Monday Update

Brrr!  What an arctic blast!  By morning our wind chill will be 25 below.  Oh, how I hate this weather for my barn animals.

Colton has made great progress – his wound has scabbed over and is healing beautifully AND he’s still in the house!

I’m beginning to wonder if he might have tangled with JB because every time he sees him in the house he growls and makes a fuss.  Hmmmm…

Our presentation at Mandy’s was fun – I hadn’t looked at the quilts since we sent them off a year ago.  I’ll be ready to make another one right after Christmas.

Here’s a project I finished – matching covers for the recliners.  I started by sewing 32 – 2-1/2″ x width of fabric together.  Then I quilted it with straight lines.

Next I trimmed the sides so they were straight and cut the piece in half.

I bound each piece and had 2 matching chair covers.

You can see why I chose to make these covers cream colored, right?

I gave in and put up the artificial tree with lights only and a red bow on the top.  The cats are so hard on the ornaments that I just refuse to play that game with them this year.

I have some more quilt finishes to show you and I’m going to keep “finishing” because it’s so rewarding.  I can’t wait to start something new and I’m keeping up with Bonnie Hunter’s mystery as well.

Keep warm, Everybody!

34 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Rose Mikulski

    So glad to see Colton on the mend. I wish JB and him would get along. If I could write a cat soap opera, All My Kitties, I wonder if the bad blood between the two has something to do with JB’s sister Tammy disappearing earlier this year and Colton might have been involved. Hmmmm. Love your chair covers; they go well with Telly and what a lovely photo of Connie and you. Stay warm, we’re having the same cold weather too.

  2. Pamela

    I love to hear your news. We’ve started into the cold air wave as well, following one snow & before the next. I marvel at all the sewing and quilting you accomplish while taking care of the farm and your menagerie of animals. Yes, I see a couple reasons why you chose light color couch/chair cover fabrics.
    Bundle up and keep warm.
    Looking forward to your next note.

  3. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary,

    I love your new chair covers. What a great idea. Your room looks very cozy and warm.

    We celebrate Christmas and my husband’s birthday, on the 27th, with our daughter and her family in Pittsburgh. Consequently, we don’t put up a tree. I do put out some decorations – table runners, a small ceramic Christmas tree, that I have had for years, and my collection of snowmen. At the beginning of November, our daughters from Cleveland came down to Holmes County and spent a week with us. While they were here, they decorated one of the beams in our living room with my ceramic houses. Since it was difficult to light up each house, they placed a string of small white lights behind the houses. It looks so pretty. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Joyce M

    It was in the 20’s in NC this week which is very cold for us. I can’t imagine your temps! The recliner covers are very clever. Think I’ll be making one. Lights only on tree – pretty, festive and simple and easy is best!

  5. Angie Rowland

    Retirement looks good on both of you. I think once a person retires no matter how much they LOVED their job, The weight of that job is removed and it takes at least ten years off your face. I know that when I see people that have retired they always look younger than when they were working.

    May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    When the weather os cold I make soup in my crockpot then I have it cooking and I can sew.

  6. Marilyn K Hooton

    Great picture of you and Connie and the quilt in the background is beautiful. The picture of the tree is so cozy and inviting. Can’t wait to see more finished projects.

  7. Kathy

    So glad Colton is recuperating and staying safe inside with lots of love. Might be hissing at whomever could cause him harm at this stage till he’s all mended and well again. Wish we could talk to them and know their lives but you do a good job of sensing all your animal needs. Love your recliner covers and that is such a good idea. I use a jelly roll quilt on my couch like that cause it’s easier for the dog to lay on and stays put on the linen like upholstery there already. Sure look forward to all your posts so stay safe and keep warm. It’s heading our way in the east Thursday!

  8. Marilyn

    Thanks for the idea for chair covers…… easy……I thought why didn’t I think of that? This is why I love reading everything you post. Such a great picture of you and Connie! You two are having a good time together.

  9. Gayle

    I love your stories, and I, too, am happy Colton is mending. Wounds and illnesses are tough on our babies … and us! Pets are people too! Yes, retirement agrees with both of you. I’m heading to that chapter in my life in June. I love my job but I’m looking forward to some ‘me’ time! I love/have your new book but haven’t gotten started on it yet. Keep lovin’ on that Colton!

  10. Carolyn Van Petten

    I love your post, I grew up on a farm and each time I read your post’s it brings back great memories.
    You are also a great quilting motivator! Thank you so much, the best to you and yours for the Christmas Season.

