Missed Post, 12-12-23

Well, last night we had an extra choir practice that lasted two hours! I’ve had a terrible backache lately and I had to keep standing up at the bench to relieve the pain.

We perform at Prairie View tomorrow night and then at church Sunday night and then I can relax and maybe enjoy Christmas a bit. This has been an extremely difficult cantata to pull together and I can’t wait for Sunday night to be over!

And Becky was here yesterday to organize our program for Concord – too much music in my life right now! I just want to sew something. 🫤

I didn’t believe my eyes when I opened a package yesterday from Valerie B. who works in a quilt shop in Belleville, KS. It was a new Nativity panel!! Thank you, Valerie! I am thrilled!!!

Here is the farm panel that I quilted a couple years ago which is what I was attempting with the nativity panel.

I love this quilted farm scene which hangs in the stairway.

Reader photos:

Aunt Rose sent Hazel this fun little squeaky goat toy and Hazel lit up when she saw it – followed by a long play session with Keeper. Rose also sent a bag of fabric scraps from a quilt she made that I admired so much. Oooh, what will I make? I’m thinking.

I’d better end this so those of you who are drinking your coffee and wondering where my post is can can get on with your morning!

35 thoughts on “Missed Post, 12-12-23

  1. Kathy from SW PA

    Mary, have your dr. check out that back pain. Could be more than you think. Best wishes!

  2. Sue in Oregon

    I was about to play Wordle when your post came in, so, of course, I read and enjoyed it first…with my coffee.
    Hope your week goes well with no more backache. It’s funny, isn’t it? When we have to do things we don’t necessarily like doing, we start dreaming about our sewing. But, I think that’s a good thing.

      1. Sue Smith

        Not today, Mary. We woke up to thick fog and then it cleared with bright sunshine. Glory Be. We have not seen it in awhile.

  3. Deb

    Lovely post! I was thinking the same as Kathy – please, please go see a doctor and PUSH to have tests to check that. Thank you for the parking pictures, especially today’s. I loved the ingenuity shown by someone who zip tied the cart to the car handle! What they also needed to do was to print out a message, because we ARE dealing with idiots. “THIS is what happens when you park like an idiot! Park between the lines as everyone else does – or don’t complain when you come back to your car and find something like this. Just be glad your car wasn’t keyed, which is what many would do!”

  4. DebMac

    Cute quilts. Funny how quilters see a quilt and always go thru a mental check list of: “Would I make this? Can I make this? How is it put together? What size are those blocks? Do I have fabric for this?”. I could start either one this afternoon but still have decorating and cleaning to do and some errands to run. Hope your back pain is temporary. Hope the concerts go well.

  5. Mareen

    Oh Mary sorry to hear about your back…I had foot surgery 3 weeks ago and feel your pain take care I know you’ve got a lot before Christmas. Take care!

  6. Betty Klosterman

    DebMac, you are right about our seeing a quilt and all the thoughts that run thru our heads. Maybe it helps the cogs in our brain turing the right way?
    And the cat decoration in the Christmas tree is perfect. Maybe that is why God made claws on cats to climb the trees to escape or just plain fun?
    Mary, too much pressure? You have to take care of your body as they don’t do body transplants, yet. The concert will be great.
    Take care, Betty in Rapid City

  7. Diana in Des Moines

    Our church Christmas program is Saturday night. I’m not musically inclined, but love to go and appreciate others talents. We will have the adult choir, youth choir, preschool kids, bell players, as well as the flutes and violins in our music program. This will all be narrated by Simon Estes! Our music director is head of the music department at DMACC, and Mr Estes is an adjunct professor at DMACC. So excited!
    Gotta remember to put some zip ties in my car….

  8. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I agree with the others who said maybe you should have the back pain checked, it may be nothing but why chance it.
    The quilts are all wonderful today. I am spending time at the machine quilting Christmas Morning. Will send pictures when completed.
    The tree with the cat in needs a few more friends to make it complete. 😆
    I am always checking when my husband parks and cringe when he thinks it’s close enough. Maybe for him but not the person who has to park next to him.
    Hazel is sure having fun with all her toys. Thanks to Aunt Rosie.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Tis the season of music and I love being on the receiving end of it all as I am not in choir, band or bell choir. I was at Bible study this morning and our pastor asked what is stressing us out not to feel peace this holiday season and one lady in our choir spoke right up and said “ learning the new music for our program Sunday” so you are not alone with being on music overload. Just remember how much others like myself love hearing it so take good care of yourself as we need you. Jeanine, your charity quilts will brighten the lives of people who will enjoy them. Very colorful and pretty.

  10. Susy from San Diego

    Good morning Mary, I am reading and drinking my coffee. Great post, it all sounds too familiar. It’s a busy season for sure. Hazel is one of the cutest dogs ever by the way. Love the kitten in the Christmas tree. I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s Christmas trees. I hear ya, I want to get things done so I can sew! We need to sew.
    Merry Christmas, Susy

  11. Sharon Geiger

    I’m going to invest in zip ties now! LOL Brilliant!!!! Love the photos. Hazel is just adorable in that picture, too. There are so many angels amongst us and they show up when we really need them!

