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Today must have been a day onshore because Jane and Connie got caught in the rain but who would care?

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Here they are on their tour – doesn’t this look fun?

And who would care if their tour got rained out if you could duck inside for what I think is probably a giant Margarita!

Oh, yum! And Connie sent a picture of her balcony and her room.

Jane is a friend of Connie’s from the Chicago area who got delayed in the Dallas airport and I was worried she wouldn’t make it in time but here they both are at dinner.

About a month ago Connie decided to make everybody in the Stitchin Heaven group, about 90-100 students, a paper pieced flag pincushion! Yes, I thought she was crazy but look at this picture.

All 100 pincushions went in her bag, unstuffed of course but what a sweet gift. I’ll bet they just loved getting that pincushion from Connie! Here is a close up and then a stuffed one.

Here’s a little info from Connie about the pincushions. They measure 4″ x 4-1/2″ and were paper pieced. She really likes sand for filling but has also used crushed walnut shells and she puts a little dab of fiberfill in the opening after filling but before hand stitching closed. These are not quilted but she used an iron on interfacing on front and back to keep the sand or shells from coming through. She used up 2 old wool skirts for the backs – what a good idea! She also likes to add a bit of dried lavender with the filling just to make them smell so good.

That’s all I know from the cruise ship tonight. I finally took down the Wear Warm Clothes quilt even though tomorrow we are expecting snow and I put up my farm quilt. I haven’t had it hung up for over 2 years and it’s like welcoming an old friend. I love this quilt!

Gloria sent me a picture of her very dashing Little Harvey.

Another little job I finally did today was wash the dishes from a small shelf. I’ve decided that the only time I really love these old plates and bowls is when I find them and “rescue them” by buying them for pennies and bringing them home. After that I hardly look at them except to think “I wonder where they lived and who they lived with and what was the story behind the plate, the bowl or the platter. I do love to see a collection of ironstone in an open cupboard but pretty soon I’ll have to part with it.

And here is sweet Darla to say hello and see you later!

38 thoughts on “More From the Cruise

  1. Becky from TX

    Ohmygoodness!!!! Yes, Connie is one crazy lady! But how lucky are her students!!! Darla is so sweet!
    The wall hanging reminds me of the farm. One thing about getting snow this late it won’t last long hopefully!

  2. ada

    Perhaps Connie would be interested in selling a pattern for those pin cushions.

    And her room on the ship is nice but she has a wonderful balcony. What a nice view.

  3. Angie Rowland

    I love the farm quilt and it does remind me of your farm🤗I feel blessed to have been to the shop when the fireworks guild was in Mason City driving animals crazy with the booms. Your blog brings wonderful memories of days gone by. Thank you.
    Loved meeting the workers at the shop and even got to meet Zack who was so precious.
    Many of us live vicariously through you, thank you

  4. Brenda in Iowa

    Oh, those pincushions are adorable! I also love the farm quilt! Maybe you would offer both patterns for sale? . How much snow are you suppose to get? Hopefully, it will not be too much.

  5. Tammy Guerrero

    I love the farm quilt. We have had all of those critters on our farm. Where can I get it? Would love to make one someday when I get to be a better quilter. Please help me.find the pattern!

    1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

      The farm quilt is a design by McKenna Ryan and is called ‘Back on the Farm’. If you type her name and the quilt name in on your internet browser it will pop up with listings of pattern suppliers. A complete pattern set costs around $80.

    2. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

      The farm quilt is a design by McKenna Ryan and is called ‘Back on the Farm’. The design os several years old, but if you type her name and the quilt name in on your internet browser it will pop up with listings of pattern suppliers. A complete pattern set costs around $80. (It was a BOM so is made up of several parts).

  6. Diane Bauer

    I made a flag pincushion this afternoon, but am thinking there’s another that will soon be in the works!! What a fun gift, but wow, 100??!?!?!

    Your farm quilt is fabulous!! So many details!!

    We’re supposed to be in for a blizzard tomorrow. I walked the dogs today in a tank top and capris. It was 77. I am always grateful the snow doesn’t last long at this time of year.

