New Fall Patterns, 10-7-21

Some of you will recognize these past Country Threads patterns but there’s another whole group of you who have recently discovered Country Threads – I’m guessing these will look new to you!

Witches #464

The Great Pumpkin #462

Black Cat #528

Leap #477

There’s some great fall quilts here, aren’t there?

I’m working on a fall improv project – great fabrics but no pattern in mind. Guess I should look in one of our books, huh?

Last night I fixed the green beans and bacon – cook the beans separately and drain. Fry the bacon and onion in the frypan and then stir fry the green beans into the bacon grease. Add a bit of sugar and vinegar at the end. This is not a healthy meal but one we look forward to every year.

I took this picture of the five girls running outside this morning. Bob just sits because he’s too big to balance on his legs – that’s why I think he’s a broiler and was a mistake in my box.

I have two reader quilts to post:

Saw this panel quilt online and thought it was such a great idea!

I’m a huge fan of Susan Ache and this is what she’s working on these days. I love everything she does!

Blanche is doing well – I don’t want to take my attention away from Telly and Hazel only to concentrate on Blanche so it’s a constant balancing act and since Rick is farming, Telly is already feeling forgotten. My days are so full and so busy! I want nothing scheduled on my calendar to add to the stress although today I have a hair appointment which I’m looking forward to!

Happy Fall, Ladies!

30 thoughts on “New Fall Patterns, 10-7-21

  1. Peggy S

    And a “happy fall” to you, too, Mary.
    My husband used to make a green bean dish similar to yours. Instead of sugar & vinegar he used a small amount of tomato paste. Very tasty, too.
    Love the quilt from Susan in Texas.
    Take care of yourself. . . Be still!
    Peggy S

  2. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: I don’t care if those green beans aren’t “healthy”! They are my favorite. Reminds me of the way my mom would prepare them. Looking more and more like fall here in northern Iowa! My favorite time of year! Bailey says: “Hi.” Enjoyed reading about all the adventures of a church musician; I can relate!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – don’t you as a church musician like to compare notes to other church musicians? I do! I think we all understand the pitfalls – haha! As well as the joys! Hugs right back to Bailey!

  3. Nancy Olson

    Love the autumn patterns! I have many of your patterns, and i am going through my patterns and books to organize by designer and book. Sorry to say I haven’t stitched by fabric and thread but only in my mind and dreams!

  4. Mary H

    I would love to here your duets some time. I never played well in public. I imagine you are terrific.
    I just bought Scrap School. What a great book and how nice for your work to be discussed in it.
    I love Susan Ache too. What color sense she has.

    I’ve read a couple good books:

    THE WOMAN They could not silence-in 1860 you could be sent to the asylum for not thinking as your husband did. True Story.

    Canary in the Coal Mine- another true story

    The Personal Librarian-based on JP Morgan’s librarian.
    I listened to Lessons from Madame Chic -intersting as well.

  5. Diane Bauer

    I’ve been watching Susan Ache’s quilt progress online as well, wondering how I might adapt her ideas to use up extra scraps!

    So glad to hear Blanche is doing well!!

    Fall quilts, fall quilts. Seems like I should do something with plaid and/or flannel! I have my Frank hanging by the front door!

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, will have to look up Susan Aches on line, l love New idea’s to make scrap quilt s.Spent the week with y son recovering from twisted knee, great to spend time with the grand daughters! Working on stitching borders on my hexagon quilt, take care everyone 💜, best wishes from sandy

  7. Launa

    Your skinny cat could possibly have internal parasites! Have seen some similar on Dr. Pol.

    Need to check my Halloween wall hangings…see some you posted today I have made!

  8. Linda W

    Love your quilt patterns. After I started following your blog, I realized I already had some of your patterns.

  9. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    HI Mary, I get about not neglecting Telly and Hazel. Squeak does not like Buddy and hisses, screeches, ands growls so she is in the basement because their staged meeting with my husband and me as referees did NOT go well. The basement is finished and has windows so she is happy there. Buddy is sweet, easy, and very needy at only age 3, but he was on his own outside for so long, he really seems to appreciate us:)
    I am going to check ALL of my many, many Country Threads books and patterns. I think I remember those patterns.
    The quilt I sent is already keeping my friend warm after Chemo. Praying he does well.
    Thanks for the intro to Susan Aches; those are great patterns. Be still!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane – your quilt is stunning! He will surely enjoy it. I remember seeing a pattern like that made up in a lime green fabric line and it was neat. Yes my husband is doing so much better, thank you. Every day another improvement so hopefully he will recover 90% from all of it. As hard as it was taking care of him at home, I understand he was safer here. And all the therapists and home health aides coming daily helped. Drs still say he’s lucky to be alive as he was touch and go.
      Nice memory of us too years ago going on the railroad in Arcade. I couldn’t believe all the people filling the streets to go on the ride yesterday. I am just not use to big crowds anymore so an adjustment I need to adapt to. I do love all the farm markets with all the foods that our area has. Finger Lakes with all their wineries and breweries are just as gorgeous as the area we drove around yesterday. I love living in NY but sure feel like there’s no change of seasons lately with this heat.
      I still crack up over your by line with all the kitty cats names…..the law firm from Ohio!

