My Visitors

Libby and Tasha are here this week while their parents went snowmobiling in Wisconsin.  They’ve been here before so we settled into our routine quite easily.  Libby, the white one, loves to run outside and today it’s 38 degrees so she is having a ball!  Tasha sticks very close to my ankle.  Last night I had 4 dogs and 3 cats in the king size bed with me.  No, I did not sleep well.

Connie came out to the shop today to pick up mail and checks so while we visited, both jumped into my lap.

This afternoon I’m putting the low volume scrap vortex on the machine – can’t wait to see it finished.  But before I can do that I am off  to the pharmacy to pick up over the counter meds that the pharmacist recommended since I started coughing again today and have a runny nose.  I cannot believe it!  Today is January 28 and this started on December 10!  Ugh.  I am meeting Becky and Jenny tonight for our favorite Chinese food before Jenny returns to Louisville.  Rick is in Georgia.  Found out yesterday that Rick’s son Eric and his wife are having a baby girl due June 1.  We will be planning a trip to Northern Minnesota later this summer!  Very exciting!

Off to the pharmacy.

12 thoughts on “My Visitors

  1. Carolyn

    When I was teaching and had that awful cough it was soothed with peppermints. They work wonders to break the cycle.

  2. melinda

    I read that fresh pineapple juice is better than otc cough syrup in stopping a cough. Bromides?
    Worth a try!

  3. Launa

    Congratulations to you and Rick on the wonderful baby news……..there is nothing like a grandbaby. You will wish they lived closer.

  4. Rebecca H

    get your vaporizer out and going for some moist air for you. Sorry… get better…
    cute puppers too, wow, what a crowed bed. I think its pretty cute they all want to sleep with you.

  5. Diane

    Yes, Mary do take care. Your visitors are so cute, but even a king size bed doesn’t have that much room!! Roll over!!!

  6. Carol

    I hope you have a king sized bed!

    Remember I asked for prayers for my niece…the baby isn’t here yet, isn’t ready for a scheduled section, so they have another week before they witness the birth of the baby that is supposed to be adopted by them. Praying all goes well, and that the birth mother sticks to her plan. I have been very anxious this week, and now, another week! This little boy is taking his time!

    I was sick last year for the same length of time as you, similar synptoms. But I RESTED for six weeks! I think you keep very busy! Take care of yourself.

  7. Martha Engstler

    Your guests are darling. Please get well fast, my prayers are said for you. I enjoy your e-mails so much, keep up the great work.

  8. bernadette

    You are never alone when there’s a dog in the house. Mine is at my feet now. Would you post your email address when you get a chance, Mary. I have so many saved emails from you, it will take forever to find it.

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