There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this day or this spring season of 2020! I have lived on this farm for 40 years and I do not remember a year when we had spring weather in April. March was even pretty nice and everybody said, “not so fast – we could get snow in April!” Well, we didn’t and the days are just soft and beautiful with temps in the 70’s. Get this – most of the farmers have all their corn planted and some are even finished with beans as well – unheard of!

When I think about yard work that isn’t finished yet, I have to stop and remind myself that it’s April not May and tomorrow is likely going to be another nice day and I can work then.

The puppies are pretty sweet but oh, so much work to do it right. They have played outside for hours today with short naps in between.

After the nap comes playtime.

Then collapse again.

Nighttime in the kennel produces little puddles of diarrhea – yet! But I’m told it’s all because of the worming. Oh, I so hope we’re almost done with this mess!

I didn’t get to sleep last night until 4 am and then I slept hard till 9:30! The puppies were ravenous and I’m so hoping tonight won’t be a repeat. I’m so tired right now, I feel like I could fall asleep but I know better. It just ruins my day to start it so late and I feel like I’ve been playing catch up all day.

It was such a beautiful day I decided I would open up the porch. If it cools off, I’ll have to keep the door to the house closed.

One side done!

Finished taking off all the covers.

Now lest you think I can just start enjoying the porch, look at how dirty the screens are. Yuck!

It will take me days to clean it and move into it. I’ve got a small “quilt from hell” to show you but I’m too tired tonight. Puppies are awake and calling me!

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  1. Peggy S

    Puppies are sure cute, but a lot of work, too! Hopefully they’ll stop the “worming poops” real soon.
    Take it easy on yourself, Mary. There are still many nice days to come for some outdoor work. You can sit back & relax a bit, too, on these nice days!! Take care. Love hearing about life on the farm!!
    Peggy S

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Blackie and Brownie are so cute, you know their little bottoms must be sore. Everyone will feel better in a few days.
    How do you clean the screens? I’ve tried a lot of methods, but mine stretch a lot. When the cotton starts falling off the trees, they get really bad.

    I dressed up and went to town for curb side coffee. It was wonderful. I noticed gas is going down, maybe it will get so low, the kid will come out and pump it for me!!! I keep a newspaper bag in the car to use as a glove while pumping gas. It would be so much easier if the kid would do it.

    Glorious spring days.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – A kid? Pumping gas? There hasn’t been anything like that around here in probably 20 years – at least!
      I vacuum, I use a blower, a power washer, a long handled brush – I’ve tried it all. I wish somebody would tell me the best way and easiest way to clean a screened porch! Anybody?

  3. Diane Bauer

    Puppies are soooooo much work, but I wouldn’t skip that phase for anything!! I love puppy breath and puppy snuggles!!

    I would so love a porch like yours! But yes, looks like a lot of work to get it ready for the season. It reminds me of the porch on my grandparent’s lake cabin, which I loved to visit!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – screened porches must be a Midwest thing because of the bugs – we cant sit outside and the porch has been the answer. Best place to read and drink beer! Puppies got up, ate, played hard and are now asleep again!

  4. Sandy

    Is the screen for keeping bugs out Mary? We had screens at windows in new Guinea and Australia for bugs and would vacuum them. I hope you sleep well tonight,thank you for giving those puppies a good start to life, best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – we cant sit outside comfortably because of mosquitoes and other bugs. It is so nice to sit on the porch with a beer and no beer bugs! How’s Luna? Got a new picture for us?

  5. Rita In Iowa

    Love your puppies. I will have to wait to get puppy love as my grand dogs are out of state and no visiting is happening. Spent a lot of the day outside and have all the flower beds cleaned up. Hubby even tilled the garden spots. Of course the work is never done but that’s okay.
    Rest today Mary as it is going to rain and be very windy.

  6. Angie r Fry I’m Baltimore

    When the puppies are adopted I hope they go together but they have a good foundation of love to get them through and Hazel will hold the door for them. The diarrhea will subside after the worms are gone.
    You make me feel so lazy but will use you for inspiration. Stay well

  7. Paula Philpot

    Do you take the plastic down yourself and climb that ladder??? Scares me after your surgery. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – yes, I do. Rick is much worse off than me with a fused ankle, two fake knees and a back filled with arthritis. I can do it!

  8. Mary Roen

    Brownie always sleeps on top of Blackie. It’s as though she knows he needs healing from something. If anyone can get him to come out of his shell it’s you!

  9. Kathy Hanson

    How glorious to think of your time in the porch (that I know you love), when all your hard work is done. Many more days to enjoy it is what would be best to think of!! Today you should be able to get some rest from that due to the rain/stormy day! Maybe you can even sew some more! The puppies are so darling but I know this “worming” medication has made this so tough. Hopefully that will be done now and you can enjoy them! Hopefully you will “sleep like a rock” tonight! Loved seeing the kitty in the porch, she is anxious to spend time in there soon too!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – there’s never a dull moment around here – I’m hoping today is a sewing day!

  10. Wendy

    Those puppies are so cute! As tired as they must make you it must be a great reward to see them doing so well and know you are taking such good care of them.
    Also – glad to hear someone is having a great spring. It sure is not in our neck of the woods (Cape Cod) MA.

