More Thirty Stars Quilts, 1–28-24

This is really fun to see other Thirty Stars quilts. As I told a reader, precise piecing, perfect pressing along with correct cutting was the key to this quilt. Since each round had to absolutely fit the previous round, the only way it could be done was with a perfect 1/4” seam. It was drafted by hand on 1/4” graph paper, no EQuilt for us, and it turned out beautifully. I personally have made four of them. Here is one of my other color palettes, fabric given to us by Free Spirit and Country Living which at the time looked so wrong to us.

Here is Becky’s hanging in her entry.

From Readers

Hey, Polly – didn’t you make it in red, white, and blue?

Kelly – I tried to forward your request about the bird quilt to my friend Carrolyn but she can’t reach you by email.

Rosie – I need your address to mail the SitMate to.

Just finished watching the football game – what a stunner!


My friend Chris in Alaska sent me this Hazel pillow – all paper pieced and quilted. It is a work of art – Hazel doesn’t look as impressed as I am but I cannot do this type of piecing and I know how much time and effort this had to take. Here’s some closeups – note the assorted white fabrics, the piping, the zipper, the tags and Hazel’s name on the back!! I noticed everything! And it’s wonderful! Thank you, Chris!!

My supervisor

I had the pillow here on my table and Three loved it, too!

Kathy sent this silverware drawer idea for strips to carry from cutting area to sewing machine – great idea!

I have just got to make some of these fidget quilts for the care center.

Digging in the wet snow was fun again today!
My geraniums blooming in the basement

Not sure where I saw this quilt – did someone send it to me or did I see it online? Such simplicity – I would never think to use muslin for sashing but I like it – a lot!! Great charm idea!

Now – whose picture did I miss? I am caught up except for Becky’s Point of Interest pictures. I’m going to consider myself up to date – resend anything I missed.

On to Monday!

68 thoughts on “More Thirty Stars Quilts, 1–28-24

  1. Amy in NW Ohio

    That Hazel pillow is really something else! You’re right that a lot of work went into it! I couldn’t help but notice in one of your photos what looks like a Fiddle-Leaf fig tree in the background. I just bought one for myself this weekend. Do you give yours any special treatment? I’ve heard they can be finicky.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy – I have two of them because I can never resist a new one – I think they want to be dry. I’m not sure yet but mine started dropping leaves quickly so I cut way back on the water – no more leaves dropping. I’ll accept any hints you may discover with yours.

      1. Amy in NW Ohio

        I bought mine from a very reputable florist in town. She suggested letting it dry a bit between watering. It came out of the greenhouse and is used to high humidity so I have been misting it to try to ease the transition to the 50% humidity in my house. Fingers crossed!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Amy – I think I should start misting – I see the leaves are dusty so even wiping them off with a damp cloth should help. Mine came from Walmart but if you’re watchful and buy plants from Walmart when they first arrive, it’s a great source.

          1. Connie R.

            Mary, I agree with you on Walmart plants. You have to basically grab them as they come in on the truck. In a couple days, they’ll fail to water them and, all the plants are dying. I’ve noticed how many plants they throw away because they are dried out.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Connie – and when they see they’ve let them dry out they soak them with a hose! I wish I were there to rescue some of them from their garbage dumpster!

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    I am inspired by all the 30 Stars quilts. It’s time to get that 30 Stars kit project box off the shelf. ❤️🪡🧵❤️

  3. patti

    love all the pictures. what a great friend to make the pillow of hazel for you. alot of work. really like the 30 stars quilts. i enjoy all the quilt pictures and animal pictures. the animal faces are so intense sometimes. i enjoyed the football games today. i spent the day watching the games and building the first seven blocks of the mystery quilt from alycia in colorado. felt funny dealing with 12.5″ blocks when i’m used to working with 6-8″ blocks. now i’m tired. our 80 degree weather is over for a while, back to 40 before wake-up time tomorrow. wind chill will be worse. glad i’m not going anywhere. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – that’s quite a drop in temps – is that normal? I loved the games but was pulling for Detroit.

