Monday Night, 2-21-22

So look what our date will be tomorrow! 2-22-22 – wow! And we’re here to witness it!

I feel like I’m watching about the 18th hour of the Yellowstone Presidents Day Marathon – and sewing Good News blocks during all of it. Kayla put My Charms and Honor America in the store ($5 each) – from now on you will be able to purchase an instant download or order a paper pattern from us. You get to choose – and if there’s a previous pattern you’d like to buy on paper, it will be available for $15.00 which includes postage.

Good News – not ready for sale yet!

Honor America

My Charms

Mollie visited yesterday.

Have you ever thought about how 45 degrees in February feels compared to 45 degrees in October? Yesterday’s 45 degrees felt like spring! The chickens loved getting outside again.

Back to sewing blocks.

29 thoughts on “Monday Night, 2-21-22

  1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central .Ohio

    Your weather looks like ours,sunny and warmer. It made it to 61* here today.
    Mary, what was the name f that place that stole the Bullseye pattern? A quilter contacted our Guild and I want to be sure it is not the same people. Thanks!
    All the red quilts today are wonderful. My death cleaning has slowed down my quilting, but I hope to send some pictures of DD’s soon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – their name is Simple Simon – I hope they didn’t contact your guild at all but especially if they asked to teach our Bullseye! Thanks, Diane.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Whew. No it is a different name, but I am definitely happy to know the name so we can steer clear!
        I forgot to mention congrats to Iowa for beating OSU the other night. It was quite a game for Iowa.
        We were disappointed OSU didn’t do better.
        Also, at my Little Free Library, I met May, a 14 week old Labradoodle who is just adorable. She has
        a great family.
        We had such a loud, long thunder boom last night that both cats were out of sorts this AM. Buddy is never skittish, but he was this AM. All fine now, we had purr time:) Mollie and the chickens look very happy to be outside. Have a great day–2/22/22 my Uncle George’s birthday–born 1907.

  2. Jan Hebert

    Yes! 45 degrees feels so nice this time of year! We were outside with our flock this afternoon soaking up the sun. Loved it. That’s great about the patterns, thank you! I look forward to ordering some soon. Mary H’s little heart quilt is adorable and the red and white quilt and little pillow are sweet too! Loved the pictures of your chickens, that last white one with black spangles, gorgeous! You could enter that rooster in a competition, so handsome! I just love my roosters. Poor Thor got quite a bit of frostbite this winter but he seems no worse for wear. Hoping this weather pattern continues… Jan in MA

  3. mary h

    My niece has a thing for number patterns in life and is getting married tomorrow. They ought to be able to remember their anniversary date!
    We like near froze at the kite festival, so pretty but it was just bitter out- and then 60 the next day. Sure wished we could have changed the two dates around. The Other Place was busy but had excellent pizza. Poor little Ada fell asleep sitting up while we waited for a table at 5:30. She came home with us, and we are having fun. she had fun playing with scrap fabric today, putting it on the design wall. I am making her a set of flannel back applique machine embroidery letters- I let her pick out the colors. So far, we have the letters for Ada, Dad and Mom. I think she will be an early reader. So blessed to get to be a grandma to this wee one.
    These few warm days are a hint of spring, aren’t they? And then, back to winter.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – we think OP pizza is the BEST! Glad you went there – thought of you and how cold it was.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Just finished watching Yellowstone, again. Would you go for the 3 days totaling about 43 hours? Don’t know how many hours of commercials….. We had 57 degrees yesterday, a bit of snow last night and below zero temp. It’s hard to tell what will be tonight, except below 0 again. We just have to be ready for anything, and stay inside the house and warm up the sewing machine.
    What days do you have to be at Mayo this week? And is Rick going to have surgery? How long will he have to stay? We all will be thinking about you and Rick. Take care.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – Rick’s surgery is on Friday and hopefully we’ll drive home that evening and then return on Monday for an ultrasound.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I too love the black and white chicken, what a beauty! Pleased you are coming into spring,but it means winter’s closer for us sadly. Hope it all goes well with Rick, best wishes from Sandy

  6. Kathy Hanson

    I am sure the chickens were happy to
    get outside! Such a beautiful day and now this slippery stuff and snow on top by tomorrow morning! Crazy weather. I am sewing some blocks
    And hope to make some progress!

  7. Brenda in Iowa

    Sorry, Mary. I just put my request/money in the mail on Saturday for the Little Charms quilt. So noted that future patterns will be available on the website. Have a good week!!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Those chickens are just beautiful, I could watch them all day.
    It’s sewing weather here…the high today was 8. Colder tomorrow.

