My Magnificent Day! 10-30-20

I met my friend Rachel at Patriots For Pets today at noon when she was scheduled to meet Houla, now named Nittie!

As we were standing in the parking lot, families started walking up to the front door. I started asking them if they were there to get a dog. The first one said they’d traveled 2 hours to pick up Chip! CHIP? One of Nala’s puppies. The next family was there to get Dot, then Rocky and right on down the line!

I was unsure about being there when the puppies were handed over to their adoptive families but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I was so thrilled to “meet” them and tell them who I was and what their puppy had meant to me for 5 weeks.

Our friends, Amy and Anita from the Kansas City area, have been in North Iowa this week and Connie and I were meeting them for lunch so I left the shelter happy but so worried about Nala. I prayed that God would send a kind family to adopt her.

After we had lunch we met at Connie’s house for coffee and dessert. It was getting on to chore time and I got a text message from the foster coordinator who told me to check Messenger. Here is that message:

She is going home.

The video (which I can’t get added here) shows Nala playing with a small tan dog on another leash and she’s so happy! The people adopting her are from the Ames, IA area and they had on Iowa State masks so they just have to be good people, right? Oh, I wish I knew how to save that video to this post!!!

Do you have any idea how happy this makes me? I was determined to see this through and I did! An old woman like me undertaking this huge venture that I had no idea was going to last 5 weeks or be sooooo hard on my heart.

I have more pictures to post but I’ll save them till tomorrow – I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my magnificent day!

93 thoughts on “My Magnificent Day! 10-30-20

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Things happen for the best — I think. You did a good job. And you got to see who was getting the pups. Good Day. Your efforts were worth it.

  2. Patty McDonald

    So very happy for the puppies and Nala. You took excellent care of all and it makes my heart (I’m sure you and all your readers too) dance to see the puppies going to loving homes. Boy have they grown!! Thank you Lord for a good home for each pup.

  3. Judith Ann Jaques

    What a wonderful ending to your story. So happy to hear.Thanks for sharing your 5 week adventure. I wish we could see the puppies when they get grown. I have a feeling they are going to be fairly big dogs. Seeing the size of their feet and the skin they have to grow into. I’m going to guess maybe 70#. My 40 # rescue(when I got her and they thought she was 4 or 5 years old), now weighs in at 73#. Not fat just big. I am so happy for your magnificent day. Blessings j

  4. Sandy

    Wonderful news Mary, you will be so happy! Last night we went on a 108 year old steamship to ahigh country sheep station for a buffet dinner and sheep dog demonstration, magical night on Lake Wakatipu, last time iwent was 49 years ago! Take care , best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – what an interesting evening! I’d love to see the sheep dog demo – tell us more about your entire trip!

    2. Diane and Squeak

      Hi Sandy, A bunch of us visited New Zealand in 2003 and saw a sheep demonstration. You have such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Maureen

    Connie, you are AMAZING!!! I am thrilled that you were able to meet the puppies’ new families. And then to end the day learning that Nala also has a forever home. You gave them so much love and care and it shows!

  6. Nancy

    So happy for you, all the dogs, and a wonderful end to this story….just like a fairy tale. I’ll bet this makes your labor of love all worth it.

  7. Linda in So Cal

    Your bloggers are going to sleep soundly tonight knowing Nala & her pups have wonderful homes. I’m sure you will have a good sleep too! The pups have grown. Almost didn’t recognize them. Looking forward to more pics…. You did good… you should be very proud of yourself.

  8. Rhonda in Iowa

    So thrilled for you, Nala, and the puppies! What a wonderful ending to all your hard work. I’ve been checking the Patriots for Pets website and saw Nala’s photo and read your touching description of her. Kept thinking that surely that will speak to someone. Just hated thinking of her not having a home and then when I checked today there was a big ADOPTED beside her photo and my heart just sang. Such a relief! What a lucky family to get such a special dog. I’d love to see the video, so hope you can get that posted. Thanks for all you did to make this happen.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Job well done, Mary, and your heart is full of joy and pride. I had tears in my eyes at the end reading this knowing you saved all their lives and have seen it come full circle.

  10. Diana

    So happy this has turned out so well for the pups and Nala! Good things happen to good people and you deserve to share these adoptions with the new families. God bless you for your kind 💜

  11. Carol

    Mary, I cried I was so happy for Nala. thank you for taking care of her and her puppies.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  12. Kaye Kingsbury

    Sweet Mary, we are anything but old ladies…just keep on moving and doing good and we just might make it to 100 (just like my auntie)! You saved the life of everyone of those pups AND their mama. You really are in inspiration to all of us who follow your life after Country Threads. 🙂

  13. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I’m on my way to bed but had to check one last time for your blog and I’m so thrilled I did. A super special ending to the story of Nala and the puppies. How wonderful also that you got to meet the folks that adopted all your furry family of pups.

  14. Jan VanDeWalle

    Mary , so happy that you had the opportunity to be there when the puppies went home , and Nala too. Enough to make your heart full, knowing that they are all going to be alright. You can rest easy now.
    Fostering is a wonderful way to help care for babies puppies or horses stay healthy as they wait for their forever families. Takes a special kind of love and you have plenty . Thank You
    Jan in Oregon.

