Yesterday my church, Zion Evangelical and Reformed, celebrated 125 years with a full day of services and fellowship along with good food. I wore these clothes that belonged to my grandmother, Charsty Anderson, for the afternoon service.
Today there is a woodchuck hanging around our front shop door – we really don’t encourage this!
I took Susannah to the vet this morning – she has mastitis and I have to milk her. She also got 2 shots and I was able to milk her after the vet showed me how but now at home I’m not having much luck. I’m letting her rest now and will try again later.
It’s always something, isn’t it?
The August block is fine now, I think, and please accept my apologies for the errors. We hope that doesn’t happen again!

10 thoughts on “Monday

  1. MartyCae

    Congratulations to your church and church family!

    As for the woodchuck – I have one too! He has dug a hole under some concrete and lives there. Fun to watch him.

  2. Nikki Mahaffey

    Your church is beautiful. How wonderful you have your grandmothers clothes…and that they fit!

  3. Launa

    Poor little Susannah. I doubt if she wants anyone working to bring her milk down since she has mastitis, but it’s the only way.
    So nice to see you in your grandmother’s clothing, Mary!

    No sewing yet today, but I’m hopeful for later. At 7:30 AM my youngest granddaughter arrived to vacuum and dust. I think her summertime activities are wearing her out as afterwards she cozied up in a recliner with a Snuggly and took a good snooze until grandpa arrived from golf.

    It was 73 degrees at 5:45 AM……one of the Mexico Monsoons circled this way and some areas had a couple rain drops; none here, just the humidity.

  4. Ann Barlament

    I bet the woodchuck is a girl and heard you have sew much fun…she just came for a peek!!

    Loved the dress you wore to church!!!

  5. Diana W

    We had to trap our woodchuck and take him back to the woods.

    Maybe goat cheese is in your immediate future?

  6. Linda

    Congrats on the church anniversary! I suspected it must be an E&R church, but this is the first time I remember your mentioning the whole name. Grew up in St. Luke’s E&R in Independence MO. They still have a group that quilts.) Now a member of Church of the Savior, UCC in Knoxville TN. Somehow one can recognize others!! Love your grandmother’s outfit…

  7. Jane Dumler

    Wonderful picture of the church. What a milestone for the membership. You look great in your grandmothers clothes. That must have been a fun Sunday.
    Loved the civil war mailing this month.
    Hope the woodchuck stays out of the quilt shop!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sad news about the woodchuck – Telly killed it when I got on the lawn mower. Poor little woodchuck!

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