      1. patti

        unfortunately for florida, temp drops like this is normal. price we pay for having nice weather most of the time. we have our winter in short spurts. i’ve noticed that the seasons seem to be delayed some. winter didn’t start til later in january this year. last year spring started in late april and summer started in late may. weirdness. i will pulling for the chiefs and the 49ers. i remember the old 49ers of my youth. should make for an interesting super bowl. patti in florida

        1. Lynette in Orlando

          patti – I too live in Florida and your comment is so true! It is the price we pay for such beautiful weather the majority of the time. Where are you in Florida? I’m on the NW side of Orlando,

  4. Martha in WY

    I admire Chris’s Hazel pillow. That certainly is an art work. All the 30 Stars quilts are beautiful.

  5. Sharon G.

    Mary – The Hazel pillow is so cute! Lots of work went into that pillow. I swear Three could be a brother of my two cats.
    I’d never heard of the 30 star quilt. Quite beautiful.
    I might order the pattern. I didn’t know you and Connie were featured in Countty Living. I had every issue for many years, but canceled my subscription when they changed.
    The silverware drawer idea is ingenious.
    I love to read your blog. The photos are just great. Everyday it’s something different. It always makes my day. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Sharon, I have been looking for a sturdy plastic but not heavy (didn’t want wood like TJ Max had); drawer liner wide enough for 1 1/2” strips and found this one at Target. We have well stocked and clean Targets in my area so I’m lucky as 3 are close by in either direction I’m going as I love the Magnolia Line they carry too. I carried a small tape measure in my purse to make sure I had Lee way for my strips as I cut scraps in a different area.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon G – this blog is made up of a group of friends who talk to each other making every post something different. I love it! We’re all in the same boat so to speak – more alike than different and I so appreciate those who take part in the conversation, don’t you?

  6. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the Hazel pillow. It is awesome. We had rain that is much needed last night. No snow. Melted with 72 degree temp Friday. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  7. San

    Hi Mary, The pillow is gorgeous, what a true work of Heart!

    The cold is back; had to turn my heat back on today. Spent two entire days in the sewing room. It was like a mini vacation. I’ve sorted, folded, ironed, stacked, and most importantly, made decisions. Many left over quilt blocks will go out to Alycia in Colorado for QOV tops. Other things will go to the thrift store. This has been so very liberating. Will take before and after pictures so you can see the changes.

    Stay warm and thanks everyone for sharing your photos.

    San / Westren NC

  8. Sandi

    The Hazel pillow is precious! I love all the pictures! I love the dachshund picture so much. I have 3 myself. Hugs,

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Hazel, s cushion is a work of art! Wish l was so clever and patient with such detail. The 3 little dachshund pups look like they are watching their footy team win! I hope Hazel,s tummy didn’t get too cold in the snow!
    I should take notes on what is in the blog, my mind goes blank often! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  10. Lynette in Orlando

    I love all those star quilts! So tempting but I’m on the buy less sew more plan right now. I’ve got to put a dent in the sewing room. With the projects in there right now, I can never die….. HA. The pillow of Hazel is adorable!!!! Such a treasure. Love the 3 doxies…… too cute for words. Like Patti, I too am in Florida and our temps took a dramatic nosedive……. 47 right now at 5am……. I don’t mind too much as long as it warms up during the day. I’m not a cold weather person (which is why I live here). Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  11. Barbara Yarnell

    Wow! Such an interesting blog post and so many great pictures! Mary, you must have figured out the secret to adding more pictures without having it all crash! Don’t know what I do wrong but if I have more than 2 or 3 pictures, it will say the file is too large. Love the pumpkin quilt…I started one like that years ago but never finished it.

  12. Vicki Ibarra

    So many great quilts! I love the Hazel pillow – the artistry of the picture and the piping are beyond anything I would attempt. The supervisor picture is so appropriate. Our cat would sit on my cutting table when I worked. She always rested on fabric and would play with spools of thread if I didn’t put them away. Keep the pictures (and ideas) coming!

