Mountain Majesties

Finally!  The top is finished and now I need to piece my back.  I will be so happy to work on a different project.  I can’t remember the name of this Moda fabric line – was it by Minnick and Simpson possibly?

I just added 4″ rectangles along the two sides and called it good.  This quilt is not going to any show, State Fair or museum so it’s fine with me – finished is better than perfect in my world.  Here’s a closeup.

It’s so big and today it’s windy so I had to photograph it on the ground with rocks holding it from flying away.  I do think it’s beautiful now that it’s a finished top.  Off to mow lawn!

55 thoughts on “Mountain Majesties

  1. Sharon Hultgren

    Beautiful, Mary!!
    Question: Can you tell us more about the straight line quilting you do.
    I don’t have a long arm machine, but my sewing machine does
    have a large “bed”.
    Thank you,
    Sharon Hultgren

    1. Mary Etherington

      Sharon – as I quilt this top, I’ll talk you thru the quilting on the long arm machine.

  2. Marie M

    Perfect finish for this quilt! Maybe you might want to do scrappy strip border for binding to tie in side borders with 4th side.

  3. Carol B


    I love your solution! Good job. I’m sure this was a monster project , but it turned out great!

  4. Carolyn

    Mary, that is a beautiful quilt! I love the way it all came together, the colors are really pretty.

  5. Nikki Mahaffey

    I love it. It is just a happy quilt. who said life is perfect? I for one make quilts to make me happy..I may give them as gift and if the recipient is happy with how it looks…they can return the quilt….

  6. Kay

    Just beautiful! I was wondering how you would enlarge it. Yes…done is better than perfect. That’s been my motto lately.

  7. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes and rectangles on the side are
    Just fine Mary.

    How is your burned finger treating you?
    That was not what you needed.
    Sorry that happened to you
    Rhoda R

  8. Kathy Hanson

    I love the quilt, what a great pattern and fabrics. You had a great idea of how to finish it. As I knew you would. I hope your fingers are healing ok!

  9. Bonnie

    Finished is better than perfect in my world as well. Love that quilt. It’s inviting. Makes me want to curl up under it with a good book and a cup of coffee. Job well done!!!!!

  10. Ann Barlament

    I love your quilt and the remaining strips are perfect!!

    Glad to read your burnt finger is on the mend!!

  11. Lea

    What a beautiful quilt. There is something about this quilt that is so eye catching. It looks soft and homey.

  12. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary this quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! Colors and piecing and all. Really lifts my spirits just looking at it!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I think you’re right! Weren’t there some flags incorporated in the line, too? I’m thinking of a “flag” backing.

  13. Sue

    Bravo, Mary. A gorgeous quilt and so well done. It will probably be one of your favorites once you get passed all the time it took to make it. I am making one of those right now (also a mystery) and have to mentally beat myself up to go in and work on it. It is such fiddly sewing, as I think yours has been.
    However, yours was worth it because it is so bright a cheery.

  14. Claudia

    Love your Mountain Majesties. Just put the final stitches on the binding for my version made with homespun an and recycled shirts. Love this pattern.

  15. Jeanine

    I, too, made this pattern from recycled men’s shirt. It is one of my favorite done in men’s shirts.

  16. Lisa W

    Beautiful quilt top! It is so fun to see how different fabric choices can make a pattern really pop. Yours does for sure! So pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Marilyn

    Love how y6 used the pumpkins outside to decorate. I just finished , well almost making this quilt. Love your fabric choice. This will inspire me to get a backing and quilt it. Do hope your thumb is better.

  18. Kathy Schwartz

    The blue just makes the pink and red pop. I think any quilt show would be delighted to put this in their show. It looks kind of vintage and kind of modern all at once. It is a winner!!

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    What a pretty top! Did you have to piece the strips at an angle? To me that seems hard. Glad to hear that your finger is better.

  20. Colleen

    Beautiful quilt
    My granddaughter dropped a pot of boiling water on her foot her doctor
    had her soak her foot in an epsom salt and warm water (to her comfort warm) then air dry then drizzle honey then put none stick bandage pads then wrap in clean gauze.
    Her foot was 3 times its normal size just one huge blister
    3 years ago now and no difference between her feet not a scar or discoloration
    I am a nurse and had used a completely different treatment per drs orders on a burn so I did question the dr about this honey treatment. Anyway this dr convinced the mother to use the honey and it worked wonderfully.

  21. Wendy

    The thing about a “difficult” quilt is that in a short time you forget all you went through and just admire the finished product. This one came out beautifully Mary. I admire you for seeing it through even though it was challenging.

  22. Janice Brown

    Love the quilt! The “improvised” sides make the quilt more interesting and unique. I am working on an Amish-inspired quilt, and after looking at several books for ideas I realized they improvised a lot.

  23. Jane dumler

    Looks so good. My winter is set to get my quilt tops quilted and a lot of finishing. The straight line quilting will look so good on the quilt. Great choice for the border. Looking forward to the straight line lesson. You are such fun Mary–love your posts and inspiration.

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