  12. Laurie in NC

    Really like both of Jeanine’s quilts. And the kitten in the tree! All my cats I’ve had over the years have loved the Christmas trees.

  13. Mrs. Goodneedle

    The Zip Ties idea made me laugh out loud. How funny! Lucky you, another GORGEOUS nativity panel, to be honest, from the phots that you posted I couldn’t tell a thing was wrong with the one that you quilted. Best wishes with your next one. Best wishes for calmer days ahead with more sewing time for you.

  14. Marie Fibelstad

    Mary: Sent a request with $5 for a pattern but you commented that I didn’t specify what pattern and
    to send the answer in the comments. I did a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten the pattern. I wanted
    the little stuffed cat pattern.
    Thanks, Marie Fibelstad, Storm Lake, IA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – the little stuffed cat wasn’t even a pattern that was offered – I’m not sure I still have it. No wonder I didn’t know what you meant. I will look but if I don’t find it I’ll send your money back

  15. Sandy

    Hi Mary, we had a huge hailstorm mid afternoon yesterday, woke me up! The suburbs down in the valley had a mini tornado, with large windows smashed at the supermarket and salvation army shop, right when kids are coming home from school. Only a couple of people hurt, but a rare event for us. I hope your back improves, perhaps Rick could rub some linament on it! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – oh, my goodness! Tornados of any size are often deadly and almost always destructive. Windows can be replaced – it could have been so much worse.

  16. Lynn

    Mary, check out your back as some suggested. I was having trouble with leg pain. Finally went and had it checked out, spine problems. No pain in my back. You never know.
    Thanks for all the pictures!

  17. Sharon G.

    I laughed out load when I saw the zip tied grocery cart to the vehicle. Parking is one of the easiest things in operating a vehicle. People are lazy, in a hurry, or just plain nuts when they can’t park any better than that!

    To all women who are alone, make sure you, your daughters, and all family members know where the water shut off valve is for your home and all other buildings on the property. Also make sure you know which circuit breaker goes with which lights, electrical outlets, and appliances! I’m not going to share the details of what I went through recently, but thought I’d share this. It’s good advice for everyone!

    Aren’t you lucky to receive another nativity panel. Wow!
    Looks like Hazel is happy! Love the cat in the tree.
    Nice selection of quilts.

  18. Diane n Colorado

    So happy to hear a replacement nativity panel was located and sent to you!! And scraps from one quilt to make another! Lovely!!

  19. Mary Howland

    Maybe check the height of the piano bench. Just like with sewing it may need adjusting. Good luck and check with your doctor as perhaps some PT will help. Hop you get some time to sew!

  20. Connie R.

    The farm scene panel quilt on your staircase is beautiful. That quilt, along with the red and white quilt at the top of the staircase, makes your home look so cozy.
    I hope your back is feeling better. Take care.

  21. patti

    love the kitty in the tree. looks like he/she is saying ‘oh yeah, this is just right for me. don’t i look cute?’ the quilts are great. love to see those. i remember the cantatas for Christmas and for Easter. i was in our choir and a back-up on the piano. lots of work and practice but also always well received by all. back from appointment with kidney doc. better than i’ve been in 2 years, he was pleased. made me happy. one of my heart medications has been found to help the kidneys. good thing, it is expensive!!! more time to sew now. my wish for all. patti in florida

  22. Mary Johnston

    I saw on Pinterest a County Threads Primitive Plaid Turkey quilt. It showed four turkey blocks then a smaller quilt with one turkey. Is the pattern still available for purchase???? I love it!!!!!

  23. Bridget

    My sister and I both had many years of piano lessons. She now plays for the church. I have to remind her of 2 things…
    1) no one is going to pick out the chord where one note was missed or wrong. Seriously the average person isn’t listening critically or has that good a hearing. 🙂
    2) yes, there are better piano players in our congregation but they CHOOSE to listen to you rather than donate their time and talent to playing in your place.
    As to the kitten in the tree, well my cat thinks sleeping under the tree is the best…I think it is because my tree skirt has a wool batt. LOL
    As to the parkers, lately I have been seeing cars not pulled far enough into the space thereby blocking the aisle for the cars to get past…sorta glad I am not driving next to them on the roads! or am I?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bridget – I think of playing for church as the one thing I can do as part of being a member that others can’t do. I can’t teach Sunday School, go on mission trips, or cook for New Life BUT I can play the piano and I’ve been doing it for 65 years. I know my mom is thrilled.

  24. Sally J. Mi.

    Jeanine, I love your two quilts!! I’m finishing my shopping today with three things to buy.
    The parking pictures cracked me up!!
    To all a good day and peace be with you.

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