  13. Chris Roser

    I love the Hazel pillow! Chris in Alaska did a fabulous job. Don’t you love how cats always get in the middle of the action? Always watching and looking for opportunity to claim your stuff. I enjoyed all the pictures! I have the 30 Stars pattern and enjoyed seeing the finished quilts. I don’t have the magazine any more but I read the article and was so inspired, I bought the pattern. Thanks, Mary, for taking the time to brighten our days! Chris in Corpus, Christi, TX

  14. Laurie in NC

    I watched the football games too. Loved the comeback by SF. Darling pillow for Hazel! Excellent workmanship.

  15. Anita

    So glad you showed the close up pix of the Hazel pillow. It is an amazing work of the heart. I am sure you will treasure it.

  16. MaureenHP

    I especially like the last quilt. Even in it’s simplicity, it’s beautiful. It’s going to be in the 40’s this week, so all the snirt is melting. Have a wonderful day!

  17. Connie R

    Thanks for posting all the color variation pictures of your 30 Stars quilt. My favorite is still your original but, the others are beautiful too. And, that Hazel pillow is stunning. What a work of art. Thanks to everyone again for sharing their stuff. Makes for such a fun blog.
    I worked on a UFO that someone else had started. Beautiful quilt that needed several sawtooth star blocks to finish. Flying geese blocks not my favorite to make but, did a few trial blocks and, hopefully the ones I make for the quilt will come out correctly. Keep telling myself to take my time so I don’t cut off the star points.

  18. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Hello! I’m back from a cruise to and through the Panama Canal. Have many days of the blog to catch up on. And laundry! I took three small cross stitch projects and finished two of them on the plane, in airports and during down time on the ship. We have fresh snow this morning but missed the worst of it while we were away. Biscuit was sooo happy to see us! And my chickens did fine with my son watching them. He said it was so cold the water even froze up inside the coop so he kept the doors shut several days. I’m glad to be home! Have a great day everyOne.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – I’ll bet Biscuit was so tickled to have you back – and your chickens survived the cold snap! Yay! I can’t wait to hear about the trip and see a photo or two – sounds like an unbelievable trip really.

  19. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Oh, my! Forgot to say the Hazel pillow is adorable! Nice work, Chris! All the quilts and pets are wonderful in the post, too!

  20. Kathy in western NY

    We woke to a winter wonderland with wet snow hanging on the tree branches. It’s pretty I must say. Roads are all fine as it’s above freezing here.
    The pillow is a work of art and Chris is one talented quilter. It looks just like Hazel. I noticed the kitty paws stretched out right away so thanks for sharing those cute pictures too. I made fidget squares for residents of nursing home years back and added a little stuffed toy from the dollar store in the pockets. It was a good way to use up 7” zippers I stored from sewing clothing days.
    All the pictures are stunning today with the variation on your pattern as well. I love seeing other’s interpretation of colors used. Thanks for the tip on accurate piecing as I tend to sew squares for charity quilts and noticed lately my seams go narrower at the end so going to switch out pressure feet to work on that.
    I went back to read comments and too bad Diane’s husband has Covid now. Our doctor told us to call for a prescription for Plaxovid if we were to test positive any time too as he said it minimizes the risks of getting worse and needing hospitalization. Even though some say you can catch it again so no guarantee you have immunity but this med is suppose to cut down on your symptoms getting worse. So hoping Diane’s husband does okay since he’s still recovering from surgery.

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Thanks, Kathy. He felt so much better this AM, he opted not to get Paxlovid this time. I hope that is a good decision. I think getting the new Vaccine in Oct. really made the difference. He has not coughed at all, just stuffy and sneezing which is why I think so many people think they just have a cold and don’t test for Covid therefore, it is rampant in Ohio. I am wearing a mask inside and so is he because I can’t get sick while he is recuperating! Thanks for your good wishes. 😍😍

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane – no, you sure can’t get sick now!! Hope this is short lived!

