Monday Morning

We had a very warm and windy Sunday allowing us to rake, pick up sticks, thatch and sow grass seed.  Faye joined us for part of the afternoon but she just did not have the joie de vivre we were hoping to see.  She was very tired and preferred her bed.

I called Connie about Ben and learned that the Tesene family went to the art center yesterday for a little fun and something different to do.  Ben is taking some steroids that have increased his appetite and he’s pretty much hungry all the time and as Grandma Connie put it – ” he is eating non stop”.  He went back to preschool last week so I assume if he’s feeling up to it he will also attend this week.  Connie is going to Des Moines on Wednesday so I’ll ask her to take a picture of Ben for me to post here.

And this is some of what I’m sewing – busy work!  Just something to keep me at the machine – sewing squares together.  These squares are cut 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ and I have a lot of them.

And just look at these chicks!  Feathers!  And they’re really getting big!  They eat and drink so much – I check on them several times a day to refill waterers  and feeders.  Telly and Faye love to look over the cardboard at them but I do keep a close watch because it would be so easy to lean in and grab a chick.

More yard work and sewing today – how about your day?

27 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Sara Harell

    I can certainly sympathize with you. My daughter has interest German Shepherds and found part GS puppy at the shelter. We had her for several months before we found she was having kidney issues. Simi was about 5 months old when she got her. We found out that she had underdeveloped kidneys from birth. We ended up at Blacksburg, VA, where she was started on kidney food. She had to avoid many things she liked but was able to eat her watermelon and pumpkin. She lived until shortly before her first birthday but she lived like a queen until then. We were truly blessed having her for such a short period.

  2. Sharon Ritchie

    Thank you for your blog, l love following you, I’ll say a little prayer for Faye 🐾❤️🐾.Once again thank you for sharing…..Sharon from Australia xxx

  3. Tammy Guerrero

    Glad to see Faye out and about even if it was for a short time. I have thrown all my jerky treats away that I purchased at stores. Just not worth taking a chance with my pups. I would like your directions and recipe for your homemade jerky. Hope Faye has several good days ahead of her. Pets give such unconditional love.

  4. Bernadette Jackson

    Completed My first Farm Girl Vintage block today – “Apron Strings.” Happy to see Faye enjoying the outdoors and hear of Ben’s progress.

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, those squares are tiny, too much for me. I guess I am too lazy, but they sure look pretty. Good news about Ben and hopefully your little Faye’s problems will be reverted. Felicia

  6. Becky in TX

    Still in TX won’t be heading home to IA til the end of the month. Sewing and floating around in the pool….working on my tan. Glad for the update on Ben….it’s just not fair…..I know lifes not fair….but still. God has a plan but sometimes it’s really hard for me to get a handle on it all! Praying for you, Rick and Faye. Love the little chicks….they make me smile!

  7. Polly Perkins

    Volunteered at PAWS…. cleaned cages, fed and played with cats who I hope get adopted very soon to loving homes. I then came home to my cats and groomed them. Retirement allows me to do what I love.

  8. Paula

    Good to hear Faye is still able to get out…praying. I also like your squares and the bright colors. I am going thru a bright phase too. Today quilted a quilt and worked on 2 featherweights. Are singer featherweights popular there? Very much so here. Worked a couple hours in the sewing room, and made a homemade angel food cake. The afternoon is still young. Love the chicks. Paula in KY

  9. patti leal

    i think it is so lovely that you share so much with all of us. i’ve never seen baby chicks and watched them get feathers and grow. i was happy to see faye in the yard with you. i pray for all three of you tho the other dog and cat will be affected also. just wanted to thank you for sharing your life with us. i’ve been a city girl all my life and wouldn’t know how to act if plopped in the country. hugs, patti in florida

  10. Ann Barlament

    Good to see that Faye is outside, yet knows when it’s time for a nap. Keeping you all tucked safely in my thoughts and prayers.

    Glad to hear that Ben is back in school and what fun to see feathers growing on the baby chicks!

    Love those “itty bitty” blocks (as I call them). I just completed blocks with 2/12 inch squares and they seem gigantic compared to my 3/4 to 1 inch squares that I usually work on.

  11. Angie Rowland

    Good to hear that Ben is feeling well enough for school. SO much to deal with for being a little boy. We are dealing with cool weather after unusually warm weather for Baltimore and now everyone is complaining about cool weather. Guess everyone needs something to complain about but we should just be grateful that the weather is the top of the list.
    I was once traveling to Nova Scotia and everywhere we saw laundry on the line and it was a Thursday. I knew about Monday being laundry day , etc. and I asked if it was different in Nova Scotia and was told, “Nope the same except this is the first pretty breezy day we have had in two weeks” I guess we are the same ALL over. Hope Faye continues to get stronger.

