Missing Pictures

Sometimes I make myself so mad – obviously I did not proofread my post this morning. Here is the Sugar Maple quilt hung up.

And here is the cloche with Cookie inside.

And good night!

10 thoughts on “Missing Pictures

  1. Chris

    Your maple quilt and pumpkin arrangement looks very attractive. It looks as though it was planned for
    a country living magazine. Thanks for clarifying the word cloche. I knew it was a hat but always called
    the bell jar a dome. I live in western PA and really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

  2. MaryLou

    Enjoy each and everyone of your wonderful post – love the country and all the beauty surrounding
    where you live – the animals or four legged children is what we call them.. Your quilts and quilting
    and ideas are to dream of… I also was not sure what the cloche was but kinda guesses a glass
    dome of some kind. Hope your plants gets happy and lives many many many more moons..
    I am in Texas where it is still hot hot hot and maybe in a week or more they say we might get
    a cool breeze from the north – so looking forward to it…
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for all the interesting things you post..

  3. Pat Smith

    Thanks for posting the picture of the cloche. I had never heard this term before and was reading yesterday’s post too late last night. I missed the sentence about the oriole’s nest above the picture of it and thought the oriole’s nest was a cloche. But then I went to Google and put in cloche. It was pretty clear I had made a mistake! I’m hoping it helps Cookie. Love the picture of the maple leaf quilt and plan to cut out the pieces for mine today now that it’s cooled off and feels more like fall here in New England.

  4. Marilyn

    You always bring a smile to me and I am grateful for the things you do to make that smile happen. God bless you for being so special to give yourself so abundantly to so many.

  5. Jeri Niksich

    Mary, I’m sure glad you added the picture of the Cloche, I wasn’t sure what it was (never really knew a name for them other than a dome) I even tried looking the word up in my little chair side dictionary which of course said a woman’s bell shaped hat (very small dictionary). I also have a question about some posts a long time ago, I tried going backwards through your blog and FB etc but couldn’t find anything so here it goes….I ‘m wondering if you still have the instructions for making the small loom to make the Rag Rugs on as well as how to use it. I purchased it all a while back for my daughter but I need another. Thanks!
    Jeri N rehome to Texas

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeri Niksich — the rug book and dvd are still available for $20 and the book has the instructions to make the looms, any size. If you don’t want to make your own you can purchase one from Farm Chick Quilts here in Garner which is owned by one of our former employees.

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