    This is interesting. My husband won a coffee cup from some company on line. It came in the mail today. It was sent from Canada. The post office is closed today, but that box was in the mail box. I didn’t see who brought it, but am puzzled.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – so how did that coffee cup get into your mailbox???? If you ever figure it out, let us know.

  9. Rhoda

    In Honolulu chickens roosters and birds are all over the place and in restaurants too – did you know???

    Also my son turns 44 tomorrow on 2-02-22 a Tuesday or Twosday as some people call it.
    Seems like he was born not that long ago 😀

    I picked up squares of shirting cotton fabric at the Saturday Aloha Stadium Swap Meet in HI.
    Now to sew them together,

    Prayers for both of you on Friday.

  10. Sue in Oregon

    We are suddenly back to winter here on the OR coast. We are supposed to get down to around 20 degrees tomorrow night. I know, I know…that sounds warm to some of you, but here it’s quite scary, as we really aren’t prepared for those low temps.
    I have been making microwave bowls and microwave (grabbers) potholders. Has anyone else made them?
    They are fun to make and very useful. No more burning your fingers when you get something out of the microwave.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Sue- I have made the microwave holders for my family and they are well used. I did make a mistake in one of them and used a scrap piece of batting which turned out to be not fully cotton and her bowl cover burnt so lesson learned. Do you use 2 layers of the batting in yours? It does get harder now for me to turn them right side out.

      1. Sue in Oregon

        Hi Kathy…I put in just one layer and that’s hard enough to turn. I leave as large an opening as possible between a V and a point. I topstitch them twice around the top. Daughter got two for her birthday yesterday….2-21-22. Just about.

        1. Kathy

          Thanks Sue. I will make another one for us then using one layer as it would be easier for turning. They are so handy!

  11. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love your Charms quilt, such springy colors! And Mary H, lovely Valentine projects.
    We enjoyed the sunny 50’s weather today; more snow is to be here on Thursday.
    Sending good thoughts and prayers with you for your trip to Mayo. 🥰

  12. Janet of MN

    Well, in southern Minnesota, the temperature is 9 but feels like -10 and we’re expecting 4 or more inches of snow. That wouldn’t be so bad but it was 45 on Sunday which melted lots so we have little mini skating rinks all over the place – like the bottom of our driveway. Winter can stop any time now.
    The good news is that I finally went through pictures and have put them in order at least by year. That has been a project I have wanted to get done for a long time. In the middle of this, I found the pictures we took on our big trip to Norway and Germany with an overnight in Iceland. They have to go in an album yet but honestly, gone 14 days and 350 pictures – I sure hope there are a lot of duplicates. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and seeing the pictures bring it all back.
    Now for some serious time at my sewing machine.

  13. Julie M

    Today is my birthday on 2-22-22. But even more awesome earlier this month my daughter’s birthday was 2-2-22. For a moment I did think about buying a lottery ticket full of the number 2.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Happy Birthday Julie! I smiled reading about Mary’s niece being married today and all the readers children’s birthdays too. Who would think all these numbers make my morning already. Someone better play the lottery and win I hope!! Loved the pictures and heart projects are so very pretty. We were like most with warm temps but expecting snow at the end of the week. Good luck Mary in your Mayo trip and prayers for the surgeons and teams with Ricks surgery.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie M – wow! Two birthdays on 2-22-22 – go buy 2 lottery tickets!

  14. Jo in Michigan

    Just a few days ago I was thinking the same thing Mary! I walked outside and thought wow this is nice and the temperature was 45 and if it was October I would be like wow this is a little chilly lol
    Happy 2-22-22!

  15. Sally J.

    Mary H. I love all your heart projects!! Praying for Rick`s surgery on Friday.
    Warm and sunny here in Florida expecting 86 today!!
    Love and peace
    Sally J,

  16. Jeanine from Iowa

    Mary — I enjoyed seeing your pictures of chickens. It’s nice they got to go outside. I miss mine, but time goes on. Have not caught the culprit yet. My husband doesn’t think it will be back. Will wait and see. Prayers for you on Friday. Praying all goes well. Our daughter in ND is in a blizzard today and still snowing. They are so sick of winter, and of course, they have 40-45 mph winds with it. Not fun on a farm (or anywhere else!).

  17. Amy M

    Well the same here in Kansas City-it was 70 yesterday and 16 and snowing today when I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment. “Luckily” the snow flurries were instead of the predicted freezing rain and sleet. It has gotten up to 18 now at 3pm. At least the last two warm days really took care of our 7″ snow fall from last week. Those huge piles from the plows are even pretty much gone.

    I agree that Mary H’s valentines photo is wonderful. I realized this year I don’t have a Valentines quilt so I have added that to the long “to do” list.

  18. Dorothy

    Mary, I love your chickens! Each one is unique and I bet they loved the 45 degree weather.

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