    A friend brought me a t-shirt quilt yesterday that she is hoping I will finish for her. The woman who started it has arthritis and can’t finish it. I’m not particularly good at picking up where someone else left off, but I’ll give it a shot. My friend and I got our black belts together and this quilt is the t-shirts her son has gathered as he has pursued the level of master in TaeKwonDo.

  7. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Darla is a beautiful kitty. I also love the fabulous farm quilt but know I could never make one that complicated . I’ll admire it from afar. Connie’s group must be having a super time. Thanks for the update on her trip.

  8. Beryl Hoff

    What a fun thing to have as a reminder of the trip!! The pin cushion shouldn’t be too hard to copy, I wouldn’t think. You could draw it out on paper if you wanted to PP it.
    The animals on the farm look like your family of animals!! It is a cute wall hanging.
    We are to get snow here in MT also. We have a winter weather advisory out, now til noon tomorrow with 4-8″ of snow. I am not liking that but it will be gone shortly. Much of the snow is melting, finally. The ground is still white here but lots of open spots now. The creek is running good, it sounds so nice!! The river isn’t up too far but has risen some. There is still a lot of snow above us so hope it continues to be cold at night.
    Spring IS coming!!

  9. Sue

    Your Farm Quilt is amazing, Mary. You really were an accomplished applique artist. Plus, its kind of like a tribute to Alfalfa. Just Love it!
    Connie’s stateroom is larger than I thought. I have heard they are usually very tiny. Looks like she is having a great time. Thanks, Connie, for taking us along.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Wow, black belts!! Congratulations. The room on the ship looks so nice. A cruise would be interesting. Thank you for the pictures. We can see a place that is far away from our homes. The pin cushions will be a great little gift.
    Is the farm quilt one of McKenna Ryan’s designs? She always does such neat work.
    Rain is supposed to start tonight turning into snow and who knows how much there will be. It is predicted that I 90 will be closed across South Dakota. At least the ground is warm and it won’t last.

  11. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, there have been no ads on your site for at least a couple weeks. Could we send “dues” to help defray the cost? I know I would really miss you and everybody else and I’m sure lots of others feel the same way.

    1. Kathy from western NY

      Yes I too have been a little concerned no ads but I thought with me traveling might be the reason. I do see a carnival cruise one with no X but I won’t click on that one or it will take me to the site. I am riding in my Noah’s ark with my dogs and cat and husband driving the motor home! Ha! Love your appliquéd farm animals quilt and am amazed at that workmanship. Gloria’s Harvey is so cute with the polka dots border. I hope your snow melts quick Mary cause all I can say is it feels so wonderful to be out walking my dogs in this campground and not worry about falling on ice!

  12. Donna Sproston

    I love the farm quilt. I cannot imagine cutting out all those shapes and doing all that applique. I came across a chicken quilt block pattern from Country Threads today. That is more my speed…all squares, rectangles, and triangles. I finished piecing a Country Threads Civil War quilt today and will send a picture once I get it quilted. I think straight line will be just perfect. Thanks for the flag pin cushion details.

  13. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The farm quilt, Harvey, the pin cushion and cat are all wonderful! Connie’s room and balcony look great. Looks like fun. We are waiting………waiting……..waiting for the rain, sleet and snow. They said 10 to 12 inches. I hope they are all wrong. We just got the basement “dried up” from the last rain and snow melt. When will it all end?

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    That quilt…every nook has a smile. I love it too.
    Looks like Connie and company are having a great time.
    My neighbors garden is exploding daffodils. So pretty, I hope the snow drifts around them.
    Except for Alfalfa, this has been a good news week, thanks…we needed that.

  15. Rita M in CT

    That farm quilt is such a beauty what an ambitious undertaking.
    I love those flag pincushions of Connie’s what a lucky bunch of class attendees. It looks like Connie is having fun.
    The sun is coming up chickens are up, dogs have been given their meds and my company is on the way to the airport. I hope that I can find time to sew a bit today.
    Can’t wait to see what adventures you have planned for today.