  15. Lynn H

    So happy to hear about your magnificent day!!! Your loving care and hard work these past five weeks is amazing!! Kudos to you!

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    I had to look twice…I didn’t recognize the puppies. They are much bigger than when you first posted.
    What great names they are getting. I’m so happy you got to met the new families who are taking them. You will rest peacefully now. Well till your next adventure.
    by the way, NaLa is the name of a wonderful quilt shop in Colorado Springs.

  17. Susan K in Texas

    What wonderful news! I’m so glad the puppies and Nala are all going to new homes. I know you are so happy.

    1. Katie

      A happy day for U to know the pups and Mom will be loved,
      Thank U for doing your part in Iowa, we need more caring people like U🎈
      Katie in Gilbert,AZ.😷

  18. Diane Bauer

    Makes my heart happy to know Nala is happy and headed for her forever home. And now you can rest. Well done, Mary, well done!!

  19. Pat in Burnsville MN

    If anyone deserves a magnificent day it’s you Mary! What you did for those puppies and their mom was truly amazing! God Bless!

  20. Kathy

    Omg I am totally crying after finding out Nala has a home. So happy for you and the puppies ❤ What a wonderful day for everyone!

  21. Vicki in Seattle

    Wonderful news, Mary! Hope you sleep well tonight knowing they all have new homes. You are a Blessing to many!💙

  22. Sue in Oregon

    So happy for you, Mary. And, for Nala and the puppies. I am smiling for you right now.

  23. Kathy Hanson

    Oh Mary, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you to have been there to see “your “ puppies go to their homes!!! And to get to know that Nala will have a good home too!! I know you are sleeping well tonight and that all your hard work and LOVE now seems wonderful and just happiness! You are truly o e of God’s angels!! Be blessed and be still!

  24. Ginny

    I am so happy that Nala is going home! I never worried about the puppies getting forever homes but I worried about mama. Mary, you took on a huge job but look at the joy you brought to all the dogs and their new families.

  25. Eva Miller

    Your message about Nala and the puppies made me cry. A happy cry for sure. I have prayed that good families would take mother and puppies and I know you have wanted the same for each of your foster fur children. Your prayers have been answered. You did such a wonderful thing helping Nala and her babies. This makes me so happy too. It made my day!

  26. Joyce from NY

    Such a happy ending for you, Nala & her puppies! Oh how they have grown, so cute ❤️

  27. Betty from Canada

    Hi from Canada:
    When I seen the disaster those puppies made. I had to smile because I think their mother threw up her paws and said ” I have had enough get me a beer” Ha Ha All kidding aside you did a great job even though you were ready to give up.

  28. Gloria B.

    A magnificent day indeed. Carry this joy of Nala and the pups into your heart. You are an angel.

  29. Arrowhead Gramma

    Oh Mary, know you are sleeping like a baby knowing that Nala and her little pups are all safe and sound in their new homes tonight. What a wonderful thing you did for all of them. Take care and be well.

  30. Charlotte Shira

    Oh I’m so glad you had a magnificent day!! What a great ending to your story with the puppies and Nala. So glad they are finding great new homes. Great job Mary!!

  31. Cathy

    This just made my day! So happy the puppies were adopted but thrilled beyond words that Nala has her forever home. God is good!

  32. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Now that is a magnificent day! Well done Mary, you can be very proud of what you did for those puppies and their Mom. I think it is fabulous that you got to see them going with their forever families, what a treat! And now Nala has a forever home too. Result! Give yourself a pat on the back and a celebratory beer!

  33. Jean

    Mary, my heart is so happy with this news! The pups will be living happy and loving lives. But the best BEST news is about Nala!! I just can’t say how relieved I am that she has found a forever home with love and good care. I pray that she will be able to adjust to her new people and surroundings. That poor dog has been through so much. A very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to you for bringing them all through. God bless.

  34. Liz

    So happy for you. I picked up two more of your Quilt books from long ago from a free bin yesterday!

  35. Janice Brown

    Mary, I’m so happy for you that Nala and her pups got adopted . . . all on one day no less. Glad you got to meet the puppies’ new families. You did a great job with them!

  36. Beth Laverty

    So happy to hear this. We had to find homes for 4 kittens and were so happy when we did. We still hear from one of the people…. and learn updates and get pictures. It is so rewarding isn’t it!!!!!

  37. Lisa

    You have a very strong heart to do this. Thank you I could never give them up after doing that. Again thank you

  38. Lynette W

    What a blessing you are! To think of how, in just 5 short weeks, the difference in momma and pups…… that was your love and care that did that! My heart totally understood when you said you weren’t sure if you could be there when they all went to their forever homes (I think I’d be the same) but how wonderful it must have been. So happy for all those pups……. it could have turned out so differently, but thanks to you and your great big heart it didn’t! Sending you a BIG hug!

