Mistakes in my earlier post!

I do know the name is actually the Stone House so why I wrote “city” is beyond me! Remember how old I am! And Father Stenzel is 81, not 83. This is what happens when I hurry.

Such a pretty day today – for cutting weeds, hosing down the garage and now for sitting on the porch. I can tell it’s fair time next week – I CAN SMELL THE CORN!

7 thoughts on “Mistakes in my earlier post!

  1. Maryjane in CA

    I have friends from CA driving all over the country and yesterday went through Iowa and were amazed at all the corn. Hoping they got to eat some and tomatoes. They said the nicest people were in the midwest. Everyone says that – me, too, being from Ohio.

  2. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    The Stone House is amazing. That is a lot of work. The flowers are beautiful, too. It sounds like a really fine day you had. I had to laugh at the corn. Our niece visited from Connecticut and she said we had lots of corn fields. We do! They don’t grow much corn in CT!! Meow to Millie from her twin, Squeak.

  3. Launa

    Sometimes my IPad types what it wants. Just one of those days!
    My favorite cousin and I loved her grandpa Morgan’s fresh corn 🌽 when he brought it for us! So delicious fresh picked. He had fields of it!

  4. Linda in Estherville

    Of course, any good Iowan that loves a corn field would have Stone City in her mind…Stone City and Grant Wood go hand in Hand. To add to your story, RAGBRAI extra loup on Thursday with John Karras will be going thru Stone City. We may take a drive into the infamous town and find supper that night! Actually, when you mentioned Stone City, I remembered one in Iowa, but thought it was the silent monastery that makes wonderful chocolates!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in Estherville – wouldn’t that be fun but oh too many people for me!! And bicycles everywhere!

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