My number six


My vintage star blocks are all together – 10 rows of 11 blocks each and 8 put together for a doll quilt. As you can see from the back side, none of the seams were pressed originally and the piecing was less than perfect. I was determined to put them together without trying to match all the seams because I sort of like that authentic “look”. After it has been quilted and bound, I’ll show you again.

And for those who don’t know what number six is—–everyone who wanted to join Connie’s game numbered their unfinished projects 1-12. Each month Connie pulls another number and that’s the project we work on that month. When finished send a picture of your project and we will enter your name in a $100 gift certificate drawing. It’s a win- win for everybody! January was #5 and February is #6. For more details, read past posts.

8 thoughts on “My number six

  1. Jody

    I’m getting the binding on now. I had to walk away because I used my binding tool incorrectly and now have to fix my mistake. I hope to be done tomorrow! If I walk back to it now I’ll end up destroying it in frustration!!!

  2. Sarah L

    Snowstorm headed this way. Good time to quilt my #6 and bind. “Finish” is a good thing. BTW: I love all the stars, Mary!

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