  11. Paula Nordt

    Love the quilt you’re standing in front of and I think your dog is a very sweet dog. I hope your cold weather disappears soon. It was 46 here the day before yesterday and 74° yesterday!

  12. Carol

    So sad that I couldn’t make it to Mandy’s on Saturday, darn weather. I had to drive a distance and I am just a chicken anymore when it comes to snow. I really hope you post a bunch of pictures from your Saturday morning and all your quilts from your book, which I love by the way!! I am so excited to start making projects from your new book! I received mine in the mail last Thursday. I don’t have any problems with following a pattern or sewing, but I must admit I do not have your gift of putting colors and patterns together. The hardest part of any quilt for me is selecting fabrics. I am an over-thinker I guess. I just love civil war fabrics and that is the majority of my collection so I am sure anything would look great together but do you have any hints when it comes to selecting color ways or scale? Most of my quilts are scrappy but it still seems like I am missing something when it comes to my quilts….maybe my fabrics are too cohesive and I just need some additional pops of something?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – the picture of Connie and me is the only picture from Saturday. Nobody took any! Maybe you’re over-thinking your fabric choices?

  13. Becky Rose

    Wow, Mary, you surely do get a lot done! Did you do those 2 chair covers in one day? What a great picture of Connie and you! Very cute!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Becky – no, they were half done a month ago! I told you I was going to start finishing things!

  14. Maxine Powers

    Good morning from the fridged Canadian prairies . I’m so happy to see your recliner covers.
    They are perfect for our new chairs, plus our old dog Molly will love them too. !!!!
    Thank you, just love your blog, especially all the pictures and news on your house and baron pets.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maxine – the chair covers are very easy and I forgot to say that they are also reversible!

  15. Diane

    Hurray for Colton; he’s looking so much better!! I love the chair covers, too. When we put carpet down, we matched it to our Irish Setter and gold cat:) That is a great picture of you and Connie. Cold and snowy here in Central Ohio. My friend is still in Hospice. The sewing ladies are cooking!!

  16. Sneed

    Everything looks just wonderful! I sure am enjoying this site since I joined a month ago. I live in a very rural area of KY and as I write this I’m watching three deer that of shown up for their breakfast of corn. The chickens are in the barn with a wood stove burning to keep them warm. I believe the very cold weather that you have right now will arrive tomorrow night and cold weather means more time in my sewing room. Thanks for all of your postings and a very Merry Christmas to both you and Connie and your families!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sneed – I cant believe you have a wood burning stove in your barn! Do you get up in the night to feed it?

  17. Ann Barlament

    Love the chair covers!! Great job coordinating with Telly.

    I used to make “head rest covers” for my dad’s chair, with carpenter themes. I had a hammer cookie cutter that was a perfect size foe applique.

  18. Connie Olson

    Your recliner covers are very nice. You do such a great job with everything!! Merry Christmas to you!!

  19. Carolyn barnett

    Your home looks so beautiful, cozy and inviting!! Are we not blessed to have a roof over our heads? So many sadly, do not. I worry about your barn animals too! I know it is silly but can’t barns be somewhat insulated with something?? This from a poor Southern California girl who lives in a cold 60 degrees and knows absolutely nothing about farm animals, barns, feed, or their care! Take special care of yourself this winter and be careful where you walk as I don’t want to hear about any fractures from you! From Carolyn who is sitting on the couch waiting for her fractured ankle to heal…..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – I’m so sorry to hear you’re nursing a broken ankle! How did that happen?

  20. mary hawk

    Baby it’s cold outside! You gals look great- good pix. Yes, one of my favorite things to do is finish up a project and put away the detritus from it and picking something else to work on.
    If any of you like a pleasant little mystery, I just finished the first Louise Penny book- Still Life, hard to put down till I found out who dun it!

  21. Kate Schloemer

    Mary I love your chair covers. Gave me a idea for my chair. I do want to ask how you trim your edges so they are square and even. Not one of things that is easy for me to understand.

    So glad Colton is doing better. He’s smart on staying in the house these cold days.

    Merry Christmas to you and Connie.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – I line up my ruler with the horizontal seam and trim the edge straight measuring from the shortest strip. Does that make sense?

  22. ChristieB

    May I come and sit a spell? With my mug of hot cocoa! Your room looks so inviting! Those chair covers are so neat – love the monochromatic color of them. Wonderful picture of you and Connie. HUGS… and stitches

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christie B – yes, I wish you would come and sit! I suppose you live in CA or someplace far away?

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