  12. Paula S.

    I’m glad to see everyone outside and enjoying the weather yesterday. Good news about little Ben, too! And I’m loving your colorful blocks! Spending time at my machine is the very best therapy, I believe.

  13. Cathy Davis

    Can you send me your personal email address. I have a question about vintage Quilts. So happy you have sewing to give you a release for your stress. That’s exactly what I do! It helps 😊

  14. Gail Lockington

    Same weather as Buffalo – we’re in southern Ontario, stuck in a polar vortex. Thanks for the news about Ben and Faye and the chicks – totally understand needing busy work with so much on your mind.

  15. Diane

    HI Mary–You, Rick, and little Faye have been on my mind. I am happy to see Faye out with you and Rick on such a nice day. Also, it is wonderful to hear Ben is back at school. It is a cool day in Central Ohio. My Hyacinths are blooming and smell so good!! I am working on pillowcases for my friend’s birthday. She had three Labs–chocolate, black, and white that she dearly loved so I’m making the pillowcases from fabric with all three colors of Labs on them. The top is multi colored paw prints. I love the bright blocks you are making. All of you are in my heart. Take care, Diane

  16. Carrie

    I’m sorry to hear all your sad news, Faye looks happy and at peace being at home. I will definitely never feed my dogs chicken strips, its hard when you can’t trust food source for our pets.
    Your blocks are so cheery, what a bright and happy quilt they will make.
    Your little chicks are adorable, they are so fun to watch grow and get their feathers.
    Keeping your Ben and Faye in my prayers!

    Have a wonderful day, God Bless!

  17. Holly

    I’m sure Faye is happy to be home, even if she doesn’t have the energy to show it. And such a nice warm day you had! What a good idea to sew bright, cheerful fabrics together. I love to see pictures of the chicks. Great news about Ben! I hope he keeps doing well.

    The warmth didn’t make it up to Two Harbors, but the wind brought big waves to Lake Superior and they were breaking with huge crashes on the rocky shore–it’s exhilarating to watch. The water is such a beautiful clear green as the waves break and it splashes about twenty feet in the air. Today I’m baking caramel rolls and poppy seed rolls (bread with a lot of poppy seed mixture rolled up in it) for a quilt retreat next week. I love your little squares and your pictures have me thinking of a bin full of scraps in my sewing room….

    I hope there are things in your day to make you smile. We’re all thinking of you.

  18. Martha Engstler

    So good to see Faye out and about in the yard. Monday is laundry day this week. It is nice so far here in Penna. Hope to do something (not sure what) with a couple punch needle pieces I bought from you. Love doing the punch part but not so sure what to do when they are finished. Will try putting one on a cutting board I also got from you. Miss you and the shop.

  19. Ann from NC

    My heartfelt love and prayers are sent your way for Faye. What a brave little doggie.

  20. Carol

    Ice and snow in Buffalo, NY yesterday and today. My daffodils and hyacinths were just beginning to bloom on Saturday.

    Sewing three blocks for a guild raffle, every month you contribute one or more blocks, and then you get one or more tickets, and one ticket holder wins the whole bunch!

    This month’s theme is chocolate, and we were given the center of the block and were told to use the colors in that block, which is a selection of “sampler” chocolates, as the inspiration for fabric choices. I used my valentine fabrics, reds, pinks, and of course browns.

    I like that a fabric was given, I think the blocks will flow no matter what other fabrics are used by people. Next month’s theme: Coffee!

  21. sue

    Thanks for sharing with us. Faye is certainly receiving the quality of life you want for her. That is wonderful. The chicks represent the new life and bring joy with their cuteness. I remember visiting your store once and so enjoying the beautiful flock walking around the building. What a special place you had and have.

    Prayers for you and your hubbie. We care about you both.

  22. Sharon Hultgren

    We are back in Minnesota after 5 months in Texas! I am so glad to be home!
    We sold our home down there, so unpacking means finding places for everything we brought home! 😳
    I long to be at my machine sewing little squares!!
    Maybe tomorrow!!
    Happy spring!!!

  23. MartyCae

    Thanks for the update on Ben. So happy to hear he is at home. Telly and Faye look happy that it is spring. I examined my yard for flowers coming up. There is signs of life!

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