  21. Sally J. Mi.

    Chris the Hazel pillow is truly a work of art. Wonderful workmanship. Loved seeing all the different 30 Star quilts!! The 3 Doxies are just adorable!! Sorry for the Lion’s loss but they had a wonderful season. Maybe next year. Happy sewing!!

  22. Mareen

    Oh my gosh your Hazel pillow is adorable! So many talented ladies you are blessed to have!

  23. Sandy in Indiana


    I love your Hazel pillow….Chris is so talented 🙂
    Thank you for sharing……….

    Enjoy your day!

  24. Gail in Ohio

    Now this is a fun-packed issue today!!
    LOVE the Hazel pillow – what a wonderful gift! Thanks for the tip about the silverware tray for organizing strips to sew – I’ll be buying one for the sewing room. Also love the photos from readers – so much fun to see what others are doing or have done… thanks for sharing them!
    No snow on the ground here in east central Ohio, but we had a few very fine flurries this morning. I had great plans to save my geraniums over this winter, but we were away at the time they should have been brought it and then I didn’t deal with them soon enough. Sigh – maybe next year!

  25. Susan Dyer

    Hi Mary. I would love to buy the pattern for 30 Stars! Could you please post your mailing address? I seem to have misplaced it!
    Thanks, Susan Dyer–former owner of Glad Creations in Minneapolis.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – HI, SUSAN! Gosh I wish I could visit Glad Creations again – just like the readers who tell ME they’d like to come to Country Threads again. You had a great shop – weren’t those the days? Address on home page also – 2345 Palm Ave, Gsrner, IA 50438
      What are you doing these days?

      1. Susan Dyer

        We retired in 2019. It was really good timing for us. We do miss the shop but Nancy and I are still quilting, we both have a lot of fabric to use up. Still meet about once a month with former staff members. A quilting coop has opened in our building. It’s taken a while to get themselves started but they are now doing a really nice job, have a good selection of fabrics and patterns and most of their staff is volunteers.
        I have been enjoying reading your blog every day. Keep it up!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan – I’m always surprised when someone from Country Threads’ past leaves a comment – haha! Thanks for being a reader and feel free to send me pictures of what you’re working on. I understand about all that fabric to use up. Ugh.

  26. Myra

    I love your blog and try never to miss a post. This one looks like it had many interesting pictures but I am unable to open any of them. It may be my equipment but I normally do not have a problem with the pictures coming through.

    You make me feel so much better about my sewing room, which is always cluttered. Thanks for making me feel I am not alone in the battle for order.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Myra – you are certainly not alone!!! Could you try closing down your computer and powering up again? You’re the only one who has reported problems with pictures so I’m afraid it’s you. If you’re reading on email and don’t see pictures, go online and search for chickenscrstchcountrythreads to see them.

  27. Myra

    Well, I am not quit sure what happened. First there were no pictures. I waited a few minutes and tried again and the pictures loaded. Anyway, sorry for the false alarm. Love the pictures!

  28. Sally in Georgia

    The Hazel pillow is amazing! Such a nice gift.
    Pam in Georgia—I, too, made the 30 Star quilt looking much like the original pattern. I think all of Mary’s friends should make this special quilt! And Pam, I love your Quilted Hearts ornament tree next to your quilt! These are the ornaments we gave out at our ‘Quilted Hearts’ quilt shop —one every year for 16 years at Xmas. I, too, still have my collection.

  29. Chris in Alaska

    Thank you , Mary , and everyone for the many compliments on Hazel’s pillow ! It was fun to make 🙂
    Loved seeing all the beautiful 30 stars quilts ! I’m going to order the pattern too , stars are my favorites!

  30. Beryl BC

    Hazel’s pillow is wonderful. I liked seeing the 30 Star quilts. I often find myself picking the fabrics similar to the picture or sample I’ve seen. This motivation for trying something different.

  31. Charlotte in No. California

    The Hazel pillow is so cute!! Another beautiful quilt show today!! I love all of the different 30 star quilts. I’m going to order the pattern.
    I’m glad the 49ers won. I was worried during the first half but they pulled it out. I was hoping the Ravens would win but the Niners and the Chiefs will be a good game. Go Niners!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – everybody in Iowa is pulling for the 49ers because Brock Purdy went to Iowa State, where a Rick and I also went!