  11. Janice Hebert

    Oh boy, those screens do look hard to clean. Have you tried a big soft brush – the car washing kind? With soapy water. I’m sure you’ve tried just about everything. But do take it slow Mary, that’s the best thing about this wonderful weather. We’ve gotten so much done earlier than ever before. There’s time to do it a little at a time. That is amazing that the corn and beans are planted already! We’ve been watching “Cole the Corn Star” on YouTube. He may be a neighbor of yours! He’s entertaining and smart. The puppies are just adorable. Lots of work. Like my chicks! I’ve never raised them from day old, I’m glad to have this time to really take good care of them. Yucky here today. Cold and misty. The sun is supposed to come out this afternoon – I hope they’re right. We had torrential rain and wind the last two days. Jan in MA

  12. Brenda in SC

    The puppies are just darling!!! I bet that worming mess will end soon. I remember when we had to go through that with our aussie girl we bought at an auction. Got her for $25 on a Friday night and ended up spending over $200 on the following Monday as she was so infested skin deep with fleas that she was yeast infected in her skin because they did not treat the litter and they just allowed the infestation to continue and get worse, but anyway, 10 years later, she is my shadow and my baby.
    I just love your screened in porch, Mary. We had one, but the squirrels chewed through our screens to get through to the bird food as that is where we kept our African Grey Parrots during the warm weather, so they thought it O.K to come on through to help themselves……so a screened in porch was not ideal for us. We are in the process of closing it in to make a sewing room now. Its a nice size, 16×30….can’t wait!!!
    We are still weeding and planting new trees and shrubs. We used to own a small plant nursery out of backyard, so we are trying to plant what is left, and let me tell you, it is a job, as our yard is all clay. We do add “claybuster” to the mix, but it is still a job as hubby is 73 and he does the digging…..
    Mary, we are hooked on your miracle microwave eggs in the bowl…..hubby loves them with feta, ham and grape tomatoes….just 1.30 minutes and he can eat, he loves that!!!!! Hope everyone is fairing well and enjoying this nice weather. Get out and take a walk if you can and check on your neighbors to make sure they have TP…LOL


    You’re so fortunate to have wonderful weather. Wisconsin hasn’t been so kind. We have 1 or 2 days of sunshine, then 4 days of rain and/or high winds. Hope it calms down soon and we string nicer days together. Puppy pics are so cute (except the kennel one…lol).

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janie Lang – we are lucky this year – maybe next year this nice spring weather will be in WI –

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Puppies looking so much better. I do hope they are adopted together.
    Pigs are back….so discouraged..damage is unreal..contacted a man out of Graham that will trap them, then charges per head fee to haul off…considering .
    Know what you mean about the weather, was in low 90s here yesterday & same projected for today.
    Was out of bread, 7 no yeast, found recipe for beer bread that I had all ingredients for, turned out so good. I added cheese to recipe (optional).

    Beer Bread…preheat oven 375 degrees

    1 can beer
    2 cups flour (AP)
    3 Tbsp sugar

    lightly oil 9×5 loaf pan
    Mix ingredients well…if desired can add 1 cup grated cheese at this point..&/or 1Tbsp chive)
    Put into greased pan.
    Bake 30-45 minutes..can brushtop with melted butter if desired

    I enjoyed with a bowl of clean out the fridge soup….basically just what name says..dump all those little bowl of leftovers in pot and add liquids as needed…I added can of Rotel & chicken broth. Soup was very good too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – oh, yum, the bread sounds wonderful – I might try it, as if I need something more that I love with lots of calories – ha!
      Rick understands about the hogs – he helped his in-laws clear some land south of Freeport and there were lots of hogs. Isn’t it possible to eradicate the species? They’re dangerous and serve no purpose, so they?
      How’s Bongo? I haven’t heard much about him – is ha eating your flowers?

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Have planted no flowers this year so Bongo out of luck there.. haha. No hanging baskets yet as have not left ranch since March 8. Bingo just hanging out…& keeping his social distance. Friends husband who is American Airline pilot & son (43) also pilot for smaller commuter line want to come shoot some pigs.. they want small one to put in freezer.. fine by me ( personally don’t know that I want to eat them )..told shoot all pigs can…the pigs can have 3 to 4 litters a year & each litter up to 15-20 pigs.. can breed at 6 months of age..never ending battle.. kind of like kudzu of animal world.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Nikki M. – Rick said that many people eat them but at the rate they reproduce, it will never make a dent! He said he’s read about people in a helicopter shooting them with a machine gun – sounds like a good idea to me!

  15. Sandy

    Tee Hee, Mary, how soon you forget our Easter blizzard. Glad it melted fast, it provided much needed moisture. Yesterday we went to the Osage/ Elma area for plants. Was a beautiful day and beautiful plants.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – Connie and I are heading that way very soon! I just need a puppy babysitter so I can leave.

      1. Sandy Hoover

        We go to the Elma Locker for Summer Sausage and Braunschweiger if you haven’t been there, it is worth the time.

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