  16. Hedy

    I also buy beautiful old dishes for pennies. I use them whenever I can, I have them in my kitchen cupboard. The platters come out to hold meat, the bowls for vegetables. I also wonder who used them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hedy – I also use mine and if they break or even chip, I consider it part of the plate’s history. White dishes with that pearl edge are my favorite and it gives me goosebumps to see them in my cupboard – so beautiful! And here’s my thoughts on platters – do you realize that “the platter” has become a thing of the past? We don’t eat meals family style so food is not passed around the table on a platter – sad, isn’t it?

      1. Sue

        Extremely sad! Platters are the greatest. I like to have several sizes, but then, we do eat three squares a day and always have. None of my three eat regular sit down meals, unless they come here. Very sad.

  17. Debbie B

    Love that cute pincushion Connie made. Adorable. Great gift. And I love your farm quilt, Mary. Looks like home. Have an awesome day!

  18. Sharon Lowy

    Sharon from Illinois

    Loved the pictures from the ship and the pin cushions are adorable. Your farm quilt is really stunning. It really must have taken a bit of time to complete that one and I don’t know how you ever put it away.

    We may get snow today but it will change to rain. I am glad I didn’t get my porch furniture out yesterday! I still have one flowerbed to rake. It has a massive amount of pine needles that need to be removed and I dread doing it because I will likely end up with poison ivy!

    1. Mary Evans

      I think that Mary posted yesterday or the day before about the Farm Quilt that it was possibly still available and on sale at the designer’s site. I would say more but am hazy on the details, except she said if you want it to ‘hurry’.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Mary Evans – I did explain the Farm Quilt – in detail. The post is titled The Farm Quilt. Thanks for the support.

  19. Kathy Zuehl

    Love the pin cushions! And that farm quilt is awesome! Thanks for sharing all this info!

  20. Deb - SW Minnesota

    In Marshall, MN, we are expected to get over 24″ of snow with 50-60 mile an hour winds – yuck. It has been snowing heavily for about the last 45 minutes in Marshall but nothing in Cottonwood which is only 13 miles northeast. The skies look like they could open up and start dumping any moment though. Bought my computer home from work last night and just plan on working from home the next few days.

  21. Janice

    I would like to know more about the Farm Quilt as well. I’m not sure that I could do the whole thing but maybe make wall hangings out of individual parts. Those pin cushions are very sweet! The cruise looks amazing – I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy and rent a house and take cooking classes but a cruise may be even more fun! I love ironstone – have collected a few pieces and inherited some from family. Darla is such a pretty kitty. She always looks like she’s posing for the camera! Enjoy the day, it’s cold here in MA but no snow on the ground and the daffodils and crocus are out. Hope it stays that way!

  22. Paula Philpot

    Did you applique the farm quilt? It is the perfect quilt for you and I really like it too. Love Connie’s pincushions that sure was alot of work but wonderful for the students. Paula in KY

  23. Carolyn Rector

    Love your country quilt, ambitious! Love to hear about the cruise and all the lucky quilters. The publishing looks like my size project, just one.☺

  24. Suzanne Beech

    Love the farm quilt! I would be interested in purchasing a pattern. Love the pincushions also.

  25. Sue

    Okay….I think maybe you made The Farm quilt with what I call the stick-down stuff. If so, I salute you. I am using that right now and nearly go crazy trying to get the pieces going the right way. Can’t believe how many end up in the trash!!
    The more I look at it, the more I love it.

  26. Paula S.

    Looks like Connie is having so much fun. Love those little flag pincushions. I may have to make one!

  27. Rhoda Ebersole

    Made it to NE Wisconsin yesterday afternoon and had lunch with quilting friends this noon.
    We have splotches of snow around before the next storm arrives tonight. Saw a pair of Wood Ducks in the Brook thus morning and a mink running along the other side of the Brook.
    And I have a Harvey pattern purchased with fabrics from Country Threads. Will I ever get it sewn?

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