  10. Carla

    Will the Broiler chicken, (Bob?), never walk? That would be too sad. Thought you would be interested to know that my son and DIL will be going soon to see a dog currently in foster care. A sweet looking 1 year old. Fingers crossed he’s a good fit! I so admire people willing to foster animals.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – actually Bob does fine walking for now but he’ll soon get so heavy he won’t be able to. So glad a fister is being considered!

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I have several Susan Ache books with pages marked of what to make someday.
    She is a great designer. So this afternoon I was looking for another iron to use as I get so upset when water spits out of mine occasionally and didn’t I find 5 older model irons I bought at a thrift sale cause they were the kind that didn’t shut off automatically. It reminded me that I really need to do some thinning out in my sewing area!

  12. Kathy Hanson

    Hope your hair appointment made you happy, I had one today too and I feel so much better! One dog keeps me pretty busy so I can only imagine how much three do!! Pine Needles quilt shop is having a Grand Opening for 3 days so I had to go and see if there was something I couldn’t live without so spent some money. Oh well, I am looking forward to making a quilt with what I bought!

  13. Sherrill

    I have GOT to get those cute witches!!!! LOVE them! I have always added some bacon grease when making green beans. My mom used to just dump them outta the can and probably add a touch of salt but I always thought they were yucky. My great aunt, on the other hand, made THE BEST green beans and her secret was bacon/bacon grease. I don’t cook much anymore since it’s only me.

  14. Linda Gabor

    Love the fall patterns! I received my Black Cat Tuesday pattern today! So excited! I don’t have the Primitive Quilts magazine I just saw that was where it was printed. Thanks so much !

  15. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Love all the quilts.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah valley Va.

  16. Judy Jaques

    No time for sewing just yet. I am so in the mood to just dig into my scraps. Seeing all others have done is inspiring. iI will look into Susan Ache quilts soon.
    Mary I think there is enough love, in your heart, for all three dogs. It is like having a new baby —the older kids adjust.

    Cousins coming for a visit 8-10th.
    I was into fall cleaning big time and the announcement of their visit —-out of the blue —-ramped up the deep clean. Made new curtains. All looks so good! I am amazed.
    It has been a long time since I did a deep clean.
    I have moved some plants in. Will have 11th and 12th to finish that.
    Surgery on the 13th ——so no lifting for a while.
    Not sure about sitting. Wish me luck and a prayer please on this surgery.
    2 prolapse repair. I am a bit anxious.
    Boy you really pay dearly when you, get old——- for doing a lot of lifting when younger.
    No one ever warned me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – my mom warned me constantly but the lifting had to be done so I ignored her. Now I live with a backache 24/7

  17. Winona s

    I am going to bring my house plants in from outside and was wondering what do you spray it with to kill the bugs thank you Mary I enjoy your emails and quilting projects. I am still learning have a great fall

    1. Winona Schulz

      Sorry I hit the wrong button for the above question so I will try to put my email address in again

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Winona – you can buy a spray container of houseplant insecticide at Ace. I also have mixed my own Malathion but the readers really yelled at me because they said it wasn’t safe. Did they really think I sprayed it in my pets’ faces????

  18. Susan K in Texas

    We are currently driving to Iowa to meet our new grandson. He was born yesterday. I can’t wait to meet him – Iowa and Texas are too far apart!
    I need to make two of the black cat quilts for my Magnus and Klaus.

    1. Wendy P

      Is that your quilt shown above? Would love to know the quilt pattern/designer. It is lovely.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Yes it is my quilt. It is from a Bluprint/Craftsy quilt kit. The pattern is by Christina Stainbrook. She doesn’t seem to have a big online presence though she seems to have published designs in magazines and such.

        You can email me at susankquilts at gmail dot com

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