Memorial Day



As I enjoyed the screened porch this morning, I could hear a cardinal way out in our grove. A few minutes later I glanced at the feeder and there was a male and female cardinal – I think it’s the first time in 35 years that I’ve witnessed a pair here on the farm. There was also an indigo bunting at the feeder.
I mowed the back yard for the first time this spring – I believe it’s the latest calendar date ever and tonite we got a great rain. With warm temps coming, the corn, the garden and the flowers should all leap out of the ground.
I’m working on a crib quilt in navy, cream and gray – looking nice!
Biscuit and Sassy spent most of the day out of the kennel yard – they ran and played for hours! Very nice dogs!
Hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday weekend!

10 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Ann Barlament

    Two Golden Retriever’ s – Fenway and Bella came to visit on Saturday. I finally got lots of sloppy kisses and dog hair everywhere… loved every minute!!!

    Had a bit of rain Sunday night and this afternoon. Got in some sewing yesterday and worked on genealogy today. It was a great weekend!

  2. Eva Shimamura

    I love reading your blogs about your life on the farm and all your animals. What a fun way to live.

  3. Launa

    It used to take 2 hours on a ride on mower to do the lawn at our previous home. Now since we’re “really retired” my 3rd granddaughter mows here in about 20 minutes. Her younger sister comes along and helps me inside with tasks. They earn spending money and sometimes bring along the “granddogs” who haven’t forgotten where their “snack drawer” is.
    I haven’t seen a Cardinal since we moved west from CT. A pair of Hummingbirds have been zipping along in the flowers for a couple months now.
    I managed to trace Bertie’s August block yesterday and am hoping to sew a couple Cherry Basket blocks today.
    92 degrees later today here.

    1. carole

      I don’t remember seeing any more than one cardinal when we lived in rural southern NY (just north of NJ).
      Here in Omaha, we have at least 2 or 3 ‘couples’ each year living in our big spruce tree. So pretty.

  4. Carol

    Love hearing about your cardinal visitors. I’m originally from Indiana and the cardinal is the state bird. Miss seeing them now that I’m in California.

    P.S. The quail is the California state bird and I love those too!

  5. Sue Davis

    I will share some of my cardinals with you. I have many and also blue jays. When life is troublesome the cardinals seem to know and come to dot my tree that is in front of my sewing room to make all things well. I always thank The Lord for these events. I love to hear all the birds sing, its such a beautiful sound. Also seeing all of the birds taking a bath and making themselves beautiful makes me smile. Enjoy this glorious spring.

  6. Diane Meyer

    This has been a great spring for seeing birds here at the farm. I finally also have indigo buntings. They are beautiful! I put out the orange oriole feeder, and both the male and female birds have been coming for the oranges and grape jelly. The hummingbirds are also coming for the sugar water. I could watch the feeders for hours. I love the pictures of the goats. Pets are wonderful.

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