrift shop, the prices are so reasonable as well, Just a thought.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cinders – yes, I have a favorite thrift store and I have not looked there yet but I will.

  24. Lee Bowers

    Mary, they don’t make pretty clothes for our age group….they are either matronly or your boobs are hanging out.
    Buy a new pair of shoes and wear an old dress. Happy ‘Easter Lee in North Carolina

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