  32. Diane squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio.

    Wow,wow, wow. Another great blog😃 I love all the different 30 Stars quilts. Am I good enough to make it?
    And, the Hazel pillow by Chris is awesome. I love that Three claimed it😹😹 It looks like the little Dachshunds are watching football or a dog show? The reader quilts are beautiful, too. Great blog, Mary.
    It was 33* when we got up, went to 32* , and back to 33*. I am tired of this😝

  33. Ginger S

    Great blog post today. When I first started quilting in the 1970’s, i mostly used muslin for the background fabric and as the backing. I hand quilted my things then and didn’t get on the longarm trend until the turn of the century. My Mom also quilted and she used muslin as well. When my 30 something nieces were born, I made them large baby quilts using muslin. They really used those quilts for 10 or more years. When they were in their lat 20’s I made them each another quilt and by then I was on to nicer “quilt shop quality” fabrics . My brother (their dad) told me the girls confided to him that although the new quilts were beautiful, they weren’t soft and comfy like their muslin backed baby quilts. After seeing the quilt posted in your blog, I’m thinking I would like to make a few using muslin for old times sake.

  34. Susan K in Texas

    Oh that Hazel pillow is perfect! Such a great job. And the kitty certainly appreciates it.
    I love all of the different versions of 30 Stars. It’s a great pattern.
    Three doxies are just fun. I love the cover on the chair they’re on.

  35. Polly Perkins

    I made mine in teals and greys. I will have to find my picture and send it to you.

  36. Barbara Moore

    The Hazel pillow is certainly a gift of love— I recognize hours and hours of work when I see it! You’ve been blessed with a lovely and special gift, Mary. Those three doxies belong to us and sadly, we are now down to two, as we lost the one in the middle-Edith Ann-Edie last fall. The other two remain, Gertie Jane on the left and Hilda, right. We love them so much!
    Went to my monthly church quilting where we make toddler-sized quilts for local agencies. Fun to gather and visit with the ladies and see all the quilts being sewn. Take care and stay warm! – Barb in Tucson

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – thank you for adding the details here in the comments. I knew them but the readers didn’t and I’m sorry you lost Edith Ann.

  37. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    As always I love your blog and the pictures you add. A very good idea using a cutlery tray for cut pieces. Everyone is so talented and inspiring. I need to get a baby sized quilt finished for Friday night. I’ve been away from home for more than half of January so didn’t start till Sunday. My son is a flight attendant and called me Saturday night and said do you want to go to New York for a 24 hr layover with me. We live on the west coast of BC. So early Monday morning I went. What a wonderful whirlwind trip. We walked over 4 miles Monday night then over 6 miles Tuesday morning before having to return to our room to be ready to leave. (Believe it or not I did all this walking and I’m on a list for knee replacement).
    Our quilt guild donates what we call “preemie quilts” to the NICU at our local hospital. Our goal is that every premature baby receives a quilt. They aren’t too big 36” square and the guild provides batting and backing. Each February there is a theme, this year transportation. Mine is four sailboats. I will send a picture when I’m done.
    Thank you again for this wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – what a trip! I don’t know how you walked that far on a bad knee however! I’ve always heard New Yorkers have to walk a lot – can’t wait to see your sailboats

      1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

        Mary, to tell you the truth I don’t know how I walked so much either. I guess when you have limited time somewhere you push on. I wouldn’t say we set a fast pace and luckily my son didn’t mind my pace. Gotta love a kid that says that. Just about have the top put together then onto layering and quilting. Time is ticking I better run.

  38. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Mary, to tell you the truth I don’t know how I walked so much either. I guess when you have limited time somewhere you push on. I wouldn’t say we set a fast pace and luckily my son didn’t mind my pace. Gotta love a kid that says that. Just about have the top put together then onto layering and quilting. Time is ticking I better run.

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