  39. Angie from Baltimore

    The puppies I could see would melt hearts but I was afraid Mama who had been unloved alone and pregnant but got love for her puppies as well as herself has found a loving forever home. So the puppies who only knew love have a Momma that will forever be loved, fed and cared for. AND you had such a large part in this whole picture. What hard work but what a blessing you are. BTW if you see caller ID and it is the shelter. DON’T ANSWER IT. You know your resistance is LOW. It this is why you are so special to all of us.

  40. Donna Sproston

    Such a happy ending for your hard work and so many happy beginnings for those families!

  41. Marilyn Miller

    Bless your big heart! We all know how puppies are irresistible, but few are compelled to take on their needs, the constant mess, bringing their poor Mama back to health, living them all the time and then watching them be separated to what you just have to believe are loving and kind forever homes. Your heart is in the right place.

  42. Casey

    I’m so glad that you were there to see the puppies find their forever homes and such good news about Nala!! Your heart can rest easy now….good job, very well done!!

  43. Sandie

    Such wonderful news! Praise to you for a job well done and all those pups have a chance at a brand new life. Brings a tear to the eye…bless you.

  44. Diane and Squeak

    Awww, Mary. I am smiling and crying happy tears at the same time. You did a great job with Nala and her babies and now they are “flying the coop” for wonderful new homes. Good job, Mary:)
    I watched Iowa State last week. Hope they win this week.

  45. Lois Ann Johnson

    What a happy day for Nala and her pups–not to mention YOU, Mary! Reading about it brought tears of joy to my eyes! I love “happy endings.” May all of the puppies and their dear mama find happiness in their new homes and with their new families. God bless YOU, dear Mary, for your part in making this happen.

  46. Joy Van den top

    So happy they have happy forever homes! Also, now your life will be back to a slower pace … hahaha…knowing you that probably won’t happen. Stay safe!

  47. Sheila in WI

    Aww! Thank you for sharing your magnificent day. Those puppies are looking so great, thanks to all you hard work and love! Time for a happy dance!

  48. Linda baker

    I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from the shelter on adoption day! The best part of the story is when you say Nala has found a new home, it brought tears to my eyes. From the beginning, I’ve felt that Nala was meant to be someone’s hunting dog, and he gave her his name in reverse. Alan-Nala. This has been a fun journey, and you are just wonderful!

  49. Marilyn Morley

    So happy for you and all puppies and momma – so good to know and feel your joy!
    Blessings well earned my dear!

  50. Lorraine McGeough

    You must have a happy heart now that all of the puppies and their Mom are going to a good home. Your whole message made me smile. Thank you for a wonderful journey down the path of poor Nala and her terrible situation. This sure turned out great.

  51. Dorothy Ann Weibel

    You are a gift to furry animals. I love animals but you go beyond, God Bless You! I truly enjoy your blogs and quilts. I have made many in the past and and thinking of doing some more “off season”, not for Christmas gifts. Got some cute patterns, anyways, thanks for all the kindness you are. Love, DEE

  52. Sharon Geiger

    What an awesome story you shared with us! You are such a giving and special gal! God has blessed you with such a warm heart and love for His critters. Now, go be still.

  53. Marie Fibelstad

    Just read your message and I have tears as so happy for the puppies and Mom!! Thanks to you they will
    make it in this world!
    I have been waiting this week for a message for the pups, glad you got to see them get their forever homes.
    Now till the next puppies to care for!
    bye Marie from Storm Lake, IA

  54. Polly Perkins

    How wonderful! They all had such a great start in their life with you I am sure they will thrive.

  55. Vickie Devore

    It is so wonderful that you got to see “the ending” to your story. God believes you sometimes need to know what you did was “the right thing to do.” LOV YA ALL!

  56. Montana Kathy

    Mary, what a great post! Wonderful news on the puppies and what a great, rewarding day for you. So happy for you to be there to witness it. The best news is that Nala also got her forever home. So relieved! Now you can rest easy. And a gold star for you! Thanks for sharing.

  57. Rosemary

    YAY!! Magnificent Day indeed!! They are each on their way to “Happily Ever After”!! Great Job, Mary! I love the close hugs each of the puppies is
    getting. Makes us all smile!

  58. Denise Dobek

    Mary, so happy for you. Glad you were there to meet some of the new puppy “parents”. They have gotten so big. Made my day when you shared that Nala had been adopted too.
    You did a good job raising them to be so healthy and fit. Nala especially was a challenge when she first came. My heart broke for her. Now she is doing amazingly better and will be happy with her new family.
    Good ending to your 5 week journey.

  59. Tammy Home of the Highground WI

    Such wonderful news! I’ve been so worried about Nala so it truly is a magnificent day! All thanks to you Mary, mother to Nala and all the puppies! Stay safe and be still

  60. Lee Bowers

    Mary, you are sooo appreciated by your online friends and family. Thank you for being you.

  61. Nikki in Tx

    Am so glad Napa & puppies have found their forever homes. Mary you did such a good thing. The puppies & Nala can’t speak for themselves so for them I say “ THANK YOU”

  62. Gayle Shumaker

    You are one special lady! I’m so happy with how your day turned out. Hugs my friend.

  63. gayle

    Congratulations Fur MaMa— all your puppies are going to good homes because you were there helping them when they needed you! Good Job! Even Nala found her forever home…. good job, good work Mary!

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