Monday and Sunny – Finally!

After 5 days of rain and storms, the sun is finally out this morning but more rain is forecast for later today.  We escaped the tornadoes but this is what I found over the road to the garden this morning.

Three trees down over the road and mud up to my ankles – yikes!  The garden has had plenty of rain but not much sun or warm weather to grow.  It’s all up and looking good but now the weeds will start, too.

Here’s the lettuce I planted for the chickens.  When I put the wire tops on they can just eat the lettuce but not dig it out.

Everything is wet but very green.

As you can see, Emma visited the shop this morning.

I fed the kitties – they came right out to eat for me and everybody is using the litter box.  Hallelujah!

The two black and white kittens are the most timid.

Here was the porch late winter when I started to clean it.

And here it is today.  Much better and lots cleaner!

Rox and Hazel “rassle” on the couch.

Here is the front of the house late winter/early spring.

Here it is this morning with some of the house plants in place.  If they survive this past weekend of wind, rain and cold temps, I will be surprised.  Rick is likely to get his wish and my plant population will be much lower in number.  Saturday the windchill was 33 degrees!  But I couldn’t move them all back inside without killing my back so it is what it is.

Here is the field across from my porch – the corn is easily “rowed” and looking good!

Hazel and I are going to Obedience Class this afternoon – I’m going to wear my heaviest jeans and an apron!  Ha!

She looks like an angel here, doesn’t she?

30 thoughts on “Monday and Sunny – Finally!

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Those kitties are darling! And they are smart! Kitties are so fastidious about keeping clean, it is easy to train them. Good job! Felicia

  2. Joanne Kalahar

    Hazel does look like an angel. I seriously think you should be writing a book: Hazel at the Farm. with your photographs. It would be a good way to introduce “city folks” to farm life. Keep on posting.

  3. Becky from IA

    HAHAHA……yes a sweet little angel!!!! Hope that your jeans survive the class!!! The kitty’s are doing so good. I just love spring!!! I also put my houseplants out for the summer…..they love it!

  4. Ann Roth

    Thanks for sharing again!! The kittens are sooooo cute. Yes, Hazel is an angel. Please let us
    know how she does in obedience class!! Can’t wait to hear.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    You have a lot of life down on the farm and I enjoy seeing it. It’s good to see Roxie interacting with Hazel, like she had a choice, right. I wonder which class award Hazel will receive? My bet would be Devil in White Fur. Really Mary, I’ve been harping about this for a long time, you need to put videos onYouTube especially now with Hazel being around. I know one thing for sure, they won’t be boring.

  6. Cindie

    Hazel does look like an angel. 🐾
    Is the Boston fern from last year? Looks beautiful already.
    Did your husband make your wooden tower in your garden area? I love those.
    We will be getting more rain here in New Berlin, Wi at anytime now.
    Always love your pictures Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindie – the Boston fern is going on 3 years! I bought the wooden tower at a junk sale and today I purchased a wren house to go on top. There will be a wren in it by the time I get off the ladder – ha!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Cindie – I kept it indoors, of course, for the past 2 winters – actually it might be 3 winters, now that I think of it.

  7. Angie Rowland

    Hazel is full of spit and vinager if you ask me but hope she tries to impress the teacher but as someone suggests wear your pretty panties just in case.
    Your energy level is amazing.

  8. Maryann

    Tell how the tomato plants will grow. Are those tires piled up?
    Looks Fantastic Thanks for all your news

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryann – I think those are sections of field tile.

  9. Carolyn W.

    Have always loved the pictures of your home place. You are building quite the a friendship with those kittens and hopefully, Mama cat too. Hazel’s little brain must be overdrive with all she does in a day. Maybe she needs to be told there is another day to follow this one. Glad you are dressing for the occasion….I still say you need to wear your prettiest undies “just in case” Miss Hazel wants to take a bite out of the planned class activities. Of course, you can always turn that apron around if needed.

  10. Jan

    Beautiful pictures! Everything looks wonderful and welcoming. The kittens seem healthy and not so “wild” and, Mama kitty looks less fearful too. Have fun at obedience class and thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryjane – that huge garden is one of two that Rick planted. Remember I wanted to plant a couple hills of pumpkins and he wouldn’t let me have part of that huge garden so he tilled up a plot 20′ x 35′ of grass — just for me to weed and keep cleN this summer.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryjane – whoops! To keep clean and weeded this summer. I don’t even like vegetables! And certainly have no use for all the veggies he planted!

  11. Sharon Ernst

    Hazel IS an angel! She’s got spunk! I like that in a personality! 😊 Good luck at class! She may surprise you & come home with her halo!

  12. Winnie

    Hazel is giving you the Terrier look! “Mom thinks she’s in charge but I’m really the boss!” I’ve had (and loved) many Terriers so I know that look well.

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Lots of moisture. Wish we had more. They are moving the utilities underground and the hole was 8′ deep and not a drop of moisture, just dust all the way. Not good.
    I sure love your pink flower rug on the porch. It is so pretty.

  14. Diane

    Well, I can’t count. I thought all along you had only three kitties, but I zoomed the picture and I see four!! Duh me!! I love the picture with Hazel and Rox because it shows how tiny Hazel is. She is just adorable. You are the mother of the year getting those baby kitties to eat and use the litter box. At the quilt retreat this weekend, a lady offered to drive to Iowa with me so I could pick up the white kitty!! Now that’s nice:) It’s 11 hours plus!! My husband thinks Squeak is enough and he is probably right. Your gardens and yard look great even with the rain. Sorry about the trees; I hate to lose trees. We’ll all be anxious to hear about obedience class.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane. – there are 5 kittens! Two Gray tabbies, one black and two black and white spotted! Are you sure Squeak wouldn’t like a pal?

  15. Sue

    Yes, she looks like an angel, but there is a little question in her eyes that says…..what can I get into now?
    She is busy in every photo of her. What a dear little dog. Keeps you very busy too.
    Your farm looks wonderful despite the mean spring weather. It has been that way here, too, except for the last few days. Very warm and sunny. Sending it your way.

  16. Michele

    Hazel is a VERY active, fun loving, keep you on your toes with torn clothing, angel. And really, you wouldn’t want her any other way…………well, maybe not the torn clothing part!!! 🙂

  17. Susie

    Everything looks wonderful. I just want to be there on your little farm. The baby kitties are adorable, I especially like the white one with the black spots. Mommy still looks apprehensive but that is to be expected. Look at that sweet Hazel. We just had a litter of 4 darling little Westie pups on Mother’s Day.
    They are so fat now at just a week old they have rolls.

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