More About the Feed Bags

This has not been one of my best ideas – mailing you a free feed bag. The postmaster quoted me $1.45 but some of the bags were heavier so the envelope was lumpier so they cost more. We tried to cover each one that went out in today’s mail but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you get a postage due.

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The postmaster said absolutely nothing to me about the bag needing to be flat and a bag that holds 18 lbs. of cat food isn’t nearly as heavy as a bag holding 50 lbs. of goat feed thus one will fold flatter than another. Egads! Just when I thought I was making this so easy and so simple, things get complicated.

If you’ve already sent your $2.00, you’re fine – we’ll call it a wash this time. I still have a number of bags so if you are sending for a bag, please make it $4.00 instead of $2.00. It’s not going to break any of us either way. I’m so sorry that the information I got at the post office was lacking. Live and learn, huh?

Let’s just agree that this might not have been the smartest idea I’ve ever had – haha! Here’s an idea – if you’re near a farm store, go in and ask who buys certain feeds. I have a wonderful horse bag that I wouldn’t part with because I don’t know where to get more like it. I begged this one from an exhibitor at the county fair! It’s a popular bag at the grocery store.

I finished waxing the concrete floors today and my they do look nice! I’m hoping it won’t rain tomorrow so I can mow! I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “More About the Feed Bags

  1. Sharlyn

    I have been searching for the feed bag …I can’t find must of missed the picture…I generally never miss you…

  2. Teresa

    Mary, what do you use for wax on your concrete floors? We have concrete floors too and they were sealed with a matte finish fifteen years ago so I’ve been wondering if I should do any upkeep to them.

  3. Diane Bauer

    I happen to know someone who can quite easily get more horse feed bags, if needed!! I’ll maybe have to go back in your directions and make myself one, too!

    I love the look of your concrete floors as well! I’d never heard of waxing concrete before!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I’ll take a picture of my favorite bag and send it to you tomorrow

  4. Jackie Robinson

    Please include jackie robinson. Been reading about these bags. What use are they for. Inquiring minds need to know. And please send picture too me also Thank you

    1. Jeanne Hoffman

      Jackie, I live in New York State where soon the standard plastic bags at all retailers are going to be outlawed – aargh! This is because of the environment: the thin plastic ones blow around and sometimes get caught on trees. and can otherwise generally be a litter problem. So grocery store shoppers will either have to supply their own reusable bags or possibly pay 5 cents each for a brown paper bag. (That 5 cents is a tax that each county can decide whether to waive.) I’ve been saving my used bags for the future, but when I saw the ones that Mary had made, I had a light-bulb moment! ; )

      Page down on this post to see the bags that Mary made: Trying again May 22, 2019.

      Mary, I too will mail you another $2 for postage. You’ve already been kind enough to do this for readers, you shouldn’t be penalized for it! : )

  5. Kate

    So tired of the rain, as everyone is. I got my lawn mowed and trimming also done.
    Have a great day!!!

  6. Ellie

    I swear you can watch the grass grow with all this rain! Well at least I have an excuse to stay inside and quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ellie – not raining today so I’m mowing but good grief is the grass tall!

  7. Marilyn

    Mary I sent my $2.00 to you May 29th but will be happy to sent you an additional $2.00 . I know how postage has gone up. So enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Barbara A Wegner

    I am Donna Ondler’s sister & I have made dozens of these bags! I sent a comment /reply in the past but I do not know if you read it or not? There are bags everywhere that can be found with a few inquiries. Especially where farm produce is sold. Many producers have too many bags & they cause disposal issues too. I am not trying to interfere with your efforts but just to make it easier for many to get a bag that they will sew for their self. I always get compliments & comments about the bags I made & use. They certainly do make wonderful grocery bags as they are so strong!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara Wegner. – thank you for your input! You are not interfering at all! I only wanted to get rid of the pile of empty feed bags that I had accumulated and I agree that they’re the best grocery bags you can find. If they didn’t crinkle so much, I’d take my music to church in one – haha! I did suggest going to a farm store but never thought about the feed producers having to dispose of bags – we’re lucky because we can burn and I have burned many of these bags in the past. I appreciate your input, Barb, and think I recognize your name from a comment in the past – I read every single one!

  9. Amy M

    I recently learned the “flat” postage issue as well when I sent something in a small padded envelope. I have been having problems with gift cards sent in cards in the mail not being received (somewhere in the process I believe they are being taken) so I started sending them in padded envelopes so you can’t feel the gift card. It weighed next to nothing and on the postage scale said two stamps but once I got to the post office it was $3.50. He told me it was because it would have to be handled by hand instead of machine?! Next time I think I take my chances with cash in the card.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – good grief! So many regulations and rules! How can the postal service be broke?

    2. Ruth

      When I send gift cards in the mail I always surround them with several sheets of typing paper or a piece of thin cardboard larger than the card, so they become difficult to “feel”. Anything to fool a thief!
      My grandmother would send money through the mail by folding it inside aluminum foil. She said that way the post office machines couldn’t “see” into the envelope. We always got our money safely.

  10. Linda

    I live in the UK where we stopped supermarkets and big chains giving away free plastic carrier bags (totes in USA terms?) a while ago. It has been extremely beneficial for the environment , cutting plastic waste by a huge amount. The majority take their own bags when they shop, I have rarely heard anyone ask for a supermarket bag which we pay for. Love your idea of using feed bags to make shopping bags. I live in a town so I wouldn’t be able to get these bags but the idea is great. Anything we can do to reduce our use of plastic is WONDERFUL . Sorry you didn’t get proper information from your Post Office regarding postage costs, you were doing your best so hope you are not out of pocket on this idea.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – not very deep out of pocket but wish I’d been informed better. I take these bags to Target and Walmart, too. They’re a big hit and a conversation starter for sure. UK, huh? What’s popular there right now in terms of the quilting world? I assume you’re a quilter when I looked at your blog address which I think I’ll check out, too.

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