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No pictures this time – we’ll try to catch up without dealing with that huge problem. I may have it figured out but just in case I don’t, let’s just talk.
After all this time you know I’ve got lots to say and I’m going to try this in several blog posts to make sure its working.
Sale is going great – we will take phone orders until next Weds. noon and accept checks in the shop until Weds. noon giving us time to complete these transactions before we close on Friday, October 31 at 5 pm. After Wednesday noon the only thing we will accept is cold hard cash so if you’re shopping, don’t forget the cash.
The discount is 45% this week with 1/2 yard minimums and next week, our last week, the discount will be 50% with 1 yard minimums. We still have lots of very nice fabric so visit us before October 31 for a great discount!

I have added a new email address to reach me after Friday:
Please feel free to use this if you need to contact Country Threads.

That’s all for this post – let me know if you get it. Try re-subscribing again if you’re having trouble – then you won’t probably know I posted this. I feel like we’re on our way back to communicating again! I hope so – I”ve missed you guys!
Mary E.

5 thoughts on “New Blog Post

  1. Sue Davis

    The only way I can read all about your last days before retirment is to go directly to the website and then to the blog.
    So much for you guys to do before the doors close.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Can you try to re-subscribe, Sue? I am going to post again shortly. Mary

  2. Karen

    I was able to view the post in Feedly (feed reader) just like I have been all along. Happy to read that all is going well with the sale. In a future post, please tell the story behind the “Thank you, Rose! photo.

  3. Linda Burke

    It’s been a few years since I was able to visit the quilt shop, and I’m so sad that I haven’t been able to get a road trip together before you closed (long way from Central Texas). It was always so fun to visit and shop, and I’ll miss stopping in Garner on my road trip to Iowa next summer. I’m so happy that y’all are going to retire – OK, a little jealous too…
    Great luck for the future.

  4. Barbara

    Only way to keep up with Country Thrreads is to go to website and then to blog like Sue. I have re-subscribed. I miss all the goings on in the shop. But am happy for you all to look forward to retirement. Please post a blog every now and then. Love to hear how everyone is. Thanks for all your hard work.

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